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Metz flash Mecablitz 64 AF-1 for MFT coming in September.


Namencolor listed a new Mecablitz 64 AF-1 for Nikon and they also unveiled that there will be a MFT version in September. Here are the google translated specs:

Guide number 64 for ISO 100
Motorized zoom lens 24-200 mm
Integrated wide-angle diffuser 12 mm
Large backlit touch display with automatic spin
Reflector folding vertically -9 / +90 º horizontal and 300 º
Reflector with additional ranks of the power light
Card integrated reflector
connector sync
All of them specific modes TTL them cameras
Automatic flash mode with 12 diaphragms
Manual flash mode with 25 partial ranks power light
Mode flash strobe
Wireless TTL remote mode master and slave
Cuatro memories of individual program
USB connector for software upgrade
Power with four AA batteries Power pack
Includes case and slave pie


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