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(FT5) Pictures of the White and Black GF5. Noise performance is on par with 7D.


The mysterious Asian source from nPhoto just sent me the pictures of the white and black Panasonic GF5. The new revised grip makes the GF5 looks better than the Panasonic GF3. The source was also so kind to inform me that the high ISO noise-level is as same as the Canon 7D and 60D. It’s nice to know you can get that kind of performance on a camera that fits in your pocket :)

Here is the picture of the black GF5:

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P.S.: Also the G5 will arrive along the GF5. Announcements soon (I am still checking for the right announcement date and hour).

  • Could be a dumb question, but what happened to the GF4?

    • Parci

      Four is an unlucky number in Japan and is quite often omitted from product names.

      • 423424242

        thats why we dont have a D4 from nikon.. right?


    • Kiri

      Japanese companies often skip 4 because it is considered unlucky. 4 pronounced in Japanese is “shi”. The same pronunciation as “death”

        • Poysian

          Western? As far as i know it’s only in USA they skip like floor no 13. Here in Europe they use lots of 13…

      • JJ

        This is also the case in China, possibly the largest market on earth: the sound of ‘4’ is so close to the sound of ‘death’ that its considered unlucky. Related to that, it’s very rude to order for example 4 SD memory cards in a store (believe me i know hahaha).

        • Charlie

          So I’d be considered rude if I ordered 4 drinks in Japan???

          • Jack Lam

            I beg to differ, and I’m a native chinese who grew up in Hong Kong and live in China. People ain’t dumb enough to buy five SD cards when they only need four. Would an American buy fourteen rolls of film when he/she only needs thirteen?

            • Dave

              No, they would order a dozen + 1 extra.. ;)

            • Berneck

              Uhhh, the last time I checked, Japan was neither Hong Kong nor China…..

            • babbit

              I’m not sure about SD cards, but when I visited HK last year and had dim sum, the waiter complained that the large table nearby was ordering 4 of many dishes.

              And yes, people in the US are adverse enough to the number 13 that a baker’s dozen (13) can’t be found anymore. You used to be able to buy multiples of 13 of stuff in the US, but now everything is 12.

      • achiinto

        And that is how Olympus OM series died. OM-4. Even they managed to release an OM-3ti afterward to use a 3, sound like “living”, it still could revive the OM series.

        But how come they name the E-410? I guess for 400, the four pronounce as “yo” instead of “shi”.

        • Haha, thanks for that.

          • ibbz

            I think ‘shi’ sounds almost like Shit, hence its skipped. No one wants a shit camera do they now? ;)

            • european

              Americans also love to buy a smartphone which is pronounced “for ass”.
              So who cares…

      • Should be a law against skipping numbers!

        • Jim H


          • thinkcooper


      • wayne wong

        so, another question… what happened to nikon D4?

        • Jesper

          See my comment further down, as i predicted someone would ask about d4.

      • james

        that sounds like Chinese to me, and the lucky # is 8?

      • 马克

        Thats why nobody buys an iPhone 4 or 4S in China or Japan.

    • NPrincen

      Yes, and the G4? Why skip numbers? The Panasonic camera naming convention makes no sense. Maybe we also get GH246 later this year. LOL!

      • Fan

        It has been mentioned many times around here that 4 sounds similar to death or something like that in Japanese and therefore it is skipped.

        • Williams

          Ummm maybe it’s because of management’s opinion.

      • JimD

        As its digital it possibly should be GH248. Just to bind the binary.

    • Jesper

      From earlier experiences the question regarding D4 should pop up soon. So before that I’ll will explain why Nikon continued with D4.

      From my asian point of view, those who care about the naming are the large mass. In other word regular consumers. They tend to care more about the cameras’ apperance, social status (i want to look pro!), flashy names (lots of X and Pro). While the real pros really don’t care about the attributes mentioned above. Therefore Nikon won’t have to skip the 4 for their top of the line model.

      Another thing is, mirrorless cameras are lots more popular in asia, that’s also why companies take the culture’s factors into considerations when introducing a new products.

      • Thank you for the information regarding number 4!

      • Koen

        What I don’t get is that apparently releasing a ‘Lumix DMC-TS4’ is not a problem for Panasonic and on the other hand ‘m43 GF4’ would be skipped.

