Hack your GX1 and G3 now!


The team around Vitaly Kiselev now released the new version 3,66D of the PTool hacking software (Click here). It supports the Panasonic GX1 and G3 cameras. Our reader Nils posted some G3 test results and video samples on the Personal view forum. I guess sooner or later also the just announced G5 will be supported. As usual it’s nice to know our cameras can get better in time without to have to buy a new one!

Links to the two new hackable cameras:
Panasonic GX1 Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay Panasonic G3 Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

  • The Master

    OMG, I’m first again.

    • GreyOwl

      Gold medal.

    • fl00d

      Kick in the balls.

    • Cedric Leveille

      You must be a Master…

      • Ross

        But a master without sense or reason. ;)

  • Aleo

    Now they have to do it for the G5 and GH3 when launched.

    Thank you for posting this news.

  • rick

    These cameras have no such great ibis like omd

    • Pasukun

      Most cameras do not.

  • MikeH

    Most excellent. ;)

  • om-4

    We need a poll for most time first, hehe.

  • I couldn’t find a list of what this does exactly. Is it just a bitrate hack, or does it enable some of the settings that are available on the GH2, but not on the GX1, because that’s what I’d really like…full manual control over shutter speed, aperture, framerate, etc. I don’t need crazy 40Mbps rates…20 will be fine with the control I had on my GH2.

  • henrik

    Yes, even if you provide a link to the original source, you should mention the major advantages of the software hack right here in your news.

  • Daemonius

    Anyone else think its slightly stupid that we must use “hacks” to fully use our cams?

  • Teach Me

    For those of us who are video novices…can someone explain in layman’s terms what benefits the hack will provide?

    My cursory glance of the links hints at a “higher bitrate” what does that mean? Sharper video? Smoother video? Is it THAT noticeable? Watching the video samples I don’t see a big difference. I’d like to know in order to make an informed decision about whether the upgrade is worth it.

  • CobyD

    According to the version history http://www.gh1-hack.info/wiki/VersionHistory the release has “the same features as the GH2 release except for 24p”. But that’s software not hardware features, so its unclear what manual control options might have been unlocked.

  • Bob B.

    I am guessing this is only usefull for video function…not still photography?

  • c_man

    It is not immediately obvious what this hack actually does/allows.

    Is it possible to update the article to include this?

    It’s quite difficult to weight up whether it’s worth implementing [and the source website is just as difficult to comprehend]

  • Esrhan

    I’m not with you on that last sentence, Admin! All this hacking shows is that Panasonic deliberately cripples their products by simply locking very essential features in the camera’s firmware. The camera’s don’t get better, the firmware is simply lifted from an artificially created hole that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

    • MikeH

      In many cases the hacks allow users to push the bitrate envelopes. On many lower end cards and some higher end cards this can lead to all manner of problems. Panasonic wants to make sure they are not flooded with thousands of calls from angry owners that use a class 4 card and some rediculously high bit rate. This isn’t dumb, it is smart. If they didn’t do this, Panasonic would get a huge black eye for a reputation. If they keep the bit rates ‘safe’ then everything works just fine and they don’t get grief from Jane and John Q Public.

      • Esrhan

        Your argument doesn’t apply to the more obvious feature which is having full manual controls in video mode for camera bodies that have a high price point and interchangeable lenses. Some of those bodies are even kitted with video oriented lenses. Heck, even some compacts these days have manual controls for video.

        • MikeH

          But my argument holds for the majority of the things that the hack allows. Are there some things that could be enabled that are not? Yes. Opening up other ‘features’ would be a Pandora’s box shitstorm waiting to happen.

    • Bob B.

      Esrhan…Canon does the same thing..the richness and breath that Magic Lantern brings to the 5D platform is mind-boggling…I do not understand why any company would constrict the functionality of their own design??? It is a curiosity.

  • Really too bad that the hack does not allow 24p.

  • Martin

    Is there some clear description of what ptool hack does. I have read the FAQs, and Wiki over and over. There is a screenshot of the Windows configuration tool (I think). Do you also have settings in the camera? As has been said, clearly it allows bitrate changes. But for the majority G3 or GX1 surely it is some sort of manual control they need. Or is that not possible because of the limitations of the Panasonic software?

  • Yun

    Again video improvement ? If yes , then it’s
    pointless for me to hack my GX , better retain it as origin .

  • Thurin

    Do I presume correctly that there are no hacks that let you change non-configurable buttons like the useless (for me) AF/MF into FN buttons?
    That would be something I would be really interested in. Few control points was the biggest drawback of mirrorless cameras for me after switching from an ‘ethusiast’ dslr body.

  • John Hedgecoe

    Pretty old news as the 3.66d release of PTool has been available for a week and a half now.

  • OM-D hack

    OM-D hack please

  • Good news for the hack community!
    I would love to see someone to hack OMD too!
    Just bought mine few days ago. The 5 axis stabilisation is unreal!
    If Olympus is serious about movie making, they could really sells tones of OMD.

  • djmdgk

    Personally I am not so interested in video and therefore this hack doesn’t help me (personally). What I would certainly appreciate is a decent automatic exposure bracketing that neither Pana nor Oly have implemented so far: press the button once to trigger the entire AEB sequence. With intervals of up to 2 EV. I currently use SmaTrig 2.1 for that but it would be great to have one item less to carry around.

  • frank

    I have been trying to follow the G3 hacking developments for a while, and donated some money for the effort. But all I see are people trying to max the bitrate of the video recording. Something that doesn’t interest me at all. It seems to have become an incrowd movement while making it more accessible would benefit non-incrowd people like myself.

    On the video front, I’d like to have 1080p50 as the G3 standard only delivers 1080i50, and I’d like to have program shift. Maybe have some reconfigurable buttons, but thats all.

  • Theeky

    Why no one makes the same for Olympus Pen! :(

  • Lew

    Do these hacks do anything besides video features?

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