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New Canon EOS to Micro Four Thirds adapter with built-in Aperture control (but what about quality?)

Kipon realized the first EOS to MFT adapter with built-in aperture control! You can already found them on eBay (Click here). I don’t know how bad or good they are. Someone tried it?

The adapter is not compatible with the following Canon EF S lenses:
EF S 10-22mm; EF S 15-85mm; EF S 17-55mm; EF S 17-85mm;
EF S 18-55mm; EF S 18-135mm; EF S 18-200mm; EF S 55-250mm; EF S 60mm

Curent Kipon adapter on eBay.

  • I wouldn´t touch that one with a 10 feet pole. I mean built-in aperture control? Built-in aperture blades is more accurate in this case. And aperture diaphragm blades are custom designed in some lenses to give a pleasing bokeh (especially 85 f/1.8 and such) and it really makes no sense to mess things up using 3rd party products such as this.

    And in addition, the manufacturing looks cheap, not at all like Novoflex (which are quality products, IMHO)

    • Ulli

      it can help in another way, using the aperture as a baffle to controll the excess flood of light caused by the larger image circle lenses. one need to find the correct opening for the focal lenght used, resulting in better performance using fast lenses with their own aperure wide open.

  • Voldenuit

    Hehe. A bit of a ‘ghetto’ solution. Got to give Kipon props for ingenuity, but I don’t think it’s going to be a wild success.

    It would be ironic if the Kipon aperture blades actually gave nicer bokeh than some EF lenses, though I doubt that (since there are several other drawbacks to putting the diaphragm where the lens designers did not intend for).

  • xshadow

    This adapter with manual aperture ring is quite interesting.
    However, would aperture diaphragm placed behind the lens affect image quality?
    It seems that in most lenses, the aperture diaphragm is located within the lens structure…

  • jazzcrab

    I would prefer autofocus to aperture control. BTW: Wouldn’t the compatibility list be shorter, if the lenses that ARE compatible were listed? ;-)

  • Ulli

    i was checkin if their site shows a LM > M43 adapter with built-in aperture but unfortunately no, would be nice to experiment with it….

  • Don

    Stupid question, but is it possible to use this adapter without a lens as a pinhole?
    What do you think?

    • I think it wont close small enough

  • compositor20

    this looks very good lets hope they start selling at lower prices since i have an exakta 28-105 2.8-3.8 that i cant test in micro four thirds and that would be like a 56-210 2.8-3.8 lens so it would suit weddings if it is good wide open or at f4

    can someone tell if the distance of the blades to the lens have some interference in image quality?

  • Well since the lettering on the side isn’t even straight it doesn’t fill me with hope.

  • Vlado

    The picture quality is horrible, without the need to test it!!!


    The reduction has it’s owen aperture. So the lens is full open nostop! The problem ofcorse is you can’t place aperture where ever you like …. aperture must be placed in the point where the picture is maximum unsharp, and thats inside a lens. In this case aperture is at the end of lens so surly on wrong place, this will cause vigneting, strong difraction effects caused by the aperture ….

    This aperture isn’t 100% correct (wrong place of aperture) this can cause lots of wrong expositures.

    If you want to test it just take a peace of paper cut a small hole in it (tiny …) put it in some cheap adapter and check the picture quality.

    sry for my English, but this adapter is bullshit.

  • Jonathan

    The Kipon c mount to m43 is very well built (it has brass parts as well) BUT not well engineered – the flange distance is too big and lenses will not focus to infinity.

  • Carlos

    Will have the possibility to use a mpe-65 on a m43 body. Funny !

  • Bill

    I have one and tested it today. Tokina 11-16 works, along with ef 50mm 1.4, 80mm 1.8 and 70-200 f.28 II. Resolution looks very good (gh13 with lpowell ‘peak rate’ hack). You’ll need some kind of variable nd filtration too. high quality machining and solid build. There are six ‘f’ stops marked – vignetting kicks in after stop 3. If you can’t afford a Birger (when it comes) this is a good solution.

  • Check out the Kipon EOS to MFT adapter with built in aperture control on the Panasonic AG-AF100 with the Canon 50mm F1.8 lens. The adapter has no electronics so it has no auto focus:

  • Why does ANYONE pay attention to Mr. All caps????? The guy is an idiot.

    Can anyone tell me if (and why?) the DR or the IQ of the M1 is better than that of the OMD-EM5, E-PL5 or E-P5 other than some “slight” sharpness because there is no AA filter on the M1????????…but they all have basically the same image sensor other than the PDAF implementation…right?

    I think in real use that the M1 and the Canon APS-C sensor cameras are basically equal…although the are some rendering and color signature differences and such…..

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