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New image samples with the upcoming 17mm f/1.8 lens…


The polish community Olympusclub (translation here) posted new RAW and JPG image samples taken with the soon to come 17mm f/1.8 lens. Here are the direct download links of the RAW files:

The lens press release with official price and specs will be released tomorrow (Tuesday November 15 at 5-6 am London time). Olympus Japan already added the lens in their database.

By the way we already have two 17mm primes that you may consider to buy instead of the 17mm f/1.8:
1) If you don’t care a lot about high image quality but more about tiny size than you may go for the Olympus 17mmf /2.8 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.
2) If a big lens and no electronic AF and aperture doesn’t bother you than consider the superb and super fast Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95 lens (here on eBay). To easily find the best price on eBay you can also sue our little Slidoo tool (login to change country). Right now for example you can find a good deal at Fotomundus (Click here).

  • tomm

    ..they may as good as hell or heaven.. this silver lenses NEVER WILL hit my em5 body…

    crazy staff at Olympus…. no one who is a bit more ambitious or even a pro will buy such URGLY looking grandpa style lenses..

    • Rinaldo

      yup… not easy to understand their decision. Not that I dislike the silver lenses (already have the 12, 45 and 75) but that’s enough! Please Olympus give us black versions!
      The black 12mm comes with a silver hood, is that right?? OMG….

    • J5

      LMAO, you so silllllllly.

    • Neonart

      I for one, LOVE the silver lenses.

      But I just don’t understand the hissy fits people have over the silver lens thing. Very silly indeed.

    • Sören

      Imagine, Canon Pro’s even dare to buy ugly white-gray lenses for their 1DX…

      • Ulli

        it seems some people are too busy again with the looks of their camera setup.

        • tomm

 is not only about the “style”, it is about the “pro”-approach.. a black camera vanishes before the blurry “background”, a silver combo appears “brighter”, and a PANDA STLYE combo looks only.. silly, and .. IMPORTUNANTE

          10 years ago i used a chrome Leica m 6: so many people were alarmed when i approached.. NOT THE KIND OF TOOL FOR INVISIBLE STREET AND ACTION PHOTOGRAPHY..

          so pls: before You judge me as silly or so, think a bit longer about your offense, !!!

          • Ulli

            i did not offend, at least you had a silver/chrome lens/camera and realized it was not an ideal color, but others reject it pure because of reasons which have nothing to do with photography.

            • Ronan

              Ulli, i did not know you were the last/only word about what is photography.

              At the studio we are having a hard time with our photos being exposed at the museum of fine arts. We WANT to make sure it’s all fine art of the most excellent quality since it will be reviewed by important critics.

              Please send me your resume so we can talk about highly paid job for you, since you are THE word on photography.

              • bart

                So I suggest paying uttermost attention to the optical quality of your lenses, optimal conditions for your camera, a very keen eye on composition and making sure you use every bit of photographic knowledge and experience that you can get.

                The color of the lenses you use has nothing to do with those things.

                But but silver colored lenses will cause more reflections!

                Stick on a black lens hood, problem solved. Stick on a rubber one that you can put against glass, and it also works for ‘shooting through the window’, actually it works much better because it also kills other reflections, without having to throw away light on a polarizer (which may or may not work depending on where the light is coming from).

                • Ronan

                  @bart i was messing with him but thanks i’m sure other’s will appreciate the tips lol

              • Ulli

                relax Ronan, because of the tone of your comments i could ALSO mistake you for a different person then you are in real life. Like someone already said before:”welcome to internet” ;-)

                • Ronan

                  You are the one posting all over the place making your opinion and showing you are right, everyone else is wrong.

                  • Ulli

                    just my opinion, if you have a problem with that, better ignore me..its better for your health…no need to get upset about that.

          • quiquelbola

            I love my combo black&silver.In streetshooting is very efective keep this rules:
            Choose your subjet
            Show him or her your fab combo while say loud HEY and make a torero style step
            While your subjet keeps idiotaiced looking at your cam/you you can shoot him or her for a while ÷ )

          • Anonymous


            Sensitive to offense? Afraid of being judged? You write…

            > no one who is a bit more ambitious or even a pro will buy such URGLY looking grandpa style lenses..

