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Need for speed? Look what a f/0.75 lens can do on your Panasonic GF2 (terrible!)


There are not many videos out there which have been shot with a f/0.75 aperture lens(!) and a Micro Four Thirds camera. The maker of the video is seelling that Kowa 44mm f/0.75 on eBay: “This is a very unique and beautiful lens that produces a soft blur due to its fast aperture.I tried it also with the HD video mode on my Panasonic GF2 and the result was stunning. This lens can be adapted to almost any camera as far as you buy the right adapter for it, I previously used it on my Canon 50D and on a Sony NEX 5. I can say that due to the sensor size and distance from the back of the lens, you will get better results with the NEX but any mirrorless camera (EVIL camera) is good to use with that ultra fast lens.”

Click here to see the Kowa 44mm f/0.75 auction on eBay. That lens is very cheap compared to the De Oude Delft 50mm f/.075 which usually sells for over $2000 on eBay. You can’t find anything faster than that (there was once a Zeiss f/0.7 but that’s impossible to find).

P.S.: Panasonic GF2 is in Stock at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay

  • Gino

    I can do even better by just hand holding a big loupe in front of camera :)

  • So basically, what this lens does is blur every image? Or did I miss something here?

  • just a little bit of grease on the front of your close-focus-lens and you get the same effect!

  • GreyOwl

    Spot the part of the image that is in approximate focus. No, I can’t find it. This lens gives a whole new meaning to the concept of ‘out of focus background’ and ‘limited depth of field’, plus it also defines the word ‘blur’quite well.

  • penthouse

    this effect totally sucks! the images are slaps in the face!!!!

  • MK

    hey guys if i put a sandwich on my gf1 i can eat a lunch and take a blurry photo if i use photo without lens option

  • Jm


    that was blurry. and loud.

  • Mr. Reeee

    Are we supposed to be impressed? I’m not.
    That looks awful?

  • twoomy

    Well for $100 US, you get what you pay for! Like others, I’m not impressed.

  • I’m not usually negative. But that sucks.

  • RW

    Everything in this video is shot at extremely close range – I suppose to “highlight” the shallow depth of field. This technique not exactly showing this lens to its best advantage though, because a soft focus background is meaningless without a sweet spot of sharpness somewhere is the frame. Try as I might, I don’t see a really sharp sweet spot (even briefly) anywhere in the video. Leaves me wondering what monkeygift was trying to demonstrate here.

  • Tunngavik

    I have to agree what everyone else is posting. I’ll save the $100 on a nice bottle of scotch, drink it (over time), and then film through the empty bottle to get the same effct.

  • Fish

    The video was made to raise interest in the lens so that he could sell it on ebay. “The result was stunning”? That is an A+++++++++++ job of marketing.

  • Gotta like the toe shots….

  • calxn

    LOL, the title of the video has the phrase “empty mind”. Anyone who thinks this is nice surely has an empty mind.

    • ZDP-189

      @John Krumm,

      Yeah, I think he was going for Tarantino-esque toe shots. I wasn’t aware it was possible to bite ones toenails as he appears to do. At least it’s free from “dust, fongus(sic) or scratches”. Check out his mouth shot on the Evil Bay page. That man has a sense of humour.

      I’m sorry to be focussing on the seller, rather than the lens, but it kind of speaks for itself. I wonder what it would look like on a Kenco body?

      • Monkeygift

        ZDP-189, sorry but you’re an imbecile.
        I made a video not to show some form of art or anything but to demonstrate HOW AN f/0.75 lens look with video. There are many pictures out there taken with various f/0.75 lenses but no videos, so this is just to show people who are curious about it.

        Now you go buy yourself some lenses and make videos or photos instead of making insipide comments.

        For the record, those lenses have been selling for over 200$ for the past 3-4 years so there is probably a demand for them, if you dont like it or it’s not your type of lens then just shut up and pass.

        • Monkeygift


          or you can perhaps show us your nice and sensitive pictures of squirrels like your avatar.

        • Nathan

          So, you’re as untalented as you are jerky. Wow. Look, not everyone is going to like your work if you put it up on the internet. If you’re going to be thin-skinned, you may as well unplug from it.

          If you respond to every negativity with a personal attack, we’re going to assume that you aren’t worth talking to.

          • Monkeygift

            You are right Nathan, but that’s not the point.
            I don’t care people saying my video is crap or the lens I sell (SOLD) is shit, as you can see many people said so and I didnt reply to each and every one of them cause I dont care. But when you have people attacking you directly that’s another thing. But maybe you’re right, that guy’s a troll anyway.

  • Cteve

    The problem is that he should have included some low light shots to fully use that f0.75 and in those scenes we dont know how low the light was.

  • Ghost

    You’re kidding us, right? This place is getting worse than Canon Rumors.

  • bookervrk

    come on, This lens need to be modified to sell.
    No diagrapm, just for special use.
    I don’t think it will be a good choice.

    Rather, I would recommend CV 25mm 0.95.

  • PJ

    So stupid. In this day and age, everything should be shot perfectly, in the sharpest focus possible, and all the effects done later, in post. There is absolutely no reason no need to mess up what could be perfectly good footage from which any visual effect can be done. Because if you don’t have a good base from which to work, you can’t do anything with something that’s already blurred or have no detail to speak of. I hate these blurred videos done in-camera. Total waste of time.

  • bookervrk

    De Oude Delft F0.75 lens is famous and gorgeous, but the usage is very limited for micro use.
    Some of my friends already has the lens, but they want to slower this lens a litlle bit (Down to f1.4-1.7)by taking out some element in the lens, just for the daily use.
    Until now, unfortunately, they don’t have a good result.
    So if you want the lens, then go ahead!
    But in my opinion,it’s still not the good choice.

    As to the price, you would know the fact by observing
    how these ebay sellers manpulate the price of old lens in recent years.

    • Elvis

      Nah, that De Oude Delft is exactly the same thing. Only if you modify the lens you can have more distance and use it as a portrait lens (like the link to the Japanese photographer) but again your pictures will get a sort of blur. Again, that is all subjective maybe some people really like that “type” of blur with their pictures or video, it’s all a question of taste. Personnaly I’ve seen many gorgeous pictures of flowers taken with that lens and even by trying to do some photoshop work on “focussed” pictures I simply can’t reproduce the same effect. But once again, it’s a question of taste and choice on what you want to achieve with such a specific lens.

  • frank

    You are all missing the point here. These blurry images can be made in the dark! No other lens can do that as well as this one :-)

    • Medved

      All missing the point but I’m not sure a 1.4 lens does worst in terms of sharpness even using ISO 6400 after nr…
      It’s more a toy lens at this aperture… ^^

  • I wonder how a f/0.75 lens would fare when combined with a P&S sensor. One should be able to get larger DoF.

  • veeery soft, that lens! I use an konica 40mm f1,8 – and this lens is sharp like a swiss army knife! ;-)

  • Chris K.

    Dang, a little slow on the draw there…5-day auction and you post this with less than 24h left? ;^(

    Oh well, ~$300US isn’t bad for a boutique lens. Any idea what mount it uses?

    • Cteve

      Haaaa! I sooo want that Konica lens. I should check to buy one on Ebay while it’s still cheap.

  • Frimann Kjerulf

    I think this lens has some really good artistic value, and don’t know what people here are complaining about. True that the image isn’t sharp, but you just have to look at this lens as a different tool in your shed.

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