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Japanese stores report: Those were the best selling camera in February…and the OM-1II is selling well


Camerasize comparison between two of the most hot selling cameras

■Yodobashi Camera
1 Nikon “Z f 40mm f/2 (SE) Lens Kit”
2 Nikon “Z 8”
3 Sony “α7R V (ILCE-7RM5)”
4 Sony “α7C II (ILCE-7CM2)”
5 Sony “α7” IV (ILCE-7M4)”

■Bic Camera
1 Nikon “Z fc 16-50 VR Lens Kit”
2 Canon “EOS R50 RF-S18-45 IS STM Lens Kit”
3 Nikon “Z 50 Double Zoom Kit”
4 Canon “EOS R10・RF-S18-150 IS STM Lens Kit”
5 Olympus “PEN E-P7 EZ Double Zoom Kit”

■Camera Kitamura
1 Fujifilm “X-T5”
2 Nikon “Z f”
3 OM SYSTEM “OM-1 Mark II ”
4 Sony “VLOGCAM ZV-E10 Power Zoom Lens Kit (ZV-E10L)”
5 Nikon “Z 30 Double Zoom Kit”

■Map Camera
1 Nikon “Z f”
2 OM SYSTEM “OM-1 Mark II”
3 Sony “α7C” II (ILCE-7CM2)”
4 Fujifilm “X-T5”
5 Nikon “Z 8”

■Fujiya Camera
1 OM SYSTEM “OM-1 Mark II”
2 Nikon “Z f 40mm f/2 (SE) Lens Kit”
3 Nikon “Z f”
4 Nikon “Z 8”
5 OM SYSTEM “OM-1 Mark II 12-40mm F2.8 PRO II Kit”

Of the 25 cameras listed 11 are from Nikon, 5 from Sony, 5 from OM Digtial, 2 from Canon, 2 from Fujifilm.

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