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More Noktor 12mm f/1.6 tests…


Seb Farges shot the video on top with the new Noktor 12mm f/1.6 macro and cinematic lens: “This is, to my opinion, an incredible lens, fast and wide, and there is no visible distortion. The focus and aperture rings are very smooth. It is all made in metal. XXX There is in my test a small vignetting in the outside shots due to the use of a 62mm L.C.W variable ND filter (with a 58mm/62mm step up ring). To avoid the vignetting you’ll need a 67mm or a 72mm filter with the right step up ring, because remeber this is a wide lens!

Bert Stephanie (Click here) also shared his first impressions about the lens: “I’ll leave the pixel peeping to others but at first glance, I think the optical quality, sharpness and distortions seems to fit my needs.

The new Noktor is not available for preorder yet. It will start shipment in late November. The other Noktor lens, the 50mm f/0.95 is in Stock on eBay (Click here) and on the Noktor website. As you know the Noktor project is now owned by SLRmagic.

Other SLRmagic lenses for Micro Four Thirds:
SLR Magic 12-36×50 ED Straight Spotting Scope lens (w/ hand grip) is now available on eBay (Click here).
SLR magic 11mm f/1.4 lens you can preorder on eBay (Click here).
Toy Lens 26mm f/1.4 lens on eBay (Click here).
SLR Magic 35mm f/1.7 MC lens on eBay (Click here).

  • Bob B.

    OK…this Noktor 12mm may be better than I initially thought..but I would still like to see some photos that show the corner on a flat surface with the lens wide (or close to wide) open. Bert looks like a serious, able still shooter and his results here are quite beautiful. Ya know…SLR Magic is an unusual company. They are selling “toy” lenses that you put colored plastic rings on (11mm f/1.4) in MFT mount, then they re-market a less that technically sound cine lens that got a lot of mixed reviews to say the least..(Noktor 50mm f/0.95) and now they market what appears to be a very serious, technically sound, MF prime lens and attach the “iffy” (just my opinion) name of Noktor to it.
    I just don’t know what to make of all of that. LOL!
    ….but it DOES give MFT shooters more choices and ways to be creative.

    • GreyOwl

      It will be called SLR Magic in Europe and the USA and Noktor elsewhere.

  • Mr. Reeee

    That looks very good, especially when the camera isn’t moving around too much. Nice colors, some slight vignetting. $500 doesn’t seem a bad price.

    I’d like to see stills shot at 4:3.
    Now how about a comparison to the Olympus 12mm f2!

  • The Other Chris


  • rUY

    It shows dark corner @ top right hand corner when it is at F2.0. looks like image circle on still image cannot be avoided.

  • The vignetting is due to the use of the ND filter, you should need a 68 or 72mm to avoid it. I’ll test later.
    There is no vignetting at all with no filter.
    Here’s the link of Night test I’ve done too :)

    Thanks for watching :)

    • john

      haha Sebfarges great video! funny double post! So is this another toy lens?

  • john

    The shooter noted he used an ND filter which is not the suitable size. In the video he wrote with or without ND to show the comparisons. Image circle is the ND filter.

    “There is in my test a small vignetting in the outside shots due to the use of a 62mm L.C.W variable ND filter (with a 58mm/62mm step up ring). To avoid the vignetting you’ll need a 67mm or a 72mm filter with the right step up ring, because remeber this is a wide lens!”

    this is a new night test

  • Mike

    Berts photos with the Noktor look pretty amazing and clean. Love the photo of the dog. The last one was pretty dramatic too

  • I know what I’m buying myself for Christmas! This lens is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! I want it now though . . . and I hope they keep the green ring. I know lots of people hate it, but I wish it was going to be an option when it goes on sale. It adds a little something unique. Ah well.

  • Like all Noktor lenses, it can be had for 1/4 the price and right now, if you know anything about eBay and have a c-mount adapter.

    The markup is for a custom machined c-mount adapter and marketing. Functionally, there is no difference.

    • Taran you’re wrong.
      C-mount 12mm with no vignetting does not exist, except at very high price. So this lens is not a “common C-mount” !

      • Believe what you want to believe. Exact dimensions and optical formula just happen to be the same as what exists already. Doesn’t take an engineer to figure this stuff out.

        Do you really think Noktor is a big enough company to design a lens? ROFL

        They sell a handful of lenses to people who like to pay too much for things. They repackage the mount and you all fall for it.

