(FT5) HOT! Major Panasonic announcement in early July!


There is no vacation for a rumor website like me :(  Top sources just unveiled that Panasonic will have a major product announcement in early July. They didn’t share the “stuff” list but I was told that there are many new cameras. I am pretty sure we will finally see the new Panasonic G5. I am not sure about the LX6 yet. And I don’t expect any new m43 lens. The G5 should use the same G3 16 Megapixel sensor. What will change is the shape of the camera.

Stay tuned guys!

P.S.: I am moving to my new house in the middle of nowhere on the Pyrenees on July 5th. Please Panasonic no announcement on that day! :)

Links to the current G Panasonic models:
Panasonic G3 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.
Panasonic G2 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • “I am moving to my new house in the middle of nowhere on the Pyrenees on July 5th. Please Panasonic no announcement on that day!”
    I think Panasonic will oblige ;-)

    • mpgxsvcd


      If you moving to the mountains then you should try astro photography. I am working on a review to show everyone how to do it on a budget. What cameras do you own? Most of the time the older m4/3s cameras are better for AP than the newer ones.

      • anoon


        I am interested in astrophotography as well…have recently used my OMD to capture the venus transit as well as some beautiful shots of the moon using a bird scope.

        Keen to hear about your setup if you want to email me, che -at- kristo dot id dot au

      • Beefcake

        Hey… I look forward to reading your review!

      • Matt

        Where will we be able to find this review when it is complete? Sounds really interesting, I have a spare G1 floating around that I’d like to utilise.

      • bart

        just curious, how are the older m4/3 cameras better at this? So far, my e-m5 seems to do a lot better then my e-p1 for this use, especially due to its live bulb feature, but also in iq, especially on planets and the moon, less so on DSOs.

  • DJS

    Are there any specs on the G5 yet? If the sensor is unchanged then I guess it might be improvements in processing engine, EVF and screen?

    With the GH3 coming soon the G5 might give some insight into new Panasonic tech.

    • Changed camera shape? Hope it’s a big change, kind-of an LC-1 style shape change. Would be weird if their value for money cam was exactly what many of us have been wanting.
      Stranger things have happened, I never thought the Olly 45/1.8 would be such a deal.

      • cc

        This would not please my bank account. An lc1-l1 styled body WOULD be what I’ve been waiting years for. Shut up Panasonic and take my money!

  • kesztio

    I suspect major changes in the processing engine and the ergonomy as well.

  • nik

    new sensor pls. g3 sensor is shit compared to om-d

  • Great! Speculation time once again.

    Lets see. “Many new cameras”… hmmm…
    The G5 is a given. My guess is it will feature a new 16-18MP sensor. Video will gain a boost to the GH2 level. Better build quality too.

    It’s time for a new m4/3 product line, perhaps a GX1-like camera with viewfinder in the corner? Weather sealed? That could give the E-M5 some competition.

    • Bob B.

      I think that this camera will be nice….but it will still somewhat be aimed at soccer moms.The G3 is still a great value…and I think that that thinking will continue on to the G5…further defining the different Panasonic lines.

  • Yun

    G5 then GH3 , how about news for the very highend camera aka GL ? Will Pana going to make it ?

  • Too bad about the G3 sensor, I wish it would use the same sensor as the one found in the Oly OM-5…

    • Mr. Reeee

      You mean the G3 sensor that’s in the EM5 is okay, but the same sensor in a G5 or GX1 sucks? ;-)

      Nobody really knows, but signs point in that direction…

      • Mooboy

        Doesn’t Bob B have both a GX1 and an OM-D? Be interesting to hear his view if, in real life situations, it makes a noticeable difference.

        And I thought someone write even if same sensor, the aa filter alters the results a lot?

        • Martin

          Even if the AA filter alters some sensor charateristicss, these are not the ones that seem to worry the skeptics here most. I’ve hardly seen any complaint concerning the resolution of the current set of Panasonic sensors, yet worries that their DR may leap behind some competitors. The AA filter will only have impact on the resolution (and the likelihood of ugly aliases, like Moire), yet none on DR.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Yes, he does.

          The point is that given Olympus’ financial situation and whatever technology agreements they already have with Panasonic as part of the joint Micro Four Thirds system, I think it more likely that Panasonic has produced a 16MP to Olympus’ specifications (based on the G3/GX1 sensor) and Olympus has further refined it with their obvious expertise in processing software and hardware tweaking. Look how much life, with steady improvements, they managed to squeeze out of the olde (original) 12MP M4/3 sensor.

          Do I have any proof? No. But no one has proof to refute my point, either. So, there! :-P ;-)

          • Bob B.

