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Need more speed? Ibelux 40mm f/0.85 finally released! Priced at $2,080!


The last year unveiled Ibelux 40mm f/0.85 lens has been finally officially released! It comes in MFT mount and is prices at $2,080! They claim it’s the world fastest lens althaugh there are some weird faster lenses liek the Leica Leitz 65mm f/0.75 (here on eBay).

The Ibelux will sell from February and to learn more about it just read the full press text found via MirrorlessRumors:

HANDEVISION — December 12, 2013

A mutual passion for photography and the art of image capture between two companies’ owner has led two special firms, Shanghai Transvision and German IB/E Optics, to collaborate on an industry-shaking new innovation. By merging Geman high-quality engineering standards with Chinese cost-effective production infrastructure, the new camera lens brand Handevision (“Han” means China in Mandarin and “De” is the word for Germany).

After many months of collaboration between engineering and production teams, final quality control assessments have concluded and the IBELUX 40mm f0.85 high-speed lens, the fastest lens in the world, is nearly ready for release. Available for sale by February, 2014, this lens will be available for Sony NEX, Fuji X, Canon EOS M and Micro 4/3 digital mirrorless camera mounts (MSRP is $2,080 USD).

While risky to start our launch with this ground-breaking high-speed lens, we hope to gain the attention and confidence of photographers around the world with our expanding new lenses. Our mission is to manufacture high-grade lenses of metallic construction with a clean, aesthetic finish. As a new player in the lens market, we believe we can expand our new brand internationally as our engineers, uninhibited by production costs nor by material restrictions, will be free to work creatively in seeking optimal image quality and artistic design.

We are currently working on our next project, the wide-angle IBEGON lens. With Sony releasing the new full-frame mirrorless A7/A7R camera, we have designed a high-speed telephoto APO mirror lens called the IBECAT, named for its sharp image capture, its lightweight construction and fast glass. Additional lenses are in development for full frame mirrorless cameras, including a tilt-shift lens and a compact fixed focal length lens.

We are focusing our efforts at expanding our line of full-frame mirrorless and DSLR detachable lenses in 2014 and are constantly developing ways to satisfy demand of professional photographers for faster, sharper lenses.

  • Renovatio

    Metabones (various mount) + Nikon Ai f1.2 or just something else -> Ibelux = Epic Fail.

    • Patrick

      very constructive…

      • Peter

        Nonetheless… true! It was my first thought as well. I have a Speedbooster and a 1.2 lens for alltogether 600 bucks…

    • The standard speedbooster accepts f/1.26 as max input aperture and f/0.90 as output, So your combo should be somewhere around f/1.1 so thats around 0.7 stop difference compared with the Ibelux I think. Regarding to rendering of DOF both solutions are about the same.

      • Brian

        When dealing with fast apertures you need to be more accurate about the numerical values or else you can make a significant error.

        “f/1.2” is one-third stop slower than f/1.4, e.g. f/(2^(1/3)) = f/1.2599

        f/1.2599 x 0.71 = f/0.895, which rounds up to f/0.90.

        So, the standard 0.71x Metabones Speed Booster will accept the entire output of f/1.2 lenses and output the correct value of f/0.90.

        Of course, the new Ibelux isn’t “the fastest lens in the world” at f/0.85. For one thing, the new BMPCC Speed Booster plus a 50mm f/1.2 Nikkor becomes a 29mm f/0.74.

        • ehh,its the fault of Nikon, they should have printed f/1.26 on the barrel instead..
          Thanks for enlightening me Brian, I knew i better stay away from stuff like this.

        • El Aura

          Interesting that 1.259 rounds down to 1.2 and not up to 1.3, must have missed something in school.

          • Andrew

            In physics, when the next digit is 5, you round up if the digit after is even and down if it’s odd. If you always round 5 up, you’re biasing your results upward since 5 is actually exactly in the middle. So in this case, 1.259 would round to 1.2 and 1.258 would round to 1.3.

