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Kodak to launch an “Instamatic 15 Ultra” with Micro Four Thirds mount in 2015. And a 24-260mm f/2.4-5.3 lens!


Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-30 um 07.43.24

As you know Kodak already has a Micro Four Thirds camera named Kodak S-1 which you can find on sale on eBay (Click here) and Amazon US (Click here).
Well there is another one coming. Kodak will launch a new Instamtaic camera with Micro Four Thirds mount. There is yet no picture of that camera (what you see on top is an image of the fixed lens version). But here are the specs from

Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-30 um 07.47.16

As you see the camera comes with a PixPro 24-260mm f/2.4-5.3 lens. Nice fast at the wide end and quite useful long 10x zoom range. If the optical quality is decent it may be an interesting option for all us current Olympus/Panasonic camera owners!

Thanks Andrea for sharing!

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