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(FT5) UPDATED-> First leaked image of the new Olympus MFT!

Finally 43rumors found the first leaked image on an asian forum. It has been removed after few minutes but a reader sent us the screenshot! :)

I post the official Olympus image for comparison. You can see the leaked image uses has the 14-42mm lens and the official Olympus image the 17mm lens

The camera is not going to be announced on February 2nd but later. It has a plastic body and it is priced cheaper than the Olympus E-P1!

UPDATE: From trusted source: autofocus is a little faster ;)
UPDATE2: Corrected-> same E-P1 sensor!
UPDATE3: Corrected -> It has one new feature (we will tell you soon)…if it is what I have in mind than it’s HOT!!!
UPDATE4: Name E-Pxx (two unknown numbers/letters)
UPDATE5: New Kit-Lens for the E-Pxx!
UPDATE6: That’s only speculation…but could it have the In-Body EVF we are all waiting for? (). I know I am dreaming only :)
UPDATE7: A close look to the pictures do suggest there will be a built-in pop-up flash. Maybe that’s the new feature our sources were talking about!
UPDATE8: It’s slightly thinner and slightly smaller.
UPDATE9: A size comparison between the E-P1 and the new leaked camera is available here:

  • YeahYeah

    New sensor, better design and it’s cheaper than a Pen?
    What will happen with the pen line? Are they going to use it for high-end micro4/3?
    Any chance to see that soon?

  • YeahYeah

    I just saw the correction.
    Alright same sensor but faster AF?
    So still the same question : why EP1 should be more expensive? Olympus cannot offer less than on the EP1 (no flash, no VF…)

  • Lupo

    Here is an experiment from the two available photos ….

    • melle

      Well done Lupo!

  • Boris

    “Name E-Pxx (two unknown numbers/letters)”

    E-P10 ???

  • YeahYeah

    Pleeease! tell us what you’re thinking by “It has one new feature (we will tell you soon)…if it is what I have in mind than it’s HOT!!!”

  • Chow

    Cheaper priced and in-body EVF?? That will ruin the E-P2 sales..

  • jammin

    i think there is a little pop-up flash inside (see right side of the picture)

  • Agent00soul

    Forget about in-body EVF Chow. You’re lucky if you get the port for the external EVF (which would be at extra cost).
    There is talk about a touchscreen so maybe that’s the hot new feature YeahYeah.

  • CR102

    New kit lens?
    Perhaps M.Zuiko 14-150? Olympus would steal a lot of business from Samsung.

    In-body EVF?
    Probably not. Probably no IS either.

    New feature?
    It must be a pop-up flash.

  • YeahYeah

    I definitively do not believe in a built-in EVF! It could be possible if that thing were above the EP2 but it doesn’t seem to be…
    Touchscreen? Who care about that! it’s useless! A camera doesn’t need touchscreen, i got an iPhone for that!
    When will we have a high end µ4/3 with an integrated rangefinder-like EVF and a real design for photography. I’m even ready to give up screen and JPEG processing (imagine a RAW camera only which could be thinner than what we have actually since it wouldn’t need lots of electronic pieces)…

  • Alfons

    Remember that this is going to be a cheap m4/3 for compact camera users.

    I expect that EVF will have a poor quality, there will be no HD video, less control of metering or focus points maybe…

    What if the cool feature could be easy presets? No menu mazes, but as easy presets as changing film? ;)

  • zul

    I am sure that one new feature is built in flash.. to target the lower end user from compact you need to have built in flash as they are used to flash… seems no microphone hole, EVF probably not….

  • Agent00soul

    CR102: The 14-150 is already announced so that’s a given. Wether it will be sold with the new camera as a kit is another matter, but it’s at least possible.

  • mew000mew

    It might only autofocus m4/3 lenses… have 720p or 1080p AVCHD video , inbody panorama funktion….and built in flash….

  • napalm

    hmm the stereo mics are gone. either its on mono sound or no video at all

  • The mics are gone from over the lens, but maybe not gone from the camera.

    There is a noise problem from the lenses, and if anybody was trying to fix that the daftest place to place mics is next to the lens.

  • tony

    It must be a feature-crippled camera.

    Otherwise, E-P1/E-P2 sales would get severely hurted.

    Of course, in that body there is no room for an integrated EVF. I’m also doubting that the “crack” on the upper right corner could be a pop-up flash. Again, this body is very tiny for that.

