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GH3 already shipping in UK and Germany!


The in Stock status info at Wex Germany

43rumors reader Toby just sent me that good news: “I just received my GH3 body that I pre-ordered from Wexphotographic UK. Seems stock is now getting shipped! Just thought you might like to know. its still showing as pre-order on their site but I have mine!  Still waiting on the battery grip-they said yesterday that we can expect that in 2-3 weeks. Thanks, keep up the good work.

And here is the netx good news. The GH3 with 12-35mm X lens is now marked as in Stock at Wex Germany (Click here)!

That’s a good news becuase it means that Panasonic kept the promise to start shipping the camera by end of November! Great!

Check price and delivery dates at Amazon , Adorama, BhphotoPanasonic USSamys and in Europe at Wexphotographic UK and Technikdirekt.


  • Bob

    yawn… :-)

  • Heat Legend

    At those prices I’m not surprised that they are letting them get the first shipments.

    • Joe

      I suspect the prices will drop soon as £2000 for a MFT camera with a lens is a lot of bangers’n’mash…

  • I think Panasonic have always be on time in Europe, Germany and Asia (where the profit is)…

  • Yun

    GH3 is not for me !
    Any news what is next ?

    • G6 (presumable same sensor)

      • joe

        really!!, what this news?

        i remember i saw G6/GF6 with new maga-pixel sensor,
        i so boring about 16mpx sensor for all format (aps-c/NEX-OM-D,G5,GX1 and GH3)

  • roger48

    Mine arrived this morning from Wex. Feels very good and has version 1.0 firmware. Looking forward to giving it a good trial when we get some sun! Yes I know it is weatherproofed.

    • Toby

      Have you had any luck with pairing your smart phone thruogh wifi yet? It seems it just doesnt want to work.

      • roger48

        Why would I want to connect to a smartphone?

  • Wayne Wong

    € 2199 … holy ****…..

    • Just take in account that the lens itself is more than 1000 EUR. Very expensive, though…

      • Gaytan
        • Max Palmer

          Humm. I have just received my GH3. Really not as big as I expected and great to hold. There is something slightly odd about the viewfinder but it’s not enough of a problem for me to worry about it.

          Now, I’m tempted to return mine if I can order one with the 12-35mm lens from Hopefully they’ll ship to the UK. That’s a great price.

          Anyone ordered from them before?

  • I gotta place an order quick. I might be able to get the camera sooner than I expected.

  • EASY

    Very expensive.
    After this OM-D looks like a good deal…

    • Conrad

      GH3 body is 1199 euro.
      EM5 body is 1099 euro.

      Neither is a better deal than the ohther, I’d say.

      • EASY

        £999 v £1199.
        20% price difference.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Complain to Panasonic UK, not us, if they’re ripping you off.

          DSLRs costing half of E-M5 have more grip and E-M5 needs that expensive grip set for having something to grip from in camera.
          After that its controls are far below GH3 with E-M5’s rear buttons crammed into way too small space because of that 1″ too big for body size display and retarded analog mechanical era positioned rear dial/wheel. GH3 also has properly sized high capacity battery.

          So now which one is the overpriced…

          • bart

            You can buy DSLRs half the price of an E-M5, you can also buy DSLRs double the price of an E-M5, for that matter, 5x the price of an E-M5 is also quite possible.

            A D800 costs 2/3 of a D4? why? Both are just full-frame DSLRs!

            Really, Esa, we know the E-M5 isn’t your camera, and that is totally fine, you have your requirements, and it doesn’t meet those. Please go buy a GH3 or such.

            Suggesting however that your requirements are true for everyone or just most people is just silly.

            So, the E-M5 is too small FOR YOUR LIKING.
            There is absolutely no way whatsoever you can decide on it being too small for others, and your urge to keep doing this makes you look totally ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as all those people who aren’t going to buy a GH3, but keep whining about it being too big.

      • Anonymous

        The E-M5 body is not 1099 euros, you can find a store that sells them for 899 easily.

    • How is the GH3 expensive? It’s designed for pros with pro features, is there another Micro 4/3 camera designed for pros?

      Also if you consider for a moment how expensive pro bodies are for other formats you’ll start to realize that the price of the GH3 is quite good. Think of the price of a Canon pro body with the new 24-70 and you could get three or four GH3’s.

      • EASY

        It is not proven this is PRO camera.
        Not because Panasonic said so.
        Just another camera with small sensor…

        • Nikon D800 is also “just another camera with small sensor”. Comparing to mid format or large format, obviously.

          • marko

            Oh please…:)

        • Anonymous

          Small sensor LIKE the OMD?

          Haters gon’ Hate… GH3 is the better camera Period.

