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Fuji X PRO 1 gets price and preorder option. A serious OM-D contender?


There is now a final price and preorder option for the Fuji X PRO 1:
$1699 at Amazon US (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
Lenses are available too at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).

Along the Sony NEX-7 ($1200) this will become the main competitor of the Olympus OM-D which rumored price is around $1100. I have no clue if the X PRO 1 will sell well with that price. And I guess there will be a tuff battle between the OM-D and that camera. Based on rumors and early X PRO 1 test (See Fujirumors) I guess that this is the advantages-disadvantages list:

Olympus OM-D advantages:
– Cheaper
– Weather sealed
– Better video quality
– Super fast autofocus
– Smaller body (if you care about size)
– Lens line up (and powerzoom lens availability)
– built-in stabilization
– tilting LCD

Fuji X PRO 1 advantages:
– Superb image quality
– Hybrid viewfinder

But this is just a list based on rumors and not yet tested cameras. But I want to hear your thoughts on this!

  • Charlie

    At $2,300.00 not in the same price category,

    Not an auto-focus contender if first reports bear out,

    Not a size contender as it’s closer to the D3100.

    We’ll have to see about the rest.

    • MJr

      Agreed. Currently has only 3 (native) lenses, and it’s not even weather sealed :(.

      • DonTom

        The turf battle will be between the “E-M5” and the NEX-7, and Olympus will price under that, as the NEX-7 has a larger sensor.
        Camera prices relate to positioning as much as actual cost, no one surely believes the E-P3 cost twice as much to produce as the E-PM1?
        The new Olly will compare really well against the NEX-7, especially being weatherproof, if it’s $50 cheaper.

      • Berneck1

        But, those first three lenses are pretty nice, as far as specs go. You have to admit, Fuji believes in this system and they are doing it right immediately out of the box. Something the other companies don’t do! Instead of starting with crappy kit lenses they are going straight for the high end…

    • Berneck1

      Higher price aside, this is very much a contender. To me, the X PRO 1 is a photographer’s camera in its purest form. It’s simplicity is what makes it close to a perfect camera. I hope the OM-D comes close to that simplicity, although it’s harder because you won’t have aperture dials on the lenses. So far, I like what I see.

    • krugorg

      Agree completely… the Fuji looks great, but it is a bit of a chunky brick.

      I really hope that the OM-D is the same size, roughly, as the E-P3 (assuming of course a little bump extra on top), so m4/3 maintains its size advantage.

  • BLI

    I have invested in the Nikon system and the m43 system (“big” and “small”). The Fuji looks very nice, and I would have seriously considered if this would be my first or second system. But I don’t think there is room for a third, in between, system.

  • amiter

    Wrong link to Fujirumors.

    • admin

      Fixed sorry!
      P.S.: it’s -16 Grad Celsius right now! Still clearing the set outside :(

  • It’s still a different camera than the yet-to-be-seen OM-D series, more expensive and likely meant for more leisurely shooting, not stabilized, not weatherproof, but probably capable of very high image quality. It’s competition, but it’s also competition with Leica.

  • tobiasNEX7n

    the x pro 1 w lens is only $100 more then the nex 7 with CZ 24mm, I guess it will appeal to traditionalists

  • y3k

    Congrat Fuji:D

  • P

    First thing I don’t understand is how Olympus were able to price the camera so low. They had priced the E-5 around 1700 EUR , body only and the E-P3 at 1000 EUR with (old ) kit lens. Now this one at 1000 EUR with kit lens…something looks strange to me. I hope they haven’t done any cost cutting in the wrong areas and that this does not affect the durability of the cameras, which I think was very good on E-system cameras. I would have expected the OM-D to cost around 1300-1400 EUR with the kit lens which would have been in line with other semi-pro full weather sealed bodies.

    • reggieandtfe

      Maybe they’re trying to make up for over-pricing the E-p3?

      • Charlie

        Maybe Fuji is priced too high? Along with V1, G1x.

        • Z

          a) Fuji overprices since they are aiming for a niche market, and likely not mass producing, as this is a brand new product for them. They need to pay back the high R&D cost.

          b) Olympus likely already have decent estimates of how much the OMD will sell as m4/3 market is much more mature and better defined. Hence they can produce it at higher quantities and at a lower cost. Also much of the development cost (lenses, system) has already been paid back over the last couple years.

          Olympus/Panasonic are the Canon/Nikon of the mirror less systems! They can be much more competitive.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Retro brick isn’t any replacement for any of the above bottom level 4/3 DLSRs so why should it cost as much?
      Lack of modern control layout and ergonomy isn’t valid reason for that.

      • camerageek

        Bwahahahaha Silly Peasant!!!!!

  • Pei

    [Repeating what I’ve stated on “Olympus 12-50mm in Stock at BHphoto (updated GX1 status)”]

    With 12-50 MSRPing at $500, there is no way OM-D bundled with this lens can be sold for $1150-1300 as rumor suggested as that would mean OM-D’s body price is the same or lower than E-P3’s.

    OM-D is either going to be boundled with 14-42mm or 17mm for $1200+ or $1150-1300 for body alone.

    • Rob

      The E-P3’s kit 14-42mm lens is $299 if you buy it separately. You can’t necessarily subtract the cost of the lens from the bundle and get the body-only price.

      • Pei

        The 14-42 is going for $120 on eBay and that’s the actual street price. Who is going to pay $300 for lens that’s forces on you every time you buy an Olympus?

    • Jonko

      Buying a kit lens separately without a body has always cost a lot more than the price difference between the body only camera and the camera with kit lens.