            I do have 3 silver Olympus lenses. I am not a pro, but somewhat ambitious. I have never had problems with the color of the lenses, and I certainly do not find them ugly.

            What kind of answers do you expect after your burst-out?

            • Rinaldo

              I have to agree….
              BTW, I like my silver lenses on my black omd very much. Just would like to have the option sometimes. But if I like/want a lens, color would not be a problem…

          • m43happy

            Not every pro shoots street photography. Some actually care more about the image quality coming out of a lens and are thankful that Olympus actually releases such primes. Do you look at all your pictures and think “I can’t believe I took this with a black camera and silver lens. This picture is no good.” If so, maybe you’re doing photography for the wrong reasons.

          • WSG123

            Buy a roll of black tape or black spraypaint if you have some sort of theory about stealth photography.

            Problem solved.

          • Mymaco in Instagram

            I’m not a pro, I do something else for living, BUT I take some nice photos with my silver combos. I’m not a ninja, and I never had a single problem when doing street photograpy. I started with a black epl2 and silver lenses, now omd and whatever I can stick to the camera. I can take pics at <2 mts from the subject, and as soon as i started doing street I noticed that attitude matters, not the color of your camera or lens. Jeeesh people use their pink covered smartphone for street photography…. (And please don't tell me that it's not photography because they're using an iphone).

          • bart

            ‘Pro look’ may be important, but when it is important, the camera being ‘less visible’ is working against you, see, people only see that ‘pro look’ when the camera is clearly visible.

            If you are ‘the’ photographer at some official situation, it can be important that ‘the public’ recognizes you as such so they head your requests a bit easier. In such cases, a ‘pro look’ can indeed be important.

            If you have a customer who is incapable to pick a photographer based on results, impressing them with ‘pro looking’ tools can help, in such cases the ‘pro look’ can also be important.

            But beyond such situations, the people who care most about the ‘pro look’ of their camera also tend to be people who can’t get the ‘pro results’ from that camera yet want to pass as ‘pro’ anyway. No, that is not meant to be an insult, it is merely an observation, and one that applies to much more then photography.

    • I will never understand a ‘photographer’ who cares more about how his camera looks than the images he produces. Yes, the word ‘photographer’ is in quotes for a reason.

      • tomm is not only about the “style”, it is about the “pro”-approach.. a black camera vanishes before the blurry “background”, a silver combo appears “brighter”, and a PANDA STLYE combo looks only.. silly, and .. IMPORTUNANTE

        10 years ago i used a chrome Leica m 6: so many people were alarmed when i approached.. NOT THE KIND OF TOOL FOR INVISIBLE STREET AND ACTION PHOTOGRAPHY..

        so please: before You judge me as stupid, think a bit longer about your offence, !!!

        • Mymaco on instagram

          I’m not a pro, I do something else for living, BUT I take some nice photos with my silver combos. I’m not a ninja, and I never had a single problem when doing street photograpy. I started with a black epl2 and silver lenses, now omd and whatever I can stick to the camera. I can take pics at <2 mts from the subject, and as soon as i started doing street I noticed that attitude matters, not the color of your camera or lens. Jeeesh people use their pink covered smartphone for street photography…. (And please don't tell me that it's not photography because they're using an iphone).

        • Pedro del Río

          Maybe the limiting point is the photograph rather than the colour of the lenses. Henri Cartier Bresson, arguably a pro, was using a black camera with silver lense. Would you argue he did not manage to do decent street photography?

          • Pedro del Río

            I wanted to say the photographer, not the photograph. Sorry

    • Bob

      Its about photography…not accessorizing. Keep that with your clothes and go create photographs with the lenses you need.

    • Ahh! Silver on Silver with Silver trim. Fantastic.

    • Jonny 59

      Yeah, I share your pain!!!!
      I’m 59 years old and not even a grandfather and I was so looking forward to one of these lenses in Chocolate or Orange to match my cool pimped cameras.

