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Olympus official statement about the missing E-5 in european Olympus stores.


Olympus were so kind to send us an official explanation about why for a short period there were no E-5 cameras listed in their European online stores. Here is the text:

We took E-5 off the shop as we had too many orders.
The shop is quite new and technically it is not so easy to stop the order taking.
We have so many orders now, that we’re not able to supply the new orders in a decent delivery time.
So we decided to take it off for some days/weeks.
E-5 is very successful and we plan a long life cycle for this product.
And again, we will stop our SLR business only in case we will be able to provide similar qualities in MFT.

The E-5 is now back at Olympus shop Germany:

  • As i see it there are 3 possibilities:

    1.Olympus are dumb
    2.Olympus thinks that we are dumb
    3.go to 1

    • peroni

      LOL, this made me laugh hard. Everybody around me thought I must be dumb

      • Unfortunately this is more sad then funny :)

  • Wt21

    Oh my. I really love my EP1, but it seems Olympus is run by a bunch of monkeys or something. I hope the EP3 is a great camera, and then I will but it, but it might be their last!

  • MK


  • > « We took E-5 off the shop as we had too many orders »

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Now beside jokes I really wish Olympus is working much harder at their e-p3 announcement. Seriously.

  • “E-5 is very successful and we plan a long life cycle for this product.
    And again, we will stop our SLR business only in case we will be able to provide similar qualities in MFT.”

    I’ll believe it when i see it.

    • Nathan

      Laugh if you wish, and perhaps volume of sales is fairly small compared to a run of Canons, but I want one and have been shopping around for a body-only kit. I’ve rented one already, and it’s a fine piece of equipment, even in comparison to the 60D which I also have rented.
      Sensor scores notwithstanding, it seems to do a good job, and while it does clip highlights a stop before the 60D does, it is very nice in macro and studio photography where dynamic range can be managed. Even outdoors, it’s a perfectly serviceable tool.

  • This is feasible. They knew nobody would want to buy an E-5 so they only made 4 cameras. Unfortunately, they have 5 orders.

  • MikeS

    “E-5 is very successful and we plan a long life cycle for this product.”

    i.e. “With its super bildqualität, the E-5 will last forever. So, we will never update this product.”

  • At least “Olympus” seems to read on 43rumors, so there is a chance that they read our wishes also :)

    So dear Olympus, here is a list of fatal mistakes you did with FT:
    1) You had the smallest DSLR on the market, but only one mediocre pancake. mFT with the Lumix 20mm is a big deal as a walkaround high quality compact. You could have had this success with a E-4xx plus fast pancake much earlier.
    2) You use a smaller sensor, so you have to offer fast lenses. A f2 50mm macro as single portrait option is simply not enough.
    3) You had the most weathersealed lenses of all manufacturers, but only one weathersealed body, which is big and expensive. So to use the great and small sealed lenses like the 14-54 and the 50mm you had to throw all FT-Size advantages away and use an E-3 / E-5

    So, you know what to do ;)

    • Miroslav

      “At least “Olympus” seems to read on 43rumors”

      That was my first thought as well, they’ve read comments from this site and issued a statement! Our voices have been heard :).

      “so there is a chance that they read our wishes also”

      As far as our wishes are concerned, we’ll see if they’ll fulfill our wishes at the end of June: fast wide, portrait prime, “pro” PEN and small PEN top all “most wanted Olympus m4/3 products” chart here.

    • Nathan

      I think you hit the nail squarely on the head.

  • Voldenuit

    So, Olympus stopped selling the E-5 because they were selling too many E-5s?

    No wonder they’re losing money.

    • Steve H

      Now that’s funny!

      I suppose it could have been a tsunami thing and there could be some truth to it? Maybe they are short of product due to that, and in typical Olympus knuckleheadedness decided to take it off the store until they had more product? Without considering the possible implications, of course, which is where the knuckleheadedness comes in.