        • Bob B.

          Taran, I sense that you are correct…that would also explain the hodge-podge of lenses coming from SLR Magic, but I have no knowledge of these lens mounts, etc.
          They are adapting what is available, sometimes poorly, sometimes competently.

        • Ben

          Have you bought one to try? Let us know

        • I don’t know Taran… I use to have a lot of C-mount lenses for my GH and doing tests and researches since month… The only lens I know is the Computar 12.5 f/1.3 that has 20% of vignetting, there is an article on it here :

          So I don’t know any 12mm C-mount with full coverage except the Stilar 8.5mm f/2.8 that is build for 1.2″ sensor, and it costs 1900 Euro !

      • rUY

        it looks exactly a C-mount Navitar 25mm 0.95 with a 0.5 converter. I doubt if it could be used on NEX at all. and I agree with Taran on his statement.

        For C-mount at 25mm, it is highly likely will work OK on M43 with some vignetting. But I will rather use 14/2.5 with a 0.7x or 0.8x adapter. which is way cheaper and with autofocus…

        The 2% distortion, I will love to see if they have official report to support this. LoL

        • Ben

          Got any samples to show your setup before you start To SPAM the site?

          • Here is the answer of Andrew Chan, Product Manager of SLR Magic:
            “It is not possible to keep light loss to such a minimal from teleconversion. It would result to soft corners as well. We made a survey on dpreview forum asking what the most wanted lens for
            micro four thirds was. Everyone voted and this was what they have requested for
            us to design. This is an all new lens design and not converted from anything as
            you said. 58mm filter thread was chosen so that there is no lens shading from
            internal flash of the G3 and GH2. The front is large for optical distortion
            correction and large aperture. It is a very common design for MF wide angle
            prime lens.”

            • Bob B.

              OK…that all being said. Why would take the time to make a built-from-scratch 12mm prime lens and then market it under the same name (Noktor) as a converted, less-than-great.. Cine lens (Noktor 50mm, f/0.95)?
              Doesn’t make much sense…does it?
              Thanks for the heads-up Sebfarges.. The new lens looks like a winner.


              with a .5 adapter “glued” to the front.

              Ask Mr. Chan for his specs and see if they are any different.

              It’s a Kowa 25 1.6, retail $123.

              Next time you call someone “wrong”, you should think twice.

              • Ben

                seems like you found a solution to save us all some $

                how about buy the kowa and glue a 0.5 adapter to the front and share some photos on 43rumors to show your setup?

              • image circle: 2/3″ = FAIL. Next time if you think you are smart ass, think twice.

                • 2/3″ = @17mm, or, the longest side of the m43 sensor. Are you having trouble with the math?

                  • Ben

                    longest is 21.6 for micro four thirds not 17. the longest side for 2/3″ is 11mm

                    even if it was as short as 17 as you said 11 is not going to cover 17 so Michal Szwejkowski is not having trouble with any math

                    • Please look at the lens diagram I posted, you will see it throws a 17mm image circle. 21.6 is the diagonal, yes, and that’s why the lens vignettes… are you now claiming this lens doesn’t vignette? If so, please post a RAW.

          • rUY

            Taran help me on this, I did not spam the site, but telling the truth. Kowa is the same factory making the lens as Navitar.

            • I don’t think rUY was spamming, his analysis was very close to my own conclusion.

            • Ben

              And you can show us your navitar 0.95 plus adapter setup too

      • dudeness

        Notwithstanding the bs you’re serving us because of your little arrangement with SLR magic, this is still not a 12mm lens. It’s a longer focal CCTV lens with a WA adapter on the front.

        • Steve

          +1 but maybe only.

          if it has a longer focal length such as 50mm and with a 0.25 fisheye adapter it would explain the no vignetting. however, distortion should be pretty bad but from the video footage I cannot tell.

          the maybe part…

          if it is really 12mm then it is definitely not a c-mount lens as it is not possible as sebfarges said. I have a computar 12.5mm f/1.3 lens and i has 20% vignette and does not focus to infinity.

          i would not blame the admin for anything though. could any of the people who has a copy show us this lens is really a 12mm? even better, show us it is really a T1.6 lens like a f1.4? I still think this lens is a gem though. If it is not a 12mm lens I am sure someone would have voiced out by now. And if it is not a f/1.4 lens it would not have think DOF looking like a 24 1.4L on a 5D II

          • rUY

            Dudeness, We spoil a team…… for their business……

        • Ben

          just curious, so what do you suggest? maybe you can join the rUY and taran team and show us how we can have this Noktor lens for 1/4 the price

  • Steve

    sebfarges you’re wrong too
    c-mount at very high price for micro four thirds does not exist either. It is too large to fit the micro four thirds lens mount and will not focus further than 3 feet. It is good there was return policy or I luck out.