      • Pei

        This is the only weather sealed m4/3 lens and the only powered Olympus lens. It is as kit lens as Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM is. Olympus will not try to discount this lens much so I doubt the price rumored includes the lens.

    • Wt21


  • $1700 is quite a niche non-professional camera in digital times, when equipment gets outdated in 2 years max. I would buy only if I can make money with it.

    • admin

      $1700 is close to the $200 where you can buy FF DSLR cameras. Hmmm…

      • Exactly, and FF DSLR is a tool that designed for business, not leisure.

      • P

        Full frames are selliing around $2000 right now, because they are already 3 years old. Newer offerings from Nikon, Canon, Sony will cost $3000 (body only).

        $1500-$1700 is still the semi pro zone and this is where, I think the OM-D ( with lens) should be priced with its weather sealing, and magnesium body.

      • twoomy

        When the D800 is announced, $2000 for FF will be a distant memory.

        • Pei

          SONY A99 or A88 will still be a $2000ish FF.

      • rrr_hhh

        Yes, but Fuji claims that it’s APSC sensor offers the same IQ as FF cameras, so in their logic it makes sense. Same IQ, less weight and less cumbersome and 200$ less, less gimmicky controls, I’ll take one if the focus is fast enough !

    • pingflood

      Outdated in 2 years? Still plenty of people shooting with Canon 1DsII (released 2004) and 1DsIII (released 2008). The ones who feel the need to constantly upgrade are generally amateurs who obsess over dpreview and dxomark, while the pros are out shooting and making money.

      • pingflood, Fuji is nowhere near the camera that pro’s will be using _for work_.

        • pingflood

          That was not my point. My point was that the whole “outdated in 2 years” is something created by the people endlessly obsessing over 100% crops and noise data keep perpetuating, and is no doubt loved and encouraged by the manufacturers. The people who are busy shooting professionally don’t waste time pouring over dxomark scores and comparisons, but rather pick the tools that are “good enough” to do the job. Fact is, for the vast majority of people any camera made since, oh, 2004 or so is indeed “good enough”.

          The same people complaining about the noise visible in 100% crop of an ISO 3200 shot has likely never PRINTED one of those shots. Even at 13×19″ prints, what looks like a “too noisy” image on the computer can make for excellent output.

          • Cansalt

            @Pingflood please don’t waste your/my time with your “good enough” drivel, it is insulting to people that are passionate about cameras and camera technology. I for one use a GF1 and a 7D for professional work and would love to get a 4/3 camera with better DXOmark scores. DXO scores are accurate a GF1 is not as good as a 7D but a Nex7 is, and that is my next camera. Unless the Fuji or the OMD gets high DXO scores.

            • bilgy_no1


              This is a bit sick: choosing the camera based on DXO sensor score.

              1) It says nothing about real results
              2) there’s more to a camera than just the sensor: how about lenses for a start?
              3) All modern cameras produce excellent results, so choose one that suits you, and don’t obsess over quasi scientific tests.
              4) just enjoy shooting images.

            • pingflood

              @Cansalt: You make it fairly clear what type of photographer you are when you quote wanting “better DXOmark scores” as the reason for a new camera, rather than better images. VERY few photographers today are limited by their gear in any way, and those who claim to be are either delusional or on the very cutting edge of some small niche. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which category you fall under.

              • Cansalt

                @Pingflood I did not make it clear enough but when I said that the DXO marks are accurate, I meant that in my experience the GF1 does not have a good enough sensor to replace my 7D. I wish it did. I have tested the GF1 in studio, and on assignment. I have compared several controlled shots from the GF1 against the 7D and concluded that it falls short. Then I discovered DXO and it backed up my conclusions. The GF1 shines as a street shooting and family camera. The 4/3 system needs better sensors. period. I for one go on this site to see when we are going to get a better camera body (thus a better DXO mark score). Please explain to me why you frequent this site if your camera equipment is more than adequate. This is a future product (camera) rumors site. Please wikipedia “internet troll”.

        • Steve

          Who cares what the pros will be using for work? I want the best camera for the images I want to make, and I want it to be comfortable, intuitive, light, and reliable.

          Does it need to be “The Best”? No, it needs to be the best for me.

      • @pingflood Finally some sense in the comments. Well said.

      • Gino you are mistaken. It might not be the camera that the average ‘meat and potatoes’ shooter uses in their business but for many professionals this will work.

        • Sure it will work, same as equipment that pro’ supposedly have already, so what’t the point to hurt a bottom line.

    • Bidou

      2 years ? Like 5d mark II & D700 ? ( I don’t even speak of more pro stuff like 1d, d4 or medium format … )

      I think you mismatch “pro” and “dumb tech nerds on the Internet”.

  • MikeD

    XPro will be my ‘big’ system and m43 will be my small system… No move to V1 system until lens lineup would top the m43 group..

    • MJr

      It’s SLR + m4/3 for me. Not to undermine the small system because both can do some serious photography, just differently. It’s nice because normally lens-size is a big factor even for SLR, and that limits things. But having both i can just say i have m43 for that, and get whatever size glass i need for my SLR.

  • c.d.embrey

    The X-Pro1 is aimed at Young Traditionalists, a niche market. I’d call the Hybrid Viewfinder a minus, for many people.

    • Whats the name again? X1…PRO as in professional as in its designed to be used for those that have a profession in photography. Sure non pros will purchase it too but its aimed at pros.

      Fuji made many pro rangefinders in the film age and now they are doing the same with digital.

