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How to Attach Your MFT Olympus Camera to a Telescope


TheNarrowBand made this cool video and writes:

Attaching your MFT camera to a telescope could not be easier today. There are a plethora of adapters and some of them do some very unique things. A few interesting ones permit you to adjust tilt of the camera and some even reduce the f-ratio of your scope so you can collect light even faster.

There are two different standards for M42. One has a 0.75mm thread pitch. The other is 1mm thread pitch. You will only find the 1mm thread pitch in European markets. While the M42x0.75mm dominates the American Canadian, Chines and Japanese markets. Both seam to have the same back focus or lens flange distance of 45.46mm.

Here is a link for the adapter that I used.…

And the thread adapter can be found here. Just select the 10mm option.…

I would recommend purchasing the adapter for M42 first. See what it is as far as thread pitch then order your 42-48 adapter should your scope need it.

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