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(FT5) Just to be clear: The Panasonic GH6 still has no phase detection autofocus


GH6 specs at BHphoto

The autofocus will be improved by quite a bit, but I can now confirm with 100% certainty that the GH6 will not use a phase detection system. Let’s hope Panasonic engineers found some “trick” that can really fix their flawed af system…

A source told me this about the soon to be announced new GH6:

  • rolling shutter is eliminated
  • Not sure if they also eliminated mechanical shutter but there is a chance for it.
  • And last but not least a massive improvement in AF. It may called DFD AI. They claim that tracking is 5 times better than in GH5.
  • no phase detection AF.

The official specs shared by Panasonic are:

  • New Micro Four Thirds Sensor
  • Updated Venus Engine Image Processor
  • 5.7K 60p Video, 10-Bit Sampling
  • DCI 4K 10-Bit 4:2:2, Unlimited Recording
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