Here is the GX1 with built-in viewfinder :)


Source: Flickr.

Sorry if I fooled you but this is the Ricoh GX-1 with built-in viewfinder ;) In some way the Ricoh is closer to my dreamcamera than the new Panasonic GX1. Thanks to R.S. for sending me this!

This weekend I will work on the new Olympus lens rumor. The 12-60mm(?) should be announced withing the next two weeks!

  • ypocaramel

    Well, old cameras are fun to use too. Got a lot done with the FM2 and TMX400. Still, I quite like the GX1 actually, external EVF or not, so I must beg to differ there.

  • Yun

    I believe a build in viewfinder will become reality on the next GX series , it’s just a matter of time .
    Meanwhile let’s enjoy with GX1 while await for the dream toy to come .

  • Miroslav

    Since old 12-60mm was the kit lens for the top 4/3 camera, I think we can definitely expect a m4/3 with higher specs than E-P3 sometime next year. If Olympus survives :( …

    • rutrem

      yeah,good point. it would be great an Oly cam with the form factor of gh2,build quality like e-620/e-30 and a battery grip.

    • EASY

      No Olympus camera to mount new 12-60mm.
      Most of current Olympus cameras are gripless and not suitable for big lenses.
      I would not mind to have also M4/3 version of 14-54mm, if it gives price and size advantage.

  • _core

    the cam looks like a QL17 and i wich they would announce a remake of it.

    the 40/1.7 was a great lens.

    the rangefinder was little smal and dark but with a big OVF and peekingmode i would by it.

  • mahler


    We know that the GX1 has no view finder, and that analog rangefinders had them. No reason to repeat this over and over again, and especially in the context of Panasonic releases. Olympus has none either.

    The key is to integrate a high res 2mpx OLED EVF in a m4/3 body, which gives a through the lens image, and not one of this useless optical or hybrid finders, which do not easily cope with focal length ranges from 14 to 600 mm equiv. including macro and fisheye lenses.

    Seems hard to get, that the manufactures need a some more development time to reach the goals.

    There is no need to pick another picture of an outdated film camera out of the drawer to show everybody how a m4/3 camera has to look like. In fact it has not to. These soap box cameras aren’t better than GH2 styled bodies. There is room for a rangefinder, but it is not that urgent. m4/3 already has very good and ergonomic cameras with build-in VF.

    • Vivek

      Maybe there is room for those grip makers to make a pseudo finder? :-)

      What is there to develop?!

      First comes the G1 with many useful features and was followed by the GF and its numerous variations (plus the new expensive batteries!).

      I don’t need new cameras and new batteries to worry about………

    • Elf

      I have to agree @Mahler, As an olympus owner I too have noticed Admins need to somehow slant all negatives at Panny. As an Olympus user I too am tiring of this however slight fanboy bias. It would be in Admins best interest to try harder to be less biased.

      • Fish

        Elf, are you a real person or are you just another pseudonym for Mahler? The reason I ask is I find it hard to believe that there is more than one person who believes that admin’s Ricoh vs Panasonic comparison shows a bias in favour of Olympus.

        For for you and anyone else who’s close-mindedness has caused them to miss the obvious, I’ll explain:

        The reason why admin chose the new Panasonic to compare to the Ricoh is because… they are both called G X 1 !

        If Olympus had used the name “GX-1” for the E-P3, then admin would have written that the Ricoh G X 1 is closer to his dream camera than the Panasonic and Olympus GX1’s.

        The irony of your posts is that they have only proved how blinding your own bias is.

        • mahler

          You hopefully don’t believe what you say. Again, it is very strange that Admin pulls out this analog camera to give a message to ? – Panasonic. People should be reminded that Panasonic already has (and always had) cameras with build-in VFs, whereas Olympus doesn’t. Thus, his post should be more directed to the proponent of the rangefinder style in m4/3 than anything else.

          Besides that, this constant campaigning for RF style bodies gets boring. There are already 6 to 7 bodies of this style in the m4/3 system available, and the message,that there should be one with VF is out. No need to repeat that in the context of the GX1 release.

          The real question is, why did Olympus not release a PEN with build-in VF this year, since they were so “brave” to release three bodies of the same kind in 2011?

          By the way,I can assure you that mahler is not elf. Fish does not seem to be a real name eithr.