  • Cufios

    Looks alright but I don’t think it’s any better than Pana 20/1.7. So I’m not sure if 550 Euros is a justified price (not to mention extra for the hood!). If you want to charge this kind of a price, you better make sure that its better than all the other offerings in and around the same FL. In this case, I don’t think it has.

    • Anonymous

      At least the AF will be around 10 times as fast as the Pany 20mm.

      • Bob

        +10 if the lens is as sharp as the 20mm the AF is the REAL selling point. oh…plus it is a silver lens and should sell at a premium for its beauty!!!!!!!!!! Plus lens hood! :-)

  • Does it come in black?

    • Only Silver on Silver with Silver trim. In a Silver box with embossed Silver writing and black shadow.

  • Anonymous

    Does it come in lime green? I’m not buying anything new unless it comes in lime green or cyan.

    • J5

      Pros will only use lime-green lenes.

    • Agent00soul

      Th E-3 came in green. Or was it the E-1?

      • E-3, but the is Olive green. :-P

    • tomm is not only about the “color itself”, it is about the “pro”-approach.. a black camera vanishes before the blurry “background”, a silver combo appears “brighter”, and a PANDA STLYE combo looks only.. silly, and .. IMPORTUNANTE

      10 years ago i used a chrome Leica m 6: so many people were alarmed when i approached.. NOT THE KIND OF TOOL FOR INVISIBLE STREET AND ACTION PHOTOGRAPHY..

      so pls: before You post, think a bit longer about your offense, !!!

      • If you have to do something in stealth, perhaps you should strongly consider if you should be doing that at all.

        • BdV

          Except of course when you are talking about taking pictures, most of the time not exactly a crime in many fortunate parts of the world.

          But yes, it’s probably a good thing to think about taking a picture or not.

          By the way, he said ‘alarmed when he approached’, sounds to me like totally the opposite of ‘in stealth’. A bit less alarming could be preferred by some photographers, so they might sometimes enjoy the freedom to be able to choose the black version of a lens, if available. (Almost sounds like politics… oh well.)

  • frankv

    I think the pricing is difficult. It is half the price of Canon L glass, but more than double the price of normal Canon glass of a comparable viewing angle. So if it were L glass quality it would be a steal. If it is normal glass quality it would be overpriced. I think the pana 20/1.7 optically is L glass quality (not build quality of course), but this seems not to be. So where to position it? I can’t figure it out.

    • It is expensive. And I don’t think it will be sharper than the 20/1.7. But it will have less distortion, less vigneting, better build, faster AF…
      Still when I see Nikon’s 50/1.8 for less than 200 eur. (full frame lens!) I wonder why are these m4/3 lenses so expensive…

      • Dunsun

        Why is it so expensive ?
        Because it’s Olympus and because we are talking about m4/3 lens not a FF lens.
        M4/3 lenses have to be of a much finer optical quality since the sensor is much smaller !

        • So the bigger the sensor, the cheaper the lens? Hhmm… I think there is something wrong in your math.

          • nikku

            No, he’s right. Smaller pixel pitch and higher pixel density necessitates sharper lenses that can resolve more detail. I used to think it was opposite as well, until someone demonstrated that, e.g., large format lenses are not as sharp as medium format, which are generally not as sharp as 35mm, and so on. Large sensors don’t have to have sharp lenses to resolve a lot of detail.

            • That sounds good, but I just checked on BHphoto for a lens for the Pentax 645D (25mm f/4) and it is $5000.

              And strange as it seems, a fisheye (3.2mm f/5.6) for the Pentax Q is $114.

  • MJr

    Looks like you broke another forum with traffic overload ^.^

  • Superb samples…


    • Duarte Bruno

      Thanks for your comment. It’s fucking amazing that only 1 out of 78 comments talks about the IQ.

      • Mike

        Yup, bunch of lamos crying about silver vs black

      • Rinaldo

        the samples are crap.. i assume he is kidding….

