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(UPDATED) Yasuhara announces the new Nanoha macro lens for m43 with 5x magnification.


The Japanese manufacturer Yasuhara announced a new macro lens for Micro Four Thirds. As you see from the image on top it looks more like a machine gun! On Nonoha’s website you can find a description written in English: “The magnification is much more than ordinary macro lens. The magnification is up to x5. It means 1 pixel on the picture is about 1 micrometer on the shooting target. With NANOHA, you can find small wonders easily without using microscopes. And we added some patented features for your good shooting.
UPDATE: Yasuhara made some really nice lenses in the past liek the MC 50mm/f2.8 (Click here to see that lens on eBay). The company went bankrupt or something around 2004 I think, and this is new starting project. (Thanks Mice for sharing that info). Yashuhara also said that the mass-production lens would be far better both in the shape and image quality.

It’s really amazing what that lens can do. Take a look at the image samples posted on (Click here). I don’t know when the lens will be available, but price should be around 450 Euro. But those are the specs:

Product name NANOHAx5(E)
Lens mount SONY E
Dimensions Diameter 61mm, Length 86mm(From the lens mount to the top of lighting unit)
Weight 320g(with lighting unit)
Product name NANOHAx5(M)
Lens mount Micro fourthirds
Dimensions Diameter 61mm, Length 84mm(From the lens mount to the top of lighting unit)
Weight 320g(with lighting unit)
Magnification x5 to x4
F number F11,F16,F22,F32
Electrical contact No(Set the camera body to “release without lens” mode.)
Lens construction 7 groups 10 elements

Hope to get soon more details about the lens! If you are in business for a cheap macro lens take a look at the macro reverse adapter you can find on eBay (Click here). The adapter allows any 52mm mft lens to become a marco lens.

  • “Help, alien probe landed on my camera!”

  • TR

    Ugly but interesting! The focal point is fixed at 11mm in front of the lens. I can’t really think what I would use this for. I wonder how much they want for it.

  • micro four thirds gets more interesting everyday :D would be mad to shoot video with it!

  • leendert

    Can I use this lens for insects?
    (like the canon 65mm mp-e macro)

    • Alfons

      oops, double!

    • Alfons

      If you manage to focus on a insect, why not. The DOF is _thin_.

  • Sergey

    This is the new GF3 body, right?

    • amne

      If you follow the link to DCwatch, you’ll see some more images – it’s a GF2.

      • MJ

        Oh i think he knows :)

  • Looks like a lens for scientific and industrial applications. As such it will be produced in tiny numbers and accordingly will be hugely expensive. Surely, you won’t be able to buy one on Amazon.

  • joe

    it should start from 1x to whatever X

  • Mice

    Actually the manufacturer is called Yasuhara – the product is called Nanoha (or code name).

    Yasuhara used to make awesome-looking rangefinders like the Leica Screw Mount T981 and the fixed lens t012.

    The company went bankrupt or something around 2004 I think, and this is new starting project. So far no cameras yet…

  • Sounds like a good sub-500 closeup lens! Haha, but seriously, this is a really cool use for the m43 cameras, Its cool to see scientific uses for the camera system

  • Bu

    Yes please!

  • Christian

    If it is not too expensive, this lens might actually be fun for extreme close-ups on very small insects. Of course using a tripod and other macro gadgets would be inevitable.

  • Bamboo

    nice, but pics are not so sharp when looked in fullsize, with a lot of color aberrations.. hope it’s because it’s a prototype lense, if the final product is better, I buy it !!!

    • cL

      Well…, if it’s 5x magnification, I guess you can afford to shrink the photo 5x as well and still qualify as true 1:1 macro. I don’t expect such lens can pass pixel peeping test when it’s sold for $500….

      One thing to keep in mind though, this lens’s aperture starts at f11… 4/3 sensor starts to hit refraction at f11 also. f11 is honestly the last acceptable aperture in my opinion for the format. f32 is going to be very useful for macro, but I really think it requires professional macro setup like ring flash and other controlled light source or the result won’t look too great.

  • The lights are built in by the look of it.
    I’m interested.

    M43 is becoming the “mobile app store” of photography

  • girl

    oh wow.

  • Mar

    Very nice and not expensive at all for such a specialized lens.

    • MJ

      It really amazes me what people don’t find expensive these days. Specialized or not it’s still a toy-ish lens. It doesn’t even focus anywhere outside of x5 to x4. A little too specialized if you ask me. That’s something you play with a few times and then it’s over. Unless you actually need it for serious applications.

      ps. Admin i think you should include this photograph ?
      Or this link maybe :)

      • Mar

        How much does Canon 65mm MP-E cost?

        Panasonic charges almost as much for 14mm and 20mm pancakes which are incredibly easy to make.

  • thomas ashley

    This is fantastic! Great to see an obscure 3rd party coming up with something novel that isnt a toy.

    The rumoured price is reasonable for a quality piece of kit.

    F11 is pretty slow, but I guess that’s why they have integrated the lighting.

    The sample shots look promising – I look forward to reading its reviews.

  • Sam

    LED lighting integrated into a macro lens is a great idea I like this a lot. It is good to see m4/3 have more specialist products available.

    • AdriZ

      “LED lighting integrated into a macro lens is a great idea”
      Yeah, but not the USB connection ! Where will we plug it ?

  • Certainly an interesting bit of kit. I love the built-in lighting and stage. Focus stacking will be interesting with this device, but its absolutely worth playing with.

    • cL

      Very interesting indeed. With its aperture range, without built-in lighting and stage, nothing good can come out of it, I am sure.

  • spanky

    Interesting concept, but unfortunately the lens looks way too soft in the sample gallery images. An enlarging lens on some bellows can do a MUCH better job at this, and I bet it’s 1/10 as expensive.

  • pdc

    I’ve had good luck in extreme magnifications with adapted bellows and enlarger or reversed lenses:
    Adapter $30 (to MFT)
    Used bellows (Canon or Pentax) $40
    Enlarger (to steal the lens from) $20
    Adapter (to bellows) $30
    So $120 and you can use the enlarger stand and rack for a macro table!

  • Irfan

    Product name NANOHAx5(E)
    Lens mount SONY E


    The specs says Sony E-mount

  • V4Vendetta

    Made by Walter Bishop?

  • Aaron Fown

    As a scientist whose work calls for the regular use of a dissecting scope, I’m thrilled by this thing! It would allow me to make observations in the field that would normally require packing up samples and bringing them into the lab, and in the lab (using the HDMI out from the GH2) I could make real time observations like a pro! The proper way by way of cost comparison is not some fragile complex macro rig, as above, but rather comparing it to a dissecting scope with a video out capable of fullHD. And as far as I know, there is currently only one.

    Needless to say, that set up is both frightfully expensive and way too heavy to carry into the field. If they can bump the sharpness at f11 up just a tad, then this thing is more than a winner, it will sell micro4/3rds into every biology lab in the land. It would be stupid to -not- buy such a product, it’s potential for classroom use alone is stunning.

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