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Japanese 2015 sales report: Olympus makes an impressive +12% in market share!



There are some really unexpected news coming from the Bcnranking 2015 Japanese markets share report:

  1. Olympus gained 12% of market share in the mirrorless segment!
  2. Panasonic lost the third place to Canon

I want to remind you that in Japan the mirrorless market is as big as the “classic” DSLR segment. This makes the Olympus +12% jump even more impressive! The big looser is Sony that didn’t release any major sub $1,000 camera in 2015. It’s really a good news for Olympus who has been often written as “dead” in the past. Now let’s hope the PEN-F and E-M1II (Photokina) will help to keep the momentum.

On the other side Panasonic gave up the third place to Canon. And this is also a surprise if you take int account that Canon EOS-M system is quite a joke in terms of lens offerings. So I wonder what “went wrong” at Panasonic. They certainly had some nice cameras released in 2015. So maybe there is a marketing issue and not a problem in the product range?

found via Mirrorlessrumors.


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