      • c.d.embrey

        Martin Schoeller is still shooting with a Texas Leica (Fuji GSW690III) But Fuji has replaced the Pro GSW cameras with the GF670, which is aimed at fans of 1930s German Folders. Too bad you can’t buy a GSW690III today. Or a GSW690IV-D Digital Medium Format range finder.

  • Bob B. is sort of impossible to compare an actual camera (XPro1)with a bunch of rumors. Duh.
    I have to say…based on the lack of critical sharpness in the images coming from the Fuji Website and now the private sector I am VERY disappointed in the level of quality from the Fuji. I may just be seeing images with too much NR…but the Leica images downsized to compete…BLOW IT AWAY. Too bad.
    Throw in the cost, lack of lenses (right now) and slow focus…and what initially sounded quite exciting…is not something I am drawn to. I thought I would have been.
    I will keep my FF DSLR Kit and my MFT….My mind might change somewhat if I could see some razor sharp images from the camera.

    • Pei

      Downsized 18mp to 16mp to compete? Why? The difference is so small just compare at 100%.

      • Bob B.

        Fair is fair. (it really isn’t a fair comparison anyway…being that the Leica is a FF sensor).

        • Bob B.

          Charlie…(posted above you…sorry), I REALLY want XPro1 to be stellar too….maybe I am missing something. I say…just keep my extensive MFT kit with all these lenses…and hang in until a camera comes out with more DR and we are good. If that happens the MFT cameras I have now can dance circles around the Fuji from a performance standpoint! What we need is dynamic range…(which the Fuji sensor has in spades). If we can have that, why go elsewhere?

    • Charlie

      I agree.

      X Pro1 was ultimately quite disappointing on a few levels for me.

    • Steve

      What does BLOW IT AWAY mean? I see lovely printed images from small sensors such as m4/3 in magazines all the time (Japanese enthusiast mags like Camera Life, f5.6, etc). There is no absolute standard in IQ, it’s all subjective.

  • I think $1100 will be body only price. Still considerably cheaper than the Fuji. Add to the advantages already listed the in-body IS and it’s a much better deal than the Fuji (on paper). If, and only if, the sensor does deliver a very good performance as rumored (it doesn’t have to match the Fuji one that’s bigger, but should be within 1 f-stop behind).

    The advantage in resolution (due to no AA filter) and high ISO (due to APS-C sensor size) of the Fuji should not be too important compared to the kind of advantages that the OM-D might have. Honestly, if all is true about the OM-D I think that Olympus really has a winner this time.

    The NEX-7? A good competitor to the OM-D, with better IQ (if you shoot raw), but IMO with less appeal to photographers than an Olympus camera. Also not weather sealed, no in-body IS, few lenses,…

    I hope that Panasonic will join the party too with a great camera coming soon!

  • Narretz

    Wow, wow slow down admin. We don’t even know what the Fuji can do, and what not, and not to mention that we don’t even know if the specs as rumored are true regarding the OM-D! Sometimes I think it is better to be a little more conservative with interpreting the rumors!

  • ertu

    The new Fuji is not nearly as attractive as the x100and the pricing is ridiculous. I would definitely prefer the Olympus.

    • camerageek

      That is because you live in poverty peasant! This camera is priced perfectly to keep the unclean little people away from it. It wasn’t made for fools like you!

  • Opposite to Bob B. I think the Fuji images I’ve seen have stellar IQ. Many others on the net percieves them as I do. The Fuji will have better IQ (DR + High ISO) than the OM-D (larger sensor + no AA filter. It is though a very special camera that not everyone need/can handle. The hybrid VF is very important to some as is the IQ.
    The OM-D is more mainstream, the first (?)mature m43 camera that is more multi-purpose. Super AF speed is not on top of everybodys requirements list. Will it really deliver in the image side with improved DR?
    It (the OM-D) may be it is a better built camera and with a little better IQ compared to G3/GX1. – And better EVF and speed. This may be enough for an upgrade for some, but not for me.

    • Anonymous

      +10 I agree with you

      Fuji made their camera as A Photography tool rather than Panny [G3,GX1,GF3]which just made a camera like A COMPUTER TOYS WITH A LENS.

      Fuji is a Camera maker who knows exactly the need of photographer,..see the example ,.with the lens they comes up,..ALL OF THEM IS FIXED LENS’ ,.again compare to Panny who just make another TOY with POWER ZOOM ,.NO FAST APERTURE as for the improovement,,the image quality is not better than the old 14-45.

      even the newest GX1 has SMEARED COLOR,AND LESS DETAIL THAN THE OUTSTANDING GF1,.If have to say ,.there no progress what so ever in the term of image quality for the past 2 years,..

      • deniz

        ‘Fuji is a Camera maker who knows exactly the need of photographer’

        i need a camera with a proper focus method. m43 has fast AF, nex has focus peaking, leica m has a rangefinder. what does fuji have?

        • mooboy

          Agree with deniz. For me, the biggest drawback to the Fuji was focus by wire. I realise m43 system also ‘suffers’ from this, but at least their CDAF isn’t so bad, and I kind of accept it in a ‘small’ system.

      • Richard_K

        “Fuji is a Camera maker who knows exactly the need of photographer”

        I’m not sure about this. At $1700 USD, I need a camera featuring a accurate, superbly fast auto focus system. I do need a camera which assists me to focus manually efficiently and precisely, like what Canon or Nikon offer in their $1000 – $2000 bodies.

        I also want a camera offering me a wide range of lens.

        At $1700, I also would like to have 3D server focus, like what OM-D, Nikon, or Cannon have.