  • homer

    Wow, Olympus fanboys are bleeding to death over here…

  • moomin

    After trying one out.
    No bloody way Im paying over a grand for a GH3 body in the UK.
    Theres nothing that camera offers photography wise that isnt already available from other companies CHEAPER and with vastly better results Jpeg and Raw.
    Photo image quality still falls short in comparison to apsc cameras from Nikon & Sony. Panasonic are pricing this near full frame prices.
    Good luck to you who are buying it…got more money than sense.
    Video mode is great though…maybe they should of just made the thing a interchangable camcorder and give up on the photography side.

    • Esrhan

      You’ve missed the point completely. The GH3 is the first proper and relatively cheap hybrid camera that takes RAW stills and also functions as a semi-professional camcorder. It comes with a good video codec that uses high bitrates and there’s no line skipping. No other company offers that unless you add at least two more grand to the price. Just ask Sony how bad their interchangeable lens camcorders have done so far in the market.

      • moomin

        “The GH3 is the first proper and relatively cheap hybrid camera that takes RAW stills and also functions as a semi-professional camcorder”

        How so? Like the GH2 before it? Its a LOT cheaper :-)

        Owning a few cameras (including a GH2 and a pro camcorder) I can say without a doubt that a dslr fuctions as a semi pro camcorder for video work. The fast AF/powerzoom and ergonomics just aint there on DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.

        The GH3 is overpriced for what you get. THAT is all I am saying.

    • roger48

      So go buy something else then you miserable git. This is a site for m43 so bugger off and troll elsewhere.

      • jb

        fanboy alert!

    • What an ignorant comment. You’re looking at the GH3 as if its a still camera. Its much more then a still camera and the tools you get make shooting much easier and faster then before. What other pro body and lens combo that shoots stills and HD video this easy can you get for the same price? Non because there are none made.

      • moomin

        No im looking at it as a hybrid.
        Why not look at it as a stills camera anyway? Its ergonomics amd features are aimed for stills purposes. Its aimed at the Pro photography market as well as the pro video market.
        Panasonic are aiming for Canon.
        But again the stills side is weak in comparison. Too many are focusing on the great video quality.
        And there are the Nex line that shoots video and superior stills easily for less.
        “Pro body and lens combo” what? because its weathersealed or the hiked price?
        You may say im ingnorant but you sir are naive.

        • Anonymous

          Watch out, we´ve got a lonely troll seeking for attention over here!!

        • jake

          Could you please elaborate on the tools that “make shooting much easier and faster then before”?
          Bottom line is GH3 seems really nice for video (arguably similar to/not better than a hacked GH2) and just OK for photos. All of it at a very premium price.

          • moomin

            Exactly. Having a play today with the GH3 the videos are great. Stills not so much.
            I found it to be nothing astounding except it has a nicer larger screen and a bit more heft to it.

            • Anonymous

              Shoots just as good stills as the OMD IF not better. For MFT, what’s wrong with that?

    • joe

      you are only photographer but stupid on video mode/cinematographer .

      • jake

        @Giulio Sciorio of course:)

        • jake

          damn, it’s impossible to properly comment on this site, it’s all over the place.

        • joe


  • airrphoto

    The GH3 looks good to me even though the new 2.8 lenses are overpriced! Remember, Low end full-frame Bodies cost $2100.00 US and this GH3 has features that exceed these cameras in video capabilities especially the Nikon D600.

    Btw…does the Panasonic DMW-MA1 Lumix G 4/3 DSLR Mount Adapter work on this camera?

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > does the Panasonic DMW-MA1 Lumix G 4/3 DSLR Mount Adapter work on this camera?
      Now why would it suddenly change to physically incompatible and incapable to passing through communication between lens and another m4/3 body?

      Of course if you want weather sealing then you need Olympus MMF-3 adapter.

  • OneQuarterSensor

    Whoa this is too funny :)

  • Anonymous

    So we’re actually going to get professional reviews with production bodies and firmware now? Wooo!

  • Gh3 on its way

    So when the gh3 gets hacked it will eat a hacked gh2 for breakfast

  • Anonymous

    Hilarious as usual here. Olympus fanboys are TIGHT that Panasonic has a camera that puts all Theirs to shame. It hasn’t been good news lately for you all, huh?

    First, the 17mm gets Pooped on, now the GH3 hitting stores. The limelight is about to dim on your precious Olympus cameras. That is until Olympus next big thing.

    You had the spotlight with the OMD. Move over.

  • homer

    What truly amazes here is the amount of beta testers on this site. The camera just shipped and yet there’s already about a million people here who have “tried it out”. Where is this magical place where you go and try cameras out before they even come out? You know, besides your imagination…

    • MikeH

      @homer – The trolls don’t have anything to type if they can’t claim that they have ‘tried it out’. I’m sure that includes extensive comparisons, shot to shot, against their favorite APS-C or full frame models with full size prints and the like… This is, of course, only in their imagination – because they don’t back their statements up with any proof. It is hard for them to come to grips that the EM5 and GH3 might be better choices for many consumers than the larger sensor cameras. They need to hold onto some hope or they might just start jumping off of tall buildings, and we don’t want to see anyone hurt here so let them live their dreams. :)

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