      • Miroslav

        “flashy names (lots of X and Pro)”


        HTC has just joined the party with One X. We’re now waiting for the first names with XX and XXX ;).

      • 423424242

        or in short asians are idiots…. mostly

  • YeahYeah

    Too bad it is not possible to use the GX1 EVF on that camera.

    • Southie

      Or an external flash. The gf series really went downhill from the gf-1 (kit lens as well). This gf-5 should have a corner built in evf and a hot shoe. This is a bad camera in my opinion and the kit lens is no where close to the 20mm 1.7… But for a point & shoot I guess it’s alright…just ugly.

      • Narretz

        With the GF3, it should have become obvious to you that the GF series transformed into the entry, as-small-as-possible camera. Corner EVF could pop up in the GX series, but don’t count on it

        • YeahYeah

          Indeed. Yet, I like the idea of 12mpx being enough. I wish Panasonic made a very good 12mpx sensor, on par with the Fuji X-Pro, excepted for the megapixel count in a great body like the E-m5!

      • Ernest.orf

        Mmm i dont like the Gf series of panasonic, espetially the interface , the menu in panasonic is awfull , really hard to use un manual-compare to the EPM1 of olympus( which is so DAMN EASY ) also the screen is resistive NOT capacitive, this model doesnt have hot shoe, and i want IBIS , not estabilization in the lenses ‘cuz i use several all lenses ,like the mightest OM 50mm 1,8 ^^

        • oluv

          hahaha, i just played around with a E-PL3 and found olympus’ menu to be so lame. i had to activate another menu first in order to get all the vital functions!

          so please don’t bash panasonic-menus as i personally find them much easier to handle than those from olympus!

          • Ernest.orf

            Jajajajaj the thing is maybe u dont know hou tu use the camera ajajjaj, is really damn easy, in fact if u put the option SCP, becomes more usable that before , sooo man i have an 5D MII and gotta tell u , the SCP option in olympus is damn more usable that the 5D MII xdd

    • Anonymous

      It’s true. There’s no excuse for making a system camera with no hotshoe. It’s ridiculous.

  • rrr_hhh

    The white one looks quite nice ! But then I have a weak spot for white cameras. If only they were manufacturing white E-M5 too !

    • Kaspar

      the silver grip looks a bit cheap i think. the brown one of the pen would match better with the white camera.

    • ght

      I agree. I like the looks of the white one but I don’t think I’d want this camera.

      • rrr_hhh

        Neither do I, but I’m ready to exchange my black G3 for a white one ! (white one are not sold in my country).

    • @rrr_hhh
      white or brown models of the E-M5 was on my list of predictions, but I predicted they would be announced in about 5 -6 months time…

    • It’s not white – it’s metallic white or pearl white. There is a huge difference to plain white paint or plastic finish. At least to me.

      If I had a m43 camera like E-M5, I could easily see myself owning the GF5 – for more social occasions (the occasions where VF to me isn’t important anyway).

      The metallic white finish would totally fool everybody into thinking that I use a P&S.

    • Yes why not, a white by brown leather for example.

    • JimD

      Get a silver one and ask aki-asahi ( to make you a white case. I have their EP2 case in brown, makes the camera feel good and looks brilliant. Also a Barton ( Braided Style strap in matching brown.

  • Taomeister

    Really glad to see Panasonic offering a kit with the 14/2.5 judging by these photos. However, they really need to sell the 20/1.7 again as a kit lens (for the GX1 or its successor for sure).

    This would go along perfect as a go-around backup to my GH2.

    • Narretz

      I hope the GX2 comes with 20 1.7 MkII! Silent, fast AF with internal focussing!

      • Bob B.

        +1!!!! The 20mm f/1.7 is a fantastic lens..but it could use a little update.

        • Kenneth

          Count me in.

          I love 20/1.7, except its AF speed.

          • Mr. Reeee

            Oh c’mon, the 20mm’s AF speed isn’t that bad. It’s a great little lens.

            I wish Panny would put a TiltyScreen on the GF series, it would make up for the lack of an EVF port! Too bad they opted for the crappy how-did-my-settings-change click-dial thing instead of the Control Whell that’s on every other Panasonic M4/3 camera.

