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(FT5) Leaked: First image of the new Olympus E-M1II



This is the very first image of the new Olympus E-M1II !!!! Join the E-M1II facebook group if you plan to buy one!
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Tomorrow (Monday 19) we will have two major press event you can follow live here on 43rumors:

  1. Panasonic on September 19 at 12:30 Berlin time
  2. Olympus on September 19 at 18:30 Berlin time

And now to the E-M1II image:

The camera has many differences with the current Olympus E-M1! It looks more solid and more…”PRO” :)

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The E-M1II will have the following new accessories:
– Power Battery Holder HLD-9
– Waterproof protector PT-EP14
– Remote cable RM-CB2
– Premium camera back CBG-12
– Twin flash set STF-8

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