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Hacked Panasonic GH2 with AVCHD Intra at 176Mbit (+G3 and GF3 firmware update)


Driftwood 176mbit GOP1 GH2VK from Perry Wilson on Vimeo.

The GH2 hacking improvements are now reaching new dimensions! Thanks to the latest contribute from “Driftwood” user (check here at personal-view) the Gh2 can now record AVCHD Intra at 176Mbit. As EosHD writes: “This is a codec that uses i-frames only unlike consumer AVCHD. Every frame from the sensor is stored. Standard AVCHD is a Long-GOP compression format and works by estimating and guessing at frames in-between ‘real’ images but Intra doesn’t.” That’s really the best video quality you can get from any DSLR or Mirrorless camera and the amazing thing is that the GH2 tri core has the power to manage all that data! It really shows how good the [shoplink 16254]Panasonic GH2[/shoplink] hardware is! The video on top can be downloaded at to see the full quality potential fo the new coding!

One more thing. The Gh2 price is dropping slowly in US and Europe. So you may take your chance! Check: [shopcountry 16254].

P.S.: The new G3 and GF3 1.2 firmware is now available: (it fixes an issue with the X lens support).

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