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Leaked: GH5II press text and 50mm f/1.8 specs


Panasonic LUMIX S 50mm F1.8 lens specs:

  • 9 elements in 8 groups (including 3 aspherical lenses, 1 ED lens, and 1 UHR lens)
  • minimum shooting distance of 0.45m
  • maximum shooting magnification of 0.14x
  • diameter is 67mm
  • size is φ73.6×82.0m
  • weight is 300g

Panasonic GH5II press release:


The latest Venus engine and 20.3M Live MOS sensor updated from the conventional GH5

Equipped with “C4K / 4K 60p 10bit recording” and “real-time recognition AF” that uses the latest AF algorithm with the latest generation Venus engine. The AF performance is improved from the conventional model (GH5) in combination with the Micro Four Thirds sensor, which has excellent high-speed performance. In addition, the Live MOS sensor, which has approximately 20.33 million effective pixels, achieves realistic resolution due to its low-pass filterless design. In addition, AR (Anti Reflection) coating is applied to the surface of the sensor to suppress reflection when shooting against the sun and suppress flare.

Unlimited video recording time with excellent heat dissipation system

Panasonic’s unique heat dissipation system and power saving of the engine make it possible to shoot movies without time limit. Not only long-time video recording such as events and documentary shooting, but also distribution using the newly installed wireless live distribution function suppresses overheating and can be distributed without time limit.

Real-time recognition AF with improved tracking accuracy due to enhanced recognition function

Equipped with real-time recognition AF that newly applies deep learning, which is an advanced technology in the AI field. In addition to general “face / pupil recognition”, it supports “head recognition” that catches the head of a person facing backwards and “human body recognition” that catches the entire distant and small subject. The camera automatically determines the shooting intention according to the angle of view, and keeps focusing while suppressing the background omission. Due to the evolution of deep learning and the speeding up of recognition processing, the followability and speed of face / pupil recognition and human body recognition have been greatly improved. It also demonstrates high focus performance on animals due to animal recognition.

BIS / Dual IS 2 6.5 steps for excellent camera shake correction performance

The sensor-shifted 5-axis in-body camera shake correction (BIS) achieves a 6.5-step correction effect that is stronger than the 5-step correction of the conventional GH5. In addition, by using the LUMIX G series lens equipped with in-lens image stabilization (OIS), the shutter speed reaches the telephoto range due to the “Dual IS 2” that cooperates with BIS and 2-axis in- lens image stabilization. It is possible to keep a high camera shake correction effect of up to 6.5 steps. This camera is equipped with the latest camera shake correction algorithm for movies newly adopted in the full-size mirrorless single-lens camera “DC-S1H”, and performs natural and natural camera shake correction when shooting video.

The latest photo style that reflects the painting of “life force and beauty”

This machine inherits LUMIX’s painting concept of “life force and beauty of life” and faithfully expresses the delicate gradation of the sky and clouds, and the depth of the ocean that extends to the horizon. I will firmly draw even the things that capture the “sensitivity” such as breath, air, and history. In addition, it is equipped with 10 colors and 4 monochrome modes that allow unified color settings from still images to movies. Equipped with the latest photo styles such as L. Classic Neo, L. Monochrome S, Cine- like D2, Cine-like V2, and Flat, it expands the range of video look.

Cinema4K 60p 10bit video recording / high resolution anamorphic and other full video recording modes

In addition to 4K 30p and Cinema4K 24p 4: 2: 2 10bit recording, new support for Cinema4K 60p 10bit recording and Cinema4K 30p 4: 2: 2 10bit recording is supported. 10bit recording, which has about 64 times the amount of information compared to conventional 4K 60p 8bit recording, provides gradation and subtle nuances of gradation, increasing the degree of freedom in editing and grading. In addition, Cinema4K 30p 4: 2: 2 10bit recording is compatible with ALL-Intra, and high bit rate recording of up to 400Mbps is possible. It also supports 4: 3 aspect anamorphic lenses. In addition to 4K anamorphic video, it also supports high-resolution anamorphic mode (4992 x 3744), which has the same number of pixels as 6K video, and can be used according to the site of video production.

V-Log L that supports grading and post production in Log shooting

It supports 10-bit Log shooting in the camera and enables highly flexible color grading when editing video. When shooting V-Log L, you can check the look at the finish with the “V-Log L View Assist Function” that displays the image after applying the LUT on an external monitor. In addition, the LUMIX G series compatible with V-Log L, the Panasonic cinema camera VariCam compatible with V-Log, and the full-size mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera LUMIX S series can be combined with videos for consistent picture creation. You can do.

VFR (Variable Frame Rate) for slow and quick motion shooting

Equipped with a variable frame rate that can be played back in slow motion or quick motion in the recording mode of Cinema4K, 4K, anamorphic 4K, and FHD recording. By setting the recorded frame rate higher than the standard (over-crank shooting), the slow image will be displayed during playback, and the movement of the subject can be more clearly imaged. Also, by lowering the recording frame rate below the standard (under-crank shooting), a quick effect can be obtained during playback, enabling sharp image expression.