  • Anonymous

    It would be interesting to know just how many people won’t buy this lens, just because it’s silver and not black. I wonder if it’s hundreds or thousands of people. I wonder if maybe it’s just the Japanese that want silver, or if even they prefer black.

    • JF

      Yeah, i’m interseted in a survey about silver lenses:
      1- don’t like
      2- like
      3- don’t care
      My bet:
      1- 70%
      2- 20%
      3- 10%

      • tomm

        agreed +1000 is not only about the “style”, it is about the “pro”-approach.. a black camera vanishes before the blurry “background”, a silver combo appears “brighter”, and a PANDA STLYE combo looks only.. silly, and .. IMPORTUNANTE

        10 years ago i used a chrome Leica m 6: so many people were alarmed when i approached.. NOT THE KIND OF TOOL FOR INVISIBLE STREET AND ACTION PHOTOGRAPHY..

        so pls: Olympus… rethink your amateurish markting

        • bart

          I think you mentioned this already, like 3 times, in this one single thread…

          Yes we all know now you had a silver m6…

      • MJr

        Oh now you’ve done it, admin is going to have to do a poll now …

        To prove you wrong ;)

      • I tend to dislike the entire Olympus approach to m43 lens design. It’s incoherent, inconsistent and incomprehensible. Panasonic lenses are not exactly pretty but at least they follow a single design concept, more or less steadily – and same with most other lens makers. Olympus m43 line up is just flambouyant. While many lenses look excellent by themselves, they look like a zoo altogether. Too many different hues of gray/silver, too many different materials, even focus ring riffling varies to a great degree. Alright, my OCD may be a little on the high side today, but still, their lens line up is a complete mess indeed – that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Just look at the OM series – all those lenses share a certain signature look that unites them.

        • Es


          50 shades of grey:

          • Mark

            Only 18 objects and some have the same color ‘gray’. So 50 shades is BS. My 12mm grey lens takes very nice pictures. And no, even if you have a all black equipment (even with the brand taped) you’re not stealthy in the streets. People do notice you, you’re not a ninja.

        • bart

          I have the Lumix 14/2.5, 20/1.7, the PanaLeica 25/1.4 and a ‘kit’ 14-42.

          I’m not so sure I’d call them consistent in color or style, but they are closer then the kind of variation we see with Olympus.

      • OM-4ever

        Nope, its split roughly fifty/fifty, if I recall correctly.

    • I will have silver, for the look very good on my Pen`s.

    • So. The Japanese want silver.
      Thats not as bad as US software being imperial based. America is one of only 3 countries that do not use metric measurement in day to day life.
      Have a look at your photo software. Some do put in metric paper sizes some do not. Some allow metric input and then convert it to imperial. Then if metric is displayed converts the nearest imperial to metric. There are some realy strange conversions. Why not use metric? Oh! that’s right Americans don’t understand it. Burma and Liberia are the only others that have failed to understand metrics.

  • Per

    To be or not to be, that is the question..

  • Pjotr

    I find it strange that so many photographers are much more concerned about a) the colour of lens and b) whether they have to buy a separate 10€ lenshood from eBay than optical performance of the lens.

    • Rob

      My thoughts exactly. It makes no difference to me what color my tools are. I couldn’t care less whether a good lens is black or silver.
      I DO think it’s a drag that Olympus doesn’t include a hood with their lenses, but there are always cheaper alternatives to the Oly ones.

      • tomm

        pls consider the following thoughts: is not only about the “style”, it is about the “pro”-approach.. a black camera vanishes before the blurry “background”, a silver combo appears “brighter”, and a PANDA STLYE combo looks only.. silly, and .. IMPORTUNANTE

        10 years ago i used a chrome Leica m 6: so many people were alarmed when i approached.. NOT THE KIND OF TOOL FOR INVISIBLE STREET AND ACTION PHOTOGRAPHY..

