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HOT! Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 lens gets reviewed at DSLRmagazine! Price around 1100 Euro!


UPDATE: You can preorder the lens at Amazon (Click here)

So it was true! Panasonic has indeed an announcement for the May 21th! You can already read the first lens review at (Click here) and Click here for the google english translation. A f/2.8 24.70mm lens (in FullFrame terms) that is half the size of a Canon 24-70mm (Click here) or Nikon 24-70mm (Click here)!!!
As Valentin Sama writes this lens is weather sealed and hints that “a future body also sealed, and with high performance is coming before Photokina“…..his own words!

Lens performance:
RAW files have a very high resolution in center and corners, with a peak in at f/8. But already wide open the lens can deliver a “full performance”. The center has complete absence of chromatic aberrations, and it’s only very discrete in the corners, where there is also a bit of astigmatism. Vignetting is present at f/2.8 only (but nothing to worry about). It has very low distortion (which is easy to correct in PS). And here are some image samples: one, two and three.

In short, according to Valentin that lens sets a new level of quality for all mirrorless zoom lenses. It almost has no flaws. The price will be around 1.100 Euro (I guess this means 1,200 in Dollars). That’s I keep checking Amazon (Click here) but there is no preorder at the moment of writing this. Meantime answer this:

Will you buy the lens?

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So, do you like the lens???

P.S.: The Canon 24-70mm costs over $1500 at Amazon (Click here) while the Nikon costs almost $1900 at Amazon (Click here).



  • Mar

    Not bad…

    • Duarte Bruno

      Not bad???

      This is a new benchmark for m43…

      Let’s see: 12-35:
      Olympus 12mm F2:

      I don’t have the money for this kind of glass but one thing is for sure… it will redefine the system as a PRO system.


      • Mar

        Different cameras (16 vs 12mp)….
        Besides, 12mm f2 is not that great optically (towards the sides and corners).

        • Mike

          Really, have you used the 12mm prime? Maybe I have a good sample but I’m extremely happy with the performance across the frame.

      • Mar

        Different cameras (16 vs 12mp)….
        Besides, 12mm f2 is not that great in terms of sharpness outside center.

      • Wow, the zoom at 12mm outperforms the 12mm prime. Very interesting. I know the prime lovers will like the small size of the 12mm but I’m very happy that this zoom is finally reality.

        • Dave

          Really? How does this lens compare at f2.0 ?

          • TEB

            Obviously it doesn’t but then again for my needs I don’t need f2.0 at a 24mm equivalent often. But seems like The zoom may beat it at every aperture past there.

          • MikeH

            Har har har.. Dave, if you aren’t a paid comedian already, quit your day job and go into the business now.

            Compare them at 2.8 and the zoom wins.

        • DonTom

          I love the lens, but I’m not going to buy it. I have three faster primes that cost me less in total: 14/2.5, 20/1.7, 451.8. If I was carrying this zoom, I’d still carry the 20/1.7 & 45/1.8 for the speed.
          The 35-100 will be a different story. Heck, I might even leave the 45/1.8 at home if I was carrying that. Two pancakes plus 1 zoom, all F2.8 or better…..

        • Esa Tuunanen

          > Wow, the zoom at 12mm outperforms the 12mm prime. Very interesting.
          Beating overhyped 12mm m.Zuiko isn’t hard.
          Optically even more ambitious 12-60mm 4/3 zoom does it by big margin by retaining almost full sharpness to corners.

  • Dan

    what is the expected cost when released?

    • drp

      article says approx price will be 1100 euros.

  • Doug

    Google translate works….. Why don’t they write their articles in English also?

    • andy

      because google translate works.

    • Maybe because they are a spanish magazine? Its not like people who are non-english speakers are asking for a translation to our native language on every english review right?

    • mister_roboto

      Because you know- they don’t speak English everywhere in the world. Like in Spain, where they speak Spanish.