          • Fish

            “Besides that, this constant campaigning for RF style bodies gets boring.”
            – not nearly so boring as the constant complaining against it. It seems to me that if I had a website that I knew manufacturers were reading… that would be the PERFECT palce to “campaign” for my dream camera.

            “the message,that there should be one with VF is out. No need to repeat that in the context of the GX1 release.”
            – perhaps you could write a list of which messages the admin is allowed to repeat.

            “The real question is, why did Olympus not release a PEN with build-in VF this year”
            – That’s certainly a good question, I’m not sure what makes is the “real” question but… duh, that’s what we’ve been saying. Even someone like myself who likes the Olympus bodies more than Panasonic’s, never applauded Olympus for failing, yet again, to release an internal EVF. Guess what, of the three new models released, guess how many of them I bought or will buy? Zero. So what’s your point?

            Fish aka Chad H. Rausch

    • frank


      please stop drawing my attention with non-news otherwise I’ll just start checking dpreview for real news, although maybe a bit later, but FT5 all the time

      • Neicila

        -1 stop threatening admin

      • Fish


        And frank, please stop drawing my attention to whiny comments. I just have a few questions that might help me understand where you are coming from:

        1. Has the admin ever forced you to visit this site?

        2. Is there anything now stopping you from visiting dpreview AND 43rumors?

        3. Is there anything now stopping you from visiting dpreview INSTEAD OF 43rumors?

        4. Have you considered just waiting for the official product announcements from the manufacturers if you only want confirmed “news”? (it may be a bit later but it will be FT5 all the time)

        5. In the past year, how much have you paid the admin for the rights to dictate the content of his personal web log?

        6. Do you have any physical or mental disabilities that are preventing you from starting your own web log and writing only those things that you agree with?

        Thanks, for the clarification.

        Is it possible to check the IP addresses of these posts to see if they are all coming from the same computer? At the very least I expect that they are all coming from the same part of the world. It would have to be some crappy little country where people don’t enjoy the personal rights of expression that the rest of us do. Otherwise, how could anyone view it as acceptable to try and censor or dictate the speech of someone’s own personal website, just because it doesn’t conform to their own views?

        • admin

          Hi Fish!
          Don’t care about these comments. People should not visit this website if they don’t care about what I write. Easy. And by the way, didn’t think that people would be upset because of that news. It’s Saturday, and there is no news around the web. Some people should get a life ;)

          • Fish


            I don’t know why people are expecting CNN. This isn’t a “news” site. It is a personally run “rumors” site.

            It seems like this person (or people) would prefer that you not write anything if there aren’t FT5 rumors.

            I, for one, would like to thank you for your work here and encourage you to stay the course. Even when there isn’t a new announcement, I enjoy reading your posts. I’d never seen the Ricoh GX-1 before today, and wouldn’t know about it otherwise.

          • mahler

            It is unfortunate that you don’t care about people, who do not agree with everything you write and do with your web site. I hope that 43rumors becomes less biased in the future. If not the website does not hold to its name.

            • Fish

              Guess what? You will never find people who agree with everything anyone writes and says. That’s why we are allowed to have different views. You are free to spout off whatever you want in the comments secion – just like the rest of us.

              But you take it too far when you try to limit anyone elses’ right to express their views and opinions. And it becomes downright absurd when the person you are trying to muzzle is the one who owns the site who’s hospitality is allowing you to be here.

              I have a personal blog as well. No one reads it of course because it kind of sucks and doesn’t compare to the admin’s site – but hell would freeze over before some self-rightous finger wager told me which of my personal opinions I was allowed to voice on my own blog.

              You are so closeminded (or perhaps brainwashed by your time as a socialist-state beurocrate) to even recognize how out of line your whining is.

              This website holds to its name because the admin is the one who named it. It is his intellectual property and if people don’t like what he writes, they are free to go elsewhere. It isn’t a state-run service, none of your tax dollars are going to it. If people had the stones or the skills… they could start their own site where they never expressed personal preferences and always knew FT5 rumors well in advance. Please send us a link when you start such a site… I am sure it will be illuminating.

              Of all the posters here – you are the last one who can say anything about not being biased (I probably tie you for that spot).

