MTF charts of the new Tokina 300mm for m43. Costs 370 Euro (over $400).


Tokina (Click here) published more info about the upcoming new 300mm f/6.3 lens. One of my japanese readers translated the text (Thanks!):

The good: Still looks good and under 300grams.
The bad: Still a month away.
The ugly: 40000YEN (370 Euro/$490)!!!! WTF. I have a 500mm T-Mount from Bower for 120usd.

Yep, it looks good and it performs good but if you don’t care about using big lenses and adapters you have plenty of other options: Bower mirror (Click here to see on eBay), Minolta mirror (here on eBay), Centon Mirror (here on eBay), Spiratone Mirror (here on eBay), Opteka Mirror (here on eBay)….

Below you can see the MTF chart of the Tokina

  • Juan Caliente


    • MJr

      €370 in Europe means $370 in US. Currency does not apply.

      Direct conversion from YEN really really never works for cameras or lenses. Look up the announcement prices of older cameras in YEN and see what they sold for in $ or € eventually. You’ll see.

  • Gabi

    Does this lens use AF? If not, there is no reason for me to buy this lens, since I own the Minolta Rokkor 250/5.6.

    • mister_roboto

      No, it’s MF only… which mean it’s crazy high for what it is. Sure it’s small, but damn- you can get a old MF mirror lens for 1/3 the cost, about as fast, and longer in focal length.

      So yeah: WTH?

  • Dummy00002

    There’s no AF sadly, which make the price even harder to understand.

  • Brod1er

    Get the Panny 100-300. AF, good quality for price, much more flexible range, faster aperture, stabilised, won’t suffer from nasty ring bokeh effects, same price. End of!
    I hike and value lightweight, but I would happily lug 200g more for these benefits.

    • Duarte Bruno

      What is the MTF base? MTF30? MTF50? How does it compare in sharpness to the 100-300mm Pana?

  • JF

    No AF ? are you sure ? what is the aim of the mirror if no AF, I though it was specially design for m43…In any case this focal lens is nearly useless to me…

    • Fan

      No AF. The mirror makes the lens shorter. Yes it is specially designed for m43 and it has electronics built in for EXIF data. That’s the info from the original press release.

  • JesperMP

    It is a quite “fat” lens so close to the mount.
    How much space is left for the fingers on the grip on the GH2 for example ?

    • Camaman

      Lol! the electronics are 20$. hahahaha!i hope they wont use that as an excuse.

  • An MF lens with 600mm equivalent focal lens an no tripod ring… :/
    Good luck!

    • Mr. Reeee

      It’s short and light @ 300g. It’s not a 1000g Nikon 300mm. The 7-14mm is 300g. Why would you need a tripod mount for something that size?

      Mirror lenses aren’t supposed to be very good optically, so at that price, I’d rather buy a Nikon 300mm f4.5. Ideally, Panasonic or Oly will release a 300mm or 400mm Prime telephoto… some day…

      • +1

        A 300mm m4/3 prime with excellent IQ is a lens that I am looking forward to.

  • Yun

    F6.3 is practical ? I doubt it .
    I expect F5.6 for such focal length . Again not the type of lens for me .

  • Mundstrøm


    SIX-POINT-3 ?!!?!

    Useful for long exposures, masses of sunlight, non-existant low noise/hi-ISO sensors – basically a very niche product if you ask me. At that price I think it’ll flop :-/

    Until the sensors improve to give better results at high ISO, I think most m4/3 users are looking for fast glass, and for a fixed range lens like this f6.3 is not good enough.

    • bilgy_no1

      I agree, for telelenses you need faster aperture. I’d love to see a dedicated m4/3 lens of 300mm f/4. There are lenses like that for Canon/Nikon DSLRs, but not in 4/3 or m4/3. With the 2x crop factor it would be a killer lens (provided it gives sharp results wide open).

      At least the sensors are improving. The E-M5 ISO3200 looks as good as the E-PL1 at ISO800. That helps a lot for freezing movement. But it doesn’t mean that f/5.6 or f/6.3 telelenses are all we need…

    • david

      C’mon. It’s small and light, gets to 300mm, and is just 1/3 of a stop slower than something like the bulky 100-300mm. With a body that has IS and a viewfinder (like the E-M5), you’ll probably do fine with the lens in many types of light (assuming you can manage without AF of course).

      • CobyD

        Without AF and without any stabilization! Meanwhile, Lumix 100-300 has both and is hardly ‘bulky’ – it’s a much better option.

        • david

          The Olympus bodies stabilize the lens of course, and the E-M5 even stabilizes the viewfinder image for framing too. I agree that the 100-300 is probably a better practical choice on Panasonic bodies. I own the lens and use it happily on my GH2, but in the context of a micro-4/3 system, it is indeed bulky.

  • cybervand

    does anyone know the t-stop for this lens admin?….because for me what matters is the amount of light hitting the sensor…not bokeh

  • Hubertus Bigend

    Nice one, at least if we will see street prices below 300 €.

    If the lens is sharp, as a new design of a renowned lens manufacturer like Tokina should be, the only real contender is the Minolta RF Rokkor 250mm f/5.6 – an optical design of the Seventies, specimens are thirty years old and more, and still fetching prices around 800 €…

    Right, f/5.6 would have been even nicer, and AF too – but AF in a catadioptric lens is very unusual, the only such lens that, to my knowledge, was ever built was/is the Minolta AF 500mm f/8, later to be labeled Sony. Price: around 900 €.

  • Balthier Bunansa

    although this lens will be in size more apropriate to m43 format i think the price is bit too much. i got my zuiko 500mm mirror for 270$ and i bet it will be better than this one

  • Thomas S

    Not for me, but if somebody needs long reach in a small form factor, why not?