        Great IQ may be useless if you have poor focus system.

        I don’t mind buying a $1700 body as long as its price tag makes sense. When we buy almost $2000 camera system, we should evaluate the whole performance. We don’t evaluate just the image quality and ISO, do we?

  • soldar

    the price is just not fair, all people wanted was an x100 without bugs and the ability to take off the built in lens and change it.
    it should have been 1100$ like the x100 with a kit lens prime :(
    that would have sold like hot cakes.

    • Narretz

      They will make this camera. But I see the advantage of introducing the new sensor technology with a more professional product.

  • Sample images from the Fuji are starting to appear, and the consensus (which I share) is that the image quality isn’t as impressive as the rumors had fantasized. It has plus and minus points, but in terms of overall image quality it looks as if it will be on a par with other good small-sensor 16mp cameras.

    So far the new Olympus is strictly a vaporcamera, so it’s a bit silly to compare the performance of something which we know only on the basis of hearsay (the Fuji) to something we don’t know at all (the Olympus.)

    But it does seem to me that after everything shakes out in this newly-emerging “premium mirrorless” segment, the Fuji will sell mostly to people who value its traditional-style design, construction and controls; the Sony NEX-7 will sell to advanced-tech fans; and the Olympus will fall somewhere in between. That may in fact turn out to be the best place to be: A blend of classic feel and modern tech is probably what most of the customers in this segment really want.

    Meanwhile, I can’t help wondering what Panasonic will do. They certainly have the capability to design and build any kind of camera that they think will sell, and they can’t help having noticed that there’s money to be made here. The GX-1 has gotten good reviews, and a “GX Pro” with a built-in EVF and a few other goodies surely couldn’t be too much of a stretch for them…

    • DonTom

      Panny will make a GH3, with weatherproofing. They have no reason to change what’s working. Later in the year we’ll get a RF styled “GRF” to compete with the NEX-7.

      • But is the GH2 working? I’ve never seen it high on the Amazon sales list or the Japanese BCN rankings. And while some people clearly do love the current shape, it seems just as many complain that it’s not a rangefinder-like form factor.

        Clearly the NEX-7 has generated far more buzz than the GH2 ever did, and when it comes down to it, what really is the difference between them other than the shape/design?

        • “Clearly the NEX-7 has generated far more buzz than the GH2 ever did…”

          Clearly you don’t remember the GH2-mania when it first appeared — people were calling Panasonic and waiting on hold for hours trying to get their shipping status; forums were burning up with messages about “I just bought one at Dealer X and they said they have two more” followed by barrages of phone calls; forums also were burning with angry complaints about mixed messages from Panasonic (“Yes, it’s shipping/no, it isn’t shipping yet”) etc., etc. I went through all that.

          Yes, “the buzz” certainly died down after that — Panasonic eventually got its distribution sorted out, and those of us who wanted a GH2 were able to get them and since then we’ve quietly been making nice pictures and videos with them. Same is going to happen with the NEX-7 and the Fuji and every other new camera.

  • Too early for any judgments on the X Pro 1 or OM-D, heck we don’t even know if OM-D will be the official name yet!

    I was thinking about getting the GX1 to replace my aging GF1, and was intrigued by X Pro 1 and OM-D. However, X Pro 1 is simply too expensive for a non-micro 4/3 camera, and while its image quality may be superior, I might be better off buyinga dSLR. And for OM-D…. unless its quality is much more superior than the GX1, it is too expensive for a retro design.

  • Jason

    The Fuji is compelling, but I’ll go with the OM-D. The day it comes out I will get it…

    • pingflood

      Without even knowing what it is?

  • JSB

    Let’s see do I go with internet expert Bob or the two professional photographers who have used the camera, posted photos today are and comparing it to a 5D MKII or the other professional photographer who shoots Nikon and said it outperforms his D3 or the Online Photographer who wrote:

    “Very small detail of a much larger portrait shot by Michael Coyne with the new Fuji X-Pro1 at ISO 1000. Early trials don’t contradict the notion that X-Pro1 image quality will be state of the art.”

    I think I’ll skip Bob’s internet ramblings. Keep looking at those arm hairs Bob.

    For some reason I’m having no issues whatsoever making this my second camera to go with the D3 (and will be getting a D4).

    • Bob B.

      JSB. I am not the only one who thinks that the files lack sharpness. I was a commercial photographer for over 30 years. Product illustration, etc. I like Fuji as a company I used their lenses on my view cameras for years. I now just shoot for the enjoyment and use a 5DMkII and some MFT equipment.
      I think that the sensor has incredible dynamic range and the colors are really vibrant…but the images I have seen are not critically sharp. IMO. For $3500 for a kit with three lenses…it should all be there.

      • camerageek

        I call bullshit! If you were really a professional once you wouldn’t let a Micro Four Turd camera near you! You are merely a foolish peasant sitting in his own body wastes typing at your computer wishing to again walk among the elite!

        • Bob B.

          yo geek…I sell prints made with my MFT camera in galleries every month.

          • camerageek

            The bottom of birdcages are hardly galleries Bob B! Muahahahahahha

            • man you are annoying. Tell us what you do with your cameras… please.

              • camerageek

                I take photographs, not fauxtographs like you Micro Four Turdists!

    • “Let’s see do I go with internet expert Bob or the two professional photographers who have used the camera…”

      How about if you wait until it’s actually widely available, examine results, maybe try one out at a dealer, and then go with YOUR OWN evaluation of how it will fit YOUR needs… nah, I guess that isn’t nearly as exciting as trying to be the first one to get his pre-order from Amazon…

  • mantamanta

    it’s an om-d killer, not a contender

    • It’s a different kind of animal really. Within the MFT price range, the OM-D is going to be the leader and it might actually hurt Sony more than anybody else.

