Hot!!! Panasonic announces two new MFT lenses: 42,5mm f/1.7 and 30mm f/2.8 macro!


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UPDATE: The new lens preorders are online:
Panasonic LUMIX G 42.5mm f/1.7 ASPH. POWER O.I.S. Lens at BHphoto (Click here) and Adorama (Click here).
Panasonic LUMIX G MACRO 30mm f/2.8 ASPH. MEGA O.I.S. Lens at BHphoto (Click here) and Adorama (Click here).

A bit strange but Panasonic just announced two new MFT lenses right after the end of the CP+ show!

The image on tops shows you the Panasonic Lumix G 42,5mm f/1.7 Mega OIS lens. And below you can see the picture of the Panasonic Lumix G 30mm f/2.8 Mega OIS macro.

The macro lens has a 1:1 magnification and 10,5cm close focusing distance. Price is 399 Euro.
The 42,5mm f/1.7 has a 31cm close focusing distance and also costs 399 Euro. It comes in Black and Silver.

Both will ship from May!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-02-23 um 14.34.54

Full press text and more images:

Panasonic has announced two new Micro Four Thirds lenses – the Lumix G 30mm Macro and 42.5mm portrait lens. 

Elegantly designed with a sharp, metallic black finish, the new 30mm macro lens perfectly matches the style of the latest LUMIX G interchangeable lens cameras. With a 30mm (35mm camera equivalent: 60 mm) wide angle and a high speed f/2.8 aperture, the lens provides sharp, high contrast image rendering. Utilising 1x life-size magnification, deep depth of field, and a focusing distance starting at just 0.105 m, the lens offers excellent performance even when shooting true-to-life macro shots.

A durable and reliable metal mount means the lens is perfectly suited for day-to-day use, while the multi-coated lens elements minimise ghosting and flaring to further enhance shooting performance. With a 240 fps Drive Auto Focus (AF) and MEGA O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer), you can achieve fast, accurate focusing and stable framing with every shot.  

The 30mm macro will be available in black from May 2015. 

The new 42.5mm lens is available in sharp metallic black and silver, and delivers beautiful defocus to help you add more artistry and creativity into your photography. Offering a 42.5mm middle-telephoto focal distance (35mm camera equivalent: 85mm equivalent to 85mm on a 35mm camera), a high speed f/1.7 aperture, and a versatile focusing distance of 0.31 m, the lens can deliver portraits with a rich stereoscopic effect as well as close-ups with beautiful defocus.

The lens’ POWER O.I.S. system effectively compensates unwanted blur caused by handshake – not only small, fast movements but also large, slow ones – helping you get the results you want, even in low light situations. The POWER O.I.S system, alongside the 240fps Drive AF, delivers stable framing and precise focusing every time.

The 42.5mm portrait lens is available in black and silver from May 2015. 

press text via ePhotozine.

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プリント lens_HS043



  • g_disqus

    No price 8-/

  • 42.5mm image clearly say it has power ois

    • jefrs

      Power.OIS has a bit more low frequency compensation then Mega.OIS i.e. slightly better coping with jolts such as shooting from car along bumpy road. Not much in it in practice; both good.

  • denneboom

    lol the 42.5 looks almost like the oly 45mm

    • Hawkeye

      I suppose they wanted to get in on some of that market. The 45mm Olympus is a very popular lens.

      • tripper

        And since it’s got optical IS, it’s gonna be a better match for Panasonic users. I’m assuming image quality is at least as good as Oly 45. And I really hope they didn’t give up on correcting distortion like with 15mm. I personally find that unacceptable in a prime lens.

    • RobertTarabella

      It looks more than a little like it. Same filter thread, similar exterior design. Looks like it has the same front trim ring (remove to mount lens hood). Maybe they partnered with Olympus on it.

      • Sqweezy

        Well, it certainly has its share of differences. Mainly, a different focal length, different aperture and the inclusion of OIS are major differences from the Olympus lens.

  • R Leung

    So a poor person’s 42.5mm Nocticron F1.2! I’m guess the price will be ~400 – 500 dollars.

  • Altaic

    Leica 42.5 redundantilux

  • jefrs

    As far as I’m concerned they missed a decimal point out, 425mm would have been better, it’s the long lenses we are missing out on. Where are the wildlife lenses of 450 to 600mm.
    Please don’t make me buy a DSLR just for the available long wildlife lenses.

    • Trinavi

      By the end of the year you will be able to buy the Olympus 300mm f/4. With 1.4x TC it’s gonna be 420mm f/5.6. Maybe they will go crazy and come out with 150-400mm zoom at some point, who knows. A 2x TC might also do the trick for many, a 80-300mm f/5.6 sound pretty good to me.

      • Steve Novosel

        That 300/4 should have been a much higher priority, IMO.

  • Mark

    30mm macro is not optimum. They Oly 60mm macro is perfect for my needs.

    • Trinavi

      Not optimum for you maybe, but classic macro FOV’s are 60mm, 90mm and 120mm. Now we have all of those available in native m4/3, so no reason to nag about it.

      • Turbofrog

        I wouldn’t complain about a 90mm / classic 180mm equivalent, though…

        • Trinavi

          Hear hear! :)

    • sammykhalifa

      Might be a good “one lens solution” for going out on walks though.

    • speltrong

      Because of the focal length, a 30mm macro gives you more DoF which is difficult to achieve in m4/3 land with the longer lenses because of diffraction ~f/11. Sucks for bugging, sure, but it’ll be great for studio work with still subjects.

      • Hubertus Bigend

        In macro photography, DoF is determined by scale of reproduction and F-stop rather than focal length. It’s true, though, that shorter focal lengths provide a less compressed perspective and includes more of the surroundings of a scene, which is an option one might like to have in macro photography.

        • speltrong

          Interesting – I had thought there would be some help in the DoF department, but you’re right. Still nice to have another option :)

      • HF

        One important aspect is working distance (or in some sense minimum focus distance). The longer the focal length, the larger the minimum focus distance (and usually working distance).

  • DouglasGrillo

    Thanks for the 42.5mm now we need a new wide lens like a 12mm f2 or f2.8.

    • Trinavi

      We already have that from Olympus. Or do you actually mean cheap when you say new? ;)

      • DouglasGrillo

        NEW “cheaper” ;)

    • speltrong

      an 8, 9 or 10mm would be a lot better, but I would buy a tiny non-OIS 12mm pancake that matches my GM1 (similar in size to the 14mm).

