(FT5) After the G3 there will be one more Panasonic m43 camera in August!


I am still waiting to get more news about the upcoming Panasonic G3 camera that should be announced in one month. But my sources already gave me some hints about the next Panasonic Micro Four Thirds camera that is going to be announced after the G3! We have no specs yet but the camera will be announced in late August. It will not be a GH camera and not be a new GS model (which we suppose to be the Micro Four Thirds version of the DMC-L1). This should be also the last Panasonic m43 camera that will be announced within 2011!

P.S.: The G3 has a new sensor, new design and can take FullHD videos (but not at 24mbit/s like the new GH2).
Link: DMC-L1 at Amazon and eBay Reminder: “FT5” stays for 80-99% reliable info!

  • Nick clark

    GF1 sucessor? Assuming of course that the GF2 was aimed squarely at the entry-level market…

  • Andrew

    m43 camcorder…Please?

  • Miroslav

    Nice news. Hopefully it’ll be a GF1 successor.

    • not gf2….?

      • Miroslav

        As dpreview said, the worst part of GF2 is its name… I believe even GEX-5 would be better :).

  • Tropical Yeti

    And my sources already gave me some hints about the next after next Panasonic Micro Four Thirds camera that is going to be announced after the G3 and next camera rumored today! I have no specs yet but the camera will be announced in early 2012. It will not be a GH camera. This should be also the first Panasonic m43 camera that will be announced within 2012! It will have new sensor.

    You can safely claim FT5 for it.

    *** RANT OFF *** I bet my news is as informative as yours and has same chance to become truth as yours :-))

    • LOL. It’s funny because it’s true.

      It’s going to rain in 2012. Also true.

  • Montego

    I’m with Andrew. I really want a prosumer m43 camcorder.

    • whats wrong with gh2?

      • Nothing really, but since I don’t use the video function so I will stick with my GF1 a little bit longer, and wait for the next G(whatever) camera

      • Apparently, it’s damn hard to acquire, along with such essential stuff as extra batteries (as it only accepts original Panasonic batteries).

  • Admin

    Hi Tropical!

    So for you those infos are not important:
    1) after the G3 there will be one only n43 photocamera in 2012
    2) the exact announcement will be late August
    3) no new Gs line, no gh3 ->make 1+1 and you will know what’s coming ;)

    Be smart ;)

    • Jonathan

      Admin – do you have some information on the next Olympus based on the new sensor?

      • admin

        Zero yet :(

  • Boris

    All I want to know now is if the forthcoming G3 has a new sensor or not?

    And I can try to predict that till the year end no Panasonic camera will mach or exceed the specs and IQ of the GH2. :-)

  • Snowbird_UT

    I wonder if Oly will make the high-end (DMC-L1)style body? Too bad Panny has decided to shelve this one. If the GF2 does not have a built-in EVF that won’t work for me either. Glad I pre-ordered the X100 :-)

    • Snowbird_UT

      Typo on GF2: GF1 upgrade, whatever they call it. With all the buzz around the X100 you would think that Panny or Oly would launch a rangefinder-esq high-end model with interchangable lenses and ride the Fuji wave?

      • MikeS

        They’ll probably wait to see how actual sales numbers pan out, which means that if we really want to see rangefinder-style m4/3s with built-in EVFs, we should all go out and buy several X100s ;)

        • I’m not exactly brand loyal, but I can say that I’ll think twice about switching brands from whomever makes a Fuji X100 with interchangeable lenses first. I’ve waited over 5 years for a camera like that now. So if Panasonic’s strategy is to wait and see if it works for someone else, then copy it; to hell with them.

          • I’m sure you’ll continue to wait. If I could afford it, I’d get an X100 in a heartbeat, as its so much like my beloved Electro 35, but digital.

  • Fishfishfish

    I can smell GF1-style successor with the new sensor used in G3!

  • George

    So with a little math if Pana will announce it on August,
    we will have that camera in stock by February 2012…..

    That means one year later :)

    • That depends. If its as cool as the GH2, then March. If its low-end, November ;-).

  • If Olympus or Panasonic have a ‘rangefinder’ styled camera on the design board they better tell us about it SOON. One of these companies needs to show us their cards to prevent people from defecting to the X100. Unfortunately, the lack of information is likely because they don’t have a product to compete with the FUJI camera.

    my 2 cents

    • blackghost

      Fuji and Panasonic/Olympus are going after different markets. The Pen and G/GF/GH series are clearly mass market products. The Fuji is not. Even Fuji says so, and at >$1000 USD for a non interchangeable compact, they’ve clearly priced it beyond the masses.

  • With G3, they will have the mid-market “DSLR”-market covered.

    What they need then, is a really cheap model, to fight the Samsung NX and Sony NEX systems.

    They also need a cheaper and smaller camcorder, to fight the Sony VG10.

    A prosumer camera? For now, they have the GH2. I figure they don’t want to topple the king that soon.