    • SpeakEnglishOnly

      Why don’t you learn Spanish or any other language to get a bit more open minded, better informed and, therefore, smarter?

  • The photo with the flower looks quite sharp to me! Love the lens design as well…

  • Eric V

    Looks beautiful with the black omd em5 body. Can’t wait to see the weather-sealed GH3 body from panasonic.

  • I am already in love…

    • +1, it looks awesome on the e-m5 too!

  • Sweet. Lots of glass. That’s what I call a zoom lens.

    Edit1: Voted “do not know yet”, since I’m not sure that I would be fine with such short range. Though for social occasions the 12-35 should suffice: 12mm is of greater value there, than 50-60mm range. But at least 40-45mm at the tele end would have been nice for portraits.

  • Looks very promising. Seems like not a lot of reason to get/keep a DSLR if you’re on the m4/3 system.

  • Z

    The lens looks really short – much shorter than the Oly 12-50mm.
    FAR smaller than the FF Canon/Nikon 24-70mm f2.8s.

    This could be my primary future setup!!

    Need more reviews, price, and availability :)

    • Corey

      Its roughly 1/4 inch shorter than the 12-50mm when its at its smallest. Probably an inch or so longer than the 12-50mm when you zoom. It’s diameter is approximately 1/2″ large than the 12-50mm. Overall not too bad.

  • Charlie

    Looks groovy!

    • Charlie

      I’m pumped it’s weather sealed — glad I passed on the E-M5 kit. :)

      • mooboy

        Good choice. I’m starting to wish I had just got the body as well. But, then, again, being in Australia where Panasonic likes to charge us double than our US friends… might be a while until I can get this at a reasonable price. Can normally get around this with B&H etc, but if it’s over $1,000 we start to get hit with extra taxes and fees. May have to wait until next trip to HK when stock is available…

      • Geoff

        It nowhere mentions weather sealing, only that it has a rubber sealing ring around the mount, that does not amount to weather sealing.

  • Bokeh looks great in the scooter shot as well. This is very exciting. The missing links are falling into place.

    • Totally agree with you on the bokeh quality!

    • Voldenuit

      There’s a bit of onion structure in the specular highlights, but that’s common even on high end zoom lenses (like the Canon 17-55/2.8). The Canon is actually a bit worse than the panny (possibly premature judgement based on limited examples), so all in all I’m pretty impressed with the 12-35/2.8.

  • Paul

    Sooooo nice!

  • EURO$1100 … not bad for the specs. I’m impressed with the look and size of it too.

  • Mr. Reeee

    Looks impressive so far!

    The review spec sheet said NO power-zoom! Excellent… if it’s accurate!

    Let’s see what the 35-100mm and updated 7-14mm bring to the M4/3 lens line-up.

  • Dave

    No internal zoom. So, what you see is the lens at 12mm. It will grow a bit when zoomed in. (For those commenting on it’s small size compared to the 12-50).

    The 12-50 zooms internally, accounting for it’s length.

  • Dear Doug,

    By the same reason that anglo websites don’t write their articles in Spanish.
    Lear Spanish is a nice language :P


  • They basically say its better than lenses for 135 size sensors. “not just about optical quality, but also handling, speed and accuracy of focus, the latter two parameters in which far surpasses the very best present in the field of 24 x 36 mm format (“double frame”).

    Note, note well, they do not call 135 (24×36 mm), a FF.

    • +1 on the comment about sensor size!!!

    • Pei

      Inferiority complex much?

      A name is a name. What it means to you shows who you are and it sounds like you know this doesn’t really measure up.

  • Anonymous

    Looks charm on Black E-M5 ,.. That why I ordered Black E-M5 …hope the price is cheaper than 1100-1200$

  • Will

    I probably won’t get it because I like my primes and have a nice set up but i’m really happy about this, it definitely rounds out the system and I feel like there are choices left right and centre now.