              • mahler

                You constantly overinterpret my character and put stuff into your replies (also personal things), which you have no base for it. Unfortunately. Not agreeing to everything Admin does with his influential site, does not mean, that I am closed minded, brainwashed or had any relationship to a socialist bureaucracy (no idea how someone can put a link to that based on my posts). I am just controversial to the rangefinder not there paranoia, the NEX-7 hype, and the Olympus is so great view.

                Admin can post whatever he wants, but people should also have a grain of salt, regarding his postings. Blog sites such as this have influence, and the the way posts are done are instrumental to this.

                I just pledge, that the industry players in m4/3 are treated with equal judgement and that the proponents of different camera designs (the famous faux-DSLR vs. pseudo-rangefinder debate) are treated with fairness and no bias. That’s it. My feeling is that the posts in recent times were too much in one direction, with no justification. Admin mixes rumors with biased opinions in his posts, which isn’t a good style for a news site, where reports (which are often quoted) and opinions should be separated. Every quality newspaper respects this basic rule.

                You can call me biased (which I am not as far as you think), that is no problem. My bias is to ergonomic, functional perfect, high-quality products. For work horses with humps. I don’t see that there is anything wrong with that.

      • @frank, you can check – most important news are covered. That’s where I head to when there are (uninteresting to me) releases and lots of traffic here on 43rumors.

    • ypocaramel

      Or indeed, if an optical finder is that important, I’d be frank and say that you might just want to live with the extra size and weight of a DSLR. Pentax K5, or even Rebel 600D, aren’t that large when primes are used. I’d prefer the EVF for size and weight though, not a big fan of DSLR mirrors.

    • George

      btw i tested nex7 today
      and all i can say is SCREW YOU M4/3 SCREW YOU DSLR.

      go play with one of them and see what is a great camera in a compact body.

      But if you don’t have the money to buy one of them stay out of with. after nex7 pana and oly’s will look like 5 year old toys.

      Especially if you look through OLED

      • Anonymous

        NEX is great if you don’t mind an image with soft corners, or huge lenses.

      • Anonymous

        Seriously, another negative spin from admin.

      • Perty

        Yeah, enjoy the soft image corners & huge lenses & ugly bodies. See you later georgie boy

        • George

          hmmm this is hard to choose.
          on one side there is the best DR ever and on the other side worst DR ever.
          Amazing High ISO vs disaster High ISO
          The best viewfinder vs no viewfinder at all

          and you keep focus on soft corners….. lol kiddo

          and btw lenses are not huge. nexes are APSC sensor you fool.
          and E of E-mount stands for eighteen which is the distance between lens to sensor which is the first shortest distance. since it is that short you can use amazing adapters to get full control over legacy lenses whihc includes auto focus.

          but hey you keep saying m43 is better then nex7

          that makes you a whole joke retard

      • Fish

        “btw i tested nex7 today
        and all i can say is SCREW YOU M4/3 SCREW YOU DSLR.”

        Thank goodness. I was beginning to worry that every comment in this section was going to be unintelligent.

        Thank you for your well thought-out and constructive comments. Your wealth of knowledge will undoubtedly cause every m4/3 user to come to our senses and sell all our gear.

  • Oitszek

    I jumped ship and feel releaved, 43 is dead, so will be m43 plastic-fantastic too!

    • Fish

      And I am relieved that despite no longer being a m4/3 user, you have decided to continue hanging around a m4/3 rumors site.

      Please don’t give up posting here, your insights into the future of m43 are too valuable to lose.

  • O/T

    IT geeks (predominantly US ones) discussing better camera for the beginner.

    (And click the “Load All Comments” button and move the sliders (next to the button) to the right – to see ALL comments, including flames.)

    I think some O&P marketers got to read that, as it is a rare glimpse into the head of a geek. m43 is mentioned first time somewhere in the middle – they probably want to correct that…

  • Diane B

    I could like the GX1 probably if it had at least a tilt LCD as I didn’t mind using the add on VF for the GF1 at all except that it wasn’t up to par with my G1’s so I actually ended up shooting almost always with the G1 instead.

    I had intended to buy the GH2 last Spring as my G1 upgrade but waited to see what the G3 offered. I ended up buying the G3 and it has most everything I wanted. It doesn’t have the cache’ of the GX1 I suppose and some object to the protrusion of the EVF in the rear but its a delight to shoot with as I’ve done since June. Consequently I won’t buy the GX1. Maybe some are right about the next GX going to have an integrated EVF but this doesn’t and my G3 does do its an easy choice for me.