            OH…trying to flush me out for a side by side comparison!!!!! NOOOOOOO! LOL! One thing I can say right off the bat is that the color balance on the two cameras is WAY different. actually a good way to compare them would be to turn off the warming in the OM-D and then they might be closer. The handling of the cameras is WAAAAAY different also…as are the menus…As a matter of fact …I could write pages about the differences.
            I will see if I can shoot some simple tests …because what I would like to actually compare is whether the OM-D has more dynamic range than the GX-1.
            For me ..The GX-1 is a really fast, simple fun camera….The OM-D is more like a mini DSLR with more features and a little more cumbersome to use….(I use with grip top only …never without. I LOVE both cameras for different reasons.
            …but seriously …I will see if I can come up with at test subject…get the color balance close and see what the scootie is …… stay tuned.

        • Bob B.

          BTW MooBoy…thanks for the help regarding the flash on the OM-D. I called tech support…and (no surprise) I knew more than they did about the flash, the flash menu and how it works!!!! LOL! I had more equipment at my disposal than they did and I was teaching them! (LOL…I am not joking). ….so I believe its just the strobe that comes in the kit with the OM-D that is broken. I held on to my camera..and just sent the strobe back. The tech guys had not idea how the RC worked and knew little or nothing about the RC menu. ???????????? I think I made the right choice.

          • Does the strobe not fire at all now?

            Have you re-set the camera and tried using the flash normally?

            • Bob B.

              no….The strobe was not firing. That strobe (included with camera) is the also the command unit for ANY RC strobing, also. (from what I can see and read…the tech guys knew NOTHING, and there is not much info in any of the Oly manuals…but I did read something that indicated this.). That strobe plugs into the port. You cannot use an FL-300R on the camera and have ANY RC function. None. It will fire. But it cannot RC other strobes and as far as I can see…the camera cannot do that either without the included strobe plugged into the port. The FL-300R do NOT plug into the port…so the emit no RC. Only the little strobe. Now I know that Olympus makes other strobes other than these two ..but I am not familiar with them. Also..I openly admit I could be wrong about this…but the tech guys at the company who made the camera could tell me nothing so what am I to do. I am open to other people’s experience and knowledge.
              Please post some.!!!! LOL!
              You must have the little guy (that comes with the OM) plugged into the port….or you are not firing any other strobes remotely.
              Mine appears to have shorted out. As did someone else’s on this blog. He sent his back. I sent mine back. His problem was solved..hopefully mine will be solved too! The camera recognized that the strobe was on the camera..but it could not fire it. and it could not fire any remotes on any of the channels.

              • “You cannot use an FL-300R on the camera and have ANY RC function.”

                Just so you know, I have tested the FL-600R on an OM-D body with an FL-36R as a remote flash. The 600 fired the 36. Neither have port connections.

                However, the 36 on the OM-D body did not fire the 600 remotely. The FL-LM2 (little included strobe) would fire any R flash.

                “The FL-300R do NOT plug into the port…so the emit no RC. Only the little strobe.”

                As I tried to explain before, only the body communicates through radio for settings (strength fractions, TTL, M, Auto). The flash does not emit any radio signals.

                “I openly admit I could be wrong about this…”

                I don’t think you’re wrong at all because I had odd things going on when I was testing too. I also learnt from a friend that some Nikon bodies communicate wirelessly and don’t need any internal flash to trigger remote flashes. This isn’t the case with Olympus, unfortunately. I also agree that you know more than the Olympus help desk. ;)

                Just so you know, the FL-LM2 doesn’t emit any radio signals. Only the body does. It’s the light from the flash that triggers the remote flashes.

                What happened with me was I had the FL-LM2 on the OM-D body and the FL-600R set up remotely. Both on RC mode and worked fine. Took the LM2 off the body, put a 36 on and took some photos. The flash wouldn’t work. Put the LM2 on and still wouldn’t work. Reset body, didn’t work (as if, wouldn’t fire at all). Turned the 600 off and forced fill-in flash and the LM2 worked again.

                Turned the body off, back on again, reset and turned the 600 back on and everything would work again. Now, it could be a bug but I haven’t figured out when exactly this happens. It seems when a flash is taken off the body while it’s in RC mode it will “confuse” the body.

                I just wanted to make sure your flash strobe was still working but you’ve sent it back. I’m sure it’ll be returned working but if it happens again, just try resetting the body and see if the LM2 flashes normally without any remote flashes. :)

                • bart

                  First of all, flash remote control on olympus cameras doesn’t use radio, it uses light pulses.

                  For rc mode to work you need a flash that can function in rc comand mode. That includes the bundled mini flash, the popup flashes of cameras that support flash rc mode, some of the metz flashes, and aparantly the fl600r. It does NOT include the fl36r and fl50r, those can only function as rc slave.