    • tomm is not only about the “style” or color, it is about the “pro”-approach.. a black camera vanishes before the blurry “background”, a silver combo appears “brighter”, and a PANDA STLYE combo looks only.. silly, and .. IMPORTUNANTE

      10 years ago i used a chrome Leica m 6: so many people were alarmed when i approached.. NOT THE KIND OF TOOL FOR INVISIBLE STREET AND ACTION PHOTOGRAPHY..

      so pls: before You judge , think a bit longer about your offense, !!!

      • Zack

        When you copy/paste the same reply to 5 different people, it’s pretty annoying to read through the comments.

        “so pls: before You judge , think a bit longer about your offense, !!!”

        • c0ldc0ne


          Not to mention the fact that there never was any offense to begin with.

      • m43happy

        What’s with the broken record post. Your argument is less convincing the more your copy/paste it. Now it just looks like spam.

        • BdV

          Yes, by now I can not agree with his posts anymore. I changed my mind and I think Mr Tomm must be forced into buying silver equipment only. Even if black versions (same price or cheaper) would be available.

  • Nice lens, too bad it’s black! I mean it’s black in the front, and the print is black, and I never buy lenses which have anything to do with black, never, period.

    • The i like by silver lens is nice by the print is black.

  • Z

    Quick note regarding looks. For inconspicuous street photography silver is the last thing you want to shoot with as it it shines and cries the most attention. A black lens on black camera and wearing a black shirt is the way to go to camouflage the camera. The 17mm could be a great street photography camera otherwise.

    • tomm

      thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • street photography? that’s what all these voyeurs are doing? ;-)

    • Frye

      Dressing in black? You’re still visible in a black shirt. Or are you talking about night street photography?

    • Zack

      The least conspicuous street photographer:

    • DoctorBob

      This is why Johnny Cash — “The Man In Black” — is the most successful street photographer ever. Everyone thought he died in 2003; in fact, he just bought a black lens and disappeared into the shadows.

    • Ulli

      and paint your face black?

    • Plus sunglasses and, critically, the Neuralyzer! Yes, an Optically Stabilized Hyperfocal Asph. Neuralyzer. Too bad Olympus would only release one in Silver rather than Black! :)

    • Yawn, you obviously never read semeiotics. Sometimes a thing is well hidden because it is under everybody’s stare.

      If you have a silver lens people will take you for a tourist. Especially if you don’t point the thing obviously at them, and shoot from the hip.

      Besides the front section is black, so end of the fuss.

      • Exactly! And we don’t even have to point the damn thing at them at all – just shoot birds, and nobody’s going to beat the sh*** out of ya :)

      • quiquelbola


      • bart

        Amazingly, this ‘troll’ for once totally agrees with you :-)

    • Mr. Reeee

      Yep. I use a Voigtländer Nokton Classic 35mm f1.4 and the filter ring is silver. People notice it FAR more than when I’m shooting with larger lenses like the 25mm f0.95 or 75mm f2.5.

      • bart

        I use an E-3 with 11-22, 14-54mk2 and a 50-200
        I also use a silver colored E-M5 with the 14, 17, 20, 25 and 45mm primes…

        The E-3 based sets will always draw attention, simply due to their size and looking ‘serious’.

        That E-M5 on the other hand is mostly ignored, despite its color. It gets by far the most attention when mounting the black 25/1.4 with its lens hood, FAR more so then when mounting either the 17 or 45mm silver colored lenses.

        The deal is not if people see your camera, they will, regardless of color. The issue is if people let it disturb them or otherwise respond to it. Large black lens with large front and large hood do a lot more for triggering response then a relatively small purple or yellow lens, and that is simply because people regard that black lens with large front and hood to be much more serious. That yellow/purple lens is must be sitting on a ‘toy’ and hence is ignored as non serious.

        And then there is another thing to this, many people seem to think ‘street photography’ is the same as shooting candids, but those 2 are really 2 totally different approaches that just happen to have some ‘location’ overlap.

        35mm focal length has always been a very popular focal length for street photographers, but requires a working distance of 1 full body length or less for most situations. Good luck hiding yourself and especially your camera at that distance.