  • ArKersaint

    Looks like they will cancel the old macro 45/2.8 lens…
    Looks also like they will not invest much on IBIS…
    No good news for still photographers IMHO

    • speltrong

      I don’t think they will cancel the 45/2.8 unless they come out with a mark II for it. The 42.5 is a portrait lens which will be the cheaper (and lighter) alternative to the Nocticron 42.5, and the 30mm macro is probably cheaper and a different focal length for different uses. Neither of them replace the 45 (which I have and love). Granted, it’s not as exciting as a 5mm f/2 or a 500mm f/2, but I can see how they fit into the lineup.

  • Thomas

    I’m getting the 42.5! Yeeeey

  • FM

    I’m not sure whether to cry or laugh. Altaic put it well: “Redundantilux”. Could be the entire systems’ motto:
    In 6.5 years, the m4/3 system has 7 different 14-42 kitzooms, 4 different 42.5~45 primes (Pana-Leica 45 f2.8 macro, Oly 45 f1.8, Pana 42.5 f1.2 and now this), 5 different 14-140~150 superzooms (2 from Pana and Oly each, 1 from Tamron); on the other hand, there’s still no UWA prime (say 9 f2.8) or medium-telephoto prime (e.g. 120~150 f2.8 or a cheaper alternative at f4). In the meantime, I see people jumping ship left and right for Fuji, the lens selection being a prime reason. So much wasted potential in this system…

    • speltrong

      Don’t forget the Voigtlander 42.5

    • Steve Novosel

      Jumping left and right for Fuji? I love Fuji, I think that’s a great system, but they are 6th in mirrorless market share in Japan. Olympus 2nd, Panny 3rd.

  • gubr

    Panasonic should just go with IBIS and tap where Oly has gaps in it’s lens line-up, instead of producing zuiko doublegangers with a higher price and O.I.S. Another shortish macro, really?

    • sammykhalifa

      Is it a macro, or a Normal with the option of shooting really close?

      • guber

        It’s too slow and big to be a competetive normal (compared to the 12-35 f2.8 and zuiko 12-40 f2.8)

    • junkyardwillie

      My guess is that similar to Oly lagging with video, Panasonic just does not have the know how to match Oly’s IBIS in their cameras.

  • Name

    So, a 42.5 1.7 (45 Oly copycat, almost a re-badging) aimed at G/GM line users only. Strange strategy.

    • Turbofrog

      A rebadging with totally different optics, OIS, a different focal length, and half the close focus distance? Impressive badges from Panasonic to have such advantages!

  • Yun

    Where is my Leica certified optics ?
    I even doubt If the 42.5 F1.7 lens can achieve what the great 45mm F1.8 have achieved .
    Otherwise it’s another pointless lens .
    Maybe is another lens designed for GM such as the 30mm F2.8 , without Leica sealed .
    Forget it if it can’t equal to the standard of the 45mm F1.8 .

    • Bill Lumbergh

      It probably will “equal the standards” of the Olympus 45mm. By the renderings it looks to be the exact same lens but with OIS. If you want Leica certified there is the 42.5mm 1.2 which has been out for a year.

      Looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays :(

      • Yun

        Believe it or not , this 42.5 F1.7 can’t compete with the great 45mm F1.8 in sharpness simply because this lens is design with GM in mind .
        Moreover is Lumix X Vario lens , no way !
        Let’s wait & see if my guess is right .

    • Guy McLoughlin

      If you want Leica you buy the 42.5mm f/1.2 lens, otherwise this is the affordable OIS lens for Panasonic shooters. ( Panasonic is never going to support IBIS in a big way, so OIS is essential for handheld work )

      • Yun

        Of course I’m aware of the Nocticron but it just too far from compact .
        I only use it for models shooting & is the 45mm F1.8 that spent more time on my GX7 .

  • junkyardwillie

    More options of the same lens type just push down the resale value so I’m not all that mad with these releases but I’d much rather see them pushing into good f1 lenses with autofocus. I would think that would inspire more new sales rather than just releasing lenses where there are already very similar options available. New/better sensors and faster lenses are needed to fire up sales for m43s.

  • yatbond


    While I love your lens and own the 15mm, 25mm, 42.5mm, 12-35mm, and 35-100mm zoom and I love choices, why almost duplicate what Oly has on the 45mm f1.8? Why? The Oly is known to be superb and cheap.

    I think some ultra wide or the tele side (compact 100mm+ to complete the x series lens) would be more welcomed. In fact, an updated version of the 25mm f1.4 with better focus, aperture ring, and reduced size would be better than the 42.5mm.

    I guess I don’t know the price and iq yet and may have spoken prematurely. Let’s see.

    • junkyardwillie

      It will likely be more expensive since these lenses have Mega OIS

      • Jules

        announced at 399 euro. Pretty much in the same ball park.

        • Name

          Here in Belgium, the 45 Oly sells at 260 €…

          • Jules

            Can’t say that about us in Canada. Upon release, the Olympus was about 400 € if I recall..

    • Jules

      30cm minimum focusing distance, versus 50cm for the olympus, thats a significant difference.

      (edit)we will also have to look at the build quality. I often read that the Olympus leaves somewhat to be desired.

      • Narretz

        The Olympus is plastic, but apart from that, there’s no problem with it.

      • The plastic barrel of 45mm f1.8 feels really cheap. I prefer the construction of 25mm f1.4 panaleica, it has a better plastic. I prefer the metal build construction, to that cheap plastic: I have never considered the Oly 25mm also because of that.

    • Guy McLoughlin

      No OIS with the Olympus lenses, which is why I would choose this lens over the 45mm f/1.8 for my GH4.

  • AP

    If this 42.5 is optically better or at the same level with the Olympus 45mm it will move GH4 into the territory of beein a better photography choise. This is what they are likely aiming at. Then again I would rather see some serious telephoto lenses. Like a 200mm f2 prime or at least 250mm 2.8 prime for pana nature / sports needs (naturally pana telephone needs to have IS and wheater sealing.

  • tom1989

    42.5mm f/1.7 is for those who wants Panasonic name but cannot afford f/1.2 price.

