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(FT5) G5, new m43 lens, new compact cameras and new LX7 coming next week…


We are getting closer to the Panasonic event and I am getting daily updated about the new stuff that is coming. We will certainly get a new Panasonic G5 cameras and with a bit of surprise I can also announce that there will be a new Micro Four Thirds lens! I have been told it’s not the 35-100mm X lens but a new lens. I hope to get the specs soon. There will be also new compact cameras and very likely the new LX7.

P.S:: I got a bit confused about the LX7 release because a source told me it would arrive in September. Maybe he was referring to the in Stock status and not the announcement?

Anyway, this is a major announcement and I am particularly intrigued by the LX7. I hope it is better than the Sony RX100 which in my opinion is a great camera (although I miss a wider lens). The current LX5 sells for $329 at Amazon (Click here) and it may a good deal because I expect the LX7 to be at least $200-$250 more expensive..but it will also be a major upgrade with a larger sensor?


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