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Need for speed: Noktor 50mm f/0.95 now in Stock on eBay.

If you are in absolute need of speed than Micro Four Thirds is the right system for you :) You not only have the Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95 (Click here to see it on eBay) option but now also the Noktor 50mm f/0.95 is in Stock on eBay:
Sold by a Hong Kong eBay reseller (Click here).
Sold by a US eBay reseller (Click here).

I have both lenses and I use them mainly for video. For that purpose both lenses are very good. For stills the Nokton 25mm has a much better and “different” kind of image quality. It’s perfect to take shot pictures from my brothers baby!

  • Is it the newer version of the nokton?

  • agent00soul

    Is it a Voigtländer Nokton or a Noktor (pictured)?

  • Brod1er

    Voigtlander- yes please!
    Noktor- just say no.

  • andy

    This is a very poor lens.
    Want f0.95? the get the voigtlander…it has dropped in price

    • admin

      Hi Andy! Can you tell me where you find soem price drop? I want to buy a Nokton for my brother :)

    • Mr. Reeee

      Below $1199? (current price at
      … or have eBay sellers finally stopped price gouging?

  • Hmm… NoktoR and NoktoN unfortunately aren’t the same thing. And we don’t speak here about image quality!

    Nokton is a high class lens, but cannot match Noktor in DOF terms – not even close to it!

    Even an 50/F1.4 legacy lens has shallover DOF than Nokton!!!

    So, if you want rather shallow DOF than low light shooting, unfortunately the Noktor is your guy – despite of its not really brilliant optical performance…

    • “Nokton is a high class lens, but cannot match Noktor in DOF terms – not even close to it!
      Even an 50/F1.4 legacy lens has shallover DOF than Nokton!!!”

      Your claim is not fair as the focal lenght is not the same, you should compare the 50 mm f/0.95 or f/1.4 to the Nokton 50mm F/1.1

    • Thin DOF is only one reason for a fast aperture. You can’t expect a normal lens to match a telephoto in this aspect. Actually, I like the fact that the Nokton has a decent DOF even at fast apertures.

  • 2121212

    and what about the crop factor?

    is f/0.95 on m43 less dof then f/1.4 on fullframe camera?

  • Hassler

    nope, compared to fullframe this lens has a dof ~f/2

    • :D

      A certain F0.95 lens has EXACTLY the same DOF on m43 and on fullframe.

      The FOV (field of view) is the thing which changes when migrating a lens from a crop factor to another.

      Please don’t confuse the terms!

      • P4INKiller

        I’m afraid you are misinformed.

        The depth of field does indeed change when the crop factor does.
        The size of the bokeh balls on a voigtländer f0.95 is the equivalent of f1.9 on a full frame sensor.

        So a f1.4 lens on a full frame camera would indeed have a shallower depth of field.
        Although, it still wouldn’t let in as much light as the Voigtländer.

  • Boooo!
    • Boooo!

      I can already imagine the advert:

      “New Panasonic X lenses! Transform your expensive, capable mirrorless camera into something that can create photos just as mushy, uncontrasty and dull as your 50€ compact camera, or even your phone’s camera!”

      God, I feel sorry for those who buy the X lenses :(

      • Nick

        ??? They seem at least as good and probably better than the existing kit lenses..??

        • Boooo!

          No, the existing kit lenses are much sharper…

          • Given

            Hi Everyone
            I saw these samples earlier today and sent the admin a link. I’m glad that your first impression was the same as mine. When i first opened the first one i thought it must have had a case of the shakes. Panasonic really screwed up if that is all that lens has to offer. I’m sure video people will be thrilled with the power zoom and power focusing. But us mostly still shooter won’t touch it! Bad Handling, Bad Optics, and Slow on top of that! What does this lens offer to Still Shooters? NOTHING!!! I would consider giving up photography before i would buy that piece of crap!!!