        There must be something else to this thing called street photography…

        If it is candids you are after, then indeed trying to make your camera as little visible as possible is a good approach. I suggest ensuring enough working distance or a nicely hidden location, preferably a combination. Hiding your camera is key here. What is also key here is that in many situations this approach is socially unacceptable.

      • Yes, but reason for attentive is not that lens is silver, folk come only for a look on lens and talk of lens, the same is if i use my white Pen too, the is so walk by a lovely dog, people come only talk to me by camera and lens, then the look but only disregard a black lens. ;-)

    • Mymaco on instagram

      Z: WRONG: the only way to be a street photographer is drinkinga potion of invisibility! Omd is weather sealed, so you should throw some on it too! I alway do like that!!!

  • ginsbu

    Does anyone have a mirror for the files?

    • MJr

      Just go into photoshop and choose flip horizontally.

      • T-L

        Now that is a best response for such a question :D
        ..yet it does not solve the problem with linked files, they are not available..

        P.S.: At the first moment I read “Does anyone have a mirror for the flies?” :D

  • Bob

    Kids…just take the photo. Please.

  • m43happy

    For all you street photographers complaining about being discreet do you walk around in a black full ninja outfit w/ your head wrapped and everything?? If not, then why aren’t you? Wearing anything else would defeat the discreet purpose.

  • hullyjr

    Why do Olympus continue to screw around with the style, color and features of their m43 lenses. The original OM Zuikos were unique, you could recognize one by feel alone such was their consistency and style. The vast majority came in one color, chrome, that still looks good today. The same can be said for the current 43 lenses.

    I don’t see this with m43. It is almost as if Olympus has multiple design teams who each get to produce a lens. Maybe they talk with each other but they certainly do not share resources. I reckon there are at least 5 schizophrenic style of lenses:

    We have the early black lenses with a silver ring at the base, such as the 9-18mm, 40-150mm, etc., some of which come in silver. And don’t forget the 75-300mm with its special gold lettering to help justify the ridiculous pricing.

    Then there is the monotone cheapo R zooms which you can get in black or a slightly different silver finish.

    Thirdly, the one of a kind 45mm f/1.8 that comes in another shade of silver.

    Next are the shiny black 12-50mm & 60mm weather-sealed lenses.

    And lastly the 12mm, 17mm & 75mm that come in a champagne color or limited black.

    For a relatively small camera division that represents an enormous waste of resources on style over substance. I’m also pissed at all the different filter sizes that these lenses represent. In my bag are 4 different step-up rings just so I can mount a polarizer or ND filter.

    Panasonic may have there own issues but their m43 lenses are rarely critized for the lack of color options or style, they are more consistent in filter size, and most come with a hood & case.

    • Cameron

      Probably indicative of mismanagement and/or lack of design leadership within their organization.

    • Wooow! Now, just hang on here. What colour glitter do you want?

  • Anonymous

    Amin, with all the stuff back and fourth, why not just do a poll and then we will know who likes black vs slive lenses. It can’t be that hard to do a simple poll.

  • Anonymous

    Unless of course there is some sinister reason not to do it. Maybe Olympus is trying to train us to just accept silver lenses and this is a brainwashing site for it to do it’s dirty work. Buwahahahahaha!

    • I have clean my head, i like champagne silver colour lens. ;-)

  • Rinaldo

    GH3 > feeling the smell…. ;)
    Message from B&H right now: “You are receiving this message because you asked to be notified when this item becomes available. This item is now available as a Special Order and is non-cancelable and non-returnable. Estimated arrival at B&H is 7-14 business days (subject to availability). You will be charged upon placing your order.”

  • Jevfp

    I guess you gous dont get it,

    Olympus will always make their primes with silver color and the zoom with both colors ,.. Take it or lesve it,.

    • hullyjr

      Not all primes are in silver (think 60mm & original 17mm) and not all zooms are in black & silver (think 9-18mm). So who is the stupid “gous” now?

    • bart

      Except for that 60mm macro prime which is only available in black…

      Sorry, your ‘rule’ is incorrect.