    • ypocaramel

      Really if anyone has the G3 I don’t see any particular reason to buy the GX1.

  • blastingmills

    i would much rather have the Panasonic GX-1 than this Ricoh example. If the view finder is not showing what you see through the lens, then it is worthless. I am afraid that all this chatter over a spotting scope above and to the side of the camera lens will actually result in one being implemented on a camera. That would be a mistake.
    Just buy the clip on viewfinder or a GH2 and stop complaining.

  • Daemonius

    I still prefer Panasonic L-1 (or rather rebadged Leica version, which was really beautiful). If it just had full-frame 4:3 sensor.. (crop to 36×24, but native bigger, aka Super 4/3s).

    I think that m4/3s will eventually die as 4/3s did. Olympus had good idea about lens and such, but its simply too small sensor. No matter what, its always 1-2 (or even 3) generations behind APS-C.

    • > I think that m4/3s will eventually die as 4/3s did.

      In that far future, even phone cameras would be good enough. So the whole thing with DSLRs and ILCs would die.

      > No matter what, its always 1-2 (or even 3) generations behind APS-C.

      It is about being “good enough” and being good enough *today*.

      E.g. I’d love to buy into the NEX – if not for the dumb controls and/or oversized lenses. What’s the point of the outstanding IQ, if I miss shot because I didn’t wanted to carry something as large with me OR I missed the shot because I was trying to change a parameter and was navigating that exceedingly intuitive “micky-mouse” style UI of the NEX.

      As I’m concern, GH2 provides “good enough” IQ. Sadly, I do not like it’s ergonomics. Probably G3 or GX1, but I had no chance to handle the cameras yet.

  • George

    this look sucks big time.
    omg people what is wrong with you
    if today all cameras will be rangefinder style you will want today’s cameras.

  • Narretz

    I really don’t see how Pana could fit a tilt screen and a evf into the GF1 form factor without ending up with a camera that is as big as the G3. Kinda defeats the purpose of the rangefinder styled form.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Check out how Olympus managed to squeeze a TiltyScreen™ onto the EPL3 adding only 3mm to the thickness. That’s a real backbreaker and certainly kills the possibility of mythical pocketability, unless you’re some sort of marsupial.

      So, yeah, putting a TiltyScreen® on a GX1 was possible and a big shame that Panasonic lacked the imagination, will and intestinal fortitude to do it.

      • mahler

        I totally agree. m4/3 (or mirrorless in general) is about live view. Thus, I cannot understand, why its possibilities (tilt screens and EVF) is only exploited in so few cameras.

        Olympus has just one camera with tilt screen, Panasonic at least two current models with EVF and tilt screen. To me, *every* m4/3 body except the ultra compact ones should have at least a tiltable screen. We talk about enthusiast system cameras, not point & shoot siblings.

      • stickytape

        I really like the E-P3 but I don’t understand why such a useful feature is included in a lower model but left out of the higher one.

        • mahler

          Nobody understands this.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Welcome to the world of design by committee, with veto power by bean counters… and maybe some “input” by the local Yakuza daimyo. ;-)

  • Admin, the upcoming Fuji LX10 might be the camera you are looking for:

    Fuji seems to do well combining modern technology with retro style. I Like!

  • rutrem

    in my opinion the Gx1 needs much more a swivel lcd than an build in view finder. well,i own an GH2 and when i was buying it,i was thinking that the build in viewfinder is better deal,but now i think different.
    in a few yeas the owners of E-P,GF,Gx cameras could have new,much higher quality Evf, tiltable viewfinders. maybe some new stuf will come out. we are stuck with those we have builted in camera. think about that.

    • Mr. Reeee

      When I was comparing the GF1, EP2, NEX-5 and D7000 (25+ year Nikon user, so, go figure ;-) ), after size and weight, the thing that swayed me to the GH2 was the articulated screen.

      Shooting from the hip or from ground level really adds a lot of versatility when composing shots. Lying in mud or stagnant pond water while manual focusing isn’t a real treat, I can tell you. ;-)

  • rutrem

    in my opinion the Gx1 needs much more a swivel lcd than an build in view finder. well,i own an GH2 and when i was buying it,i was thinking that the build in viewfinder is better deal,but now i think different.
    in a few yeas the owners of E-P,GF,Gx cameras could have new,much higher quality Evf, tiltable viewfinders. maybe some new stuf will come out. we are stuck with those we have builted in camera. think about that.

