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Kipon EOS to m43 adapter with built-in aperture ring review (

Share reviewed the Kipon EOS-m4/3 adapter. Up until now, if you wanted to use a Canon EOS lens on a Micro Four Thirds camera, you had to set – and stick with – a single aperture as current adapter rings lack the electronic communication required to change it. The Kipon EOS-m4/3 adapter super-cedes this problem by featuring a built in aperture ring you adjust manually. The adapter costs $195.00 and is available on eBay only (Click here)

  • Ben

    Isn’t this old news? I think I’ve even seen this on here before. I’ve also seen it for $125 on ebay.

    • tom

      I just purchased one of these. I put it on my Tokina 300 f2.8 with EOS mount. It has just snowed so I focused on an area of consistant brightness in my yard. In M mode I then used the internal meeter on an Olympus OM-D. I took shots at each “apature” setting. It did not change the exposure values on the internal meeter. The Shutter Speed did not change and the EV meter stayed the same, CENTERED. At large apature numbers significant light fall off at the edges was seen.

      From my point of view this is a useless thing.

  • admin

    I posted a news about an EOS-m43 adapter from BIRGER. That one has a similar but more advanced adapter!

  • admin

    I need some sleep. To many news in these days!

  • Rinaldo

    You’re our hero!

    • admin

      Yes, Bizzarrini vs 43rumors 1-0!

  • mochapaulo

    I think the review just does not say enough information for the performance. As I have tried this adapter with a 100mm f/2.8 macro that the DOF has not much to change until I shrink the aperture to no.6. But at the same time, vignetting effect happened. It might be related to the image circle and the vignetting effect is case by case. I suggest if you insist to use the EOS lenses on m4/3, you may fixed the desire aperture by using the aperture preview mode and then detached the lens when the camera is still turned on. It does not harm the lens or camera from my experience.

  • Based on my limited understanding of lens design, I would imagine that using the aperture blades shown in the adapter, rather than the ones built-in to the lens, you would surely affect the optical performance/formula.

    • Ulli

      think so too, its the wrong place for aperture…better instead, just use it as an adjustable baffle for all kinds of legacy lenses.

    • Thought it would cause vigneting because the light already passed all the lenses and the light coming out is forming the image circle. Besides, the review does say 1~4 is identical because the image sensor in m4/3 is smaller so closing the aperture doesn’t give any visible effect.

      But the sample photo seems to show that it does work in affecting DoF at least, and exposure. For exposure, CMIIW, each visible number is 1/3 stop ?

  • CarVac

    If I remember correctly, moving the diaphragm not only can cause vignetting, but it can cause terrific amounts of distortion. The question is whether the distortion would be relevant on the smaller sensor. Either way, a distortion-free lens will get more pincushion distortion, but a lens with barrel distortion will have that counteracted. explains that pretty well.

  • I think this adapter can be used creatively, but not professionally. It’s a good attempt to lure Canon owners to M43, but for those who don’t have EOS lenses, maybe it’s best to avoid EOS. I have the standard cheapo EOS adapter, but sold my sole EOS lens because I hated shooting wide open all the time. I keep the EOS adapter just in case I collaborate with Canon shooters. At least I can mount their lenses.

    There will be many M43 options as third-party makers jump in. There’s no need for EOS.

  • Thyl

    What we really need are adapters that electronically interface between lens and camera, and can control aperture (and focus) of the lens directly.

  • witono

    I was inspired by the concept but I find it too expensive, so I made one.

    Kipon didn’t say that it will cause serious vignetting on certain lens. Check out my video on the DIY and sample pictures.

  • Chip

    I purchased this adapter to use with my Canon lenses and my Panasonic AF100 video camera. All I get is a black screen when I use the two together on this camera. Very disappointed. Suggestions?

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