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HOT! Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 lens gets reviewed at DSLRmagazine! Price around 1100 Euro!


UPDATE: You can preorder the lens at Amazon (Click here)

So it was true! Panasonic has indeed an announcement for the May 21th! You can already read the first lens review at (Click here) and Click here for the google english translation. A f/2.8 24.70mm lens (in FullFrame terms) that is half the size of a Canon 24-70mm (Click here) or [shoplink 31079 ebay]Nikon 24-70mm (Click here)[/shoplink]!!!
As Valentin Sama writes this lens is weather sealed and hints that “a future body also sealed, and with high performance is coming before Photokina“…..his own words!

Lens performance:
RAW files have a very high resolution in center and corners, with a peak in at f/8. But already wide open the lens can deliver a “full performance”. The center has complete absence of chromatic aberrations, and it’s only very discrete in the corners, where there is also a bit of astigmatism. Vignetting is present at f/2.8 only (but nothing to worry about). It has very low distortion (which is easy to correct in PS). And here are some image samples: one, two and three.

In short, according to Valentin that lens sets a new level of quality for all mirrorless zoom lenses. It almost has no flaws. The price will be around 1.100 Euro (I guess this means 1,200 in Dollars). That’s I keep checking Amazon (Click here) but there is no preorder at the moment of writing this. Meantime answer this:

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So, do you like the lens???

P.S.: The Canon 24-70mm costs over $1500 at Amazon (Click here) while the Nikon costs almost $1900 at Amazon (Click here).



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