    • pdc

      “Really cheap model”?? They tried that with the G10 – it bombed.
      GH2 is by design an enthusiast hybrid camera, but by default a professional video camera, with lots of commercial video now being shot on it. How is the G3 going to distance itself from the GH2? It has to be substantially different, so it will be a very interesting announcement.

  • abwx

    Why the expectation that the GS will be the Micro Four Thirds version of the DMC-L1?

    I’ve been hoping that the ‘S’ stood for ‘Stereo’ and that we will finally have a good quality interchangeable lens stereo camera – something that is only possible with small diameter lenses such as M43.

    The Fuji W3 is wonderful, but it is basically a snapshot camera. The Panasonic ‘stereo lens’ has a baseline (lens separation) only suitable for macro or play.

  • safaridon

    This FT5 rumor seems the clearest indication as others have concluded that this new model will be the upgraded GF1 with new G3 sensor. I would question why Pany would have waited till fall, but maybe not to detract from the very good sales & reception of the GF2? No reason such a model would not become avaiable within a month or two of announcement depending on where you lived Japan, Europe, or US. If Pany had announced their intentions earlier it would have saved a lot of complaints on this and other forums.

    Sorry to hear rumor that GS (L1 style) model delayed into 1012 but maybe the upgrade to GF1 will be more than just a sensor change or new optional high rez EVF but have a inbody EVF instead? My guess GF3 will have longer body so a small EVF can be fitted to left of swing LCD while the GS will be a larger model with swivel screen and larger EVF?

    Admin – please give us any sketches or pictures of what the G3 will look like?

    • MikeS

      Well, they’re already spacing out the GF2 and the G3 by several months (winter, then spring), so waiting another few months (end of summer/beginning of fall) to announce another camera isn’t unreasonable, especially since PMA/Cliq will be at the beginning of September. Yes, they’ll be competing with many other big announcements at the show, but they will also be expected to have big announcements of their own.

    • ‘Sorry to hear rumor that GS (L1 style) model delayed into 1012…’

      Wow, its delayed so long its going backwards in time!

  • Chris

    I can hardly wait for yet another Panasonic camera that I won’t be able to buy due to supply issues. Excitement!

  • BBernhardt

    I really want to know if this new Panny sensor will be multi aspect!

    • It’s rather inefficient to manufacture sensors of different sizes.

      It is highly likely that Panasonic would use the GH2’s sensor or its improved version in future models.

      • david

        At least as likely as it was for them to use the GH1 sensor in subsequent models…

  • Per

    When I see an m4/3 with very good viewfinder and 16 – 18 mpix, I will buy. You may ask why I do not buy the GH2? Don’t like the conservative design, buit it is a condidate for sure. The GH2 is also optimized for video which is of less interest for me.
    Would also like to thank the owner of this site! You do this site excellent! I check in a few times every day and very otfen something interesting to read and learn.

    • How is the GH2 optimized for video, would you say?

      I think the GH2 is primarily a stills camera, with a fair video mode thrown in.

      Wanna see a proper video optimized camera? Look to Sony VG10 or Panasonic AF-AG100. Do they look like the GH2?

  • I need to know when the gh2 price is going to dorp!

    • LOL. Try to get one first. As demand is much much higher than supply, do you really expect any price drops seriously?! Get real.

  • Narretz

    What place has the G3 anyway? The GH2 is not very big, and actually not that much more expensive than the GF2. So the G3 is supposed to be the bridge between the two nevertheless?

    • Its a bigger MFT then GF2 – for people that are less enthusiastic about Video, i suspect it would sit tad-above GF2&GF2 will get some price cut

    • A photo optimized m43 camera, with lot of physical buttons for quick accessing different functions. Slightly bigger than GF serie. That’s all I ask for, panny, your turn

    • Mr. Reeee

      Have you handled a GF2? They’re tiny?
      It’s actually not much bigger than the LX5 or Oly XZ-1!

      GF2 body = $499
      GH2 body = $899

      How were you math grades in school? ;-)

  • Because of this rumor I just cancelled my GH2 order at Panasonic. Well not really completely, just got tired of waiting almost 3 months, plus I’m liking my lil GF2. I really hope the G3 looks more like a rangefinder than a DSLR.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Forget ordering a GH2 from Panasonic. GH2s can be found with some effort.

      Scour camera store web sites and you will find one. I left a Safari window open with about a dozen tabs to different shops and would refresh them a few times a day. Luckily there was a news item posted here and I was able to get one. (Thanks Admin!!!)

      I got my GH2 w/14-140 mm from Amazon almost a month ago.
      Found an extra battery at videodirect.com

  • Kount Michula

    Perhaps the G3 will be a more of a dedicated stills camera with token video ability, leaving room for a dedicated camcorder-style m43 with a NEX-VG10 form factor. There’s all sorts of space between the GH2 and the AF100 for a third m43 video device.

    • I don’t think there is a market for a system camera without video capability these days. And people generally want HD video.

      Launching a camera with crippled video capabilities does not sound like a clever move from Panasonic.

  • I think it will be a more consumer oriented camcorder.

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