      People who consider the Fuji wouldn’t have considered a MFT in the first place I think.

      • Anonymous

        I agree. Olympus has the lens advantage. They need to get ahead of the NEX-7. This may be their only chance…. They need to get it right! 8 more days and we’ll start to have an idea what we are dealing with!!!!

    • Steve

      Without even seeing the OM-D specs, let alone output images?

  • Admin, don’t get carried away. The Fuji does not have to compete against the Olympus at its price point. The high ISO prints that Fuji presented already demonstrate that the image quality at high ISO values beats much larger sensors than its own. It will be very disappointing to keep up hopes for a MFT camera to even get close to that.

    I have some money to spend on new tech toys this year and I’ll probably go with the Fuji and the 35mm lens. If the auto-focus is fast enough that is – and it doesn’t need to be close to the PEN’s or OM-D’s performance. I already own an E-5 which is fast enough for me (probably still beats a PEN in real life situations). What I want is a small (enough) camera with excellent image quality at low light. I place my bets with Fuji for that.

    Who knows… I might end up buying the OM-D too… finally a good body to go with my Voigtlaender 25mm…

  • If the OM-D has a spectacularly good EVF, as hinted at, I prefer that to the Fuji X-pro1’s hybrid VF.

    • mantamanta

      does spectaclar good evf mean the VF-2 quality flicker-box? it better has some kind of OVF otherwise it stinks

  • Chuck

    Another nice mock-up from the livedoor site of the OM-D E-M1??

    • Yet another Livedoor mockup that have NO resemblance with the leaked pictures. Those guys really lack a sense for proportions.

    • I think the OM-D will have less height and have proportions similar to classic OM cameras. I also think the built in flash will be a pop up design like on the E-P3 in the same position.

  • Not sure, guys, but do you still think about this X Pro 1 as a beautifully designed camera?

    Should admit that’s retro, but it’s a bit cumbersome, and… hmm… the two different textures of leather imitation denote anything but really good taste.

    • Mr. Reeee

      No, the X Pro-1 is kind of lumpen and lacks elegance.

      I do like the fact that there are no graphics on the face. It saves the cost of a few inches of electrical tape!

      • vokuhila reini

        i guess you are looking for gh-2 elegance?

      • Bob B.

        Damn you, Mr. Reeeee. You made me go to my dictionary and look up the definition of a word, today. LOL

        • Mr. Reeee

          Sorry to strain you, buddy. ;-)

      • camerageek

        As if your foolish rantings have any bearing Mr. Reek! You wouldn’t know about good design sitting in your grandma’s panties while soiling yourself!

        • Bob B.

          I think the geek is kind of lumpen.

          • mooboy

            @Bob B.

            You just made my day with that comment :)

        • Mr. Reeee

          My foolish rantings pale in comparison, kiddo. You win.

          • camerageek

            Yes I win at being Godlike! You win in being a deluded Micro Four Turdist!

  • Don’t y’all find it a bit difficult to compare a real professional camera to a non-existent rumoured enthusiest point & shoot? I would hope the new rumoured Olympus point & shoot wil be a LOT less money than the professional Fuji. Other than that, this is like comparing apples and rumoured oranges.

    • Narretz

      You should really be careful with your words. You speak of the difficulty to compare a rumoured camera to an existing camera, but in the same sentence you call the rumoured camera an enthusiast point & shoot. Bad style, at least, and trolling at the worst.

      • Good point, Narretz; however, that’s what the rumoured camera is supposed to be, no? Gotta call it something until real facts present themselves. We actually have something in common: neither of us knows what Olympus will offer in the coming days. The only thing I know for sure is it won’t be in the same category as that new pro Fuji.

        Must get pretty boring living in a world where there are those who think just like you and everyone else are trolls, eh? :)

        • Berneck

          Really? You honestly think the OM-D will be nothing more than a point-and-shoot? Like a TS-3? How about the E-P3 or even the GF2? Are those point-and-shoots? They have full manual controls, interchangeable lenses, etc….very much the same flexibility the Fuji will have. Is a D3 set to auto simply a point-and-shoot, also?

          You’re not being called a troll because you may not think the same, it’s because you make a blantantly idiotic comment. If you can’t see that, then I appologize for challenging your disability.

          • Berzerk: Mmmm…. Naw, I think I’m being called a troll because I’m not a fanboy. The first offerings from Panny and Olympus were admittedly interesting, but after seeing a dozen incarnations of basically the same thing in a different dress, it got boring for me. I’m no Fuji fanboy either, but they sure were listening when they came up with their latest gear. I will agree, however, that the Fuji and Olympus have the same “flexibility.” Me, I’m more concerned with image quality and low noise performance. But, if holding up your flexibility flag helps you sleep better tonight, then knock yourself out. ;)

            • Berneck

              Hahah, I don’t care if you’re a fanboy or not. There are people, like you, who have their reasons for not liking m43, and I completely respect that. I have even considered moving away from the system, myself. There are still some times that I miss my 40D. However, the balance of size and image quality is what I like, so I deal with the things I dislike. Everything seems to have a compromise in some way.

              My point is that characterizing the OM-D as a “rumored enthusiast point-and-shoot” is shortsighted and a troll-like comment…. I think any reasonable person has to agree with that….