    • Yun

      Wrong .
      This lens is for GM series .
      I bet it is not even in the same league as the great 45mm F1.8 .

      • tripper

        And what are you basing your assumption on?

  • sneye

    The 42.5/1.7 must be Panasonic’s revenge for Oly’s 40-150/2.8, which doomed its 150/2.8 project.

    • Name

      What a revenge ! I hardly see an Oly user buy this 42.5 (no IBIS needed, 45 is cheaper), people who own a GH4 have bucks enough to buy the Nocticron or the Voigt… But yes, it fills a gap for G/GM line users.
      30 2.8 will also have to compete against the very good (and cheap) Sigma Art 30 2.8, then again, the only advantages are OIS and macro abilities…
      Definitely, those 2 are G/GM line lenses. Let’s just hope for Panasonic they’re cheap enouch to produce, so they are still profitable on this little part of the market…

      • hmm

        Actually the GH4 is ~1299 in europe .. And I would rather buy it for 999 euros. I dont have the bucks for the Nocticron. The sigma 60mm is much higher perfromance than the 30mm

  • Sounds like Leica branded glass sells too slow. No kidding. It’s tough to sell people a lens that’s short of the price that would set one back for getting their flagship camera. So the 42.5mm f/1.2 becomes a 42.5mm f/1.7. I agree, there’s some stunning resemblence with the 45mm f/1.8 from Olympus, although given, the Panasonic has to offer OIS surely.

    For macro options… there’s the awesome dedicated macro lens from Olympus, the 60mm f/2.8, but of course lacks stabilization (Olympus bodies have that built-in, so why bother). The dedicated macro lens from Panasonic would be the 45mm f/2.8, sporting OIS, that has ‘Leica’ slapped on it. Not quite as pricey as the 42.5mm f/1.2 Leica badged lens, but still.

    So it seems they need to sell more glass and figured: less Leica, better prices. Well, the more choices the better, I always say. And OIS has its benefits, so if the 42.5mm is anything like the Olympus 45mm, that’s not bad news for Pana shooters. And a dedicated macro lens that’s kind of regular priced, it kinda seems to fills a gap there.

    • well

      the 60mm is not awesome. It’s ok but nothing stellar if one compares for the FF lenses.

      • mrsinclair

        Yes it is. Its tack sharp, and works great as a macro AND a portrait lens, and also as a short tele. And I have used both nikon and canon ff macro lenses… and they are great to. But hey, we all have different opinions, right?

        • well

          I have not used it or analyzed the bokeh performance of the 60mm Oly macro. But it seems to have some chromatic aberrations where the FF models have allmost none. Sharpness is good but not stellar. Price is

          • denneboom

            Full frame macro lenses without CA? pls name a few of them, i know the,the Nikon 105 vr and even the Zeiss 100MP have visible CA.

            i tried them both on my gx7, the zeiss 100MP has lovely bokeh though

          • One of the first shots with 60mm and some bokeh that came to my mind, f3.5 here. The weird colors are due to one of the latest art filters.
            The 60mm is a great little lens, the only negative thing about it is that when focusing to infinite the image is quite soft.
            Macro is great, the 1:1 ratio is great, the distance selector is a welcome and helpful option.
            I haven’t used it for portraits because I already have more dedicated lenses for that.
            Oh, the hood is too expensive, but a third part copy does the same job at a fraction of the original one.
            IMO for its IQ this lens is not expensive at all.

    • sneye

      You might have missed the point. Looking at the design of this lens, Panasonic’s purpose was to hurt Olympus. The 45/1.8, as good as it may be, will have to be heavily discounted to keep selling.

      • Name

        Then again, here in Belgium, selling price of the 45 Oly is 260 €. Almost the half of the new Pana… OIS always comes with a price tag…
        But well, yes, I forget it all the time: Panasonic lenses are clearly aimed at video purposes (they should call it cine-lenses).

      • gube

        C’mon, nobody will buy the pana 42,5 lens to use with a oly body. Who want’s to pay extra for O.I.S when you’ll never use it?

        • My Nocticron is usually on my Em1.

          • MentatYP

            But there’s not an Oly equivalent of the Nocticron.

            • He wrote that nobody will pay for that lens to put it on an Olympus body. I have paid for the Nocticron and sold the MZuiko45mm. I don’t know how many people would sell their Nocticrones to get an f1.2 from Olympus.

              • MentatYP

                Yes, but the comparison was the new Panny 42.5mm f/1.7 OIS and the Oly 45mm f/1.8, making the point that (assuming similar image quality and AF speed) with the Panny you’d basically be paying extra for OIS that you wouldn’t use on an Oly body.

                Nocticron isn’t an appropriate comparison because there is no Oly equivalent without OIS as an alternative. I love the Nocticron, but if I could have bought an Oly equivalent for cheaper without OIS I would have.

                • That’s right, and I assume that you pay something more also for the metal body. I can’t believe this lens will be crappy, I expect IQ on paar with the Oly sibling, and personally, even if I don’t need OIS I would buy this simply because of the metal body. The cheap plastic finish of 45mm f1.8 really disappointed me.
                  We should not forget that there’s a plethora of Panasonic cameras, old and new, that need OIS, and these two are a nise addiction to the line up.
                  I don’t see so many reasons to cry over that :) (it’s referred to all whiners who don’t like these lenses: one day we’ll also have a 6mm f1 and a 12-600 f2.8)

        • MGJ

          Some of us (shock,horror) have both systems. In my case the GX7 is the video + stills camera and the E-M1 is the dedicated stills shooter. This lens would make perfect sense if swapping between the two bodies. I’m not a fan of this FOV, though and like the 75mm better anyways. ;)

  • CN

    Excited about that OIS 42.5. If as sharp as the oly and focuses fast it will be a dream for low light video.

    Panasonic video + Panny OIS >>>> Oly video + 5 axis.

  • Sid


  • Duarte Bruno

    So, are the redundantly redundant comments over?

    This is not a copycat of the Oly 45mm F1.8 (which I own and consider the second best value in the whole system). This has OIS.

    There is no single combination of body+lens that can give you what a Panasonic body + This lens will give you, when you want to shoot video in low light.
    Olympus is still not game with the E-M5 MKii and no Panasonic body stabilizes lenses when recording video.

    Panasonic needed to do something and this is what they usually do. Of course I would prefer 100 times that they activated IBIS for video, but reality doesn’t consult with me before proceding.