            The grip is a welcome addition.

            • Miroslav

              “Oh c’mon, the 20mm’s AF speed isn’t that bad.”

              Don’t know why there’s so much complaining.

              • it’s not that bad, but all the newer lenses have faster AF, and the newer cameras also have faster AF that you’ll only experience with the newer lenses

                so an updated version would be nice

                • Charlie

                  Focusing is so slow, I lined up a picture of a caterpillar and it came out as a shot of a butterfly. :D

              • I had the chance to sell my 20mm at a very honest price and decided to upgrade to the 25mm. There can only be one favorite lens at the time, so this was a logical move to me to upgrade the workhorse.
                The 25mm does not disappoint one bit and yet, I still heavily recommend the 20mm. Yes, its AF speed is slower, but it did not bother me much, and the new faster AF speed does not make much difference to me. Its personal, I guess. Not everyone needs top speed.

                Speaking of which, *not* looking down on Olympus (in fact, there are several Olympus lenses that I specifically want)
                It makes me laugh when I read that the 17mm’s smaller size, AF speed and 3mm difference is so much a big deal.

            • Bob B.

              True, like I said, the 20mm 1.7 is a great lens…but now we are spoiled by the newer faster lenses.
              I actually like the little whirring noises it makes whilst focusing!!!!!

              • Milt

                I agree. Keeps you company.

              • When I initially bought mine, my only fast primes were legacies. Having AF noise felt good :D

            • rrr_hhh

              @ Mr Reeeee
              Get an E-Pl3 ! Plus their design is much smarter : their small rectangular shapes with rounded sides have lovely and simple lines.. I didn’t get one because I have already enough cameras, but I was on the verge of getting one, only for their classy look.

          • I use GF2, 14/2.5, and 20/1.7. For 14/2.5, I can select either S-AF or C-AF. However, I cannot choose C-AF for 201/1.7.

            I don’t know why GF2 doens’t allow me to choose C-AF for 20/1.7. Is it because the AF of 20/1.7 is not fast enough?

    • mjp

      i hope there’s an improvement in the jpeg engine…

  • Except for the grip, it looks exactly like the GF3. The backside is the interesting part, even less buttons? With a revised GUI will there be a firmware update for the GF3? I also wonder if there is a remote shutter option.

  • Haswell

    Naming their next money making venture as GF4 sounds a lot to them like GF-Dead, or the Deadly GF.
    Give them a break!

  • DingieM

    GF5 on par with E-M5 or maybe slightly better…still going for the E-M5 because Pannies do not have in-body stabilization so the lenses become unnecessarily expensive while at the same time not being better than Oly’s…

  • SteB

    They forgot the hotshoe again.

    • frank

      doh! I knew we were forgetting something!

    • Pasmia

      I think I found it on the LX6… Oh wait, that would mean the LX cameras are more “pro” than GF? Wait.. what the…

  • Henrik

    Why say noise is on par with 7D. It is better. It’s a known fact, not even a rumor.

    • spam

      Known fact? Since when?

  • Williams

    Why is it not named GX2? (The successor of GX1)???

    • Bimbo

      The GX series is a completely different line from the GF series.

      • Williams


        how come GF5, which is believed to be the lower series to GX series, features higher ISO performance than GX1 ? (assuming that it is actually on par with 7D)

        • Narretz

          because the model was released later?

          • Kenneth

            Yes I guess so. If it’s true about ISO performance (on par with 7D), I won’t buy GX1 for sure, even though GX1 is based on the higher series.

            • BornBad

              look up dxo-mark. noise wise g3 and gx1 are quite on paar with 600D,60D,7D. this is for screen, so for 100% pixel peepers.


              in practise, noise performance on 12mpix g5 wont be better than g3/g1x performance on 16mpix. but its already good so who cares about quarter or half steps in this camera class

              • It still looks confusing from customer point of view. If both GF5 and GX1 have the same ISO performance (on par with 7D), then there is no more reason to buy GX1, which is more expensive.

                • MJr

                  By that logic the e-p3 and the e-pl3 shouldn’t have sold any units over the exactly the same e-pm1. Geez. Get a clue.