                  Olumpus says to never ever install or remove a flash when the flash or camera is powered on. Doing so anyway is not supported, and not handled properly by hardware and firmware, so it isn’t entirely surprising that it has some odd results.

                  Last but not least, the lm2 connects to the port for power, this has abdolutely nothing to do with rc mode and everything with the lm2 not having its own battery.

                  • Bob B.

                    Thanks bart…I want to know..but it isn’t as if Olympus has any printed material telling us ANY of this?????…and their tech dept. know nada. What you are say makes sense…but if light controls the remotes…why can’t a FL-300R fire a remote FL-300R????
                    Olympus needs to print some customer support material regarding this area.

                    • bart

                      I’m more surprised that the fl600r reportedly can (since neither the fl36r and the fl50r can).

                      Rc command mode needs more then just being able to generate some light.

                  • It uses radio to control the settings, for about the 5th time.

                    How do you think you can change the strength of a remote flash just from the body?

                    • mooboy

                      Hi bbking – are you sure it’s radio though? I’m pretty sure with Nikon it’s all through IR communication through the flash (either in built on certain models, or the flash sitting on top of the camera). I would have assumed Olympus is the same, as, if using radio to control settings, why not use it to fire the flashes too?

                      You also have the FL-600R? When you have it in RC or slave mode, does it contunously pulse the video LED light? If so, have you found any way to disable this?

                      And Bob, your welcome, but I think Rik and bbking were of much more help than me! Thanks for your GX1/OM-D comparison! I like the idea of a little body like that, but so in love with IBIS I think I’ll wait for new Pen line up for now.

                    • bart

                      1. Why not use radio for triggering also, and with that prevent all problems related to using light pulses? (such as needing a flash, needing line of sight etc)
                      2. Where is the specification for the transmitter? This spec is required by law to be included in the documentation that comes with the camera
                      3. Where is the fcc, cert and similar certification of the transmitter? This is also a law requirement in large parts of the world

                      Additionally, a field strength meter does not indicate a radio transmission while using rc mode.

                      Last but not least, it is totally possible to encode settings in the light pulses, so there is no need for radio.

                      All in al, maybe you are right, but everything points at the opposite

                • Bob B.

                  Thanks for the help..its really confusing and Olympus can’t help us. LOL!

                  • Yeah, no worries. :)

                    And I think it is annoying that there’s very little information in the user manual about this.

                  • The reply button is off the page, so I’ll just use this one. :)

                    @mooboy I’m a technician and dicussing this with a colleague. We’re certain that it uses radio to control the settings of the flash. The 36/50 have IR diodes, but that’s to assist the camera to focus in low light conditions as most external flashes do.

                    Yeah, the 600R video LED flashes when in RC mode. Don’t know why this does that and don’t think you can change it. :/

                    @bart You don’t need to be a smartarse. :P I’m trying to understand this myself becuase they have such little information about this! How do you suppose you can control the settings of a remote flash from the body, which is the whole point of RC mode, if not by radio?

                    • Bart


                      It is very easy to encode the required settings in light pulses. The FL*R flashes have a light sensor that receives those light pulses. Much more complex things have been communicated by such means.

                      We know for sure light pulses are involved, and a complex series of pulses is strobed by the on-camera flash when it triggers the remote flash. We know this for sure from the line of sight requirement between the reflector of the on-camera flash and the light sensor on the remote flash, and by using a light cel to record what the on-camera flash is doing.

                      Both light and radio could do the job, and could do the job alone.

                      I have no absolute proof that radio is not involved, but it is unlogical for it to be involved because light alone ca do the job, and when looking for telltale signs of radio transmissions, I do not find any. For as far as my metering equipment goes, that is limited to 2.5ghz, so if they are above that I won’t see any traces of the transmission. The fact that statements of compliance with regulations for unlicensed radio transmitters is also lacking (this is mandatory to provide in documentation where I live and in many other parts of the world) is to me a strong indicator that it doesn’t contain a radio transmitter.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        There’s very little reason to think that E-M5’s sensor is same.
        G3/GX1 sensor has barely any better DR than ancient 12MP sensor Olympus had before E-M5 whose sensor is basing to everything we’ve seen clearly step forward from that old relic in every aspect.

        In fact here we have all three sensors put through same testing:

  • Ernest.orf

    What ’bout XZ-2 ??

    • spam

      It’s unlikely that Panasonic will launch a successor to a Olympus camera.

    • admin

      That rumor is also coming soon…

      • Henrik

        Im eagerly awaiting that rumour!

        • Ernest.orf


  • spam

    As far as I know all mFT sensor have been properly sized, a perfect it for the mFT cameras and lenses. Why should that change now?

    • Guest

      He means the LX6

      • Ross

        Hardly. Look at his trolling title.

