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GH3 electronic vs mechanical shutter (M43photo). First complaints about the GH3 viewfinder…


Gh3-Playing with sharpness and ETC from Christopher Mayer on Vimeo.

Electronic shutter:
M43photo (Click here) wrote a very accurate article about the GH3 electronic shutter. It’s a must read post if you want to learn the difference between the mechanical and electronic shutter!

EVF issue?
Now that people is receiving their first batch of GH3 cameras you can also read about the first complains. 43rumors reader J.Russell sent me this email to sum up a problem with the GH3 viewfinder: “Many people are unhappy with the viewfinder and/or the flip out screen on the GH3.  My viewfinder is amazing soft and completely unusable for focusing – the menu items are sharp.  People are also complaining about a green cast in their viewfinders and/or the flip out screen.  This all seems like a firmware problem to me, but see below:
In one thread on Vimeo someone claims special knowledge and makes reference that Panasonic is changing the manufacturer of the viewfinder/panel and that the new batch of cameras will have the new parts.  Here is the thread in the comments section of this video:
Here are other discussions:!

More GH3 news:
Panasonic GH3 image samples at Outbackphoto.
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GH3 store links and in Stock status check:
12-35mm GH3 kit: Wex UK, Wex DE, Photoexpress UK, FotoHansKeuzekamp (NL),
14-140mm GH3 kit: Wex UK, Amazon UK, Photoexpress UK, Wex DE, Amazon FR,
Body only: Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, Panasonic store, Samys, Henry, Vistek, Wex UK, FotoHansKeuzekamp (NL), Amazon FR, Webdistirbution FR.

  • Me

    > “People are also complaining about a green cast in their viewfinders and/or the flip out screen.”

    Both use OLED displays. People should know that OLED won’t ever give you accurate colors. Camera makers shouldn’t use OLED displays at all, that technology is simply not suitable for cameras.

    • spam

      A screen – LCD, OLED or other technologies can’t give accurate colors. To get accurate colors you need a calibrated display with fixed lighting in the environment, something you’ll never get with a camera display. The problem is that users have unreasonable expectations. OLED is great technology, works better than anything else at the moment although better resolution and the pro OLED companies exaggerate the advantage comapred to LCDs somewhat.

      Vievfinders are somewhat different as the eye blocks light from the surrounding and you can potentially get fairly accurate color. However you’ll never get more accurate colors than the auto whitebalance provide, which mean not that accurate even if the EVF can display them.

      Anyway, IMO I’d much rather have the improved DR of the OLED vievfinder and excellent response than (possibly) slightly more accurate color that I can’t trust anyway.

      • bernz

        I’ve heard from a freelance camo who has used OLED display on shoots that he saw a green cast. Another camo confirmed this. Over a number of shoots and attempts to ‘tweak’ it out they found they couldn’t explain it.
        The supplier informed them because of the specific color spectrum that the OLEDS emit, some people, especially if they are over 40 (eyesight changes with age) see the green cast while others do not.
        So a word of warning, OLEDS are not what they are hyped up to be if you want to use them for color analysis.

  • is it just me or did many replies dissappear in this thread???

    • Anonymous

      You are correct Ulli, all the replies to this thread have appeared on the next thread about a new PEN body.

      • ahh ok, because most replies were indeed about the Pen

    • i only see two replies right now. a bunch of them have disappeared

      • Bob B.

        It’s OK that they got deleted…Those posts were all about Olympus cameras anyway and the topic here is the GH3….so no loss…. :-)

  • JWS

    I have 2 GH3 bodies {UK} and the EVF views on both of them are perfect, which is no consolation to those with faulty EVF’s . However there are a lot of people posting that they have no issues with their GH3 EVF so hopefully those with unsatisfactory EVF’s are actually faulty and the EVF issue is not endemic. Obviously on the net problems can very quickly become escalated and exaggerated by a combination of those who are unhappy with a product they have bought complaining, and by mischief makers who have never touched the camera simply adding to it. If I bought a product that was faulty I would simply report it to the manufacturer or return it to the shop from which I purchased it.Unfortunately it seems some folk prefer to use online forums as a way to vent rather than do the obvious.