            Lenstip also posted a couple of days ago there Olympus 45mm 1.8 samples. Now theres A REAL lens.
            Heres a Link


            • Nick Clark

              Snapshots in low light, with slow-shutter speeds of moving subjects?

              Yes, awesome way to test the sharpness of a lens.

          • Nick

            I shall politely disagree :)

            • Given

              What exactly are you disagreeing with? Are you disagreeing about the sharpness of the lens? Because it is really muddy! The contrast is SO SO to.

              • MikeS

                Interesting. Panasonic’s MTFs show that the 14-42 PZ lens is much sharper than the old 14-42, even outperforming the 14-45.

                So, either Panasonic is publishing some extremely suspect (fraudulent) data, or the Lenstip people need to hire someone who knows how to hold a camera.

                Regardless, it’d be reasonable to examine samples from multiple sources before jumping to conclusions.

            • Maley

              This sample images are terrible. I can’t believe they are properly focused they are extremly soft.
              Definitely worse than the kits on this pictures.

              • dumbo

                why do these huge companies still give people who dont have a clue about how to take a good photo the sample lenses. give it to a pro who can shoot, so we get samples of what the best the lens can be achieve, not to someone who’ll snap some dull images at a corporate fair.

                i guess its part of the current belief that run of the mill is completely acceptable and striving to be the best is not a desirable asset any more.

                rant over

    • Jim

      The quality of these photos brings the whole X lens stamp in to question; that’s obvious; there should be a consumer market branding for it. We’ll have to wait until the 12-35 is let loose before we can judge the “X” properly.

      From a marketing perspective though it is wonderful and shouldn’t be discouraged. The GF3 with this lens is near enough pocketable (which was the point of the entire system in the fist place). If Olympus’s 14-42 colapsable lens was this size on it’s release, with the e-p1, how less cynical and deriding would you be.

      If it steals “x” amount of cutstomers (pun intended) from the SLR market then all it can do is strengthen m4/3! More customers means more financial backing, means better cameras – from consumer to professional.

      We’re seeing the start of it. A couple of sexy lenses, fast focus, low noise.

      This is what the system should be.


  • brudney

    that’s gotta be a joke, +$1000 for a noktor lens? LOL
    I’d much rather buy a FD 50mm 1.4 for less than $100.

  • @Boooo!
    LoL taking fast movement pictures at 1/80s (ISO160) :)
    From that test X lens seem to be pretty bad. and GF3 not much better :)

    • Exactly. Those are useless samples for testing sharpness. CA looks very good, though.

      • Mostly useless pics. Lame lighting, lame camera techique, etc.

    • Boooo!

      I think the doll shot at 1/100 or 1/160 wasn’t moving very fast ;) And you can see how blurry those photos are.

    • SteveD

      Yeah. these images are not impressive as samples. They are not very sharp, there’s lots of noise, and the model shots at the beginning have deep eye shadows. These don’t show us see what the lens is capable of. I won’t dis the lenses based on this.

  • TR

    NoktoR .95 is $949 on ebay. NoktoN 1.1 is $999 at B&H. Why would someone by the Noktor?

    • 1) Because He reads about it here :]
      2) Because We discuss it
      3) Because he misspell NoktoN

      It’s very clever

  • Mr. Reeee

    To save 20 bucks for an adaptor! ;-)

  • Anonymous

    I need more review & samples speacialy comparison between the X lens(pz1442) vs 14-45mm thats for sure.

  • Why on God’s Green Earth would I want a Noktor when I can buy a Voigtlander Nokton in the same format?? Trust me, go for the Voigtlander! Now SLRmagic on the other hand is much more fun but asking a grand for this is not worth it at all!

  • D

    That price tag is bananas. I don’t need super sharpness and I think I’d be fine with it. I’d like to own one if the price was much much lower. $1000 for that lens is insane.

    And for those who want a fast 50mm, I think the Nokton 50mm f/1.1 would most likely be a better choice. I’d take the slight aperture hit and go with a higher quality lens for the same price.