    • MdB

      The f1.2 has OIS

      • Duarte Bruno

        Yes but it also has a different price tag, so it’s not a copycat either. ;)

        • Name

          Design-wise, it’s clearly a copycat of the Oly. Shortened on focal lenght, with OIS, but still a copycat aimed at competing against the Oly.
          You’re more or less right on the video part of the story… E-M5 mkII seems to have a stunning stabilization in video, even compared to a GH4 + OIS lens, but lacks 4K (for those who are in the hype…), and people who own a GH4 (making “serious” video) will probably buy the Nocticron in place of this one… Unless they really need a cheap “video-portrait” lens…

      • price

        For the price we should get 1.0 and something like 12 blades iris IMO. (at least the blades)

        • jugi

          The number of iris blades is always marketed heavily with fast lenses but no one remembers to mention that they don’t affect bokeh at all wide open (because they’re not in use) !

      • henk

        Sigma 60mm f2.8

    • Looleylaylow

      So what’s the first-best value in the whole system?

    • jefrs

      OIS is operational during video, it is IBIS that is switched right off.

      Oliie flip over to digital stabilisation which they call “M-IS”, it’s good but not as good as OIS and their sensors do get hot after just a couple of minutes and so the quality degrades producing a distinct ‘orrible mauve tinge after a while.

      For video I have to use my GH4 with my old G5 as B-cam, I cannot use my E-PL7 pocket-cam or her GX7.

  • drsteen

    Nice that the new macro also has 46mm diamater, now all three macro lenses are compatible with the excellent ring flash from Olympus with the FR-2 on the RF-11.

  • R O

    Geez, Louise. Not another m43 portrait lens. Where are the UWA (non-fisheye) and long telephoto primes?

    • jefrs

      42.5mm x2 crop-factor = 85mm equivalent FoV i.e getting a bit long, a telephoto rather than classic portrait lens.

      • R O

        Classic portrait lenses run from 85 to 130mm equiv. 85 is on the short end. This is not debated.

      • MentatYP

        Man, how many times are you going to say this? What cave have you been living in that 85mm isn’t a portrait lens?

      • I use also 75mm (150mm eq) as portrait lens. And sometimes I go even wide, with 17mm or even 14 and 12mm.

        • R O

          One can use whatever they want, but there are the classic lengths. We have a 150mm equivalent portrait lens in m43 because Olympus was trying to minimize DoF using a smaller sensor without breaking the bank by going the super wide aperture route (Oly 75mm is half the price of Panny’s 42.5 f/1.2). New frame sizes mean new workarounds.

          And make sure to keep those 12mm subjects center frame.=)

  • speltrong

    I think this is good news, actually. Yes, there are an abundance of ~45s, but the bulk of them are expensive and/or specialty use. The Nocticron is a beast – it doesn’t pair well with the smaller bodies (also $$$). The Voigt is MF-only, the P-L is a macro. So the only real overlap is the Oly 45, and this one is stabilized and has a close focus distance which will make for nice portraits. The 30mm macro offers more DoF than the longer lenses, which is welcome in a world where you start really seeing diffraction at f/11. I know it’s not a sexy announcement like super teles or a 1mm f/0, and I know there are still some gaps in the system, but this might help drive sales by appealing to people on a budget.

    • R O

      It also tells me Panasonic is doubling down on their lens-based OIS strategy and we won’t be seeing IBIS in Panny bodies anytime soon.

      • speltrong

        My GX7 has IBIS. Granted it’s not the 5-axis deal, but it works. I also remember reading that there are advantages to ILIS in long lenses. I’ll have to research that more.

        • MdB

          I own an E-M1 and I think Oly IS is hugely overrated.

          • R O

            Supposedly, the EM-5 mII has better IBIS than the E-M1. I’m, frankly, impressed with the IBIS on my E-M5.

            • MdB

              A lot of people are, but it is far from the best IS I have used.

              • Man with my em5 I can shot 2sec exposure perfectly sharp handheld ok I can show in the first attempt

                • jefrs

                  This is what IBIS can do.

                  I find my subjects get bored and wander off though.

                  If you shoot stars without a tracking system at less than 0.5s then they will produce trails “star trailing”; they get bored with 2 second exposures too. There’s reasons why we rarely shoot that slow.

            • jefrs

              The E-PL7 3-axis is certainly a lot better than the GX7 2-axis and reportedly better than previous Oly 3-axis systems

              I see no reason to disbelieve the new E-M5ii 5-axis is not better then the E-M1, indeed it is this improvent that allows it to dither up 40Mp pics.

          • jefrs

            Which is why a number of Ollie shooters fit Panny lenses.

            You get best of both.
            IBIS works well for walk ‘n shoot, certainly better than no-IS at all.
            It works very well in deed up to 45mm

            Something that surprised me though was “accidentally” hand-held shooting an unstabilised legacy 400mm Tokina 13-in long monster on the GH4 at 1/100s ISO800 and getting a good picture. I would never even dream of going that slow on a film SLR. (1/400s minimum speed, pref 1/1000s)

        • R O

          Forgot that the GX7 had an in-body system. Maybe they only keep the feature for top of the line bodies? However, I think the thinking that lens-based stabilization beats IBIS on long lenses is an old photographers’ wives tale.

          • speltrong

            Yeah, old info – seems like the only real advantage now is that ILIS allows the viewfinder to be stabilized as well. Not sure if Oly has made progress on that front with the newer bodies. That’s assuming all the bodies end up with IBIS though – future Oly AIR owners will be *very* grateful for panny’s OIS ;)

            • gube

              Ibis stabilises the viewfinder since the sensor is the viewfinder ;) ! O.I.S is advantage with viewfinders only on dslr’s…

              • speltrong

                makes sense too – so I guess that leaves the ability to make teeny tiny form factors like the GM1/GM5 or the AIR without worrying about losing IS capabilities altogether.

              • CN

                My panny LCD is stabilized by mega OIS.

              • jefrs

                Viewfinder on DSLR is optical. DLR live view still has not caught up to mirrorless quality.

            • jefrs

              Oly live view is stabilised by IBIS but IQ seriously loses out to OIS with long lenses at normal wildlife shutter speeds

              One problem is that at shutter speed gets faster so IBIS switches off and does nothing at all..