  • I think its a luxury, not a necessity. Or in other words I don’t have 2k Dollars :P
    Olympus 45mm f1.8 is fast enough for me :)

    atleast covers indian weddings without flash!:

    • Mr.Chainsaw

      Really nice shots!
      In some pics, for example the last one, i would have stepped down a little. Because sometimes more DOF is less :D

      • Dave

        You mean the one he shot at 1.8 1/40 800 ? Don’t think he could’ve stopped down a whole lot there,and made a difference. You’re right about the quality. Great shots!

    • The Hidden Bride is my favourite!

      • Thanks for backing me up Dave. And it was exactly the reason! I have used this 45mm f/1.8 in my professional assignments. It is just damn creative! I never sought a need for a shallower depth of field with expense of a blazing-fast AF .

      • @Ulli Thanks a lot sir… Keep following my blog!

    • Love Bath

      I really like your photos

    • Mr. Reeee

      Some beautiful shots in both sets!

    • Andrew

      Your macro work is fantastic! I just shared your site on my social networks. Unfortunately it seems to have gone down.

      Love your shots! Keep it up!

      • The site is up now. Keep supporting! :) thanks…

    • Doug

      Links not working for me….

    • c0ldc0ne

      Alas, site currently gives a “CPU Quota Exceeded” error.

      • overwhelming hits crashed our servers :P thank u all for your support!
        gonna be fixed as ASAP. :);)

  • Jankoff

    A great match price-wise for the E-PM1! :-) The E-PM1 may not have a high high-ISO performance, but never mind. This gadget will allow focusing on one eyelash. And the one next to it will form a beautiful bokeh. All this for 3500 USD only! Why pay more? :-) :-)

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    Yesterday I played with SLR 50mm f0.95 in the woods: bokeh is really nervous. From the samples shown here, it looks really similar.

    Having said so, the price looks a bit too much on the expensive side: at that point I’m afraid of guessing what the Nocticron price will be..

    • Vlad

      Also, did you see the weight of that thing?

    • Bob B.

      The Nocticron should be less than this lens and offer more…but how much less expensive is the question!…

  • Bokeh looks weird and ugly.

    • I agree. The bokeh is just weird. Miss that creamyness… seamlessness..

  • killout

    42.5 voigtlander focuses near 30cm…it is 0.95 so we don`t need ibelux

    • Bob B.

      I do not own any of the Voigts but..I would say that the 25mm and 42.5mm have this lens beat…from a standpoint of sharpness and more pleasing bokeh.
      You expect lenses at this speed to not be super-crisp wide open, and to have vignetting wide open…even with the premium price this is the nature of the elusive beast….
      From a non-scientific, casual observation standpoint…I would say that the Voigtlanders have this lens beat with sharpness, quality of bokeh, minimum focus distance, weight, price and perhaps build…but the build is just a guess….

      • Mr. Reeee

        The bokeh is definitely strange. Sort of radioactive and buzzy… like waking up from nap and your eyes not being able to focus on anything. Not nice at all.

        The shots themselves have nice color and rendering, but not nearly as nice as the Voigtländer 42.5mm. This makes the Voigty 42.5mm look like a bargain in comparison and possibly the Nocticron, too. It would be nice if Panny would announce the release date and actual price.

        • Bob B.

          Yes…you HAVE some of the should know….
          This lens exhibits what bokeh would look like if you were tripping on a double-tab of Orange Sunshine! :-)

          • Mr. Reeee

            Me? I was always a ‘shroom kind of a guy! ;-)

          • The Nokton 50mm f/1.1 has a funky OOF rendering too. Instead of calling everything which renders OOF not smoothly in a negative way(that is becoming a trend here) its prob better to classify “non standard”.