    There are no perfect cameras they are all just mass manufactured items sometimes in the millions for popular cameras .Even if only a small percentage of buyers are involved the numbers of complaints on forums can look very bad. Many non-owners also take the opportunity to spread discontent in what to their fanboy minds the see as a “rival ” company. Look at some of the posts you get in wild west sites like DPreview. For example you get some owners saying that their E-M5 hums annoyingly, while other owners deny it exists even after Olympus released a fix for it.

    As i say if you buy an item that is genuinely faulty , report it to the manufacturer , return it or exchange it if none of this solves your problem then you have a right to moan. Frankly there is too much subversive negative marketing , to truly trust online forums as a source of data for problem items. For every genuine owner with an issue there are a handful of fanboys and fakers jumping on the bandwagon.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      At least in EU there should be common mail order/remote sale laws allowing returning product in certain time without it being faulty in any way.

      And just like for political groups and especially interest groups of big money
      slandering competition behind curtains is usual strategy for western world’s big corporations not wanting any competition.

      BTW, haven’t so many people been complaining that GH3 isn’t actually available and really comes only later in winter? So where did all those faulty ones come if it’s such common flaw?
      No company is going to release flagship product with common easy to detect flaw, especially if its underdog on market.

  • Coby

    @JWS, returning the product is fine when the fault is obvious. But when the product “kinda works, but not that happy” the manfacturer may well try to say the particular item is “within spec”.

    Posting concerns on the web is useful in SOME situations: to see if your product is indeed performing more poorly than others, and (less commonly) to gain the strength in numbers to force a manufacturer to admit a flaw (looking at you, Pentax). The posts I’ve seen on the GH3 EVF so far fall into the first category.

    • bart

      Luckily there are quite a few parts of the world where you can return a product within a limited time without the manufacturer getting any say in if you are allowed to return it.

      Hopefully this is a quality control issue and not a flaw in the EVF as such, all signs are pointing to that also.

    • JWS

      personally I do not see the point in posting about it online in forums you are not going to get any help. if you feel the product is faulty return it / exchange it or contact the manufacture. If you do not get any satisfaction through these methods then by all means complain like heck about it. I do not need input from strangers on the net to let me know if my EVF is rubbish, I am no fanboy all the companies are only in business to make cash, I would not accept a faulty product and the time wasted complaining on forums would be better spent returning the camera. My only point that hopefully the issue is a manufacturing glitch that can be easily sorted, I have been fortunate that both of mine are perfect and better than the previous EVF on my old GH2

  • Olympus

    Please buy our GH3. It is almost as big as the comparative dslr, it costs more and its sensor is smaller and we’ve put in an EVF and charged you more for it because why have optical when you can pay more for electronic? We want our users to feel that they’ve just bought a scaled down Canon or Nikon.

    • thorn

      I needed a DLSR for video.

      I would have bought a Nikon D600 – the credit card was out, and ready to go – but then I learned that the HDMI out is faulty, cropping the image. Plus, they decided to dumb-down the features, and not allow the aperture to be changed in Live mode. Nikon immediately lost my money. Then came the problems with dust all over the sensor.

      Canon wasn’t even a consideration, as a Mark3IIIvII is barely keeping up with the latest advancements for the prices they’re asking.

      • Olympus

        We’re sorry, we do not care for your oppinion. We just want your money. Why you buy our products is not a concern of ours. We don’t care if you buy our products for video, even if there are better alternatives out there. We don’t care if you have never heard of a proper video camera and decide to buy our GH#, a dslr wannabe that has a smaller sensor, battery drain EVF at near the same size and more of the cost. In short, please keep on buying our products and forget your oppinion, as it does not count for anything. We will abandon the system when we see fit, and it will happen, just look at our history. Enjoy using the camera no one no one bought from us except folks like you.