  • Hendrik

    I can’t understand, why people care about the colour of a lens – hey, it’s a camera, not a fashion accessoire! What really matters is the picture quality it delivers. Everyone who cares about the colour of the lenses should buy the silver OM-D – here the silver lenses fit perfect!

  • Vromopodarix

    I admit I care what my camera looks like.

    As photographers we appreciate beauty, we are artists. I like nice prints hanging on my walls why should I not care what my camera looks like. I care about my appearance, about my car etc.

    Furthermore why do you think the EM5 (and the EP1) was such a success: because they look great (ok the sensor was good too). Most of us would not be caught dead with that new Pentax toy which by the way has an even better sensor, never mind the new Hasselblad.

    We frequent this blog because we are not only photographers but also gearheads. I admit I am a gearhead and I care what my cameras look like.

    Have you recently visited a hardware store ? even the new hammers and wrenches have nice designs these days compared to the past. Why not our tools too?

    • bart

      Well, I know many artists who actually don’t care at all what their tools look like, but care about what they can do with those tools. But thats not some ‘golden standard’ or such, if you care, more power to you!

      The real issue is that actually there is quite a bit of ‘fashion design’ behind the E-M5 (and as you point out the E-P1), but somehow the marketing people at Olympus didn’t figure out that if you do such a thing, you ensure that you have matching accessories. Yes that indeed means lenses that in color and design match the looks of the camera they are supposed to be used on.

      Why is this? Part of the story seems to be that many of those lenses are aimed at the PEN series, and there are currently only 2 lenses specifically aimed at the OM-D series: the 12-50 and the 60mm macro.

      Another part of the story however seems to be that the people who could change this are simply blinded by the shiny silverly plastic

      Personally, I don’t care, for me a camera is a tool for making a fashion statement, not a fashion statement of itself, but that doesn’t invalidate your point of view in any way, rather, I mostly agree with what you are saying even if I don’t really care one way or the other.

      • Guess I know in which subset I am part of.

        I don’t give a crap whether or not one of my lens is silver color and I care even less that not all of my oils are Kama Pigment. Actually not quite. Being a palette knife painter, I eschew Sennelier’s soupy texture. But for the price, I won’t throw away x-fine pigment oils.

  • Ulli

    so if we rule out the buyers who just judge on color, its the group of street/people -candid style- photographers who prefer stealthy color.
    At least that is something with an obvious reason for the sake of making a good photo.

    • Ronan

      How about “this is MY money, i WANT options of black/silver lens for my black/silver camera body”.

      Crazy heh?

      • bart

        Nothing crazy about that. The ‘crazy’ part here is people having to be extremely loud and obnoxious and repetitive about this.

        Its really simple, if it is important enough for you then don’t buy it. Otherwise, go tell Olympus.

        Spamming a rumors forum with this is also a bit crazy, we the other (micro) fourthirds users aren’t the ones who have to hear this and we cannot change anything about it. Trying to discuss this is one thing, but really, a relatively small group of extremely obnoxious people has to simply spam each and every thread with this, and by that are essentially killing any possibility for useful discussion about things like photography.

        • MikeS

          Welcome to the internet ;)

        • Ronan

          Whats wrong in complaining? Maybe Olympus will ‘catch’ on.

          I myself sent an e-mail to them about it.

          • bart

            And where did I say it is wrong to complain TO OLYMPUS about this? Actually, I said the opposite, what was so totally unclear about ‘go tell Olympus’ ?

            I am not Olympus, and 99.9999% of the readers of this blog and forum aren’t Olympus. so by complaining here you are complaining to the wrong audience, and making any useful discussion impossible.

            Oh, and chances that Olympus will read your complaint here are what? oh, pretty much zero by now, that ‘excuse’ for spamming each and every thread here with ‘WE NEED BLACK’ is just crap.

        • bart

          So telling people that spamming many threads of a forum with essentialy the same message makes useful discussion impossible is the same as telling people to shut up?

          Amazing conclusion.

          • BdV

            But it’s your own conclusion.