            • akaprog

              this type of bokeh can totally ruin an image, IMHO.

              example – not mine, I pressume shot with some Canon equipment – OOF bokeh is actually killing my eyes when i look at this photo –

              • dav


                The ideal bokeh is round (the one in that example are close enough), it has more light in the center than on the side (the one in that example is *strongly* the other way around) and does not have vignetting, which exasperate both of the previous problem (this does).

                Unfortunately, if you truly want the perfect “more light in the center than on the side” you need to leave some residual, uncorrected spherical aberration. The stronger the spherical aberration, the better the result. And if you do so, the center of the lens, at full aperture, and in focus will not be sharp. Old-school Zeiss lenses (for Contax) are masterpieces in this.

                However this can work only in one direction (e.g. only the objects more distant than the focus plan) will have it “right”.

                So, in summary, the truly ideal bokeh does not exist in any lens, regardless of price and size (but some are worse, like these)

              • imo its not the OOF here, in general this portrait is just very average, and the colors are not ideal. Greens with red dont give a nice contrast. In B/W the picture would look more forgiving. The trick is sometimes that you need to know how to deal with OOF, back light is very effective.Like you aready said, you dont like this type, and others come with the comparisons with the buttersoft, perfect rendering by other lenses. But sometimes we are not looking for perfect, if you work with more primes then you prob choose the right type OOF which gives you the right mood in a picture.Maybe you can imagine it can get quite boring if you use one and the same background rendering if you like to make a variation in style content.

                • akaprog

                  once again, not mine picture, just an example to demonstrate how such type of OOF can really kill otherwise not so bad picture. The problem is that such OOF can pull attention to background from main subject.
                  IMHO, actually red-green can give really awesome results.

                  At bottom of the page is my response with some examples shoot with 45 f1.8 and OM 50 f1.4 they demonstrate, at least partially, why I like soft and creamy. (they are just average, but anyway, I do like them)

    • Mr. Reeee

      The Voigtländer 42.5 focuses at about 23cm (9″), but wide open, while your point focus is sharp, everything else is all creamy and quite hazy. I can’t think of many situations where I’d ever use it like that. At that distance, stopped down to f4 or f5.6 everything looks great… extremely sharp, with that lush Voigtländer rendering. I’ve been able to use it for near-macro close-up shooting and leave my Nikon 105mm f2.8 macro lens at home.

  • pete

    What i need will be a good, small (far under 1000,-$/€) Pro 2,8/90mm (or 80mm, splashproof with meter scale to carry it througt the mountain with the 2,8/12-40.

  • matt jones

    At 1.2kg it’s almost twice the weight of the heft Voigtlander Noktons. It seems to have some heavy vignetting on APSC, probably look alright on M43, but not at that weight!

    • I was looking at the weight too, and only realized after while that its heavier then my Helios 40-2 which is a 85mm 1.5 full metal Russian renderer. I am sure it will make great shots in the hands of the right photographer.The OOF rendering seems much lesser “nervous” or “ugly” then the Helios which I prefer. very smooth Leica-like blur can be boring at times.

      • Bobafett

        @ ulli
        Something completely different:
        Are you an Indonesia-based photographer?
        I’m just curious:)

        • Hi Boba,
          i have lived for 2 years in Indonesia during 2004-2006, after that I went back to the cold and wet Netherlands :-) I go back now and then.. like last october I was there for a week to meet my fav model(see profile pic how happy I am).

          • Bobafett

            Thanks for answering my rather personal question. I don’t have a pro model but I got 3 permanent ones (kids) who are around 24/7 :)
            I’m going to Central Java for vacation next September and I’m looking forward to extensively use my mft gear :)

            • When there I spent most of my time around Jakarta and Bandung, I have only been one time at Yogyakarta which is close to Central Java region. I am sure you will find many oportunities there to shoot. I envy you already.

