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It’s all quiet on this front…


10 days ago I subscribed to the Olympus MicroFourThirds letter. I havn’t received any info and in general it seems we are the only website bringing out news. Pentax and Sony rumors are on fire, and we have still to wait. No image leaks or  anything else. I believe we don’t have long to wait before we will see REAL signs that the camera is coming! So I will enjoy the silence now, make some small talk with friends and my wife, and enjoy the sun because in a few weeks time I will have to work night and day to keep you updated with all the rumors! :(
By the way, if you have questions or tips contact me at

Some personal updates,
I am trying to get an Olympus RC on Ebay, one slipped through because my Internet connection failed to work 8 seconds before the auction ended! Da.. it!
I am travelling to Australia in late July/August. And I’m still thinking if it is worth getting the Panasonic GH1. The trip would be a good chance to experiment with the GH1, but the price is still too high for me. Perhaps some of my 19! 43rumors visitors from The Emirates want to sponsor me? No? ok! ok!
So back to work now!

Have a nice day!

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