    If they get the 35 – 100 out in the next few months then I think you could see a few pros switching over, why wouldn’t you, it’s got everything for less weight, in fact it’s got a lot more in some areas for less weight and cost.

  • As people say, chapeau Panasonic.

    Before now, my future lens plans were: Oly 75mm and Oly 60mm macro. Now? Maybe the two Panasonic X zooms…

    • mooboy

      Same boat.. I was sure Oly would be my next two purchases as well. Now, really thinking my options… And why the hell did I buy the kit lens with OM-D…..

  • Nkorea

    This will affect the sales of oly 12mm…

  • Petty

    I was sold until no power zoom. Are u kidding? That’s sucks . Got used to it with the 45-175 & now there’s no going back. Will not buy

  • ght

    24-70 f2.8 is nice on a full frame camera- not so much on m43. Think I’d much prefer the new image stabilized Tamron 24-70 on the rumored $1,500 Nikon full frame. That package will probably cost about the same as the GH3 with this lens, maybe a little more, but it’ll be full frame. I’d rather have the option of using 2.8 dof to 5.6.

    • Anonymous

      Its entirely up to you on which format you wish to use…however this site is all about the m43rd format…why dont you go over to nikon roumors or canon watch…it has all the stuff relevant towards you there…

    • blair

      Thanks for your input, it was so helpful!!

    • Blair


    • Right, and that whole setup will be at least 2x the size and weight of the equivalent m43. I just don’t see how you could compare both. To each his own I guess.

  • JP

    Sample shots look decent, but they appear to be shot with a Panasonic body. I want to see how the lens performs on the E-M5.

  • Bob

    If I’m paying 1200 for a lens why do I need to correct for distortion in PS. Remember film where shit would just look good without messing around in a 500 app on a 2000 computer. WTF?

    • nope, I don’t. I’d shoot film if I thought that was true.

      • The Real Stig

        He’s right. The higher end OM Zuikos don’t do chromatic aberration. There was no Photoshop or PC’s. Lenses had to deliver because images were wet printed using optics and chemicals and there was just no way to get rid of CA.

        • Chris K

          You mean like a film scanner and LIghtroom? Viola! Film with CA fixed!

          Image flaws like CA and distortion aren’t as important to many people today because the end result is just as good, and the benefits of loosening up those requirements have real benefits in size and cost and features.

          I don’t care if the picture on my wall was made pretty by lenses or by software, so long as it looks pretty!

          • Ahh!! A real person. With real ideas.
            The result is what makes the photo satisfying for all.
            How it was made is satisfaction for the maker only.

            I, like you, don’t need to know the whole truth behind a picture, unless its a private conversation.

    • Brad

      No, Film would look good after being messed around with a $100,000 machine in a photo lab

  • I was a GH1 user, but i was really waiting a zoom lens like this from many years, right now i´m using Sony Nex system camera but fast zoom with OS is nonexistent on the Sony land, if the GH3 came weathersealed and Panasonic launch the 35-100 f2.8 with it, i will change of train again for sure.

    Finally a great news Panasonic!.

    • I’m also a NEX user but it’s not like fast zoom with IOS is non-existent, fast primes are almost non-existent! pancakes are basically non-existent!

      I just didn’t get why the weather sealed feat is important if no NEX camera is weather sealed, it’s like a plus to change system? The E-M5 doesn’t appeal to you?

      I just wished there was a Olympus/Panasonic with Panasonic’s video and IBIS + imagine from Olympus, if would be really something.

  • SWWT

    So no one thinks 12-35 (24-70) range is insufficient? Why should I get this lens over a 12-60 (12-120) or 14-54 (28-108)?

    And it’s going to be 1100 euro? That’s like a million dollars USD!? I might have to sell my car/house/children!?

    Plus it looks far too large and bulky on the E-M5. If I dropped it on my foot, it would probably crush my toes.

