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More details about the new Olympus 10,000 fps (!) Four Thirds sensor.


(Click to enlarge the image) posted new details about that crazy new Olympus 10,000 fps(!) sensor. The hell of a good news first: It’s a real Four Thirds size sensor! It has 16 megapixel and it’s 3D stacked CMOS design makes it able to get rid of the usual rolling shutter distortion on fast-moving objects. At 16MP it shoots 5fps but at 2MP resolution it shoots 10,000 fps!

Here is the official Sensor design and specs:

Reminder: Months ago VLSsymposium (PDF file here) unveiled the first info about the new 16MP 3D stacked Olympus sensor:

A 3D stacked CMOS Image Sensor with Global-shutter mode and high speed capturing mode:
The paper by Toru Kondo et al. from Olympus Corp. will describe a 16Mpixel 3D stacked CMOS image sensor with pixel level interconnections using 4 million micro bumps.

The two semiconductor substrates are bonded by a 7.6um pitch micro-bump array, and the storage node array is comprised on the bottom substrate to improve parasitic light sensitivity (PLS). Both a 16Mpixel global-shutter mode with a -180dB PLS and 2Mpixel 10000fps high speed image capturing are achieved. (Paper C4-5, “A 3D stacked CMOS image sensor with 16Mpixel global-shutter mode and 2Mpixel 10000fps mode using 4 million interconnections,” Toru Kondo et al., Olympus Corp.)

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