              • Bobafett

                Yep, I can hardly wait! Yogya, Solo and Purwokerto are definitely gonna be our destinations. Borobudur is in bold charaters in our travel agenda. I hope by then i’ve mastered the 12-40mm :)
                I’m gonna post some pics for your ‘homesickness’ ;)

                • I dont know much about the sight seeing locations, but from landscape photographers I hear that mount Bromo in the east is very spectacular during the first rays of light in the early morning, special local tours are arranged for that moment. Assuming the vulcan is not too active. I have seen IR shots where they walk close to the craters which sometimes looks like an alien landscape.

    • Mr. Reeee

      My guess would be shooting video and using a tripod would be the only way to work with it. Once the shots are downsampled to 1080, I’d think the bokeh would settle down and look pretty good. I wonder if it has a tripod mount or is available as an option?

      Admin, do you have any links to video shot with this lens?

      • The OOF character looks different in video format? I dont think so.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Wouldn’t the lower res 1080 image moosh it out a bit?
          Well, maybe not. ;-)

  • Froggy

    The bokey on the pic of the christmas tree is really weird… Or maybe it’s my meal?

    • Bobafett

      So, it ain’t my eyes then! The oof part looks circular. 1.2 kg?!? If I wanna weightlift I can go to the gym for less than 2k :)
      It’s still good to have another player on board. It might attract people to join mft.

    • Tarwin

      Yeah the bokeh is really wonky. Seem to tilt circular round the middle.
      That said, the effect on the birdhouse is really nice, pronouncing the object.

      But still, thats a fail. I would love to see if this effect is still apparent with a smaller aperture.

    • dav

      It’s not your meal. See the bokeh behind the glass with the candle in it to confirm.

      The ideal bokeh is round (these are cat eyed), it has more light in the center than on the side (this is the other way around) and does not have vignetting, which exasperate both of the previous problem (this does).

      Now, that said, it’s hard to make such a “perfect” bokeh. In fact, if you truly want the perfect “more light in the center than on the side” you need to leave some residual, uncorrected spherical aberration. And if you do so, the center of the lens, at full aperture, and in focus will not be sharp. Old-school Zeiss lenses (for Contax) are masterpieces in this.

      I myself will be happy with the 45mm f/1.8 :-)

      • Froggy

        Feel better now… Anyway most of the pics are from Paris… maybe they drank too much wine ;)

  • Tim F

    Nice that one manufacture shows us how big, expensive, and heavy a lens faster then f.95 lens is ;-)

    Wasn’t someone yesterday asking for a whole trinity of faster lenses then the voigtländer… Here is the start ;-)

    So you can go for a 3-4 lenses set of slow 1.4-1.8 lenses, or if you are ok with manual focus choose two of the great f0.95 set from voigtländer. Or you buy THE fastest lens possible. weigh and price would be close together in all 3 variants ;-)

    • JimD

      The cry will now be.
      “manual focus? what’s that? You mean its not point and shoot? Oh dear, it was so perfect till you told me that”

      • Mr. Reeee

        Yep. Manual focus… near impossible to conceive, even harder to learn and do.
        I guess that’s the sort of mindset that prevails when the P&S crowd takes over. :-P

        • Everything needs to be done in as little time as possible, we only have our quality time left with drinking tea or coffee.

          • and while working with voigtlaenders type lenses too ofcourse ;-)

          • JimD

            But. Is it true that time stands still if one does not wind the clock? Or is the clock only correct twice a day? Sounds like coffee time!

  • tomas

    the photo of the tea is nice!

  • Charles

    lol – thats all there is to say

  • Rob

    Nearly all the shots have considerable vignetting. Is that just the way the render at

    • burdickjp

      The press release says they had to compromise size for vignetting on APS-C sensors.

  • Uberzone

    Suddenly the Voigtlanders look like bargains. The bokeh is way to squirrely on this thing. I have a feeling the 42.5 Voigtlander would trounce this thing from F.95 on.

    Still, the more options there are for the system the better. Congrats to them for trying.I certainly wouldn’t mind a day with this beast to play around with it.

  • One more of the bunch

    It’s time to say something obvious.