    If one can live without AF, there are a lot of nice legacy telephoto lenses available. I’ve just bought a Canon FD 135/2 for EUR 200,00. Haven’t received it yet, can’t wait!

  • Duarte Bruno

    Beach lens!

  • Price will be lower if the lens is on sale. It will depend on the image quality if the price is ok or not. But what people expect? A good, compact new lens with 300mm for 100$?

  • Bob B.

    I am just going to have my morning coffee…the donuts are too expensive and are store brand.

  • BLI

    Video and E-M5 vs X-Pro1:

    * the Oly AF is much better
    * the 5-axis IBIS works wonders

    To be fair, few X-Pro1 buyers choose the Fuji for video capabilities. If (high ISO) image quality is the key property, the Fuji seem to win. But if many other properties are taken into consideration, then the E-M5 may be a better choise.

    Of course, the NEX-line and the Panas may well have better video capabilities. It would be interesting to see a comparison with these on AF, image stabilisation, high ISO properties, and video quality. Not that video is of key importance for me, but because it is interesting to know.

  • physica

    For this price , I will not buy a f6.3 reflex lens at this price…….

    Wounder Olympus or Panasonic will introduce a AF reflex lens or not. If yes ,.I will buy even the price is much expensive…… Better a small , compact with reasonable f-stop ,

  • TT

    So, it’s neither long, nor fast, nor cheap, doesn’t af…why do we need this lens again? Make it over 300mm, make it fast, make it a bargain, but don’t release a lens that doesn’t do anything better than the existing native af lenses or the myriads of mf legacy lenses.

  • adam

    mmm…onion bokeh…*drool*

  • JesperMP

    It is a niche product, but I dont see anything wrong with it. Price isnt extraordinary high for such a lens.
    It looks very compact for a 600mm “35mm equivalent” FOV.
    I see some sports photogs that use mirror lenses. They dont care about the funny circular bokeh.

    Btw. The 120 USD Bower lens is
    a. Much bigger. 88mm + adapter vs. 66mm.
    b. F8.0 vs. F6.3.

    • Gabriel

      my 500mm f6.3 samyang cost only 170euro (750mm FF equiv). compact and light. in daylight i shoot at 1/2000s at 400iso hand held with ibis or just use any support i found.

  • Vivek

    The contrast appears just IMPRESSIVE!

    Not all mirrors are made the same. I doubt any of the mirror lenses listed by the Admin would compare with this.

    • Duarte Bruno

      Samples? Where?

      • Vivek

        Look at the MTF.

  • MP Burke

    I can’t imagine Panasonic camera owners being interested in this lens. Unless they can implement O.I.S in a mirror lens I don’t see the point buying a new one. Though this lens is much smaller than my old 500mm f8 mirror, the magnification will still make it difficult to hand hold at speeds sub 1/1000 sec. If you need a tripod, it negates the benefit of the small size.
    I think a 300mm f4 or f4.5, with O.I.S and an aperture that can be stopped down (if you are using a tripod) would be worth paying a lot of extra money for.

    • JesperMP

      The f6.3 in stead of f8 is 2/3 stops difference.
      On the f8 lens you need to go to 1/650 for the same ISO you would do at 1/1000 on the f6.3 lens.

      And you can get OIS if you chose an OLY body for the lens.

      A non-mirror 300mm f4 will be 2-3 times as expensive, and a lot bigger too.

  • The Master

    I don’t get it. Why would anyone buy a 300 mm lens that started at 6.3, which, by the way, is already into diffraction territory, for M4/3.

    I just have to scratch my head and wonder what Japanese people are thinking these days. It’s like little kids making stuff with no parental supervision. It reminds me of the strap lugs on the OMD that no one thought was going to be a problem, which turns out to big a huge problem, unless you never plan to hold the camera in your hand for more than a second at a time.

    These people need to think things through a little bit, and have someone with at least a little common sense, making final decisions. But more importantly, consumers need to be smart enough not to buy something, just because it says Olympus or M4/3 on it. Sometimes, I feel like I live on a planet of retards, so hell bent on getting the next new contraption, that they don’t even care if it works right or not, or even if it makes sense.

  • Hmmm the MTF figures look good for a mirror lens, it’s relatively expensive for what it is but the alternative suggestions by the Admin would not offer the same IQ apart from the Minolta 250mm which is from the 70’s and still sells for at least twice what this lens costs, maybe that puts things into perspective a little….

    I think a lot of people commenting have never used a mirror lens and don’t realise just how popular they are in Asia right now, people WANT that donut bokeh and they will pay huge prices even for old 60’s and 70’s mirror lenses on ebay and for some reason the circa 300mm versions seem to be the most popular, the excellent Tamron 500mm miror sells for less than half of the 350mm version.

    Tokina definitely have their finger on the pulse and want a piece of the action!

  • MirrorOnTheWall

    I think I will buy this lens when it reaches a reasonable price, which would be around 70% of the announced price. Great for stealth :D The announced price shouldn’t be a surprise, because I posted it in a comment under this article three weeks ago:

  • Remember, it has “electric terminals” compatible with m4/3 standard. What those terminals do?, this mirror lens has a target distance (focus) length encoder, it reports the manual focal length via the m4/3 protocol to the body.
    The focus length (300mm) information and the MF target distance (focal length) info helps realtime “anti-shake” optimization on “Olympus” bodies. You don’t have to set IS focus length manually for the lens. It automatically is read from the lens CPU and set in the body via m4/3 protocol.

    Adding to that, if you set “MF-assist” on, when you move the focus ring, the finder enlarges the target area (theoretically for all m4/3 bodies, Olympus “AND” Panasonic).

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