    Hope for in-body stabilization to be included in this cheaper MFT camera.

  • D

    i have the same question, the new model will be short of what to prevent its harm to E-P2……..
    besides plastic body, no video? less fonction? smaller screen……

  • marcram

    D, the things you listed are a big deal, especially no video and plastic body.

    Also, no manual control for video (obviously), probably no sensor shift stabilization, only one control dial so you can’t adjust aperture with one and shutter speed with the other, etc.

  • anon

    fewer features could be things like
    1 – smaller memory buffer?
    2 – fewer art filters?
    3 – no hd video?
    4 – fewer components packaged? (similar to what apple is doing to their product line, having different optional cables for different functions)
    5 – smaller battery = smaller number of shots possible
    6 – only 1 dial instead of 2? (or fewer buttons?)

  • reverse stream swimmer

    Every little compact camera has a flash, so why shouldn’t it be possible to add one into the upcoming E-P10 as well? Of course, itäs another story how powerful it will be, but a flash is a flash!

    Weather a flash will make it stealing the required space for the IBIS, I don’t know? But I can hope, that Olympus has worked on miniaturizing the piezoelectric actuators for the In Body Image stabilization, so that all m4/3 cameras from Olympus can have IBIS. I don’t think Olympus plans on relying on Panasonic for this money.

    I think that the E-4xx series will be the only Olympus series lacking IBIS.

    Regarding the electronic viewfinder, It’s not possible to have that included into a small formfactor camera body – just look at how big the Panasonic G1/GH1 are in comparison, not to mention the upcoming bigger Samsung NX10.

    Electronic connector adds to the manufacturing cost, so I think the E-P10 is stripped from unnecessary items, remember it’s a budget model.

    The E-P20 might get an auxillary port for external electronic viewfinder and external microphones. I doubt the high performance Olympus VF-2 will be sold with it, rather we will see a new budget VF-3 with lower resolution, something like the DMW-LVF1 External Live Viewfinder for Panasonic GF1, though that one still is expensive.

    Final comment. Olympus is continuing to do the right things with their new product releases. This time, after milking the early adopters with both E-P1 & E-P2, now it’s time for the tier II segement, the budget segment to appear.

    It also matches the timeframe when the competitor Samsung enters the market. By setting a low price on the E-P10, this causes the competitor to get less return money for it’s new product. The market is brutal, there are winners and there are loosers. Time will tell…

  • napalm

    its supposed to be an entry-level mFT to cater for the “in-betweeners”. they are probably targeting the LX3/G11 and NX market (price-wise)

    i hoped its not a much crippled E-P1/P2, but here’s what i’m expecting:

    – pop-up flash
    – no IBIS
    – mono-sound on video (top is too cramped to have stereo mics, but if they can i’ll be impressed)
    – limited manual functions (it will probably have intelligent auto mode(s) instead of full manual modes, that’s why it has only one dial like most compacts)
    – same set of art filters from E-P1
    – i hope its half the price of an E-P1

    these are just my speculations… as previously said this is supposed to be a smaller, cheaper version so dont get your hopes up. anyway E-5 is coming soon, that the bigger thing to look forward to.

  • marcram

    I hope they make a m43 version of the E-5. Using an adapter for legacy 43 lenses can’t be that bad. I guess the E-5 buyers right now still want the OVF. I personally can’t wait for the super high end m43 or other very high end EVIL camera. I’m also curious what kind of video they will throw in. I hope 720p 60fps and 30fps.

  • Mazor Rackham

    Here are my guesses!

    Name: EP-01

    Sensor: 12.3 MP from E-P1/E-P2
    Screen 2.7″ 230,000 pixel
    (From E-620, which is equipped with the best 2.7″ LCD out of the E-420, E-520, and E-30)
    It will have an In Body Image Stabilization system
    It will have pop-up-flash
    ISO from 100 to 3200
    No built in EVF, but it will have the port to use the one from the E-P2 which will now be sold seperately.
    All plastic body, but will not be cheap feeling, think E-30, E-620 feeling.
    Price: $500 (body only)
    All art filters present
    720p video mode

    Just my guess, we will hopefully find out the truth soon!

  • Will

    My guess is: no video, and only automatic picture modes.

    I agree there is a pop-up flash.

    And I’m going to guess that the lens cannot be removed.

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