    Ultra-shallow DOF is a trend. Trends tend to disappear or, at most, not become mainstream. There is a limit to how practical is an ultra-fast lens. Take a look at Most pictures are at apertures between f2 and f8 FF equivalents. M4/3 suits perfectly these ranges.

    $2000 for this 40mm f0.85 is delirious. Personally I’m expecting to see how good are the Kodak 25mm f0.95 and 50mm f1.1. They were announced to be relatively cheap ($400) and fairly compact for their speed. If they are no worse than the Voigtlanders, Sakar/Kodak will sell a lot of them.

    • Kim Chan-Hee

      It’s time to say something obvious. Some shooters need to use moderately high shutter speeds in low light situations. e.g. shooting musicians performing in a smoky club. If you don’t want your shots to be overwhelmed with noise then you need aperture.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Or just shooting in extremely low light and minimizing high ISO noise, while preserving as much low ISO dynamic range as possible.

      • xun

        It’s time to say something obvious.
        Both of you are right.

      • yaa

        First, I agree with what you say about needing moderately fast shutter speeds for such situations (I do a fair bit of event and concert shooting myself, including in small clubs and such).

        But one thing to keep in mind, when dealing with a smoky environment, its relatively easy to hide high-iso noise in the smoke, just don’t go over the top with noise filtering to ensure you don’t turn it into a featureless blur.

  • Hans


    40/f0.85, manual focus, 1.2kg, and $2000 ?????

    No thanks! At this focal length, I still prefer to shoot with my Nikon FF and AFS 85/1.8g($495, 350g)

    • yaa

      I’d suggest a PEN F mount 40/1.4 or 42/1.2 instead, both are smaller, lighter and the 40/1.4 can be had much cheaper then the option you suggest. Also, both are much more compact and a very good match for a typical m4/3 camera (and hence remove the need for a second camera for this specific use)

      • I think you need to be more convincing to somebody who wants to shoot at f/0.85 permanently. At least I think nobody is going to buy this lens if he shoots a few clicks stopped down most of the time.

  • Despite all the nit picking about size and OOF rendering, I think it is an interesting extra option. and the price increases exponential with every increment in aperture size, we all know that. I volunteer to make some testdriving with that Ibelux.

  • Still too much DOF.

  • bousozoku

    I would pay US$2080 for a Chinese-made Leica Noctilux lens, but not for this one.

  • akaprog

    I really prefer the image that 45 f1.8 can deliver to this shots-examples…

    And more, I sometimes really love old Olympus OM 50 f1.4 (~100$ on ebay with mint or almost mint condition).

    I’m only a beginner, but…
    Some of my autumn shots:
    45 –
    50 –

    • when i mentioned about my dislike for that greenish with red in that other pic, I love the complimentary color contrast in the leaf floating on the water. The warm vs cold color works great in general.But then again..I am actually more into B/W….

  • From the Christmas ornament pic, the bokeh looks as if it falls toward the center of the image. Maybe it’s due to the concave front element (strange they didn’t show a pic of the front of this lens).

    The bokeh is surely different than what we’re used to seeing, but a photographer could use that to good effect. Who says only creamy round bokeh is good?

    I’m not buying a $2,000 40mm lens, but it’s interesting to see something different. I’m even looking forward to seeing their mirror lens, though that will certainly have donut-shaped bokeh, just like my old Sigma 600mm mirror lens.

    • I was looking at that lens/groups drawing too, and tried if i could understand what i see (a first for me); ehmm a double gauss design with on both sides those weird concave lenses? I think the 1st time i saw such concave lens was on the ZD 50? So many glass inside there that you would wonder if there is still some lightray leftover to reach the sensor.

  • Farrukh

    If it had autofocus, maybe. But manual focus at that price. No thank you.

  • I am candidate again for being moderated, maybe because i post too much today?

  • Photo101

    I ordered two, one for my GM1 and one for my EM-5

  • Random_Avenger

    Now the whole photo can be bokeh!

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