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(FT5) New full size picture of the GF3!


Look what I found in my mailbox today (thanks anonymous sender)! It’s a full-size picture of the mini mini mini GF3 camera! With that size the GF series is getting very close to the well known mini Minox camera (Click here to see them). The GF5 could become even smaller and a perfect tool as spy camera for James bond alike special agents :) To me it looks like the GF3 is even smaller than the today announced Sony NEX-C3!

I have to say that it doesn’t look that bad. And if the GF3 really has the same Panasonic G3 sensor than it might will become a hotseller!

  • bluejake79

    One thing that Panasonic appear to have improved is the G3 and the GF1 appear to have less tacky writing printed all over the front of them. ‘Full HD’, ‘AVCHD Lite’ etc.

  • John

    Actually, if it has a built-in flash this could be the perfect complement to a GH2. If it came in black it would be even better (I’m sure it will come in black). Throw some compact primes in with this and it’s a super light weight/small system to complement the other larger m43 bodies.

    I wonder if it takes an EVF attachment . . .

  • Joe

    It looks like a toy camera for tween girls. I’ll bet half the people that buy it won’t even realize it has interchangeable lenses and half of them will wonder why the lens sticks out all the time. The GF series is no longer serious competition outside of Hello Kitty enthusiasts.

    • cL

      I always find this type of comment amusing. Do you realize the gender divide between accomplished photographers is as close as you can get? There are lots of female photographers out there. I am pretty sure they know it’s an interchangeable lens camera if they are so inclined to buy this camera. Some probably have more photos hung in a gallery than most people here.

  • MJr

    Could be a fun little toy. It looks a bit Ivory, kinda cool. A lot better than in the screens from that vid. Yeah shallow DoF makes everything look better ;). And a lot smaller now that someone with proper thumb size is holding it.

  • pdc

    There has to be something special about the back of the camera as these leaks are careful to keep it hidden.

    • It has flip screen and a hybrid EVF

      • John

        It has a mirrored LCD screen so you can look at yourself while taking a picture.

        • Or better put your make-up on

  • cL

    Though it’s not the type of camera for me, but I think it’s pretty cute. Maybe it could be a mother’s day gift (next year) to my mom. She used to shoot with my LX3, but not that camera is sold, she needs one.

  • Jason

    If it is around $350 body only, I might get it…..

  • Schneider

    It’s cute, don’t care what you say. In pink or black, it’ll be darn cute.
    Excellent headline-stealing “leak” job today by Panny. NEX-C3 thread has stopped dead in its tracks :)

  • Mr. Reeee

    The GF3 is cute, sexy, tiny and looks like it could be a LOT of FUN and will sell a TON! Slap that 20mm, 14mmor 12mm on it and have some FUN! If you can’t have FUN with a camera… What can we say?

    Panasonic’s line-up is looking pretty damn good: GH2, G3, GF2 (?) and GF3. This is a great bunch of cameras. GH2 is the flagship M4/3 camera (for now), maybe Oly will release something Compelling, maybe another incremental update masquerading as something new.

    All these people whining about girlie-cam, Hello Kitty (that’s OLY!), whatever. Get a grip and over it. It’s the 21st century and throwback camera bodies like the PENs, or X100 will appeal to a TINY, tiny minority. US! Or old dudes who remember what a metal, manual camera was.

    So, Pannies are mostly non-traditional camera bodies, except for the GH2. So what? Today’s cameras are computers, at least as much as they are cameras. Touch interface is a ligitimate option. Think Windows garbage vs. Mac usability and elegance.

    The only way M4/3 will succeed as a PLATFORM is to have SOME camera bodies that have mass appeal that drive sales, bring in money and allow for increased R&D. The MORE cameras that support the M4/3 standard the better… For ALL of us! Panasonic is delivering. Olympus, until they make some ground breaking announcements, is NOT.

    Bottom line. You no like? You no BUY!

    • stickytape

      Wow, so many thinly veiled trolls!

  • Jason

    It could make a great backup, as long as it is cheap…..

  • napalm

    GF3 would be a good gift for your GirlFriend ;)

    If this sells at below $400, there will be a pretty good market out there. Not for me though.

  • Name

    Will this have a built-in flash?

  • asdf

    this is a nice site otherwise, but i find all the contrived links to ebay and amazon in the text of every article to be a little obnoxious. i would actually rather just see a google adsense banner.

    • Robbie

      That’s what keeps the site going, I can accept that.

    • zorg

      I like the ebay links. They often have terrific photos of the cameras being sold—much more detailed than the thumbnails you see elsewhere.

      If someone is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to click on those links, that’s a different story and I apologize for doubting you. Your concern about extra links is the most tragic thing I have ever heard.

      • asdf

        it’s obnoxious on your first visit when you assume those links are pointing to other articles on the site. also, there’s no way to discern when one of the links is pointing to real content and not just a referral commission. i’m all for ad- and commission- based sites, but there are better ways to do it.

  • James

    I’ve already got some m43 lenses for my GH2, so I may just be tempted if the GF3 body-only is cheap…

  • Olbap

    Yeah Pablo, if bigger is always better, put your money where your mouth is, and haul around that 20×24 large format camera.
    m4/3 suits me just fine, thank you very much.

  • Nobody can deny that the 4/3 sensor will not be able to match the image quality from an APS-C sensor. But of course the cameras are much more than the sensor alone. For 2 years, I’ve been taking around a quarter of all my photos with the Lumix 7-14 ultrawide zoom. There isn’t a lens for the NEX system that will shoot at 14mm equivalent that is as sharp, contrasty and compact. So the larger sensor in the NEX doesn’t help me very much.

    So I’m more interested in the GF3. It might make a good backup camera for my GH2 and, if I had to, I could use the 7-14 mounted to the GF3.

  • Admin, again a great job….
    Some might like the camera others won’t but at least the info is released, available and reliable… Without the info no debates.
    And a again is the first one…
    Thanks again

  • Big Fat Lens

    Arrrrrggggghhhhh does it has a built in EVF or not that is the question?

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