              • You’ve got me all wrong. I think the M4/3rds stuff is great for what it is. I also think the retro look is very cool. I just laugh when I hear people wanting to compare it to cmaeras that are not in its league. First it was the new Nikon D4 and now it’s the new pro Fuji. Me calling it a point & shoot is akin to others comparing it to a D4 or the Fuji. What I find so surprising is how quick others like you are to come to its defence. Olympus makes great cameras but have yet to make one that is worth comparing to the new Fuji or the D4.

          • camerageek

            The OM-D isn’t worthy of wiping the X100’s ass with it’s tongue much less the truly Omnipotent Fuji X Pro 1!!!!!!

            Weep filthy peasant so that we photographic elite may drink of your tears and mock you!

  • hey check these first photo with the x pro!


    • DR


      Absolutely so.

      Here are two pro photogs testing the camera in the South Australian Flinders Ranges. Both say they love the camera and the images it makes. These are both photographers who routinely use DSLR.

      Christian Fletcher is Australian Landscape Photographer of the year. I think he might know what he’s talking about.

      I’m not taking anything away from the OM-D. I hope it’s a great camera with an honest new sensor and not some Panasonic rehash. If it is, I will buy one anyway as my second camera behind the X-Pro1. Whichever way that goes, I think its pretty obvious that the OM-D will not have better image quality or high ISO then the X-Pro1.

      • “Here are two pro photogs testing the camera in the South Australian Flinders Ranges. Both say they love the camera and the images it makes. These are both photographers who routinely use DSLR.”

        Yes, they are photographers who were hand-picked by Fuji to be among the first users of a highly-sought-after new camera. So do you think Fuji picked them because of their hard-eyed skepticism and their willingness to be ruthlessly critical? Uh, I would guess not…

        • DR

          “So do you think Fuji picked them because”

          Jealousy much?

          Anyone in the target market segment would jump at the opportunity. These are credible people to have been given the opportunity. Being pre-production cameras sponsored by Fuji I guess we still have to wait to see results from production cameras and non-sponsored reviews?

          Good to see some Aussie content. :)

      • flash

        That is the ideal place to shoot with a Fuji, in that environment it should be vastly superior to any mFT and better then any DSLR camera from the big two. That is until the next round of sensors comes out, etc.

        If I was shooting digital like them it would be no question that I would prefer the Fuji over any mFT or the Nikon offerings. I might even prefer it over the Leica S2 (my current favorite, for that enviorment) do to Fuji’s ruggedest and portability.

        Costly yes, but after plane fare to Australia cameras are cheap.

    • BLI

      Picturing sheep shearing takes fast AF… the best shearers strip the sheep of the wool in about one minute…

      • Nikku

        No, it takes fast shutter and small aperture…hence the reason he shot at ISO 6400 in fairly good light.

        • BLI

          Well, yes, if they don’t move.

    • ..

  • Rose

    No competition really since these are two very different camera’s. The small micro 4/3 sensor can never give good enough image quality at settings above ISO200. The Fuji will probably destroy the Olympus image quality five times over. However, autofocus is very disappointing on the Fuji and very good on the Olympus, even if it’s exactly the same as on the current PEN series. I just can’t understand why Fuji did not make the AF speed and accuracy better on this new expensive camera. The camera feels clumsy. Such a nice tool seriously crippled by a failing AF system. Well, at least it leaves something to be desired and it will be a good reason to upgrade to the next X camera. You can always wait a few months and buy a secondhand Olympus or Fuji for about 2/3 of the price. The Fuji X100 is now worth about 750 euros secondhand and in perfect condition. Price should come down a little more over the next few months to about 500-600 euros. Especially now the slightly superior XPro-1 is here.

    • The small micro 4/3 sensor can never give good enough image quality at settings above ISO200.

      As all newer m43 cameras start at ISO160 or ISO200 that means that a m43 can give good enough quality just on base ISO setting.

      Hmmm, good to know…

    • well he usualy use the phaseone IQ 180!
      but is main talent is landscaping photo and retouching it in photoshop i guess. he also uses the x100 before and really like it. so no matter if you use the new OM-D, X pro, x100…you have to get vision.

      will i buy the OM-D? nope. enough with the E-5 and x100 :)


    • camerageek

      So you make these statements from actually use or just from regurgitating the usual Internet bullsjit?

      • is not bullshit pal. are you just camera geek or what?
        ive use many…doesnt make any difference :)
        i could take professionnal architectural shot with a low mp camera. (some were take from e-5, x100, but most from panasonic L1, a 7.5 mp with low DR)

  • vokuhila reini

    i buy the cam for autofocus quality not image quality

  • tmrgrs

    admin: How do you know whether or not the Fuji has better image quality than the OM-D? Holding back on us are you?

    [just kidding]

  • David

    Do you have any information about whether Olympus will announce any new lenses with the OM-D? I ask because I don’t see the point of putting a plastic lens on a a premium body. Yes, there is the 12mm, but that is one lens, it isn’t weather sealed, and it’s silver, which looks awful (imo) on a black body.

    Alternately, do you think Olympus sees the OM-D as “the chosen one” i.e. the one that will unite 4/3 and m4/3. I could see this given that they are coming out with a weatherproof adapter. If you want high (build) quality optics you use 4/3, if you want light you use m4/3.

  • Kasteel

    One more Fuji advantadge: All we now about the camera it’s real, all we know about OM-D are speculations.

    • flash

      I wonder which one we can buy first. Not just order. Fuji is somewhat slow in getting product out to someplaces, though not as bad as Panasonic is sometimes.