        • homer

          Look everybody look! A Canon fanboy…careful careful, you’ll spooky it…notice how he claims dslrs are better and yet he’s here. Notice that, like all Canon fanboys, he totally changes the subject when he’s presented with facts. Notice how he’ll recomend a “proper” video camera but no model name. What are these mythical better choices for video he speaks of? An Alexa? A red? It’s a true mystery what that mind holds…
          notice how he’ll go to the size argument over and over again besides the gh3 being smaller than the smallest Canon. Notice there’s no mention that despite the small size, the camera has the ergonomics of a full frame.
          We’re seeing more and more of these species around these parts, filled with anger that Canon is still recycling the 2.5 year old sensor for every camera they’re releasing, and angrier that a “smaller” sensor is matching them in noise, outmatching them in tested detail, and outmatching them in dynamic range. But careful now, they just might come back with a dxo mark link and try and disprove the results of every site out there.
          If you see one of these around don’t be alarmed, pet them, they’re just confused, scared and hurt.

  • HMR

    I’m not sure why color accuracy is that important as far as the EVF is concerned. This is just a tool to help frame and focus the shot. As long as the end file is right, I don’t have a problem with that. I do agree that, perhaps, a person’s age might be playing a role here as well as some other eye issues (color blindness). That said, my problem with the EVF in my GH3 is in perceived resolution. I use my EVF to fine check the focus on critical shots, just like I did on my GH2, by zooming in on my subject in review mode. I use the EVF because I can block all the light and get a critical view. On the GH3, it is simply not as sharp as the GH2 despite the increased resolution. The files are sharp on the computer but I have a harder time verifying it in camera beforehand.I’m always fiddling with the diopter, hoping that this is the problem but it’s not. The view that I see is grainy or pixel-ly. Not crystal clear, like on my GH2. Ot sure what to do about this as I like handling the GH3 much better than the GH2.

    • homer

      Hey hmr, I had the same complaint, then I found out it only does it if you shoot raw. If you shoot jpegs you can check.critical focus up to the 16x no problem, but if you shoot raw you can take it as far as 4x, and you have to give it a second or two before it sharpens up. What I did is shoot raw+jpeg and that way I get the jpeg preview and can check critical focus.

      • Olympus Panasonic Corp

        Enjoy our amateurish gh3. enjoy the evf power drain and the overpriced equipment you have bought from us. Enjoy being laughed at when real world pprofessionals look at your amateurish gh3 and enjoy crying in the corner alone and enjoy it before we abandon our system someday. It is garanteed.

        • thorn

          A client paid $1700 last week for footage shot with my substandard, amateurish Panasonic gear. I really wish I’d used a Canon 5Dmk7vIII, so I could have charged triple for the same result. I’m crying in the corner, all the way to the bank.

          Though now that I think about it, the client never even asked what kind of camera I had. Not sure he cared about anything other than the quality of the video, actually. But still, I’m sure I could have convinced him that Canon or Nikon video would have been worth $5K.

          • Olympus Panasonic Corp

            Yes, sure you did. And we are Marry Poppins too. Enjoy our overpriced amateurish equipment but do not push it anything other than. It is not honest of you and wishful thinking or lying will get you nowhere in this world ruled by companies who do and make professional equipment.

    • Vince

      Got the same issue, the screen is pixely/low res

  • Anonymous

    It’s important to note that while some people are complaining about the EVF, there are also many people saying they have no issues at all. It’s no clear if this is sample to sample variation in the EVF, or that different people have different sensitivities. But to imply, as this article does, that the GH3 has a bad EVF and that everyone is complaining about it isn’t supported by the facts.

  • homer

    And I have a gh3 and have handled another one, they are both fine. In fact the colors are dead accurate. I’m pretty sure this is either made up or maybe one or two people tops have the problem.

  • Newbie Here

    Hmmm. I can’t seem to use my cheap chinese LCD viewfinder on the GH3. It seems that the magnets at the back of the LCD viewfinder activates or bugs the GH3’s touchscreen, making it inverted from top to bottom. Is this a common phenomenon?

    • homer

      Magnets and capacitive touch screens don’t get along

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