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New E-M5 cheap batteries auctions (with charger included)


The Hong Kong located store “dstebattery” reacted quickly and is now offering new (non original) E-M5 batteries with battery charger included! Here are the auctions:
– Three E-M5 batteries with charger for $39,99 (Click here to see the auction).
– Two E-M5 batteries with charger for $30,99 (Click here to see the auction).
– One E-M5 battery with charger for $18,99 (Click here to see the auction).
– A single E-M5 battery without(!) charger for $12,99 (Click here to see the auction).

I think this is a great deal if you consider that the original Olympus BLN-1 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (1220mAh) costs $59 (here at Bhphoto). As usual be aware of the risk to buy from oversea stores! I will take the risk but don’t blame me if there are some problems after :)

  • Camaman

    The question remains… Will the battery act as a regular OEM. Meaning will it report capacity correctly to the camera. My experience tells me these kind of batteries usualy work and report weak battery 1minute and just die.
    After that turn it on and they report full and empty after 2 minutes of usage.

    • Anonymous

      So what if they die off, just replace with one of the other two that you have. Three for $30+ it’s a no brainer if it works.

      • If you put it in the camera and smoke comes out, does that mean its not working?

  • einsnull

    I wouldn’t buy that battery which needs an additional charger. Why do they need to change battery style which each new PEN/OM-D model? Why did they change style of HDMI output (my expensive cable i bought for my E-PL2 doesn’t fit…)
    How “smart” it is to get a new charger and tons of cables which each device you buy (camera, cellphone, tablet, pc…)?

    • It’s pretty “smart” if you’re the manufacturer selling this stuff…

    • It has been proven that cheap HDMI cables are as good as expensive ones over a short distance (the standard lengths you buy for home). Buying expensive ones just gives someone else satisfaction.

  • Anonymous

    Both Olympus and generic battery on my wifes E-PL1 just “die”. Oh they’ll report full and partial charge, but once the charge shows as red, you might have 60-120 seconds of use at most before it is kaput.

    Within reason that doesn’t bother me too much. Until camera start showing actual % charge remaining, at best it is a full, half and empty gauge. It’s why I carry at least one charged spare everywhere.

  • Atle

    I will take my time. batteries that are directly compatible with the original (oversized) charger will come out.

  • The original battery will charge on the new charger they send, so you don’t need to use two chargers.

  • IHUR

    time to make some money huh..43rumors is rumoring batteries on

    • Duke

      This site is great. But probably the most shameless in terms of affiliate coded links ;)

  • 43shot

    Just hope the BMS in their charger has the proper charge regulation for long battery life. If I get mine and it does not work as stated and in the camera I will simply dispute the charge and keep it or they can send me a shipping label for return. No risk.

  • Camaman

    The reason it bothers me that they “just die” is they will fail you at the exact moment that you didn’t bring the extra battery.
    You ALWAYS need to bring the extra battery, cause checking if its full doesn’t mean squat!
    Also recharge every time you get home… no matter what.

  • TR

    I’ll buy a 3rd party battery from someone like Amazon or B&H where I feel I will have some recourse with a problem. I wouldn’t from eBay seller only, especially when it requires own charger. A brand name battery is still cheaper than an electrical repair on a camera.

  • Bob B.

    I use Wasabi batteries and charger with my G3 and GX1. They always work perfectly with the camera indicator etc. I only charge them on their own charger because they are higher capacity (last longer than OEM). I am selling my G3 on eBay and just ordered a silver OM-D…so I will not have my camera until June…
    I contacted Wasabi (Blue Nook) and although they do not have OM compatible batteries yet, they will within less than a month. (do not know if they will be high capacity or not). I am going to wait for their product to be available as I have great experience with their batteries. Having an extra charger allows me to charge multiple batteries at once and also the Wasabi charger comes with a cigarette lighter attachment so I can charge in my car or on vacation. …..
    I don’t know about any of these companies that are offering the product on this page though.

    • Bob B do you have a Wasabi franchise? Or just a devoted user.
      Don’t forget that all electronics work on smoke. This is simple to see for ones self. If the smoke escapes from an electronic component it will never work again (any chip, battery whatever), absolute proof that electronics work on smoke.
      Just thought I would add this for no real reason.

  • Ryan

    they come with a 2 year warranty….atleast thats something.

    • Ross

      I would hate to try & claim the warranty though.

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