    And… ooooh crap. I guess I’m probably going to buy this along and an E-M5 or GH3. ;D

    • The lower zoom range enables better lens correction and is in line with high end zooms.
      This looks like a reason to pass my E30 and ZD12-60mm to a new owner. Along with my MZD 14-150mm, though I might keep the ep2 as a backup.
      SWWT if you dropped a 12-60mm on your toe it would a lot more in the Ouch area.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > The lower zoom range enables better lens correction and is in line with high end zooms.
        For that we’ll have to wait for more reviews like Photozone’s as most review sites buy it all, hook, line and sinker regardless if lens has semi-fisheye class geometric distortion and vignetting covered up in software.
        (unlike what DSLRmagazine says 12mm m.Zuiko has bad optical geometric distortion)

    • I guess if you don’t see the benefits of a high end zoom with reasonable focal length range and fixed f/2.8 aperture then maybe it is because you don’t need it…Just sayin’ :)

  • I voted “no,” but only because I prefer to cover this range with fixed focal lengths. I think the availability of a fast zoom with this quality is a great thing for Micro 4/3.

    Really looking forward to the 35-100, as that will be something with more utility for me (especially for video)…

    • Rich


  • does somebody know how this lens compares to the Sony A-Mount 16-50mm f/2.8 ($800)? In a way this lens price is 50% higher than the other one.

    and I wonder if a kit of a GH3 paired with this lens would go as high as $2000 – the same price as the A77 paired with the 16-50mm f/2.8.

    • avds

      But it’s also about the same price as ****n 17-55 and cheaper than ****n 17-55 :)

    • This one has OIS, unlike the Sony. Also, pana has 2 more aspherical lenses.

  • beefcheeze

    This is sweet news. That survey should really include a “can’t afford it” option…

  • Sooooo, gentlemen, this is what we were waiting for, and its finally here! A high end normal zoom, weathersealed, with image stabilization and fixed f/2.8 aperture – all that in a reasonably sized package. A-WE-SO-ME! Thanks Panny. Again, this goes to show the size and portability advantage of this system. I’m sure the optics will be top notch too.

    I had really lost the faith on this lens materializing before 2013 with Panasonic only showing fake mockups so far, but, for me, this changes the whole game. This is the missing piece in the m43 lineup, and with the upcoming 35-100 we’ll have most photographic situations covered with fast, weathersealed, compact, constant aperture and high quality zooms. A-WE-SO-ME.

    This is all I really need for maybe 80%-90% of my shooting when travelling, which is my main use for m43 gear. I can see this lens, and a couple of fast primes as my main travel photography kit.

    It looks the part with the E-M5 too :)

  • Just wish there would be a version without OIS. No reason for me to pay extra for something I would never use since the E-M5 has excellent IBIS. Plus, it likely adds unnecessary bulk, too.

    (Btw, this thread has more its/it’s confusions than I’ve ever seem before.)

    • Rob

      I think it’s not in Panasonic’s interest to do that.

      It would be nice to see a Olympus competitor to this though. A micro version of the 12-60mm with no OIS would trump this a bit for me and most E-M5 owners I guess. The size and weight of this constant f2.8 is fantastic though.

      I’m not sure what to do with this. I’m pleased it doesn’t have power zoom as I tested the 45-175 and hated it, seemed very slow to respond. I’m surprised it doesn’t as it would make it good for video (where the constant aperture is good too, something Panasonic have the edge over everyone). It also looks great on the EM5 but the cost is quite high. I already have the PL25mm and could get the Oly 12mm and 45mm cheaper than this zoom. On the other hand, I could see what the 35-100mm sells for and forgo buying the 45mm and put the money towards that lens instead.

      A nice dilemma to be in, but I don’t want to regret my decision later. Either way I better sell my 12-50mm Oly and MMF3 adapter fast :)

    • jim

      (BTW the punctuation should be placed outside the closing bracket).

      • Rich

        Well played, sir.