          • jefrs

            No wives tale.

        • jefrs

          There are advantages to OIS over IBIS for long lenses. The tip-over point is about 50mm with an advantage of about 2EV (being conservative) at around 300mm. I have demonstrated this myself.

          That advantage is diminished if you can shoot a long lens with a slow shutter, e.g. 400mm at 1/40s i.e. using a monopod or tripod. If you are shooting wildlife then a fast shutter is usually needed to prevent motion blur.

    • MentatYP

      Minimum focus distance won’t help with portraits. The new Panasonic goes down to 0.31 m (about a foot)–you’re not going to take a portrait from a foot away most of the time.

      • speltrong

        yeah, maybe not with people, but portraits of small pets… :)

  • morbidophil

    Yeahh!!! Finally. For the time I’ve been waiting for the 30mm macro to come… And you fast prime lens afficionados: stop whining, you’re the least to have a right to complain. There have been a lot of fast prime lenses (especially third party MF lenses) being announced in the last few months, so there’s really no reason for you people to behave like spoiled children who want the sole attention!

  • DonTom

    Well, the portrait lens makes sense. Pity they didn’t do a 50 or 55mm instead, but this will be a no brainer for anyone with a Panny body if they don’t already have the faster model. Anyone here with an Olly body that doesn’t own the Olly 45/1.8? Panasonic would be idiots not to want a piece of that market.

    • MdB

      I don’t own it, I did last time around with m43’s but haven’t bothered with the 12-40mm. The launch of this 42.5mm isn’t just interesting to existing Panny owners, it would have me seriously considering a panasonic body.

  • Cheap!

  • fandilatiffsg

    since I only Oly bodies with 45 1.8, I won’t buy 42.5 1.7. Since I have Tokina 90 2.5, I won’t buy 30 2.8. I have to manual focus on macro shots any way.

    • ok

      Thanks for the update.

      • fandilatiffsg

        you’re not welcome.

  • mario

    I hope Panasonic will continue to develop IBIS. I understand it’s not compatible with 4K due to heating issues, but couldn’t they disable IBIS when 4K video modes are selected? Or does a floating sensor mechanism exclude the possibility?

    Either way, two good additions to the lens line. I find a short macro useful in many situations (not wildlife) and the portrait lens is a home run for those who can’t afford the Nocticron and have been using the Olympus 45mm with a Panasonic body and wanting stabilization.

    • With the IBIS you can’t optimize the heat dissipation, it’s not simply about whether it’s active or not. As they used the same form factor as the GH3, that was not something they could simply change but maybe in the next camera, they can do it. I wonder about the GX8 as well, since the Gx7 had a normal IBIS but it doesn’t work on video, can Panasonic pull everything together next time?

      • jefrs

        I for one certainly hope Panasonic never produce an IBIS body ever again.
        That means no IBIS on the GX8; failed experiment.

        I actually hope for Olympus to produce long lenses with OIS.
        Because OIS works better than IBIS with long lenses and Olympus know this.

        IBIS is never used during video.
        Olympus turn the system off during video, it don’t work.
        And the sensor still gets too hot.

        • How so? There are plenty of videos in which the IBIS is active and working.

          • Sqweezy

            Exactly. His claims are contrary to what all other sources have reported. Most reviews say that IBIS is superior to OIS and Olympus definitely uses its IBIS during video.

            • Juurikas

              He is a Panasonic fanboy who is in denial.

    • CN

      I’ve become a huge fan of mega OIS. And power OIS is surely even better. The results I get recording video with my 45-150 with and without OIS is as amazing as the demo vids for the new eM5ii. And I’ve never seen the plane folding and distortion that seems to be prevalent with Oly IBIS.

      I think panny is doing it right.

  • sipra

    The macro looks huge compared to the Zuiko 35 mm macro for example. Should have been f2.

  • radii

    I would have liked to see somethin like a 100 f2 (macro) and 200 f3.5 instead… these seem indifferent…

    • jefrs

      I’d like to see 450mm and 600m rather than any more of these, we don’t got no extra-long lenses.

      • M43user

        Why Is everyone on m4/3 boards suddenly a bird or sport photographer ? Seems to me like people are looking for excuses to complain about anything. Of all the mirrorless systems out there m4/3 should be the least liable to criticism in terms of tele reach, just put any old 400mm super tele and suddenly you have a 800mm because of the 2x crop, best of all you get the center portion of the lens and with Oly’s 5 axis you’re good to go, so what’s holding people up on this issues ? If that’s bellow your standard then there’s the Oly Pro telephoto and the upcoming Pro Tele prime. If all of that is not enough, here are some other options, native or not:

        What Panasonic is doing exactly what we need, small superb compact lenses, the GM series of lenses is precisely what makes m4/3 stand out from the other systems and their humongous APSC or FF lenses, the whole point behind this system is compactness, so the more compact lenses the better IMO

        • juurikas

          First of all, adapted are always bigger than native ones. Secondly the long telephoto lens isn’t away from those who doesn’t do sports or wildlife. Thirdly m4/3 is more than capable for those two. Fourthly the small size and weight is exactly what is great for wildlife and sports.
          Fifthly it still isn’t away from you all who doesn’t need or want such

          A long telephoto zoom and fast is required and wanted. Or who would say that no one needs a lens for 35mm that offers field of view 300-800mm with light gathering of f/4 to freeze motion?

          Some would love to see a 500mm f/4 too.

          Canon doesn’t get that mirrorless isn’t about size but technology and possibilities by that. And seems some people doesn’t get it either like long telephoto would be their only choice.

    • Ivan Kutsarov

      90 f1.4-f1.8 with 1:2 macro option would be great.

      • someone

        Yes, would be fantastic. But I’d prefer f2.8 with 1:1 macro.

        • Ivan Kutsarov

          F1.4-f1-8 is better for general use. And i believe 1:1 ratio can be added by Oly as a optional adapter accesorie, or even come with lens. Like with vanilla OM 90 f2.

  • Narretz

    So many commenters don’t understand that these two lenses are specifically for the GM series. Both are relatively short, and most importantly the diameter is smaller than the mount. Yes, Olympus has the glorious 45mm, but Panasonic can provide OIS and closer focusing distance. We’ll have to wait for tests regarding the IQ – the lens construction is very different at least.
    You can argue that this is a very risky strategy, but now Panasonic has a complete line-up for their GM series: two standard zooms, a wide prime, a macro prime and a portrait prime.
    I assuem the next lenses will be geared towards other audiences.