Full shooting assist function

Newly inherited various shooting assist functions from the full-size mirrorless single-lens camera “DC-S1H”. ・ A red frame is displayed on the shooting screen to indicate that the video is being recorded.
・ Frame display that allows you to imagine the completed form during shooting
・ Abundant assist functions that are convenient for movie shooting

Zebra pattern / Synchro scan / Histogram display / Color bar display / WFM / Vector scope display / Spot brightness meter / Brightness level setting / Time code

Equipped with a double SD card slot that is convenient for long-time shooting and backup

Equipped with two card slots according to the shooting application. You can set “relay recording” to switch from the first to the second SD memory card when the capacity is full, “backup recording” to record at the same time with two SD memory cards, etc. You can select the most suitable recording method for movie recording. The SD memory card supports UHS-II Video Speed Class 90.

Linear / non-linear setting of focus ring for LUMIX G series lenses

If a compatible lens of the LUMIX G series is attached, the “non-linear method” that moves the focus with a variable amount of movement with respect to the rotation speed of the focus ring operation, or the “linear method” that moves the focus with a fixed amount of movement with respect to the amount of rotation. Can be switched to. In addition, in the linear method, any rotation angle can be selected to support focus feed according to the photographer’s intention. Linear / non-linear settings require a firmware update for the corresponding lens.

Easy, high-quality wireless live distribution in cooperation with 5G compatible terminals, etc.

It realizes high-quality live distribution with high image quality, bokeh, and high-sensitivity shooting in dark places, which is difficult with smartphones and the like because it is a mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera with a large sensor. In addition, it is possible to deliver for a long time with an excellent heat dissipation design that realizes unlimited shooting time, a large capacity battery, and USB power supply / charging (USB Power Delivery compatible).

Easy wireless live distribution anywhere

With the wireless live distribution function installed for the first time as LUMIX, you can easily enjoy live distribution anywhere. In the past, live distribution required a dedicated personal computer and additional equipment, but by connecting this unit to a smart device by tethering, live distribution can be started with minimal equipment. You can easily take this unit out and perform live distribution with a high degree of freedom in various indoor and outdoor scenes.

LUMIX Sync, a dedicated app that enables smooth wireless live distribution with simple settings and operations

By wirelessly connecting this unit to a smart device, you can operate and set live distribution from Panasonic’s smart device dedicated application “LUMIX Sync (free)”. You can easily start livestreaming by logging in to your YouTube (TM) or Facebook account, and since it supports IP streaming via RTMP / RTMPS, you can connect directly to the livestreaming service. On LUMIX Sync, you can also enter the stream URL, stream key, title, etc. for live distribution and set the distribution image quality, so you can easily start wireless live distribution. In addition, by specifying the connection destination of the camera on the application such as a Wi-Fi router, it is possible to perform distribution without using the communication data of the smart device.

Software that supports live distribution LUMIX Network Setting Software

By installing LUMIX Network Setting Software on your computer, you can export the stream key of the distribution service and each distribution setting from your computer to the SD memory card. By loading the distribution settings from the SD memory card into this unit in advance, it is possible to perform wireless live distribution smoothly without using a smart device.

Blue frame display during live distribution

You can display a blue frame on the monitor screen to check the live distribution status.

Supports large-capacity battery / USB PD (power supply / charging) / high-quality sound recording that is useful for outdoor shooting and live distribution

It supports the large-capacity battery pack (DMW-BLK22), which is indispensable for long-time shooting, and USB power supply / charging that can supply power from the outside. In addition, the camera body complies with the USB Power Delivery standard, which supplies a large amount of power, and it is possible to continue shooting while suppressing battery consumption, so it is powerful for long-time outdoor shooting where the battery level is a concern. Support to. In addition to audio input via the microphone terminal, it also supports XLR microphones by using the separately sold XLR microphone adapter (DMW-XLR1), so you can enjoy higher-grade delivery with high sound quality.

Wired IP streaming function (planned to support firmware update in 2021)

Wired IP streaming function (RTP / RTSP) will be supported. By connecting this unit and a personal computer with a wired LAN cable, high-quality video and audio can be delivered more stably.

USB tethering with smart devices (planned to support firmware update in 2021)

More stable live distribution is possible by connecting this unit to a 4G / 5G compatible smart device with a USB cable.

Various PC software

Compatible with LUMIX Tether and LUMIX Webcam Software (Beta). It is possible to connect to a computer via USB for remote operation and web conferencing.

-“High-brightness free-angle monitor” that supports self-shooting with greatly improved brightness and color
reproducibility- “Live viewfinder” that can ensure visibility in outdoor shooting
-“Live view composite” that records as a beautiful light trail (scheduled to support firmware update in 2021) -Full pixel “about 12 frames / second continuous shooting” that captures a moment
・ “Camera shake correction boost” that allows you to maintain a stable composition during movie shooting ・ “Anamorphic desk
ease display” that allows you to check the image stretched to the cinemascope size ・ “Dustproof / splashproof specifications” that
supports outdoor and field shooting
・ ‐10 °C “low temperature resistant design” that can be used even in cold
regions ・ Providing a convenient SDK API for business use

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