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Full E-M1 firmware update features and fix list!


Got some more “material” about the Em1 firmware update. All I can tell is that there is no 4K video recording. But as you know we also got images from sources showing otherwise. I suspect the 2.0 firmware will not have 4K while the Olympus may announce a future 4K firmware update after Photokina. Anyway, we will know that for sure in a few hours…

Here is the full features/fix list:

-Image display time lag: 16 msec  (frame rate setting is high speed)
-Multiple simultaneous settings now available in Live Guide
– Exposure compensation (±3 EV) is now available in HDR 1/HDR2 shooting
– A function was added to cancel Color Creator and return to the original Picture Mode by pressing the MENU button when using Color Creator function
– Even when Art Filter is set for the Picture Mode in movie shooting, the Movie Tele-converter can now be used
– AF function for each frame was added to Custom Self Timer. In Drive Mode’s Custom Self Timer settings, you can now press the INFO button to change settings
– MF Assist is now supported in magnified frame position
– 3x has been added to high resolution magnified Live View
– The Peaking display frame rate has been improved
– Electronic zoom speed setting function was added. An icon appears on the LCD monitor when using the olympus  zoom lens
– When the arrow pad is set to Direct function, the Underwater/Underwater macro functions can be used with the left and down button on the arrow pad
– Double tap is now supported in touch operations on the Super Control Panel
– The level gauge and histogram can now be displayed during magnified frame display. The Touch Off icon was added to magnified frame display
– A function was added so that shooting information recorded in HDR1/HDR2 can be viewed in the playback screen
– Information on composited number of shots for images recorded with Live Composite was added (Can be checked in Olympus Viewer3)
– When the BKT button is pressed for seconds, the BKT menu now appears
-Keystone Compensation (Digital Shift)
-Tethered Shooting System (OLYMPUS capture)
-Live Composite
-Zoom In/Out and Layout have been added to Photo Story. Save (complete partway through), Temporary Save, and Resume functions have been added to Photo Story mode
-New Art Filter: Vintage and Partial color
-Old film effect
– The Aperture Lock function has been added to Aperture Preview
– The Panning Shot shooting mode has been added to SCN mode

Again: I got clear evidence about 4K update on E-M1 from two sources (including images I didn’t post here). I hope Olympus will also release some official info about that. My guess for now is that it’s coming with a 3.0 firmware update or so…

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