    • Actually I don’t see these lenses as a waste of time and resources. A less expensive portrait lens with OIS should make happy all Panasonic users.
      And the 30mm macro is a different focal lenght macro. I’m curious about it.

      • jefrs

        The 30mm is the portrait lens with equiv 60 FoV

        • Harold Glit

          This is a weird reply. Back in the film days that 60MM FOV was just for macro lenses and no 60mm FOV is not really a portrait lens

      • Ivan Kutsarov

        Nikon, Canon, Tamron and Sigma have produced dedicated 60mm macro lenses forever. Nothing really special here.
        Could be better 60 f2.

        • MZuiko60mm is an f2.8 lens, and often I find the depth of field too narrow when taking macros. An f2 would be not that better IMO. If in need of more light I would use a ring flash or the macro arm lite.

          • Juurikas

            With 30mm f/2 you get same depth of field as 60mm f/2.8 from same distance.

            Just joking :-D

            The 30mm is nice way to get more backgrounds for macros, instead just details. A great would be as well a 17mm f/2 macro.

            Well, I use 150mm f/2.8 macro and sometimes it’s very boring.

      • Yun

        Unfortunately I’m not happy about it .

    • jefrs

      The GM-specific lenses do fit all the other MFT bodies and all the other MFT lenses do fit the GM-series albeit a bit bigger perhaps.
      The GM-series lenses have just been skinnied up to let them fit into a jacket coat pocket. They do not cause vignetting on the larger bodies; sensor is the same old 4/3 size.

      The Leica DG Nocticon 42.5mm f/1.2 is a mere £1,199.00

      42.5mm is not a regular portrait lens but a quite a long telephoto on a 4/3 with FoV 85 equiv

      • Harold GLIT

        this is strange comment. 85mm fov is actually the most common portrait FOV. anywhere between 80 to 100mm FOV equivalent is really run of the mill portrait lens

        • Juurikas

          35-135 are the most common portrait on 35mm format. And equivalnet field of view is got by using 17-67.5mm on 4/3 format.

          85mm on 35mm was because studios were small on era and it was between 35-135mm. A 50mm from both, offering easy way to zoom with feet.

          And it was a cheap way to get medium format look as well for portraits because short telephoto forced to people step back instead push wide or normal lens on subject face with problems in perspective camera being so close.

          And because it was/is easier to try explain new photographers a rules (50mm is 50mm only in “full frame”, 85mm is ” the portrait lens” and “equivalent requires multiplying everything”) than explain why things happens.

    • Ivan Kutsarov

      Because Olympus users need OIS. Oh wait.

      • wtf

        who says anything about Olympus users? His point is the Panasonic lens OIS is to complement the non-IS Panasonic GM bodies

  • DouglasGottlieb

    More great stuff from Panasonic. I wish that they had aperture rings, but they’ll be nice paired with the GM1/5

    • Juurikas

      That is the thing I just notice everytime. Panasonic makes great small cameras (like GM1 and GM5) but it just doesn’t have a clue how to make a working photography layout to its cameras (same thing with GH4) that are great in fast situations or pre-configured styles.

      Like take GM1 and use any of these Panasonic lenses and you will curse when you can’t just easily adjust aperture, shutter speed, ISO. You need to twiddle with the Panasonic cameras like with Canon or Nikon cameras and that slows down, cause missing moments and too much focusing to camera settings. In that related thing I prefer even Fuji over Panasonic, but best one out there really is the Olympus. Best design, best controls, just near perfect for stills. Have not yet got my hands on E-M5 II but looks like it is great for video too (because the articulating screen) but with expense of the stills (because the articulated screen).

      Bought Panasonic GM1 couple weeks ago with the 12-35mm kit lens with 3 years warranty for 249€ (brand new) and I couldn’t be happier for the small size. Sure the kit lens is terrible, its OIS can be called just barely as IS, but it is wide enough and OKish telephoto range for normal use. The camera body is very nice by size, thumb has good position over Rec and Play buttons without accidents to press those, rear wheel works OK but not even today I know how to get rear wheel adjust aperture and with Fn buttons or AF-switch to change the rear wheel adjustments between shutter, aperture and ISO. The AF mode switch is stupid, if it would change between exposure elements it would be AWESOME! Or at least give Fn1 button to switch between those three, it would be easy to click 1-3 times to select ISO, Shutter or Aperture and then use rear wheel to make adjustment. Or even better, make the wheel OK button to switch between those! Or use the direction dials!

      Meaning press up to get shutter speed, left to get aperture, right to get ISO and down to adjust white balance. It would be then quick enough for that size camera.

      But these lenses, aperture ring would be really much required! Would solve many problems with Panasonic cameras when using Panasonic lenses!

      Like what has happened when Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Fuji etc can’t get still photography cameras out that would work well?

      • DouglasGottlieb

        Exactly! All small camera bodies face ergonomic/handling challenges due to size. For me, the tradeoff usually is worth it. I like the small size.

        But having an aperture ring on the lens frees up limited button and dial real estate n the small body and provides a good, time tested solution.

      • Kevin Lloyd

        Have you owned a GH4/3?
        Sorry but I find their ergonomics/controls exemplary for still shooting. I can tell you’re not trolling just expressing your opinion but I think those are big generalisations.

        • Juurikas

          Owned yes, used yes, even today I sometimes use it as many has it.

          Not good when you compare to E-M1. Most people don’t really valuate good design in fast situations when you need to adjust all settings with just two fingers without ever taking EVF away from eye, were it with auto-tracking, focus point moving, white balances or any other important setting. GH4 requires too many different button pushing or even going to menus.

          That doesn’t mean it isn’t good, as GH4 has far better than example Canon has. But still far from E-M1 what was one reason I bought E-M1 after GH4 as it just was too slow to operate.

          • Kevin Lloyd

            The GH4 has dedicated WB, ISO and exposure compensation buttons that are actually labelled as so, the middle of which has a raised point for differentiation when looking through the viewfinder.
            Mine has the four way controller set to move the focus point by default and all other important functions can either be assigned to various generic function buttons or set to the quick menu.
            I honestly can’t see the EM1 being quicker than this and usually note in reviews that Olympus cameras have complaints about the menu more than most manufactures.
            Now obviously it’s a case of horses for courses here, but this was a thread about new lenses which is great for both camps. Personally I use lenses and bodies from both Pany and Oly and embrace the choice.
            Panasonic were smart to design a lens similar in parameters to the Oly 45mm as its universally seen as a no brainier purchase for users of M4/3rds.