  • BLI

    What would it take to upgrade my new E-P3 to the “OMG”?
    * significant improvement in DR (2 steps may be ok… is that a logarithmic scale?)
    * some improvement in high ISO performance
    * built-in EVF
    * faster/tracking AF at some 6fps
    * still a small/compact system
    * better button lay-out
    * not too expensive
    * built-in flash that can control other flashes
    * better battery than in the E-P3

    That’s it. Of course, bonuses would be:
    * improved video support
    * fast AF of 43 lenses — I haven’t invested in such, but realize there are several top notch 43 lenses,
    * weather sealing is very positive
    * 16 Mpx is ok, but not really important
    * I’d like some support for GPS/tagging
    * It would be nice if it looks good.

    Thus I do not require all rumors to be true.

  • Vivek

    I do not own any of the EPs (none). Only the Panasonic cams.

    OMG has to be better than (ie., better sensor) the GH-2 and as versatile (ie., swivel LCD. Fixed one will not cut it even if it is OLED). I do not want a “pro” bodice. Plastic is fine if it lasts for >2 years before the next one comes along. Lack of “weather sealing” (only God knows what that means!) did not affect the operation of G1 or GH-2s. I hate Panasonic’s battery policy. That is a plus for Olympus (the only plus, I can think of!).

    I already have a NEX-7. It, ie., OMG, will have to convince me why I should not buy another NEX-7 and instead the OMG.


  • camerageek

    Umm Admin you have the headline wrong. It’s more like “Is The OM-D worthy of even wiping the Fuji X Pro 1’s ass with it tongue”!!!!

    Let’s be honest folks, that puny sensored device of the peasantry is no match for the Godlike Fuji. The Oly should be happy if the Fuji deigns to cast it’s shadow upon it so that it may say it has been touched by greatness. There is no competition, the Fuji wins hands down. Oh ye Micro Four Turdists! Look upon your masters and weep with despair! We the Godlike Photographic Elite shall show no pity upon you, and if your are lucky may shit into your gaping mouths so that you may taste a little of what greatness is! MUAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    • Charlie

      The X Pro1 appeals to “minds” like ^this. :|

      ’nuff said.

      • camerageek

        A far greater mind than yours pathetic peasant! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

        Now go fetch me a sammich bitch!

        • Gamerakeek

          Daddy needs you to lick him clean again, your sister is busy with mommy.

        • flash

          Silly, you seem to have some hostility. To a camera sensor size? Must be lack of size on you someplace.

          “Godlike Photographic Elite” actually use Olympus. After all its where they live.

        • Spoo

          Wow. Your peasant/elite comments are old. Can’t you think up some new material?

          • mooboy

            Kind of old? They were never refreshing or entertaining in the first place. geek is the kind of guy you dread getting stuck next to at a party.

            Even if he comes up with something new, I am sure it will be just as uninspired and tedious.

            • Mr. Reeee

              Moo, you’re wrong. Dead wrong!
              Geek would never be invited to the party. ANY party.

    • Gamerakeek

      Your peasant/elite metaphor is old now. You obviously can think of no new material. Please go cause daddy needs you to lick your sister’s blood off his engorged member so he can roll you over and give it to you like you like it.

    • Anonymous

      +1 ,.I agree with the key word ,.IS IT WORTH FOR THE PRICE,.1700$

      If we want to categorize Fuji with M4/3 , I believe is not even fair,since M 4/3 {OM-D] has smaller sensor ,..but we should be proud if the new OM-D can match the image quality of bigger sensor -APS C Nikon ,Canon,Pentax,Sony etc, the term of DR and High ISO,.

      we should compare FUJI against another APS-C sensor camera both SLR and Mirrorless with close range of price for 1700$ -Canon 7D, Nikon D300s /D7000or Sony A 77+ mirror less NEX7 and the Up coming Pentax and ,Leica.

      So far I believe Fuji is making His Own CONSUMER,. a Photographer with their own taste ,passion, and Creativity,..just like the X100 OWNER.

      For the Olympus itself ,.there is no doubt in my mind OM-d will be A REAL WINNER on its own class/m43 up to date ,

      .and to me it seems like Olympus has more PASSION ,SOUL,LOVE as A PHOTOGRAPHY COMPANY In making photography tool rather than SONY and Panasonic as A GIANT ELECTRONIC COMPANY,.with their own interest and Features,..

  • Yun

    Come on ! X pro aimed for pro-Leica fans or highend standard user like me & I don’t consider OM will compete against it . You should aware from it’s launching time when it compare with most of FF DSLR & not any of current market mirrorless . Unless OM capable to produce IQ on par / close to X Pro then I’ll definitely will get an OM but this is very unlikely . To me , X Pro is true premier mirrorless camera that challenge the DSLR without doubt that Oly / Pana failed to achieve so far .

  • NineFace

    Well, have to wait for the review. I only shoot girls in lowlight so Hi-ISO is very important for me.

    • Pei

      Are you talking about a night vision scope or camera? I am confused.

      BTW, if you ever found the perfect combo, let me know. My E-PL2 + 20mm f/1.7 failed so many time at clubs with friends.

  • flash

    I do not think the X Pro-1 is for the OM-D, at least not for a couple of years.

    I do think Fuji is a contender for Olympus, :) well at least 30% of it. They have wanted a part of it for a while.

  • leonedolci

    What’s wrong with some m43 fanboy? I cannot believe there are people shouting $1100 being too low a price for the so-called “OM-D”!?! Money must be raining down in your country.

