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(FT5) “Oh My Goodness”! Olympus is coming big :)


Did you read the text on the image on top? It has been taken from the back page of next week’s Amateur Photographer magazine. And Olympus higligted the letters “O” and “M” :) You can see a full size image of the back page here:

The digital OM styled m43 camera is going to be announced the second week of February! Don’t miss to visit 43rumors the next days. I will post any rumors I can get, and hopefully we can find an image too! Meanwhile look at all those nice OM cameras. The system just became 40 years old :)

M-1 OM-1 OM-1 MD OM-1N OM-2 OM-2N OM-2S/SP OM-3 OM-3Ti OM-4 OM-4T/Ti black and chrome OM-10 OM-20 (OM-G) OM-30(OM-F) OM-40 (OM-PC) OM-77AF (OM-707) OM-88 (OM-101) OM-2000



  • Alfons

    If it’s going to be OM-style, it has to have a dial around the lens mount! :D

    • 1

      WORLDMAGS.. is a warez website for magazines.
      you can see their watermark.

      so the amdin is downloading warez magazines??

      bad bad boy…..

  • mermoz

    I wisch they have done a pen f style cam with intregrated evf and far more better sensor. there are 3 stops of difference with sony nex5n sensor.

  • TheEye

    What if the pro Pen is coming with (I’m sorry it all sounds dirty!) an 18×18 mm sensor?

    • That would be something nice :)

  • tube

    Why amateur photographer magazine. They have been dismissive of Olympus for years and have been ‘reporting’ every titbit of bad news re the ‘scandal’ they can think of.

    • lnqe-M

      Maybe reason is scratch pig on back. :-D

    • Mr. Reeee

      Olympus paid for the cover story?

  • Do you really believe what said in ads? “Oh my god” and some of you start talking about FF, 4/3 and m4/3 – combined. And with FF IQ?
    Three thing modern humans must always keep in mind:
    1. Politicians always vote-optimizes
    2. Media never tell the full truth
    3. Advertising always lies
    After providing you with this free-of-charge contemporary wisdom, my comment is that we still do not know anything more than earlier was published on this site.
    The OM-2 weighs about 500g and has about the same size as the Fuji X Pro. There may be a trend here: Mirrorless cameras can be very small and produce good IQ, we have many of them. But if you want really high IQ, usability and ruggedness, then cameras need to be a bit bigger.
    As I have a G3, my wishlist: A bit bigger, better controls (can be used with gloves on), more sturdy feeling, a lot better EVF, better sensor/processor with improved dynamic range, exposure measuring a lot better (no blown-out highlights).
    If any of this is within the bracket of “o my godness”? How can we know?

  • Michael Devitt

    Maybe the OM-5 SLR is coming. Olympus has decided to going back to 135 film ;) since their 4/3 sensor performance can’t match even Panasonic ones. I’m just hoping Olympus doesn’t put the OM’s name into shame.

  • Narretz

    Nothing to see here … move on. I think I am finally over all that “getting the hopes” up thing. Wait and see, don’t fantasize and your dreams will not be crushed when the announcement comes.

    • Berneck

      Yeah, I agree. I’m done thinking that “perfect camera for me” is coming. All I want is an X-PRO type camera, that is fast. Make it a tiny bit bigger than the E-P3, and I think it will sell like crazy. I’m sick of this race to the smallest camera. I do hope for a new sensor as well, but it’s not nearly as important as the speed and functionality to me. I take great photos with my GF2. It’s just that the contols and speed are frustrating at times.

      • Forbes

        It seems to me that m4/3 is especially susceptible to hype and wishlist thinking. (Just look at the GX1 hype.) Thinking logically I would say the OM resurrection is a G3 or GH3 competitor. A built in EVF and slightly bigger body than the E-P3. Surely it will have a new sensor as a response to Panasonic. Other than that I expect very little. Maybe the styling will be uniquely Olympus like the E-P1 was.

        • nobody

          A GH3 competitor wouldn’t be bad at all, would it?

          • Forbes

            It’s certainly what Olympus is missing. It could help the m4/3 system to mature a bit further. The lenses are getting there, now it’s time for the bodies.

  • Alberto

    OM style is fine, but improving sensor inside(DR, ISO 100 noise, etc) is crucial.
    Olympus is far behind competitors at the moment.

  • Remember the band Orchestral Manouvers in the Dark?

  • Ben Y

    Please don’t taint the OM name, Olympus. Make sure it’s good.

  • ronin

    The OM-1 (nee M1) Olympus was an innovative trend-setter in a couple ways. It was smaller than the Minoltas and Pentaxes and Nikkormats, and lighter. It had a “low-eyepoint” finder, in which the reflex image appeared bigger than earlier renderings (and which again fell out of fashion quickly thereafter). It had the shutter speed dial around the lens mount (just a funny feature, not an innovation). Even the lenses themselves were slightly smaller than the competition (although perhaps flimsier). In short, it was something of a game changer, and Pentax, and Nikon, eventually made smaller, lighter mid-grade cameras to target that niche. Even the later OM4’s had a cool multi-spot meter that was special in its day.