    • +1
      Thats what i call brilliant strategy

  • The Dude

    The E5 is out selling beyond initial expections there are alot off e3 user wanting to upgrade , yes there are e3 users that have gone to other systems but the e5 is geniuniley outselling expections please trust me on this I know it to be true , yes it’s production run is not as high as other manufactures high end slr’s but it is a successful product

    • If it is truly successful product, it is one more reason to keep it in shop and set proper expected availability time. After all, if professional needs a new body, he would want to know its precise availability.

      I think some people in Oly simply want to kill the 43 altogether. Probably the very same people who killed the OM.

  • mahler

    One of the typical Olympus statements. We stop producing DSLRs, when we can reach the same quality (of what?) in m4/3.

    For the interested buyer that means:

    1.) Don’t buy Olympus DSLRs, because any time, eventually, Olympus can reach the same quality in m4/3, and then 4/3 is dead (wake up! it is already dead!)

    2.) Don’t buy Olympus m4/3, because the quality is worse than DSLR, and we don’t know and have not any plans, when to fix this.

    Good bye Oly!

    • leendert

      “Don’t buy Olympus m4/3, because the quality is worse than DSLR”

      This is bullshit, No m43 isn’t a step backwards in image quality!
      With a new sensor en Truepic V+ EP3 can beat the e5 in IQ!

      • mahler

        It might be bullshit in reality. I just told what someone can conclude from Olympus’ statement.

  • As an E5 owner (and I bought mine directly from Oly UK), I can testify that the E5 is a stunningly good camera that anyone who’s invested in Olympus glass should SERIOUSLY consider buying

    • I have seriously considered buying it. But it still prohibitively (two times) heavier than the E-620 or E-520.

      • leendert

        The E5 is a very nice camera, but I don’t want to spend 1699 euros for this!
        I hope the Ep3 costs less than 1000 euros, otherwise I buy the G3.

  • Mar

    E5 is Oly’s most successful DSLR to date in terms of profit/cost to develop make ratio.

    It’s also the most mature and with best IQ camera Olympus has made to date.
    Don’t dismiss it – E5 will be a reason for 43rds survival and not any potential e650 or whatever because they would never sell to masses, esp. without full hd and 15+ mp.

    People buying E5 know what they’re getting and why.

  • Alfons

    I’ll hang on with E-3. When E-5 will be cheap enough, there will be many other interesting cameras on the market too, and I will make a careful consideration between alternatives. Too bad 4/3 equipment will be worth nothing if I change the system.

  • Manu

    Olympus = Spanish politics

  • Sambob

    What a bizarre statement. Been an Oly fan fir a long time. Now I an worried.

  • mpgxsvcd

    In other words. We are working on an m4/3s equivalent so we can stop hemorrhaging money with the E-5. So please don’t place any orders for the E-5 as it will be replaced next month ….Errr… Sometime in the future.

  • mpgxsvcd

    Or in other other words.

    We only planned to make a handful of E-5’s to sell to our die hard fanboys. We have already sold those dozen or so cameras and we won’t be making any more of them.

    Please buy our m4/3s products. :)

  • stopkidding

    Great Job Admin (will we ever know your real name?)

    You have slowly turned into the premier community for all 4/3s users and Olympus takes notice of what you do. “with great power comes great responsibility”

    Keep up the good work!

  • George

    We took E-5 off the shop as we had too many orders.


    Is there a living organism on this planet that can be so stupid to believe this? Even Olympus itself believes this shit ???

    “We have so many orders now, that we’re not able to supply the new orders in a decent delivery time.
    So we decided to take it off for some days/weeks. ”

    How about putting an image as “out of stock” like the every single e-commerce site is doing ??

    E5 @ amazon ranking : Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #1,144 in Camera & Photo

    For like 20th time or so…. Sell all your Olympus gear before it is too late.

    I think even the most Oly fanboi saw that they are a company running by first class morons.

  • Daemonius

    Well, actually quite a lot of ppl switched E-3 for E-5. But this are only switched, never saw someone outside previous 4/3 users who bought E-5. And Im definetly not going to buy one (though all those sold E-3 is actually worth thinking).

