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New 43rumors theme update!


We finally managed to make a small update on the 43rumors theme. Right in time before Christmas and before my baby will keep me away from 43rumors for a few days :)

So what changed?
1) We reduced the width of the website to allow a better reading experience on tablets. The latest comments and related posts can now be seen on the bottom of each article. Twitter and Facebook like and retweet buttons are on top of the main title. And surfing on the iPhone and Android cellulars shoudl also work flawlessly.
2) The contact form to Share rumors and news is now smaller and attached on the border of your browser.
3) Top Links to Fuji rumors and Slidoo have been added. Fujirumors is actually written by my close friend Patrick. He writes in a completely different style than me and has a more journalistic (and complete) style.

Some more hints about MirrorlessRumors and Slidoo:
If the baby permits it I will for the first time realize a long (very long) dream of mine. Mirrorlessrumors will become a completely new website. It should become a place where we can collectively write news and share stories realized with our mirrorless cameras. It is the “story” part that drives me to make the change. In these years I met many good filmmakers and photographers doing great work with mirrorless cameras. That should hopefully become the place where we can share this experience. That idea of a website is also much closer to what I really am. It will be a long work and as soon as the website will be online I will need your help to make it better any day.

Make it better any day is also the slogan for The ebay search and notification tool that will soon be extended to amazon. Keep in mind that this is an officially approved ebay APP. We have 100% full access. In these weeks we did a lot of bug fix work on the notification part and added some small features (like the markings on newly added products). One of the major new features will be the category addition (coming in January). For the full presentation of the website read that article on 43rumors.

So that’s it. Now let me take a few hours of sleep before I go back on rumor work. Want to see if that E-M5 firmware update is really coming this week! :)


  • Mirrorlessrumors sounds great!! Will it be more like a forum or a blog? A blog I’m guessing.

    Keep up the good work! All sounds very good. :)

    • admin

      A blog :)

  • Mice

    I’m trying to log in to slidoo after signing up, but I keep getting “wrong credentials” errors. I know my email is right and my password is correct, but still…

  • Same problem here on Slidoo.
    I get the error saying “Invalid confirmation!” for signing up.

    Regards from Japan.

    • admin


      Did you get the confirmation mail? Sometimes that mail ends in your spam folder :/

  • David

    Looking good. Always enjoyed the look of mirrorless rumors.

  • BdV

    Looks good! Sounds great! Thanks!

  • As someone who usually reads 4/3 Rumors on my iPad I must say that the new format makes it a lot easier. Looks great. Well done!

  • Do I have to get a tablet now? :-P

    The good thing is, I have now enough space for the 43rumor forum and other stuff on my giant monitor.

    • Where is the EDIT feature?

      • admin

        We had issues with the plugin that had the edit feature. We are now looking ofr another solution :(

        • Yeah, you also need the Edit feature! :-P

    • tomas


  • tmx

    The site seems to have a responsive design, so why changing the width? Hm, loved the old design.

    • admin

      Because people had issues on mobile browsers!

  • nexus7

    thanks for supporting tablets!

  • GLYA

    Thanks for this tablet update! And merry Xmas which is going to bring you the best present!

  • BdV

    One thing I noticed:
    It would be fair (or at least more according to what could be expected) if also Fujirumors had the ‘sony – mirrorless – canon – 4/3 – slidoo’ bar on the top of their page.

    • admin

      Yep, we are working on some changes there too. Patrick will decide about it.

  • Ant

    The mobile theme works. Thanks.
    The previous template can’t detect Windows Phone browser.

  • Miroslav

    Definitely a better layout than the previous one, good work!

    On the other hand, fragmenting the rumors to one more site is counter productive. Checking five sites can be tiring. One combined website would be much better and would subsequently bring more followers, but ultimately it’s up to the ambitions of you guys who run separate sites…

  • Much more usable now on my rather small Blackberry screen. Nice change.

  • Maybe it’s nice for tablets, but for desktop computers it’s more bad then before :-( Would be better ho have a version for desktop computers and a mobile version…

  • MikeH

    Why not use relative widths? This is a step backward for PC viewers.

  • Reinhard

    While I generally like the new layout, there is one thing that bothers me: Fixed Width. This is so 90s.. ;) Can’t be that hard, even standard HTML supports it (no, it’s not new for HTML4, worked even earlier :)

    Please fix this ASAP, browsing with a desktop browser this page looks ridicolous (even on a small 7″ tablet it looks a bit strange!).

  • The contact form to Share rumors and news is now smaller and attached on the border of your browser.

    Since I’m not a source, I’d love to have an option to remove it. The blue box stands out too much – hard to read the news/comments/etc. (Zoom the page to 150% to see what precisely my problem is.)

    And again: why not invest time into flexible width design? why stick with fixed width?? Then you wouldn’t have to redesign everything for every display size. Search for regex /width.*\d+px/ inside the CSS to see all what needs to be fixed. Probably I would work-around it with the Stylish.

  • Anonymous

    Videos now fit within the width of the news column on my browser, so I like it. I just wish the text wasn’t so small in the comments.

  • MUCH better! I can finally see all of the content on my Galaxy Note. Thanks!

  • tom

    doesn’t work well with my Android phone. page is much wider than my screen.

  • Hi! Why have you decided to reduce the width, when you could just use some “Responsive” theme? These themes resize automatically on tablets/mobile phones, while showing the most on today’s popular widescreen monitors..

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