  • John H

    On three of the five camera webshops in Denmark that I follow they’ve stopped offering GH2 for sale, and GH2 is not on stock at the remaining two. Also G3 can only be found at two of the webshops, however G3 is also at stock at the two webshops. Might not mean much though as Denmark is a little country, but hopefully GH3 and G5 are coming soon.

  • darius

    Tired… of all the “new” panasonic anouncements with old sensor and software “improved” quality. for example: gf1-gf5 we have new designs, new gadgets but iq is the same or even worse when comparing gf1 to gf5.
    p.s. my definition of iq is not more pixels but better detail and iso-noise

    • twoomy

      Agreed. If Pany has learned anything about m43 customers, it’s that the GX1 was a relative flop due to the same ole same ole image quality and that the Oly E-M5 is a raging success because it finally offers us an improvement.

      But I’m pessimistic that the G5 will be nothing more than the G3 with yet another new shape and same exact image quality.

    • > for example: gf1-gf5 we have new designs, new gadgets but iq is the same or even worse when comparing gf1 to gf5.

      What are you smoking?

      GF5 clearly has different – and better – sensor. IQ can be compared here:


      • pdc

        Absolutely. Just enlarge the Olive Oil label and the improvement really stands out. At ISO6400 the GF5 detail is clearly better than the GF3 detail at ISO3200. At the same ISO the detail is much much better.

      • MVW

        What are YOU smoking?
        The difference in performance is negligible over so many iterations and versions.

  • I can’t get no!
    I can’t get no!
    I can’t get no!
    (c) Rolling Stones.

    Man, I’m pretty sure this is a curable disease this days. Just ask your doctor.

    • Ross

      Please stop playing with yourself because you are nothing but a sad joke.

  • Katy

    And also GX1 is certainly producing better image quality than my GF1 and GF2 ever did! I can’t wait to see what the G5 will bring to the table.

  • Chris K

    Congrats on the new house, Admin! I’m moving in a couple weeks, too.

  • HoiHoi

    The G3 is a very nice cam but the grip is very small.
    The grip on the image looks better.

  • tokyojerry

    It begins to get ridiculous when manufacturers try to convince people to upgrade cameras annual just based on shape. They are running out of new innovative and revolutionary technologies to drive camera sales forward. In the old days of film one could buy a camera and keep it for maybe 10 or 20 years. Now, lets tweak the shape, change the color and/or add a couple more megapixels.

    • pdc

      Just forget the days of film.
      Rapidly obsolescing electronics is what drives digital camera updates.
      Get used to it – the iPhone4 will be eclipsed in what, 6 months?
      Spend your money on quality lenses, especially manual ones, and make do with your always out-of-date camera.

    • pitrak

      I don’t think they are after upgrading G3 owners… Maybe upgrading G1 or G2 owners, upgraders from compacts, downsizers from DSLR. For all those people an improved G5 may be better than a G3. And the G3 will drop in price. So where is the problem?

      • spam

        +1, manufacturers upgrade models as new technology is available. That don’t mean that Panasonic expect to sell G5 to G3-owners.

    • Yeah, what a boring announcement…

  • Tom

    Sounds like you have found a great location for your new home – good luck with the move.

  • JF

    Major announcement, a G5 with G3 sensor ?! Wow ! Is it a joke ? :p

  • dadix

    the new shape is a clone of pentax k-01 :P

  • just the shape? panasonic should show some engine improvements as well, with better colors and DR, it would be a good sign for the upcoming GH3.

  • Richara

    Be nice if Panasonic had at least one metal-bodied unit in their line. Metal bodies could make their way into the sub-$1000 category with Nikon and Canon shortly.

  • S

    Any chance of a GH3 coming in July?

    • No… GH3 may be announced but not coming until December, just like GH2 and GH1 before it.

  • Wow, GF5 joke to GF3. G5 with just different shape? What a joke to G3. 12-35 lens? I wonder where to buy it as it’s not available… Good job Panasonic, should I wait 50 years and be able to take it at least to the grave? :(

  • cosinaphile

    if the gx1 had a decent evf on the side in a pseudo rangefinder manner it would have been a phenomenal success

    like these 3 highly coveted cameras the nex 7 the fuji xpro the em5 [ but with centrally located evf]

    panny redo the lc-1 right with awesome sensor abilities and focus peaking like ricoh and sony…..WAKE UP PANNY!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ryan

      I agree.

  • MD

    finally the Panasonic L2…

  • MikeH


    What is with the lack of rumors about the new G5 and GH3? Major announcements coming soon and no real specs/features to speak of. You need to press your sources harder about da goods! :)

  • Chaitanya

    I want one, also I hope it comes with an OLED viewfinder.

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