  • Marck

    2.000€???? wasn’t it supposed to cost 1.700€? In the States it costs 1.699 USD which is…well…around 1.200€!!

    • Boooo!

      The official store is always more expensive. Olympus simply wants to ensure that nobody buys from them :)

      The price of the E-5 in Europe seems to be around 1500€ in most countries. I bought my (slightly used) E-3 for a third of that price, so I don’t see myself upgrading to the E-5 in the next three to four years…

      • Alfons

        Same here. Summer 2010, E-3, 3000 shots taken. 600e.

        At that time E-3 was still around 1200e in stores I think.

        If E-5 follows E-3’s price development, well, I just don’t want to know what other companies have come up with at that point.

  • Ross

    I think European Oly’s words were not well thought out before announcing, but essentially they are still saying that orders for the E5 were more than initially expected & production is slow at catching up (with micro 4/3’s taking up a lot of production time to get established). The continuation of DSLR’s will be until a suitable mirrorless body can take it’s place to work as effectively with the HQ 4/3’s lenses as DSLR’s do & all this “belly aching” about it being dead is pathetic.

    Remember what Akira Watanabe said “We will definitely further develop the 1 and 2 digit E system series (e.g. E-5 and E-30) since there are some functionalities that cannot be realized in PEN series. But concerning the 3 digit E system series, we are considering replacing it by the PEN series. We will continue to develop lenses for PEN series and at the same time we will continue to develop Four Third lenses. We think that PEN series lenses are still very limited so we might focus more on this in the near future.”

  • rk1

    the comments are filled with people who wants to buy an E-5 but can’t and started complaining about it. (if you go to some 43rd board like the one in DPReview, you could see people wanting to get their hands on one, some are waiting for weeks/months)

    • Fixed That For You:
      > the comments are filled with people who wants to buy a better 43 camera but can’t and started complaining about that.

      And yeah, we can’t – there are no alternatives to E-5 and it is a camera definitely not for everybody.

  • SLO

    I bought an E5, which was added to my m43 kit. It’s a great camera. Great color, clarity, detail, weather sealing, IS, etc. Zuiko lenses are superb! M43 and 43 make a fine “1.5 system” until mirrorless matures.

  • Patric

    This site and all whiners reminds me how it used to be on ATI fan sites. They were swarmed with nvidia fanboys who told everyone what a load of crap anything ATI was and the ATI will soon be a dead company and yada yada yada. If you don´t like Olympus, buy an other brand. If you want to tell everyone that Olympus is crap, do it on cannikon sites. There are actually lots of people that belive that a Nikon 3100 is way better than an Olympus E-5, just because it’s a Nikon. That’s because home made experts on sites like this make them belive that it’s true. You can almost buy four E-5 for the price of one D3X. Does your pictures suddenly get 4 times better with the D3X?

    • Rocky

      Right on!

  • hendrik

    it is impossible to make m4/3 as good as 4/3. why? lens is the factor. its impossible to create similar quality m4/3 lens to 4/3 equivalent (pro lens) like 14-35 f/2 or 35-100 f/2, because the size of the lens will be much bigger than the body and it will be problematic to handle the camera.

    pardon the poor english.

    • Inge-M

      Extremely agree, if a MFT lens have same quality so FT, need production have very better tolerance, because the short flang distance is probleme, a small inaccurate get big consequence for dissolution in lens.

      • Rick

        Hmm, the EP-2 is roughly the same size as an OM-2 and OM-2 worked quite well with big lenses like 350/2.8 IIRC.

        • Inge-M

          Yes if we talk by tripod, and on OM systeme use many winer and motor drive by haevy lens.

  • napalm

    Olympus EU doesnt know how to disable the Buy button and put “Out of Stock”? LOL…

  • Reza

    Admin, did they send this to you directly? Does it mean that now they recognize as an official news outlet?

    • Inge-M

      You talk a but Olympus Europe,….i will say the is only FT1 and FT2. :-)

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