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Looks like L-mount alliance isn’t going as well as expected…


It’s now two years that Panasonic expanded their camera business by joining the L-mount alliance. Many questioned if this would be the end of their MFT commitment, or if their L-mount adventure would fail.

And for the first time we got a real answer about the L-mount alliance is working out. The french magazine Phototrend interviewed Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki and he said:

In terms of market share, Sigma is not satisfied by the L-Mount Alliance. But according to Kazuto Yamaki it is still too early to draw conclusions. There needs to be 3 to 4 years after the launch to assess the results L-rumors

I hope he whole L-mount alliance will make some more progress the coming years. If their project fails I am sure this would have severe consequences on Panasonic MFT commitment too.

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