        • AtlDave

          Bigger pixels (compared to the G3/GX1) and an up to date sensor could be a part of any improvement in high ISO performance. But revised noise reduction in the JPEG engine will probably also play a role. Manufacturers seem to be hitting a wall in actual sensor performance with the gains in getting smaller each revision.

          An improved JPEG engine will not help those of us that shoot raw but with entry level cameras there are a lot more people that rely on the JPEG engine and its performance is important. Panasonic needs to catch up with Olympus in this regard

    • spam

      I’m not sure if that was meant as a joke or not. Anyway, it’s the successor to GF3, not the GX1.

  • Yun

    If this is the case , GX on par with which DSLR ? 5DM2 ?
    Frankly speaking , 7D is not so impress in ISO Performance but still a good news that a small M4/3 camera can acheive such kind of level .

  • Pasmia

    Really… I JUST purchased the G3… Like literally, today. I gave up waiting for a more aesthetically pleasing body (not a hump fan) and pulled the trigger on the G3. I swear if the G5 looks like the L1 (rangefinder style with built-in EVF), I’ll $#!7 myself.

    • MJr

      The G# series is the G# series, and that won’t change over night. If anything, there could be a GL1. But i don’t see that happening in the near future.

    • Urinstein

      Same here! Just bought a G3..are there any rumors about the G5 specs? ‘Cause now i can still sell the G3 with minimum of loss.

    • spam

      Panasonic’s updates of the G-series have been fairly predictable, launch spring, availability early/mid summer.

      • JimD

        You mean launch Autumn, available early/mid Winter?

  • matt

    I would be glad to hear DR and sharpness is same as 7D.. having the same iso performance as 3 years old camera is for me a little bit silly

    • Nawaf

      Agree totally. I need to see it to believe it as some people see things differently.

    • Leu

      It will be much sharper probably. And this is a small consumer camera, not a 2000$ DSLR.

  • Mike

    Looks like small refresh. Maybe better jpeg engine and faster focus. Knowing Panasonic it will be September before you can buy it ;). Love panny. Have had G1, GF1, GH2 and G3 but hate the delays. Have they learned nothing from Apple? It also seems like their slow progress recently has hurt sales. NEX doing very well and so is Nikon.

    • @Mike
      Nikon 1 is only doing moderately well in the USA as recently confirmed by Nikon and predicted by me last year.
      I wouldn’t say NEX is is doing very well like the Nikon 1 system it will of “sold in” moderately well with Sony and Nikon’s marketing muscle but will the majority of it’s customers be very satisfied with their purchase and generate good word of mouth?

      • Mike

        @ YouDidntDidYou

        Sorry, replied to the wrong comment…see my response to you below. The amazon list is sold thru, not sold in, so it seems Nikon is selling well. Its a strong brand.

        You are right about satisfaction driving long term success, but that also does not bode well for Lumix if in fact over time their sales are declining.

  • Miroslav

    Nice little fella :). I won’t be buying this, but there’s no reason to put down something that’s meant to bring new people to the system. Let’s hope Panasonic has added more P&S upgrader friendly features such as instant panorama, night modes that really do improve shooting at night etc. If the noise performance really rivals those cameras mentioned, than it’s close to NEX-5N so other GF5 features ( body and lens size, flash, touch focus, controls, lens selection, … ) make it a much better purchase.

    • Mike

      @ YouDidntDidYou Actually, that’s not true.

      According to the latest Amazon sales, NEX and Nikon are both well ahead. First Lumix is at #18, the GF2. Sony has 5 of the top 6 in fact. Nikon is 10, 12, 13, 15.

      Panasonic seems to have lost their early lead through poor distribution, poor product mix, and limited innovation.

      • @Mike
        so when a Japanese Nikon spokesman said recently that the Nikon1 is only “doing moderately well in the USA” he was not speaking the truth???
        …when you hear rumours that Nikon does not really care about the Nikon 1 system…

        Panasonic are doing OK amongst “Joe Blog consumers” at the moment (in the UK they sold near 200,000 Lumix cameras in 2011), but they are not putting out aspirational cameras at the moment….

        Amazon sales figures don’t mean much to me as they are not really representative of what’s happening on the ground….