    A new Digital OM sounds like it would be a nostalgia product, not an innovator. The company looks at Fuji, and sees that people are willing to spend money on products that look old-timey, even if feature performance is not really anything innovative. A new Digital OM doesn’t sound like a game-changer, more of a faddish tip of the hey-look-at-me-I’m-wearing-a-cheap-fedora to an everything old is new again metrosexual hipness… consumers with a lot of money and a lot of fashion sense.

    • Ross

      I would get it instead of the E-P3 because it had the built in view finder if the price was affordable. Hopefully there would be more to entice me than just that & weather sealing. I really hope it uses the BLM-5 battery & will take a battery grip (among other things).

    • Berneck

      I fear you are correct. I happen to like the retro design, because it’s actually very functional. The biggest mistake I see these companies making is two-fold. They’re too afraid to caninibilize their own products, AND (this is a big one) they have a tendency to keep you wanting more. I don’t mean wanting more in a good way, either. All these cameras come out and they lack one or two things that just drive you crazy…..huge lenses on NEX, slow focus (presumably) on the X-PRO, old sensors on Olympus and Panasonic, lack of viewfinders, no hotshoe, crappy GUI, etc, etc.

      These companies have such a golden opportunity to marry the desired retro funtionality with cutting edge technology. Fuji should have waited and made the absolute best camera they could have, but they didn’t, it will be more of a niche it seems. Now it’s Olympus’ turn, but they’ll probably miss on something as well.

      My point to all of this is that brand loyalty is becoming a thing of the past. Oly/Pana need to drop this notion of keeping us wanting more, and start giving us what we want so we will KEEP COMING BACK!

      • TheEye

        Making the perfect camera is not in the interest of any camera maker. They want their loyal buyers to trade up in regular intervals.

        A camera maker simply wants to top their competitors in some way by a margin in a effort to garner new customers.

        An very refined product that is not going to replaced by a new model after a short time, costs a premium. See Leica.

        • Doug

          Really? That hasn’t stopped all the apple sheep from standing in line for days waiting for the latest minor iteration of the iPhone.

          • TheEye

            You are comparing very different products now and thus your argument is an example of false logic.

      • Why would you come back if you didn’t want more?

    • Stravinsky

      Olympus has planned this carefully. Way before the Fuji x100 and x -pro, olympus introduced the ep1, a retro design and a revolutionary new concept. Every one, including fuji, is trying to copy that. It makes sense then, that for the fortieth anniversary, olympus is coming up with yet another retro design which will hopefully introduce some new tricks. It makes sense. Car companies are doing it, audio companies too. Lots of industrial design out there is quoting the past.

  • Let’s hope they have chosen to go for the modular design of the MDN prototype. That would be interesting. Unless, I’ll just wait for the GH3.

  • EvoltPEN

    I hope Olympus will make their own version of 25mm prime and fast as PL 25mm f1.4. I know it sounds stupid to make same lens twice in same format but I that PL 25mm f1.4 have some “aperture dance” / “rattlesnake” sound problems with current Olympus PEN bodies.

    • Fan

      They could just fix the rattlesnake problem with a firmware update for their bodies. Maybe an option to change aperture less frequently during live view.

  • Jonathan

    They have talking about focusing screen and mount adapter…

    So a mount adapter for OM lenses and another for FT mount.

    Focusing screen implies a mirror-boxed… so my guess is a new mount that would sit right between FT and m43.

    Maybe Olympus want to give up FT mount but want to keep their FT customers by providing them a new smaller high performance body , fully retrocompatible with fast FT lenses using the same 43 electronic protocol.

    Now Comparing Flange back register distance :
    – OM mount : 46mm
    – FT mount : 39,7mm
    – micro 43 : 20mm

    The new mount (if they do so) would have a 30~32mm flange back register distance to allow the presence of a mirror-box or fixed semi-transparent mirror, retaining “PLEASE” a multiaspect ratio sensor like GH2 with 2x crop factor.

    To have the same OM-1 feel, we only need a high magnification OVF, and a small, robust and lightweight body and of course small primes.

    • Boooo!

      Erm, Jonathan, a 30mm flangeback distance ensures that absolutely no m4/3 lenses could be mounted on that camera. It’s 20mm or nothing.

    • nobody

      IMO, this will be a m43 camera, and nothing else.

  • NativeFloridian

    Read my lips: “No new sensor.”

    • nobody

      And you know that because?

