Mitakon lens Turbo Ai to MFT adapter to be announced next week!


Metabones Speed Boosters are having quite a success. But for the first time we will also have a second company offering a similar, cheaper (and likely inferior optical quality) product. The first and long-awaited Lens Turbo for Micro Four Thirds will be announced next week! It will be a Nikon Ai to MFT adapter. Unlike previous info we got that adapter will still have the first generation lens design as the NEX Lens Turbo (here on eBay). But it will have improved coating to reduce the “blue spot” issue.
A Lens Turbo for Canon EOS EF and Canon FD lenses will come as next in early 2014.

Example of how it works: If you buy the Nikon Ai 55mm f/1.2 for $250 on eBay (Click here), stick it on the Lens Turbo and you get a f/0.85 aperture and f/1.2 alike depth of field.

P.S.: All Nikon Ai lens auctions on eBay (Click here).

  • I’m surprised they did not release a Canon mount version first. Everybody else releases Canon first, Nikon second and everybody else whenever. Not that I am complaining, I also have a Nikon, just not any old Nikon glass.

    • jim

      Yep Totaly stupid even bothering to make loads of diffrent versions…

      Just make an EF one – this mount can pritty much be converted to whatever you need with cheap adaptor rings.. seems odd to go for anything else – same for all adapted lenses, get an FD adaptor, then get adaptors for that to the mount you want way less crap to carry when taking 2 or more different lens types with you!

      • jim

        sorry i ment FD mount being the most versitile!

  • MJr

    I believe these things are limited to f/1.0 so f0.85 wouldn’t be possible.

  • BLI

    The complaint is not that m43 doesn’t have enough DOF, but the contrary: that you can get a narrower DOF using larger sensors.

    Anyway, this is an exaggerated problem. For portraits, one need to stop down the mZuiko 45/1.8 to 2.5-2.8 anyway to get more than the eyes in focus (e.g nose tip, ears). And the various 0.95 lenses get very narrow DOF even on m43.

    • Bob B.


    • Tron

      On head shots perhaps, but full height portraits usually require more.

      • “need” is a theoretical leap I am not willing to take. Full body portraits allows for greater opening, which is not to say the faster speed translates de facto into better portraits.

  • m4/3 Speed Booster for Canon EF/EF-S lenses with electronic contacts is suspiciously late. That’s the one worth waiting for.

  • Bryan

    M42 version please! take my money!

    • Waiting for M42 version as well, but i believe its possible to get the EF version and add M42 adapter on top

      • FD will work as well m42/fd adapters are available.

    • Froggy

      Same here.

    • Harri Hansen

      M42 +1 = M43 (one for me too)

      • Bob B.

        Read the above and you may reconsider your outlook on adapters without optics as well. Roger at Lens Rentals is VERY experienced and thurough with his assessments on equipment. I find his take on thingss to be very scientific and relevant.

        • Uberzone

          While I think all of the points he made are absolutely valid, in real world use I don’t think this is a major problem. I use many Canon FD lenses and they are all very sharp across the whole frame.

  • Tobias Giesen

    Don’t buy these things. Only adapters without optics are any good. Just step back a little to get the same field of view, rather than ruining your quality.

    • Those already having a collection of legacy lenses can judge on their own..

    • Sebastian

      All generalizations are wrong.

    • It is a real booster for lenses that are not any good to begin with. I was actually told by a dealer in a respected shop that these things magically increase the light. While no one seems to like TCs, these boosters for some strange reason became a hype.

      • Toerag

        To Sk0gr – they ‘increase the light’ by taking the amount of light focussed on a bigger image circle (APS-C or FF) and focussing it on the smaller m43 sensor.

  • Ginny

    will Nikon 50 1.8D and G fit this adapter too?

  • alonzo

    Is it gonna work with pocket camera ?

    • Yup, this will be magic with the BMPCC. And because of its smaller than normal sensor for m4/3 the BMPCC can even have all APS-C lens work with a speedbooster on the BMPCC!

  • LL

    Guys, has anyone else heard that they’re not making a Nikon G to m4/3? At least that’s what they messaged me on FB.

  • Sooo……. is well into “next week” now, where is it?? :-/

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