      • @Mike,

        I recently had a conversation with a guy I’ve know for a long time who is a clerk at local camera chain store.

        He told me that the Olympus Pens are, by far, their best selling mirrorless camera, followed closely by the Nikon 1, and the Sony NEX is a distant third. What’s amazing about that is that Sony has been giving camera stores “kick backs” for moving Sony products above and beyond everything else.

        As for Panasonic/Lumix, they stopped selling them years ago.

        Yet DSLR’s are still far, far more popular overall, at least in the USA. Amazon’s rankings in that respect are fairly accurate, with Nikon & Canon taking a big lead over everyone else.

        • Geoff

          Nikon are already offering a £50.00 cash back in uk on the Nikon 1, read what you will into that…

  • bli

    The real significance of this camera is to give good pictures and thus give the m43 system recognition in the mass market (more than today). Demanding users (like us :-)) will probably look for more advanced cameras. Thus, a voting here will probably not say much about how the camera will sell.

    • Dannecus

      What he said.

  • Catalin

    Well, I know what the GX1 is capable of, it’s the worst of the current crop of quality cameras (E-M5, NEX-5n/C3, GX1, etc.). Oh, and NEX-F3 is just around the corner. So this better be brilliant as far as high-ISO noise and dynamic range, if they want to sell it to me !

    PS: Oh, and from the pictures it doesn’t seem to have stereo sound ??? Come on…do they really want to sell this ?

    • BornBad

      football moms dont care as long as they can choose different colors. also gx1/g3 IQ isnt that terrible.

  • Jon

    I would pop on my Zacuto viewfinder on this 900k screen an pull focus with my Nokton 25/0.95 all day long when Vitaliy hacks it. Plus the portrait picture mode is great for dynamic range. Love it!

    • Leu

      Yeah! And with the Z-finder you could actually get a grip on this lens-y cigarette pack.

  • reverse stream swimmer

    Re: “The source was also so kind to inform me that the high ISO noise-level is as same as the Canon 7D and 60D”

    -So it’s about time that Panasonic restarts to manufacture the image sensors for Canon.

  • chronocommando

    I don’t care a lot about announcement dates and announcements itself. The more important date is when I can buy it. And I am talking not about a promised date ;-)


  • Easily the best looking mirrorless camera ever released, including even E-M5!
    (Not necessarily the best ergonomy one. Just the best looking.)

    • bli

      I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

      • Luke

        I agree bli……certainly not in the eye of THIS beholder. Looks kinda like a plastic turd to me. The only good looking Panasonic is the gf1. At least they work good.

  • napalm

    “high ISO noise-level is as same as the Canon 7D”

    I assume this is in jpegs. G3/GX1 looks a little better in jpegs up to ISO6400. GF5 should have the same sensor, so no surprise there.

  • ggweci

    Hi Admin, more details on the G5 please… Body style, specs, pics, etc. :)

    • admin

      Coming within 36 hours!

      • ggweci

        Sounds good. Any hints? :) Particularly the body style and whether it’s the same as the G3?

      • Narretz

        da fuck, the rumor machine is rolling again!

    • Urinstein

      …Im also more interested in that kind of material :) G-Five News Please…sorry just refreshed… dear admin comment can be deleted. I Just wait 36h

  • skipthis

    Beginner camera with no IS? Back to 2001, blurry pictures for everyone!

    • MikeH

      How did all those non IS camera owners in the past take non blurry pictures?

      The GF5 will focus mighty fast and has IS in the lenses that need it.

      • skipthis

        The non-IS camera owners you’re referring to knew the basics, like the 1/focal rule for shutter speed to avoid blur.

        This GF5 + 14mm kit, targeted at beginners, will sit in a window somewhere where a shopper who knows very little about the technical aspects of photography, will buy it thinking they can take photos at a dark concert or in the living room by the light of a few lamps, then wonder why so many of their shots are blurry. If they’re lucky, the green box mode will be smart enough to compensate in some situations.

        There’s a reason Canon worked so hard to make IS affordable and put it in every compact they sell – this demographic is the one that needs it most.

        • Narretz

          haha, and yet Canon doesn’t have IS in their DSLRs. Sorry, your logic is ridiculous.