  • matt

    I think many of you add vignetting in postprocess, so i don´t understand why so many talking about so small vignetting which is seen only due smaller nd filter. Wake up people , the footage looks amazing , the macro ability will let you have verry shallow depth of field.. for me..this is very very nice lens.. the price should be maybe little lower 200-350€ but i thing it´s worth the money…And thank you Seb, you done nice work as allways, and so your little star (I will be sad if she won´t be an actress haha)

    • Thanks matt, at least a little of kindness ;)

      • Hey Seb

        Great video and thanks so much. The footage looks fantastic. A question. What’s the feeling of the focus ring like? On Steve Huffs preview he said he found it a little stiff. Have you ever used the Voigtlander Nokton 0.95? If so, how does it compare to that? I really love the feeling of the Nokton focus ring.

  • blastingmills

    does this lens have a step less aperture ring? it looks smooth and fluid, on the stevehuff video. this would be nice, if you need to change exposure while shooting video.

    • The aperture ring is smooth with no click. I’m changing aperture between 02:10 and O2:14 (from the “garden” to my friend, from f/5.6 to f/1.6.

    • Thanks Speve-O :) The focus ring is a little smoother than the Voigtlander 25mm 0.95.

  • Bob

    I just used a 58mm to 77mm step up ring for my 77mm variable ND filter and it has no vignetting on this lens.

  • macNcheez

    someone should prove this theory of it being a rebranded cctv lens by buying one of those kowa or navitar 25mm lenses and sticking a WA adapter on the front, im very interested to see what that would look like. regardless of what this lens is or isnt, the results look amazing and well worth $500.

    • Ben


      taran and rUY should try

      • Sure, when you give me some of the money SLR magic paid you.

        • Ben

          ruy,taran, no one paid me but just that 2/3″ and 1″ wide angle lenses with a WA converter will not get rid of the vignetting unless your camera is a kenko c-mount prototype. I assume the three of you do not use micro 43rds

          • I have posted a lens diagram. All you have to do is produce the SLR magic diagram and I will be eating crow. I’m sure you would love to do that, so I will wait patiently.

            Also, your assumption would be wrong… I am a working photographer who owns 3 m43 olympus bodies…

            my flickr:

            cheers, t

            • Ben

              WOW…those are some blurry photos. Put a WA converter on it and you really got the “cheap” version of the 12mm. Cant really comment on anything if you feel the photos of the Noktor can be achieved with the combination you suggested.

              • “Can’t really comment on anything”…

                that’s a good starting point, since you have been wrong about everything so far.

                Still waiting for your lens diagram…

                • Ben

                  why am i suppose to have any lens diagram? we all are still waiting for your results with your 25 1.4 and some WA adapter that can produce better results

                  • “This lens seems to be made ground up at the low asking price”- Ben

                    Please reread what you have already wrote. You know nothing of lens design, and have no diagrams, and are here to fluff these SLR magic posts.

                    It saddens me to have to correct a person so ill equipped to make such a statement. You simply don’t have any facts to back up anything you say.

    • Bob B.

      I think maybe the no-click-stop aperture ring give away the fact that it is (was) not intended for still photography.

  • rUY

    Why don’t you guys show us the optic design graph? This should be available for a decent optic company.

  • Bob

    Guys relax. No one is forcing anyone to buy this lens. I personally think it’s worth the money… but it’s not for everyone. It’s more practical than the 7-14 which is double the cost. But I use both for different reasons.

  • NineFace

    cool places

  • At the moment I believe SLR Magic’s statement about it being an original design. I was among the first to have doubts about that and I thought it was a 8mm 1.4 C-mount with teleconversion.

    This lens is probably manufactured at the same OEM factory that builds lenses for Kowa, Navitar, Fujinon, etc…

    Although it would be good for marketing, I seriously doubt that Philip Bloom had anything to do with the lens design. Those guys at the aformentioned OEM factory have a tad more knowledge about lens designs than our hero mr. Philip.

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