            • bart

              Maybe read the comment I replied to first? because that is where that conclusion comes from.

  • Neil Evans

    I don’t wonder why people care. I think black looks nicer. I don’t know why they just don’t make them black.

    What gets me is that some people think that’s a total deal-breaker. People like every other single thing about it but will absolutely not buy it because of what color it is.

    • The can be better by silver metal lens i sunshine, the will not be for hot.

  • pasmia

    Nothing wrong with silver, I just wish they were consistent with it. Silver pen, silver omd, silver 45, silver 12/75…. All different silvers.

  • Hendrik

    @Vromopodarix: Okay, I unterstand your arguments. For me it’s not really important, but of course i also like the retro style of my OM-D. If Olympus doesn’t want to hear the requests of its customers, maybe the only way is to get a camera that fits to the silvers lenses – silver body, silver lens. ;)

  • Robbie

    LOL It’s so funny that nobody is talking about image quality now and just engaging in the debate about lens colour and the ‘seriousness’ of a photographer

    • Rinaldo

      Come on, those pictures say almost nothing… what left for us to discuss… lol
      We want the comparison of the year: 17/1.8 vs 20/1.7. Come on Oly spread out some copies… :D

  • jack

    I don’t mind silver metal lenses, what I don’t care for is faux metallic plastic lenses like the 45mm 1.8. I cannot for the life of me, understand why Olympus has to fake metal for that lens. Please just make it into plastic matte black. That fake finish is prone to scratches.

  • Anonymous

    How about putting it this way… Olympus, we all love you more than life itself, but we fear you could be selling three times as many lenses to all the fools that don’t love you, if you would just make them in black. We hate to see you miss out on so much money, just because your president is mentally challenged and we fear for your untimely demise, due to your current unfortunate management dilemma. With all my love, Anni.

  • ssgreenley

    Look, I’m at work, can someone please tell me how these raw files look? I can’t believe there’s 100 friggin’ comments on the color of the lens. I hate all of you right now, as a group and as individuals! (Not you admin, you rock!)

    • Nawaf

      I’m stuck on an ipad and no one wants to comment on the pics! I totally agree with you, people just over the color of the lens please.

      I’m interested to find out about the distortion. Anybody?

      • See, for me is image quality good and nice bokèh, but the so is important for me is fast focus and manual focus like on 12mm F2.

      • Anonymous

        Images are crappy, don’t waste your time. I said this before :)

    • BLT

      I am unable to see the pictures for some reason, so I came into the comments section also to hear peoples reactions to the image quality. I scanned quicker and quicker and didn’t see a single comment about the pictures.
      And your comment is the last one, explaining the exact same issue!

      This is a joke!

  • LOL, I am laughing to tears. Those ORF files won’t even download. With Oly stuff one must be incredibly patient, silver lenses, warts and all.

    If they screwed things, they will come down in price. I just heard that a black lens now will have the same price of a silver one. Three months later :)

    Teaches you not to be in a hurry with Oly. The cost of feeding their genius :)

  • Ash

    Has anyone been able to view the files yet? Would like to see them.

    As far as the colour goes, you lot can always go back to the inital annoncement thread and discuss it there…

  • Mister_Roboto

    Wow to the comments. I don’t give a damn what color it is.

    For me:

    This will replace the 20mm, as long as it has the same “reasonable resolution,” as I like the 17mm FOV better, and as long as it’s not 50% more than the 20mm. The clincher: Fast AF. I am also the sort of person who will without a doubt use the DOF scale.

    I like me 20mm, but it has serious short comings, especially compared to newer generation µ4/3 lenses.

  • 43rumors said [of the release]: “. . . (Tuesday November 15 at 5-6 am London time)”

    Just for the record, my calendar indicates that November 15 falls on a Thursday. – – AJL

  • adriaantie

    You crazy people talking about the color of that horrible lens. Look at the pictures with the combo EM5/17mm. They look the worst ever. All smudgy and the ones taken at 3200 iso are really really really bad. You people better start thinking about a bigger sensor instead of the color of that toy lens and camera.

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