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It is true, Lens Turbo coming for MFT the second half of the year.


[shoplink 38940 ebay][/shoplink]

So it’s real! Mitakon is now selling their first Lens Turbo Adapter with 0.72x Focal Reduce. It works exactly like the Speed Booster adapter from metabones but it costs a lot less. Plenty of [shoplink 38940 ebay]Lens Turbo auctions for NEX can be found here on eBay[/shoplink]. The official press release can be read at Mitakon’s website.

I asked Mitakon if and when they will make adapters for the MFT system. They told me they will release them the second half of this year! I still have no info about the supported lens mounts. But it’s great to have different options and a cheaper alternative.

P.S.: To automatically get notified when new Lens Turbo will be for sale on eBay just save this search in your Slidoo account.

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