          • JimD

            You don’t seem to comprehend what has been written. The relation ship and demographic explain it and the DSLR is clearly not in the demographic being written about. Read what you are looking at. Or do you need DOX to tell you what your eyes have seen.

        • Leu

          You act like people are dumb or something.


          • skipthis

            Narretz, I think you need to take a course in critical thinking.

            Canon KITS for BEGINNERS (Rebels) all come with IS lenses (usually 18-55). Same with Nikon. They don’t come with a non-IS prime because BEGINNERS would get blurry pictures and complain.

            The GF5 is a BEGINNER camera. If the 14mm is the kit lens, BEGINNERS will get blurry pictures and complain. My point – the 14mm is the wrong kit lens for this camera.

            Understand now? Probably not.

            (Sorry Leu, I posted this under your message, I clicked the wrong reply link.)

            • JukeBoxHero

              I’m betting that the GF5 will also be available with the 14-42 X power zoom lens as a kit option, which does have IS. The X lens will probably have a broader appeal to “beginners”.

              However, I don’t think the 14mm would be that difficult to produce clean pics. Wide open at F2.5, with the alleged ISO improvements, it should be able to keep the shutter speed at or above 1/30 under most lighting conditions an average user would be in.

              For example, my GF1 with the 20mm can produce pretty shake free pics at 1/50, ISO 800, wide open at 1.7, no flash under some pretty dim conditions. Let’s say the GF5’s ISO improvements bumps the usable ISO to 1600. So in terms of exposure, the GF5 at 1/30, ISO1600, F2.5 should be close to my GF1 at 1/50, ISO800, F1.7. Also remember there is a flash, and the camera will warn a user if the exposure is too low.

              The main thing Panny would have to do (if they haven’t already) is increase the slowest shutter speed in auto mode for non-IS lenses. On my GF1, with the 20mm, the lowest shutter in auto mode is 1/30.

    • oluv

      IS blurs pictures by itsself at particular shutter-speeds. i was quite surprised to see that many photos from my E-PL3 to come out soft. This was with times like 1/100 – 1/200
      It seems there is a resonance between shutter and IS-system in olympus’ latest EPL and EM cameras. during my testing i had the best results when i completely turned off IS.

      • skipthis

        Then your E-PL3 has a non-typical problem. A good IS system should never cause blur at 1/100 – 1/200.

  • Brian

    Mono-mic again? You gotta’ be kidding me.

    • spam

      Who cares, if you need good sound quality then you should use a seperate recorder anyway.

      • Brian

        Sorry, but traveling or going around town with a separate recorder is just flat out geeky for anyone toting a small and portable body. Heck, I won’t even do it on my own GH2. At the end of the day, if you compare the sound differences between the GF1 and GF2, the quality of a built-in mic does make a big difference for on-the-go recording.

        • spam

          I agree with that, of course you can do something with the built in mic, it’s not room for good ones and one bad is better than two awful.

    • inis44

      I see stereo mic… dots behind is speaker.

  • Vivek

    What was wrong with the GF3? Why do we need the GF5?

  • Daemonius

    Like it was hard to match worst APS-C sensor of today. :D Beat 16 mpix APS-C from Sony dear Panasonic, then we can talk..

  • Olympus is better than Panasonic

    GF5 = Pass

  • TheEye

    Panasonic is finally not using a Panasonic sensor any longer. I guess they mustn’t say who makes it. ;-)

  • safaridon

    Minor tweaks to the small cam, guess we are not likely to see any major changes in G5 as both cams are only a year old? Any confirmation regarding a higher resolution LCD? The improved IQ makes one hope maybe this rumored new 12 mp sensor is similar in design to the 16 mp one Pany has produced for the EM5 or maybe just improved JPEG engine?

    It does make a lot of sense to show the 14mm lens as the std kit lens to keep the price low and show its small size while keeping the X lens maybe for GF5X.

  • They probably mean jpg. I doubt they worked on another 12MP sensor.

    I can easily see noise being better – noise and detail together would require some real work.

  • The grip from the white seems from a different material than the black one, probably just the texture I guess.