  • TempTag

    The m43 lens market as matured over the past year. The price for the Nocktor is laughable.

  • As you come to see photographers demand quality when it comes to glass. Panasonic Micro Four Thirds users are often people who are Leica fans. I don’t mean to be so hard on Noktor but how can they expect us to take them serious based on the rumors, and the history, and the general opinions of this lens??? I need some kind of proof and usage experience before I’d ever have the courage to invest that much money with all the controversy surrounding this lens. So maybe when I go to start my own review site soon, I will offer to do a review of this lens but I can’t guarantee it’ll be positive. Until then, I am not likely going to spend a grand on this; a snowball has a greater chance of surviving in hell!

    • kai

      No need for “rumors, history and general opinions.” The lens has been reviewed. There are photos and video available with it. Watch them and make the decision on whether or not to purchase it.

      • I’ve read reviews and wasn’t impressed! Money is money and a thousand is a lot to shell out for the mediocre!

  • rUY

    The site was flooded with SLRMagic promo articles and crappy Noktor’s news. Even on the NEX rumors page is also the same. Admin, please think deeper, the more you post those, the less credibility of your site. there still a whole lot more lens could use on EVILS. not that rubbish lens with an adapters, then, consider those with a lens that were natively built for EVIL, those were built for CCTV only.

    • I like SLRMagic, Ruy.. but this Noktor lens is bogus. I shoot with the SLRgear 26mm 1.4 lens and love it. The price was right and after shooting with it for a week it was a bargain! I have images that I shot with the lens here: – if you want to see how I creatively used this lens, it was more fun than the lensbaby! :)

      • rUY

        Nate, Nice to know you like the so called 26/1.4. I would like to tell you that it is not really 26mm but 25mm. SLRmagic try to fool users what was that originally. In fact the price to get it together with adapter is just below US$30 either for NEX or M43. it was my finding back on 2009 that 2 China made CCTV lens that able to work with M43 with an adapter. Besides, I also posted the business card for the users to get the cheap lens. I don’t mind SLR made use of my information, But the price they offered is really rip off.

        Here are the posts that I report to a forum in HK. and some of my capture. Thanks for your sharing of photos, those were nice.

        35mm F1.7

        25mm F1.4

        • debuys

          Too bad you aren’t making the money with “your information”. There are many products that have high demand in spite of poor value. China too will experience the horror of marketing as the middle class grows. Tobacco anyone?

          • rUY

            My original purpose is to let people have these cheap lens to avoid spending extra money for the lens the creating spinning effect. I don’t care money of the information that I know, and I don’t even care to share it for someone to make money, But to the point, make it more reasonably. To make middle class fat, would probably creating another economy issue like what it is now in American. A company that introduce these lens, relabel it to its own brand, twist the focal length a bit is not really value added to the lens at all, so, if it is another 3 times mark up for this, I feel sick for what they did and gave them a kick sometime when the promo blow out in the internet.

  • Even though I wouldn’t buy one I’m going to defend the Noktor real quick. The lens costs about $800 in yen when you buy it from the Japanese company Senko. So for about $200 SLR Magic exports it from Japan, removes the c-mount back and attach a custom manufactured m4/3 mount, paints a green ring on the front, puts it in a box and ships it to you. So the cost isn’t unjustified. And it’s a lens designed for 1″ machine vision (CCTV) which isn’t meant to be higher than a few megapixels in resolution. For what it’s made for it does the job, and if you don’t want that move along and be happy there are people out there trying to broaden what’s available for this camera system.

    • rUY

      So, go and get it, it is for you. not for me anyway. I go for Voigtlander.

    • Joe, Kudos to you for defending Noktor. I agree strongly with the last sentence of your paragraph!

  • Tiago

    Much better to get an FD to m43 adaptor and get the Canon 50mm f1.4.

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