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(UPDATED) Interview with Blackmagic manager.


The German site (Thanks guys!) interviewed Mr. Stuart Ashton from Blackmagic Team. Watch from minute 1.30 for the Pocket camera news. He says the “Black Dots” issue has been fixed with the new firmware update. And the “Blooming” issue affects only a small stock of cameras. This will be fixed by Blackmagic with a recalibration (you have to send them the camera).

The Pocket Cinema Camera shipments are slow and according to BHphoto (Click here) you will have to wait 2-4 months(!) if you order the camera now.

UPDATE: Blackmagic contacted us to say that “the rumor about a 4K camera with an active MFT mount is inaccurate“. It’s a 2,5K camera with active mount.

P.S.: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema preorders in USA at Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and in Germany at Technikdirekt, in France at pbs-video. In Sweden at macoteket, scandinavianphoto, protel.jetshop, webhallen.

  • Just another reason the m43rds mount is one of the most exciting in the imaging industry.

    • Damn Oly


      Yep, once you got into M43 world , there’s more wide posibilities , to explore both Stiil & Video world with unlimited lens you can mount as long as you have the adapter to connect it .

      Some of them never understand , because they get into Hardcore believe of FF format, without knowing that FFsensor video its more dificult to focus at widest aperture rather than smaller format

  • GS1

    please license the IBIS from Olympus for the next generation of Pocket Cameras

  • Mack

    This is again saying to Panasonic


    There is no future for the GH3 trying to be a serious video cam.

    • Nelson

      I dunno if 4K and 120fps for next GH (if EOSHD is right) sound like wrong move for Panasonic.

      • Werner

        eoshd never said anything about a GH4/5 with 4k or 120fps…

    • Anonymous

      The worst craftmen blame their tools. You can tell a wonderful story with a simple $199 camera. Check the movie Festen. A gh3 is a pro tool in the hands of a pro.

  • feeble wallet

    please actually make some, and deliver them to your customers , lack of product, they will have developed another new model before you receive the previous version you preordered.

  • rico

    What ever happened to working out the kinks before you take orders or trumpet a great new product that is a year or more away?

    My advice to everyone is NEVER PREORDER any Camera or device that has not hit the streets. Then again if you want to believe the hype and pluck down your cash I guess that’s up to you.

    What did PT Barnum say about “a fool is born every minute”?

    Electronics companies are banking on that.

  • LOL, look at these three comments above :) The speed this industry is changing, the quality and accessibility of products and all they can do is find fault. Hilarious and a bit disturbing.

    • C. C.

      This is typical of these loudmouth whiners, The fact is they are cheapskates and never buy any of these cameras that they seem to be so knowledgeable about. And don’t you just love to be lectured to and told that you should never preorder a camera?

      • rico

        I’m building a new bridge to no-where it’s going to be 170 megapixels and pocketable. If you call send me $1000 US I’ll send it to you as soon as I build it.


  • AustrianGeek

    I just hope, that after the 4k BMCC is (REALLY) out & available they concentrate more on the firmwares / software features of their lineup (including the “old” 2,5k BMCC). ^^

  • ThomasH

    I really hope the 4K MFT is a new Pocket Camera based on the Aptina
    1″ sensor with 4K Raw Video and 14MP stills ( or a similar sensor)

    With improved AF/ Tracking / Image Stabilization and Dual Sensor technology this could be a killer Pocket Camera
    and the Camera I hoped the E-M1 would be,

    I’ve been looking for a combined stills/video camera like this for years, Blackmagic may the only company able to deliver it without affecting their other product lines.

    Please anybody from Blackmagic make it happen. Soon…..

    • horatio

      BMD cams are not still cams, if you want stills+vid then gh3 is your camera.

    • Ditto what Horatio said. BlackMagic cams are dedicated videocams.

  • Mel

    He is saying that the dynamic range on the 4k camera is 11 f-stops but their website says 12. If it is actually 11, they better correct that on the web page. I think I’m just going to wait for the 2.5k camera with the active MFT mount, like the one on the Pocket camera. I was hoping for an IBC release. I like BMD but their IBC announcements this year were kind of lame compare to previous years.

  • alonzo

    active MFT ? What does it mean ?

    • rico

      Active Micro 4/3rd means you can use Olympus, Panasonic even Sigma M 4/rds lenses on it and the auto focus and aperture controls should work through the camera not automatically. It’s a good thing if you own a lot of these lenses.

      Now let them get the cameras to market and work the bugs out before they do.

      By the time the cams get here somebody else will introduce something more interesting that we can pre-order and wait 3 years for…ha!

      By then we’ll be working in the Macro 8/9ths format

    • Mel

      Active MFT = Micro Four Thirds mount with pins to control modern lens functions such as aperture and auto focus. This is part of the Pocket Cinema Camera design, but the 2.5k Cinema Camera for Micro Four Thirds has currently a passive mount.

  • We (slashcam) NEVER said, that Richard Lim talked about a 4K MFT from BM. Probably your german is as bad as our englisch, so google translate may have fooled you.

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