  • min

    Bring back the shoe!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yet, another girl-ly looked camera from Panny, don’t get me wrong the IQ maybe slightly better than the previous one(GF3) ,but I doubt ,it can compete with E-M5 ,..or the UPCOMING E-PM2, but this Panny camera will definitely usefull to bridge the gap from high end P&S.
    But this camera is obviously not for Pro consumer / serious photographer. ,.. Yupp we don’t need another toy camera , let a beginner buy it

  • Doesn’t looks all that different, but still cute, particularly in white.

  • Anonymous

    It has no buttons, has a hump (with a useless flash) and comes with a slow lens. Pass.

  • Casper

    If Olympus manages to put the new E-M5 sensor and IS into the next generation PEN line, can anyone think of any reasons to choose the GF5 body over the smallest PEN body – the E-PMx? (I am considering supplementing my G2 with a smaller body)

    • safaridon

      I think it is wishful thinking for those hoping for the new EM5 IS to be put into the smallest PEN as based on the cutaway sections would have to be almost same size and looks as the EM5 with its prism shape to house portions of the IS? Assuming that the EM5 sensor is one modified from Pany I think it is more likely that the PENS will have a lower mp sensor similar to that in the GF5.

      As for the E-PM1 being better than the GF3 I don’t think that opinion is reflected in the worldwide markets where the the GF3 has been outselling the E-PM1 by a very wide margin? The inbody flash is one good reason to have as well as the 3″ compared to effectively only small 2.4″ (at 3:2) LCD screen which is not a touch screen and the GF3 has a grip.

  • Can anyone remember when GF3 was released?

    I’m thinking that the panasonic product lifespan may be incredibly too short?

    • spam

      I’m sure google knows exactly, but Panasonic refresh models approximately once a year. The only mFT-exception so far is the GH2. The G1 also lasted two years if you don’t count the GH1 as a G1 replacement.

    • safaridon

      I believe the GF3 was announced in June 2011 while the GF2 was announced in Nov 2011. Based on the high volume sales of the GF2 in last half of year I think Pany may have continued production of that model past when the GF3 was introduced as targeting different markets one for smallest size, one for more features.

      If you check you will find the last Oly versions of its Pens came only 6 months after the previous models while Pany’s time from for the GF5 and G5 is a year so twice as long.

  • inis44

    It seems that Pana won’t give me remote shutter port with GF5 :(

  • pitrak

    Only one request for the G5: an orientation sensor in body for use with non-stabilized lenses like the 7-14mm…

    I have a Samsung EX1 now. The only thing I don’t like about this little gem is that since I bought it I’ve lost hours selecting pictures and rotating them. So I’m not happy at the prospect of upgrading to a camera that has the same problem.

    And a little restyling wouldn’t hurt either :)

    • Gabi

      Rotation is really not a problem. You can do it batch-wise in e. g. Irfanview (lossless jpg rotation). I do that very often, and it costs about 2 minutes for >100 pics.

      • pitrak

        A lot of camera functions can be done in post-processing, batched or not. You can only capture raw and do white balance and all the rest on the pc. For some shots I don’t mind doing that.
        But I don’t think it is convenient not to have the option. I shoot quite a lot and I think about half is portrait.
        To me it is a waste of time. And my time is precious – I need more of it! Not a very big deal, but for the small cost, it should be on a cam like this, no?

    • Geoff

      Instead of rotating why not use the camera and hold it in Portrait format, that way you get most out of the sensor.

  • Rob

    I’m clearly in the minority on this site. I have a GF1 and have never used the hot shoe and I think I’ve used the flash a total of 10 shots.

    The most important part of the micro-four thirds system to me is size. If it’s small, I’ll carry it. Somehow I manage to get shots of my kids indoors that are completely satisfactory to me for my “joe blog”.

    If this thing does better above ISO 800 than the GF1 I’11 consider it. It depends on how much of a price diff there is between this and the GX1.

    I suspect in the wide world of people buying cameras I’m not that unique. Not everyone out there is a pro, and not everyone has to have every feature in the world on every camera they own.

    • spam

      You’re probably a lot more representative than most people on this site, and GF5 is targeted on people like you. Probably a great camera for your use, but I’m not sure it’s worth an upgrade from GF1 which is pretty good too.