      • obaliy

        yepp… an Oly glass woithout the “Mega OIS” should be much more smaller: may be, pana and oly are sharing the work in developing the markets – Oly starts with a sensationsla Body, pana with a great lens.. and so on…

        so lets wait 3 months for the Photokina, when Oly will present a 2,4/ 12-35 mm lens ..or a 2,8/ 11-40;-)

      • ssgreenley

        BTW, when the full sentence is within parentheses, the period should be placed within the parentheses as well. (If memory serves, however, this may be a UK/US thing.)

  • avds

    I have a feeling the photography world must be getting redefined by O+P in the year 2012 :) It’s like the volcano was just spitting some hot rocks but not really erupting yet – until now :)

    Speaking of the lens, it looks kind of trivial now that I realize it’s “just” a strict competitor against the ****N 17-55/2.8… Which doesn’t make it any less attractive and crucial though! What’s not trivial is its size of course, and I especially like the 305g figure!

    My only wish is that it can render those tiny colorful photons with magic similar to the Zuiko 14-54 or 12-60.

  • I am currently satisfied with my combo : 1.4/25 + 14-140 .
    I find it to be a good compromise between versatility and size, one lens complementing the other very well.

    But my God is this new zoom desirable!!

  • physica

    maybe a little bit Naïve , But ……The 12-35 + black E-M5 …… So sexy ……

    • Nick Clark

      Camera. Porn.

  • Doc Mosh

    I don’t understand how m4/3rd lenses can be priced the same as FX or DX lenses… where’s the savings? 1100 euros!??!!

    • Are you saying I paid too much for a 25mm f/1.4? I think I paid more than the “same FX or DX lenses”

      • Half the price of the Nikon lens.
        Same as the Canon lens! (which one?) Ok, buy the canon lens, but it won’t fit the E-m5.

  • ab

    SO when do you think the lens will ship? And how does Panasonic feel about the ?leaked? review.

    All in all a real game changer.


  • Steve

    This will be the best walking around lens for the system for sure. The little brother to the SHG 14-35 2.0 at half the cost/half the size!

    • And half the maximum aperture, lol, hahaha. But yes, this makes much more sense for this “compact camera” system than the oly f/2 zooms for “regular” four thirds…

      • Steve

        Gotta make compromises somewhere for size, right? 2.8 is plenty fast for me most times.

  • Samuel Sihombing
  • anon

    no power zoom? (:

  • Stupig

    Sometimes I wish Canon would make a 24-70/5.6 with good wide-open quality for 1000 euros. Oops!

    • Chris W

      It woild need to be f/2.8 for light gathering. That is much more important than shallow DOF. This looks impressive.


      • Rich

        Yes, you want shallow DOF go prime or full-frame. You want to shoot with reasonable shutter speeds in somewhat low light, then this is the kiddie.

  • Pei

    Cost is relatively cheap if considered as a Canon/Nikon 24-70 f/2.8. A bit slow and expensive if you desire the effect of a 24-70 f/2.8. Will Olympus make a f/2.0 down the road?

  • ckwin

    It’s an awesome len , but it confuses me with my current lens 7-14mm and 25mm/0.95 because of the range and aperture. I’m waiting for the 35-100mm @f2.8 and started to sell my 14-140mm now. I will definitely buy that and this will be my second choice.

  • ArtP

    Sounds good! Micro’s answer to the ZD 14-35 (but w/o the bulk!) I don’t have a need for such a lens, but nice to know it’s available, and it can only enhance popularity of the mount.

  • Sarek

    As a professional documentary filmmaker with an af101 this lens is a must. Most of the times I don’t have time to shift to my primes and to have a zoom with constant f:2.8 will be a relief. Just hope the manual focus works smoothly.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > Most of the times I don’t have time to shift to my primes
      Change of lens taking time and causing extra hassle is something always overlooked by those who say primes and dark as pinhole kit zooms are enough.