  • Tulio

    Isn’t it strange that they could cram a full size 24x36mm in one of those old film cameras and now we cant’t?
    Have a look at the Contax T. give me one of that in 16 megapixels please.

  • david

    i swear, i don’t understand why all of this bitching and whining goes on at these rumors sites. it’s as if people need the most perfect camera so that the phantom hand of HCB can magically appear and they create works of art at every shutter. some of the most amazing photos throughout photographic history were made with some pretty simple cameras.

    and then we compare what’s out there and “dream: about our perfect camera. why???? a camera is a tool! it’s like people are children saying to each other “my toy is better than yours!!!” doesn’t make sense people. we are grown adults with creative passion running through our veins. lets create art here and not fall into the constant GAS that’s marketing heaven for camera makers.

    • > lets create art here

      The problem is that photography is so compromised that you can’t do it effectively without getting into technical details.

      And as soon as we get into the technical details … well, forget about the “we are grown adults”.

      It’s “boys and their toys” all over again.

    • stickytape

      You are too focussed on the end product. You forget about the experience of taking photos.

      • david

        right on stickytape!!

        • Anonymous

          I meant that a viewfinder does not necessarily change the resulting image, but it does change the shooting experience. Some enjoy using a viewfinder for framing; others prefer an LCD.

          Some are used to the viewfinder in dslr cameras, and since the NEX 7 has proven that it is possible for a camera of this size, there will, of course, be those who desire a built in viewfinder.

          I think it has less to do with comparing toys than it has to do with seeing certain features passed over by companies despite years of waiting.

          The camera might be just a tool, but a tool that complements the way you like to do things makes the activity all the more enjoyable. Kind of like how crappy UI hampers the flow of taking photos.

  • Pelex

    Oh man!
    When I saw that Ricoh image, I thought it was the new Fuji!
    Admin, you’re right…Panasonic definitely could have used some styling cues from a number of vintage japanese rangefinders.(Canon QL-17,Minolta AL-F,etc)
    It’s just frustrating knowing both Oly and Panny have the capacity to satisfy both fans of retro and tech at the same time, yet neither one has truly delivered that (yet). Hopefully, Oly is working on a Pen pro(with built-in viewfinder) to be announced in 2012?

    • pdc

      Lordy, lordy, some of this is tiresome.
      It is the DIGITAL camera age, and we don’t keep them for more than a few years because the electronics become obsolete quickly. In the age of film, a camera purchase was for many years, so one paid for durability and features that you could grow into over time. NO MORE. I’m not paying for all those expensive switches, dials and levers that everyone is in love with. Sure I want a swivel screen, and EVF, and enough manual controls that I don’t have to go through a whole bunch of menus every time I shoot. I don’t need all the retro crap that everyone is swooning over. If you love legacy cameras so much, go back to film and don’t bother those of us who are happy to have moved on.

      • stickytape

        haha the things you listed are what people are asking for. The dials and switches you accuse others of wanting fall into the manual controls that you also want.

        The only “retro crap” is probably the EVF, which it seems, you also want, so what exactly is your point? All anyone means by the term “rangefinder” is a rectangular box with VF that doesn’t take the form of a bump.

    • ypocaramel

      I’m also in the non-retro crowd for digital cameras. A lot of them aren’t that ergonomic, for example. The grip on the NEX-7 is decided non-retro, but man it’ll stablize a few shots. The one thing I do miss from old cameras is the aparture ring.

      • stickytape

        If ergonomics is an important factor, you may be better off with a dslr. The continual shrinking of electronic devices has resulted in cameras are now smaller than many people’s hands, which they should be designed for. I don’t think that the gap between ergonomics and pocketability can be bridged, unless we’re talking about some transforming device that folds in on itself.

      • Mr. Reeee

        If you want an aperture ring, use manual lenses. That’s what I do.

        It’s NOT about “retro”, either.

        The level of control you regain with mechanical over electronic lenses is worth the minor effort necessary to manual focus. Full time Live View certainly makes it easier as well.

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