            • MrALLCAPS

              Juurikas, you’ve just been BURNED by Kevin. Just thought I’d let you know…


            • Juurikas

              Two buttons too much, direction buttons bad as you loosen grip for it and get more of a roll instability that OIS doesn’t correct.
              With E-M1 you never loosen your grip, two dial adjust everything and always you have finger on shutter button. The Panasonic menus are more of a mess, while Olympus really doesn’t have a problem. With Olympus you get MySets that allows to much wider configuration presets that means after those you don’t b need menu. Those who whine about menu typically doesn’t know SCP or are using a PEN that has same limits as GM1/5.
              That is the thing OM-D line changed and many doesn’t even use those.

              The innovation is 2×2+2xdials.

              • IGotBoth

                I had both EM-1 and GH3 for a month and I sold the EM-1 after a Photography trip, despite the fact the picture out of camera (jpg) looks better (color, sharpness…) on the Olympus. EM-1 is a great camera but its layout is far to be perfect. The switch next to the viewfinder cannot be tuned up for useful feature such as switching from AF-S and AF-C or average/spot metering. GH3/GH4 has an instant switch for AF-S/AF-C/M. Both menus are a mess but EM-1 menu is the worst as it doesn’t recall the last thing you had checked and you always have to start again from the top menu, which is very time wasting when you are trying different settings you cannot reach with the Quick Menu.
                Last but not least, I needed 2 to 3 times more batteries witht the EM-1 than the GH3 for the same use.
                Despite more work to do in post on the raw file from the GH3/GH4 to get same result as EM-1, I kept the GH3 and sold the Olympus because of it’s less efficient ergonomy and its poor battery life.
                Having bunch of weels and button allover a tiny place does not always mean good ergonomy , what is important is to get them at the right place with the flexibility to set it up the way you like it to be.
                May be your logic is matching Olympus logic, and you like it that way. On my side, I was able to set up my GH3/GH4 to match my way of working and I am faster and more efficient with it.

                • Trinavi

                  Switch next to the viewfinder? Are you talking about 2×2 lever? You indeed CAN use it to change between focusing modes. It has been like that from the start.

      • Avi Ross

        The Panasonic 15 1.7 has a manual aperture ring. It’s what you’re looking for. A great walk around lens by all accounts. Happy shooting!

      • C. C.

        I love these flippant remarks from people who don’t know what they are talking about. You are obviously a very poor photographer if you think the 12-32mm lens is terrible. That is hilarious. It is actually a very good lens with nice sharpness. Don’t believe me? Check some reviews. And I know, because I also own the GM1 and that lens, among other cameras.
        Oh, and it’s not a 12-35mm lens. See, you really don’t know what you are talking about.

        • Juurikas

          First you don’t know what you talk about. Second you are bad photographer as you say so.

          12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 is not great because:

          1) it is slow by all merits
          – slow to take in use because requires physical extension
          – doesn’t have a physical aperture ring for fast adjustment
          – it has small aperture on whole focal length range
          – doesn’t have manual focus ring

          2) it’s a kit lens
          – not offering enough stabilization for its aperture
          – or has limited features requiring to buy other lens from Panasonic if wanted to enjoy GM1 same way as with even Olympus PEN cameras kit lenses.

          It is a nice lens of you have time to adjust camera and lost moments doesn’t cause problems. As that isn’t really meant to fast situations where GM1/5 is great because you have camera with you because the size. So it doesn’t fit the profile of fast small camera for daily moments with manual settings possibility where you know what you want instead trust camera guess what you want.

          12-35mm was a typo, meaning you’re a personal (read as a brick)

  • Burner87

    It’s time for a 25mm F1,4 OIS oder 17mm F1,8 OIS.

    • Nelson

      a Leica 25mm f1.4 II with aperture and OIS would be perfect! or 25mm f1.7 OIS for budget user

  • Obvious Troll

    As if Olympus 45/1.8 resale value isn’t low enough…

  • OM-G!

    Olympus! this means war! Bring out the f1.2 series of primes! (start with the 17mm please)

    • James

      f/0.95, you mean ;)

    • Dummy00001

      First Oly 1.8/45mm.
      Now Pana 1.7/42.5mm.
      I think Oly’s response would be the 1.6/43mm lens.

      • The Real Stig

        No, they are doing s 50mm f1 next year. No mucking around.

    • Nicholas Dunning

      But they already sell the 15mm f1.7 which is more like a real 35mm lens than the Olympus 17mm

      • OM-G!

        I usually frame my pictures between the long edges (usually of people). This gives a crop factor of about 1.85, so the 15mm is more like a 28mm. IMO a 19mm would be “more like a real 35mm”.
        Anyway, Id like to see some faster native lenses soon

        • Nicholas Dunning

          Good thing that sigma already sell a very good 19mm then.

  • Dantarès

    Very eager to see some comparison test with the Olympus counterpart portrait lens before I buy one or another !

  • Strelkov

    do Pannysonic has a 17mm (for 35mm field of view) in f1.7 yet ?

    if not , is one to plan on roadmap ? rumors, pls respnd

    • I don’t recall anything like that from Panasonic. I guess you’re not interested in the Voigtländer 17.5mm.

    • iThoughtS0

      They already have 15mm 1.7 so I really doubt it.
      And there is 17mm 1.8 from Oly as well.


    Enough of primes, Pana! Make more tele zooms, I want 100-300mm motorized and 300-600mm.

  • fandilatiffsg

    sorry off topic: would you buy an Oly 7-14mm 2.8 if it was priced at $1300?

    • Yes. And I fear this will be its price.

    • cp

      id use it to take long exposures and the front element does not allow a conventional filter. and i dont need the speed. so for right now….no

    • someone

      No. $1000. Like 12-40.

  • Jack

    I recently bought back into the Micro 4/3 system. I wish I hadn’t sold my old Olympus 45mm because the last two new Olympus 45mm lenses I tried were duds. Soft and hazy wide open with longitudinal CA across the frame. The two newer ones I tried are made in Vietnam vs. the older one that was made in China – I don’t know if they modified the design or if I just got unlucky twice.