      As for focus it’s electric “fly by wire” focus ring unlike mechanically linked focus of better 4/3 Zuikos so you might want to try some m4/3 lens with it to get feeling how it works.

  • cool, on the om-d, m43 has finally a great weathersealed combo.

  • Junkai

    I hope Olympus will bring their SHG 14-35 and 35-100 f2 to m43, do away with OIS and make them smaller than the Panny ones.
    But currently the Panny 12-35 is really smaller than expected, seriously forcing me to ditch my dslr setup.

    • its impossible to scale the zd 12-35 or 35-100 f/2 to smaller dimension because of their basic concept.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        You don’t scale, you redesign.
        Unlike 35-100mm lens (12/)14-35mm focal length range is easier with lot more design freedom for ~20mm flange back distance of mirrorless mount than for ~40mm flange back distance.
        Lot shorter focal length lenses than that distance are always physically lot bigger than what aperture size required front element size would be.

        • lol i didn’t meant it literally, but i was referring to the unconfirmed claim of the zd designs actually being 28-70 and 70-200 with a focal reducer, which explained their sizes. to implement that (with the same speed)in m43 would be unthinkable for me, but then again, i am no lens designer.

  • MikeH

    This lens is mine… The only question is will it come with a GH3 or will I be buying it alone?

  • Les

    Where to i pay?

  • Doug

    Looks like a winner…. just wish the length would remain the same….. how do they keep the water out? I was just looking at my Nikon 24-70mm (which also varies in length), and it looks like the barrel is surrounded by some sort of foam to keep water/dust out….. One thing I know, the 12-50mm kit lens works great with water, as I just tried it on a water ride this weekend, hehe ;)

  • Boooo!

    Not bad, but naturally, nowhere near the level of the 14-35 SHG.

    • MikeH

      Nowhere near the size, weight, or price as well.

  • gzo

    No power zoom, and it has OIS switch: it’s now obvious that they are targeting Olympus users as well. This is good, very good!

  • A good lens, but I would prefer f2.0 on it. If larger aperture it is a matter of keeping size small – it is not important for the pro line.

  • Geoff

    Beautiful lovely specced lens but I won’t buy, not happy with Panny’s choice of using O.I.S., would prefer a non stabilised lens, as I use Oly bodies and yes I know I can switch it off, but it still means there is a possibity of the O.I.S. failing which means you’ll have a loose section within the lens, rendering it useless.

  • Hello guys, what a news this lens.

    But i have a question, because some thing is driving me a bit mad, and i don’t understand.
    Some one said that this new 12-35 F2.8 would act a bit like a 24-70 F5.6

    ok, i do know the crop faster for the focal, 12-35 becomes 24-70
    But, why the aperture would be F5.6 ??

    it doesn’t make same to me, and to different pro photographer that i know
    if you buy the canon 50mm F1.2 for full frame, and put it on a 7D for example, oak it becomes 86mm but the aperture is the same !!!!

    For me, the aperture doesn’t change when you crop.

    Thank you

    • lestin Heng

      DOF speaks.

    • Rich

      They are referring to the depth of field effect (i.e. that you would get more depth of field – equivalent to F5.6 if this were a full frame 24-70mm). The light gathering is still F2.8 regardless, so you can use it in dim lighting and maintain fast shutter speeds. As you say, F2.8 is F2.8 no matter what you put it on, but the relative effects will change depending on the camera. Similarly *if you could* put it on full frame, then at 12mm it would be a super wide-angle, rather than a moderate wide angle as it is on M4/3.

      If you don’t care about thin DoF then it’s an F2.8. If all you care about is thin DoF then you might be using the wrong system!

  • I’m not really impressed by the sample pics… I hope there are more better sample pics soon.

    • Well, the guys on DSLR Magazine said that they were posting just a few snaps to get an idea of the lens, but it wasn’t like it was an actual pic gallery.

  • freddy

    I was saving for the zuiko 12 f2, I’ll wait for this one :-)

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