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Fuji marketing trick? X PRO 1 real price damn low?


Today I wrote how the Fuji X PRO 1 was too highly priced to compete against the Micro Four Thrids world. An anonymous source yesterday told me that the real price is in relaity much cheaper and that it was a sort of “marketing trick” from Fuji to announce a higher price. Didn’t believe him first but now the very frist preorder is up and indeed the price is MUCH lower. Check it out:
Fuji X PRO 1 worldwide first preorder at Expansys USA (Click here), Expansys Canada (Click here) and Expansys UK (Click here).

That would completely change the situation and put a hard pressure on Olympus and Panasonic!

UDPATE: I am still not sure this is the full price you pay!

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