  • I dont think olympus able to figure out what rival are doing when they developed of this OM. OMG! EP-3 DOB (rival 5n), OM another DOB! (rival nex7,xpro1)

    the only hope m43 caught up the game -GH3 bring it ON before too late! (must avoid like nokia pawned by a fruite and a robot)

  • max

    my dream: sd1 foveon+ om4 style

  • Johnny b

    OM-D = fullframe

  • Jonathan

    You’re right but who have said that this new OM-D line will have backward compatibility with m43? I mean m43 lenses on OM-D?

    I think olympus need 2 lines that NOT competes with each other. If m43 user are happy with it, they won’t buy OM-D unless they have money to spend. But, if a new user that will join to OM-D system want a smaller body, okay no problem, m43 is already there and he will keep his om-d lenses ;).

    It seems logical that Olympus want to improve FT original mount by making something else with it. When you look at the inside of an E-5 for example you see that a shorter flange back is possible.

    A 30mm flange would make sense with OM-D prime adapted to m43 body, the adapter would be thinner compared to the FT->m43 one.

    The FT mount is definitely dead, so let’s olympus coming out with a new FT mount, calling it OM-D mount, shorter than all existing FF dslr mount sporting Aps-C sensor.

    It would be the first really compact reflex mount design specifically for a digital sensor after FT attempt. The FT flange back register distance was too long imho.
    Plus Fuji has proven that AA filter is no longer necessary enabling the design of compact non telecentric lenses for digital sensor.

    • Efwee

      Think that the consensus is that this OM-D will take m43 lenses.
      Could it be a 6×6 concept camera (in line with the OM prototype) that allows separate sensors on the back? Like a deeper one for 43? Suppose Olympus made the 43 and m43 mount ‘compatible’, in that it would be possible to mount both lens types on it? It would even have the promise of a bigger sensor with a small adapter ring (OM->43 ;-)) on the front, and the bigger sensor at the back with the appropriate flange distance. I’d like the square 18x18mm too…
      Like the Ricoh GXR, but slightly more innovative. The build in viewfinder on the left, protruding with a m43 mount unit, level with a 43 mount unit. The lcd, well, not behind the unit I guess (should be flexible), could be on top for a proper 6×6 experience.
      Ah well, we can dream…

      • Jonathan

        Well, mounting m43 lenses onto a longer flange register distance mount like 30mm as i suggested would not be impossible… It would just need the help of a simple optical engineer trick, a simple teleconverter adapter…

        If for example, OM-D will have 30mm flange, and APS-C sensor, oly will just have to release a 1,4x teleconverter adapter so that we could mount m43 lenses. Such teleconverter would just generate a loss of light illumination, but would enlarge the image circle to cover APS-C sensor.

        Ex: 12mm f/2 + 1,4x teleconverter = 16mm f/2.8 for Aps-c, still equivalent to a 24mm in 35mm terms.

        25mm f/1,4 = 35mm f/2 …50mm eq
        45 f/1.8 = 60 f/2.5 … Etc …90mm eq

  • You are just creating a babel tower camera in your head with all sorts of redundant devices.

    Clearly you still don’t understand 3 yrs. later the difference between 4/3 and m4/3.

    All a 4/3 compatible camera needs is PDAF sensors and an adapter, which is already there.

    There is a slight chance that the coming camera might be a real multi aspect like the GHx, and an even slighter chance that it be a ‘Super 4/3’ which keeps compatibility backwards while introducing a new line of lenses.

    But in fact the problem for a new generation Oly is not the lenses, they already have excellent ones – it’s the sensor. Fuj’s one seems a game changer, going by the early samples.

    So Oly is falling behind two times: behind the GHx and now behind the Fuji.

    Worrying about the camera architecture at this point is rather childish. Putting lipstick on a pig.

    • PS

      Time, a short time, will clear all the doubts….Patience

  • Jonathan

    The thing that some photographer really need is a small compact DSLR with an OVF or may be a new kind of REFLEX hybrid VF.

    And we clearly understand that 43 relies on PDAF.
    There is two way to implement PDAF onto mirrorless: PDAF sensor like nikon 1 aptina
    Or with the help of an external Phase detection sensor like the Fuji X-Pro.

    Like you said, Oly is behind 2 times, behind Gh-x and x-pro…

    That’s why they have to come with something new. OM-D => Olympus Mount Digital=> New mount?

    We just have to wait until the 8th february. This will be huge announcement from Oly.

    Imho, i think, most of you m43 user would be happy to have the possibility to adapt m43 lenses onto a bigger sensor if you had more DR.

    And for those who want FF OM-D, go get a 5d mk II and an af confirm om to eos adapter from ebay, it already works pretty well.

  • ~~yawn~~

    Look Olympus, stop feckin’ about. Just leak a few tidbits like you always do – and then release and deliver the camera when you promise to. That’s enough for me.

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