    • safaridon

      I think Pany also saw from surveys that few actually use and need a hotshoe. However I think that an in body flash at least for fill flash is very important tool especially with the slower kit zooms. In my compacts the flash goes off automatically when needed and saves a lot of closeup indoor pictures.

      I also have a GF1 with 20mm. From reports the GF3 already has better colors, better high ISO, and much faster AF than my GF1. The one thing I wish my GF1 had was the ETC or incamera cropping ability of the GF3 which almost doubles the effective focal length of any lens with little loss in IQ especially for video and also for stills to a lessor extent plus it is now in process of being hacked to operation at much higher HD video capability. Personally I would side with the GX1 but am waiting for a future GX2 with inbody EVF I hope.

      • dau

        Its called the g3!

    • caver3d

      I actually use the hot shoe with larger flashes and I also use it for the external viewfinder on my GF1, and soon-to-receive GF2 (what a deal for that camera!). Same thing with my LX5. If it doesn’t have a hot shoe, I won’t buy the camera. Simple as that.

      • Milt

        I agree with safaridon. I won’t buy the GF5, but am waiting for a GX2 or GXpro with an integrated EVF to replace my GF1. Even then, I will keep the GF1 around.

        • at

          Remember Panasonic is on a different market segment from other brands because its secret weapon will be video. I don’t think GX series will have integrated EVF because it will be more bulky. The company will leave the premium product line to GH3.

  • Klunsford

    Now if Panny would fix the 14-42x…

    • thomasfl71

      Take a look at the GF1 menu again: ex. opt. zoom

  • BLI

    Robin re-visits the 12-50 with the E-M5 — his test indicates that the combo is fat sealed!

  • Hi,
    please, what about an eventual next Lumix GH3 ?
    And a 14-140 mm X series lens ?
    Thanks, bye.

  • sadwitch

    Only noise is on par? what about details, colours, sharpness? You could easily have noiseless photos devoid of details. Personally I think retaining details, colours and sharpness at high-iso are more important than just maintaining low-noise. How good a photo looks at hi-iso is not just about the inherent noise.

  • james

    Is the GF5 a bit smaller in body size then the GF3 or same size?

  • safaridon

    I expect the body size is the same expect for slightly bigger grip based on the picture. In an earlier fuzzy top picture it looked like the GF5 would be slightly wider but that was probably an optical illusion because of the camera angle.

  • Patrick

    why cant they just make it like the nex series where the top of the mount actually is taller than the body?

  • at

    If GF5 has the noise performance as said, I would prefer waiting for GH3 because it will definitely have a sensor of the same quality + digital readout for even better noise performance. Also expect the noise performance of GH3 will be better than E-M5 if it is using a new sensor. Let’s wait and see.

    • spam

      GF5 and GH3 is at opposite ends of the MFT-scale. I can’t see the point of waiting for GH3 if you want a small camera. And if you need GH3-functionality then a GF5 is hardly an option.

  • Agent00soul

    WOW! DPreview has started to quote 43rumors officially! Congratulations admin!

    • spam

      Yes, a new low for dpreview. Nothing wrong with 43rumors, but I don’t read dpreview for rumors.

    • Miroslav



  • Tilt screen, please!
    Without EVF it is even more necessary.

  • PS Voted “Yes” because of 12 MP only.

  • MrL

    personally i dont like this design. technically i think its ok. will keep my gf1.

  • liuswie

    It would be interesting to compare the Lumix G5 with the Oly EM5.

  • AG

    They are trying to make the camera small and convenient, but the rounded hump design looks cheap and even more odd when a larger lens is attached.

    If the purpose is to provide convenience with better IQ than p&s, then the GF series should just go to a fixed lens design to compete with the Canon G1 X.

  • It appears the GF5 has Stereo mics. I see what appears to be two small holes, labled L and R with “–MIC–” in between them. Do you see that on the top of the camera’s left side, near the speaker holes? That addresses the issue of mono sound with the GF3. Looks like Panny fixed some of the issues people had.

    I also noticed the hump is sort of squared off compared to the GF3. Makes the GF5 appear more rugged/masculine. This may have been done to appeal to men, since the GF3 was definitely marketed toward woman as a purse camera.

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