    I’ve decided to give another copy a go and if it doesn’t perform better, I’ll just pre-order this new Panasonic 42.5.

  • peevee

    Instead of making more lenses with OIS, Pana should be making all their cameras with IBIS. GX7 has one, a poor one but at least it was a start, that is where they should have invested their money to better compete with Oly and Sony.

    • Dantarès

      “a poor one” ? Did you actually tried it ?

      • peevee

        There were tests, plus it does not work in video and live view, losing 2/3 of its value for me.


      They don’t have to compete with Olympus. They have their own niche, Compact and Video.

      They’re moving to be even smaller, which is doing well for them.

      I bet a small 25mm (50mm eq.) is in the pipeline.

      • peevee

        25mm again? That would be another waste of time and R&D, just like Oly 25/1.8 was. And for video, good IBIS is godsend as a lot of it done with manual video lenses anyway. NOBODY who need pro-quality video needs autofocus suddenly running away during an important shoot just because subject went out of AF point.

    • mambastik

      Poor because it’s disabled in video mode, then I’d agree. However there are tests where it shows it is superior to EM5’s 5-axis in stills.

      • peevee

        Haven’t seen such tests. I read it is 1-2 stops, same as Oly 2-axis at best, not E-M5’s 4 stops, plus does not work in video or preview (try to use manual focus or tele lens handheld without a stabilized viewfinder).

        • mambastik

          Yup that’s what I said, it’s poor because it can’t be used during video. I don’t know if we’re allowed to post links, but the test I was referring can be found by searching the keywords “tysonrobichaudphotography gx7 vs em5”. This is real world test vs comparing numbers on paper, very extensive write up on the comparison. But as usual, your mileage may vary.

  • peevee

    42.5-45mm FL is ridiculously overfilled in m43 (although you can easily adapt any number of $15 50/1.8 for those damn portraits, nothing better is actually required for the simple task, especially with Oly IBIS). Yet not a singe UWA or long tele prime, and still no fast UWA zoom and no decent travel zoom (12-50 is too dark, f/6.3 is not acceptable, 14-140/14-150 superzooms are dark and low quality, something like a weather-sealed 12-100/2.8-4 or 11-70/2.8-4 etc would be really appreciated). f/2.8 zooms are overpriced and lack a decent tele end.

    • R O

      Ferrrrr realz. I had a 50-year-old 50mm f/1.4 Asahi Super Takumar w/adapter that was all the portrait lens you’d ever need.

      • peevee

        Agree. There is ABSOLUTELY no need for a portrait lens to be sharp in the corners wide open as Oly 45mm/1.8 is. And even it is $250 new all over ebay, which is still $50 too much compared to Nikon 50/1.8G for FF (I would not compare to Canon 50/1.8 II or Yangnuo 50/1.8 as they are much worse in everything).

  • vyau

    Can understand Panasonic is trying to round out its lense lineup for its GM line of cameras but I also echo the sentiments of a lot of the people here. m43 can do with:
    1) higher end all purpose zooms, preferably sealed. Either constant F4 or variable F4 at long end. Its about time zooms start at wider than 24mm equivalence
    2) higher end sealed variable aperture tele zooms
    4) PRO level sealed primes with aperture > F1.2
    3) PRO level sealed F2 zooms

    • David Peterson

      An affordable 13-75mm f/4 would be sweet as (similar to Sony’s 18–105mm f/4 for NEX, but for m4/3).

  • mambastik

    Finally Panasonic taking notes from Olympus. I don’t want my lenses labeled with every single possible marketing jargon like LUMIX X VARIO POWER MEGA OIS HD NANO COATING all in 5 different colors. It makes these lenses look like NASA scientific telescopes instead of photography lenses.

    • R O

      MEGA lens will not be denied!

    • Nicholas Dunning

      It is a bit strange that they have changed the colours of the text and numbering on these lenses though.

    • David Peterson

      Give me a MEGA lens!

  • R O

    I dunno, Panny people. If your portrait shoot needs a lens with an image stabilizer, I’m kinda thinking you need more light.

    • David Peterson

      Event/concert/wedding photographers need portrait lengths all the time with I.S.
      As they’re in uncontrolled lighting with often moving subjects.

      • djmdgk

        With moving subjects the OIS is of little help…

  • Michigan Red

    Message to all GEARHEADS with G.A.S!!!

    • OM-G!

      All I ever wanted is more, more, MORE!!!

  • Hubertus Bigend

    The 30mm Macro will probably replace an entry that I have kept on my list after transitioning from Four Thirds to Micro Four Thirds – the Zuiko Digital 35mm f/3.5 Macro. Until now, I’m still using the good old Zuiko Digital 50mm f/2, which works rather well with the E-M1, so I am not really interested in buying either the Olympus 60mm or the Panasonic/Leica 45mm Macro. On the other hand, I always wanted a shorter macro lens, too, and it wouldn’t hurt if it would offer 1:1 without needing extension tubes.

    The 50mm f/2, by the way, is the primary reason why I have no pressing need for a 42.5mm f/1.7 or 45mm f/1.8 lens, even if I could save quite some bulk. If it was f/1.4 or faster, things would begin to look more interesting, though.

  • Oskar

    Wow! Didn’t see this coming! The 30 macro yes, but wow, that 42.5 with Power OIS looks very tempting. While our Oly 45/1.8 is great on our Olympus camera I don’t see myself using it on my BMPCC due to its lack of stabiliser. If it is as good (or better) than the Power OIS in the 14-140/3.5-5.6 then I’ll definitely consider buying this. Size looks similar to the Olympus. Can anyone find any info about the weight?

  • Vincent_T

    What the system needs is more choice towards wide angles. Like an alternative to the very good but overpriced Oly 12mm f/2
    Why no rectilinear 10mm or 12mm with AF. Rokinon is not always the way…

    • Sebastian

      It looks like Panasonic is abandoning its nice, simple bayonet hood mount in favor of some non-uniform, complicated mounts like olympus. Not cool. The no-nonsense hood mount is a great feature of most Panasonic lenses.

  • David Peterson

    Sharp pricing! Once reviews of it come out, and I see a special on it, I bet I’ll get them.

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