    Today you can get a 600D/T3i kit for sub 700eur. It gives full functionality with decent external control and most most importantly way better image quality than any m43 currently in market. (Oh I happen to be one sad owner of GF1,2 and I tried GH2 with raw file.)

    Olympus does not have leading sensor design capability nor does it have sensor manufacture. How can you convince yourself they will squeeze out super image quality out of thin air?

    Rumor has it: “OM-D” reproduce OM-4Ti look. And with that head bump, I do not believe it will achieve anything good in the portability department.

    Fuji is doing a niche product with some good ingredients: non-AA sensor for good sharpness + based on a good proven sensor, all metal construction, decent prime lens line and a well-thought simplistic design.

    “OM-D” is doing what?

    I wish the official release can enlighten me.

  • Bob B.

    Hey …check the comments at DPR concerning the Christian Fletcher/Michael Coyne images.
    I feel the same way about these images that most of the people who commented there.
    Again….we do not know the history of these files so I am hoping that I have just not seen a clean raw file from a capable photographer. With no NR or processing. I am sure the truth will emerge.

    • Charlie

      Wow. A little bit of controversy there:

      — full-size images … released by the two photographers commissioned to shoot with the camera (apparently using a pre-production unit).
      — All the images … have been passed through Photoshop, according to the EXIF, but are said to be unprocessed.

      Once questions were raised about this, the images were blocked from the public: “403 forbidden, says the link after i clicked it.”


  • Anonymous

    With the limited, and pricey, lens selection this isn’t much of a competitor to anything, if you ask me. Style over substance, IMHO.

  • Bob

    With such a limited, and pricey, lens selection the Fuji isn’t much competition for anything, IMHO. It’ll appeal to all the rangefinder snobs with lots of money, but that’s about it.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Yep, but not with enough money to be able to afford the Red Ball logo!

  • IHUR

    ‘Micro’4/3 sensor has always been like a plague in a really nice design camera such this OM-D. Now why would it be a contender for APS-C cameras?

    If comparing it with the other m4/3 cameras, I can understand. I, for example will never compromise on image quality. Well unless you take photography only for facebook or other sites, then who cares, it prolly just a ‘small’ difference in quality compare to the bigger sensor cameras. It just depends on what kind of photographer you are or gonna be

    With the advent of Nex cameras, xpro-1, perhaps pentax in the future, the size isn’t the obvious advantage anymore for the m4/3s. The size of aps-c sensor cameras are getting smaller than they used to. So what would be the advantage of m4/3, the quick autofocus? maybe, if you really into snapshoother. The weather sealed body? do you really need it?

    You wannna climb to top of the mountain or the other rough terrain to take some shots of nature’s wonder? NOw why would you bring your m4/3 for that crucial moments?

    When you put some effort to get some descent photography, you wanna make sure you get the best image quality available for such effort.

    • Steve

      Sorry, but why do you feel the need to talk down your nose at other photographers? I think if you are so concentrating on sensor size and not on the glass in front of the sensor or good photographic technique then your expensive sensors will get you nothing worthwhile.

      A bigger sensor does not a better image make! I can show you many, many, many professionally shot and published images made using m 4/3 gear. It is the “best” gear for all situations? Of course not. No gear is. But to dismiss is as inferior due to something as silly as sensor size is ludicrous.

      Only good for Facebook, huh. Why are you on a site called “43rumors” if you just want to insult the very concept of m4/3 cameras?

      • IHUR

        So what if 2 photographers, both have good photographic technique. One is using the aps-c sensor with let say Nex5 or 7 + 24mm zeiss lens or others best quality lens available, and the other photographer using fully ‘tweak’ m4/3 sensor like in GX1 camera+ the best lens available shooting at the some objects at same situation. Which of them will have the best image quality?

        I honestly can’t wait to see the comparison there. If you’re saying you have many professionally shot, try take same shot with bigger sensor cameray, I bet you would cry thinking that you could hv got some better image quality photos.

        But again, if you just shooting street, strangers and post it on the web, this might be one of your option

  • Raist3d

    The more the price of the OMD comes close to the Fuji, the Fuji becomes a contender (and in my opinion, in a few ways may very well win, even without weather sealing). The farther away the price of the OMD is from the Fuji, the less Fuji is a contender.

    If the OMD is priced at $1,100 USD (body) vs a $1700 Fuji (body), I don’t think they are in the same class. The real fight will be Nex-7 vs OMD.

  • The real problem with the Fuji is that its a lot of case for a system thats still undeveloped and unproven. The OM-D comes in at the right time – there’s many people who have bought into the system that are looking for something just a bit better than what’s available now. If the rumours about the specs are true, then I think its the camera that a lot of us have been waiting for.

  • While I think the Fuji is a lovely camera, I don’t think it is an OM-D contender. It’s just too different. I think the Fuji is really a Leica M contender, the poor man’s Leica everybody was waiting for.

    The OM-D will no doubt compete against the NEX7, and that is a very interesting situation. I’m in the market for a smaller system and have the funds for both the NEX7 and OM-D. To me the NEX7 seems like a gearhead’s wishlist camera. Based on the rumors the OM-D seems much more like an amateur photographer’s wishlist camera.

    For me the OM-D is still well in front of the NEX7. Can’t wait to see what it’s really like!

  • agent00soul

    I’m pretty convinced the OM-D will sell more than the Fuji Xpro.

  • The X-Pro1 is going to wipe the floor with any MFT camera. Look at this clean ISO6400 image from the X-Pro1:

    • Bob B.

      How come the photo isn’t sharp Tobias????? The images coming from my MFT cameras with prime lenses are sharper than those images…

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