(FT5) Olympus E-P2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We did it! The first real proof the E-P2 is coming!

Found on the Olympus China website!!!!


P.S.: Thanks ALI for sending the link!

UPDATE: We tried to find some pictures…no way! Firefox has some problem displaying the E-P1 and E-P2 site. Try to open it with Explorer or Safari.

My question: How much time will it take until Olympus will remove the site? ;)

UPDATE2: We will continuely update this post if we find something new!

Where is the E-P2 image? :(


If you try to open the link “http://www.olympus.com.cn/issue/product_html/” you will see nothing. You can also try to change the link like  “http://www.olympus.com.cn/issue/product_html/e-p2.jpg” but there is nothing to find here.

UPDATE3: Our sources do confirm again. Do not expect the Olympus E-P2 to be announced on October 31. They will announce the camera later…

UPDATE4: The name “E-P2” suggest that the E-P2 could be very similar to the (in design and size). And it is very likely that it will have an external Viewfinder.

UPDATE5: If you search for “E-P2” inside Olympus Europe you can read the following text under one of the results: “EP-2 E-System Advantages Easy Operation Image Control Image Processing Engine Image Stabilisation Live View Reliability…
Anyway if you click on the text it links you to eye cup :(

Check it out for yourself: http://search.olympus-europa.com/query.html?col=coll01&qt=e-p2&charset=utf-8&rf=0&ref=&jspath=www.olympus.co.uk%2Fconsumer&cmid=

UPDATE6: The website is still online. In the meanwhile people sent me pictures of E-P2. They are all fake and that’s why I do not post them.

UPDATE7: Now the page has been removed!


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  • ALi


  • Duarte Bruno

    Well, even though this absolutely nothing as real info, it serves as a confirmation of the model name.
    Much to my disappointment as I expected something radically over an E-P1 evolution.

  • Legsvan

    I think E-P1 needs only flash in body and fast AF.

  • Radis.Rut

    Ah first Thanks for your effort supporting us with great news and rumour. I really appreciate it. Now to the comment.
    Heh heh EP-2 maybe it’s a human-error perhaps typo like the 12-16 :D *got hit by many readers* um maybe not.
    Well, I’ve seen something like this before.
    Remember Pana Lumix G1 that got trashed because it can’t do video and then they released a new G1 that can do video and call it GH1 and it’s still nowhere to be found now.
    Hope Oly doesn’t do that to us :(

    • admin

      LOL ;)

  • Andrew

    This will be ridiculous if it is just the E-P1 with a few extra tweeks. It’s not out of Olympus’ nature to do this though so I am not surprised, If this is the 31st announcement I think I might look into the 7D.

  • catastrophile
  • Raw

    do you think it will have any better video specs. 720p 24p 25p 30p & 60p :-)

  • Tom

    If you remember Watanabe’s conversation about the Pen system, before it was known as the Pen, back when it was rumored to be the M-1 and M-1000 (carrot cam), he stated that the initial Pens would be a consumer and professional model. We can assume that the E-P1 is the consumer version. The professional model was supposed to have weather sealed body and support 1080p video. I certainly hope that is supports 1080/23.976, 1080/24, 1080/25, 1080/29.97, and 1080/30. Not so much interested in overcranked rates, but I’m sure others would disagree, so it would be cool if it supported higher rates, but I sort of doubt it as there won’t be a full time active cooling system in there to keep the sensor from overheating. We can also assume that an EVF, likely the detachable unit rumored, rounds out the professional features. Some sort of audio input to accommodate scratch quality audio or audible timecode would also be appreciated (and not the sub-mini connector that Panasonic uses please). 3.5mm at the very least, TA5 would be best, and Lemo 5-pin would be out of this world. Ok, it is apparent that I’m solely interested in video and some of my ramblings are in outer space with respect to reality, but one can dream.

    (but it does beg the question, do manufacturers realize how easy it would be to 99% dominate the video market, if just one of them actually did video correctly?… its not that hard…
    GH1 – fails, no b-frame support and poor motion codec / low data rate
    Canon 5D – fails, sensor too big or DSP processor too slow, bad artifacts and audio is simply incorrect for video, no 24p
    Canon 7D – fails, much of the same problems as the 5D, but a little less severe, due the the smaller sensor. apparent ghosting problems
    GF1 – fails, no 24p, same data / codec problems as GH1, poor audio implementation
    E-P1 – fails, no 1080 or 24p, poor audio implementation)

    Please please E-P2, be the one, otherwise I’ll have to go the RED Scarlet route, which I’d actually sort of rather not, due to other factors. One of them being, I work with a lot of RED owners and when I need that quality, I’m going to be working with people who are much more talented than myself and have the equipment, so I really don’t have a legitimate need to purchase a professional cinema camera, just something that suites my own needs and skill levels.

  • raw

    yeah , i’m in the same boat as you . i work with the red & sony f35 a lot. But i would love to have a great compact hd video camera. that does it right. with out dealing with a dslr. i wounder if that new Ricoh is gonna have good hd video features.

  • fuujin

    Tom, I’m 100% agree with you. I’m also waiting for that holy grail :)
    There’s hope… the GH1 was so close, if just a decent codec was used…

  • Travis

    Looks like the main link that earlier worked, now redirects to: http://www.olympus.com.cn/index.aspx

    (update 7!)

    • admin

      Thanks Travis!

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