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This is Fzeros new 25mm f/0.95 Cine lens



Fzeros (website here) released a new 25mm f/0.95 Micro Four Thirds lens. This is a Cine lens that costs $899 at Amazon US (Click here).

Fzeros 0.95 Bokeh Dream Lens from FZeros on Vimeo.

It has a super precise focus control:

The super-precise focus control makes it all-the-more handy and instantaneous for travel, fashion and cine photographers, to steer control of time and motion, caging it all with eleven aperture blades and geared-driven focus and zoom that extends to a range beyond 17cm (0.59 ft), bringing the most distant objects within your photographic reach and fitting them well within your defined gridlines.


The specs are:

Model: FZeros 25mm T0.95 Master Prime
Mount: M 4/3
Focal Length: 25mm
Maximum Aperture: T / 0.95
Minimum Aperture: T / 16
Lens Construction: 9 Groups 11 Elements
Angel of View: 47.3°
Aperture Blades: 11
Minimum Focus: 0.59ft / 0.17m
Macro Ratio: 1 : 3.9
Filter Size: 46mm
Maximum Diameter: 120mm
Hood FH-M77A Provided
Weight: 640g


You can even engrave a message on the lens. Check out the video:

FZeros Laser Engraving from FZeros on Vimeo.

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