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(FT4) Olympus will launch an OM alike Micro Four Thirds camera!


Image on top shows an “old” Olympus OM photocamera.

Surprise! What Olympus is going to announce the second week of February is a new OM styled Micro Four Thirds camera! Unlike the upcoming Fuji X PRO 1 camera that is going to be announced soon (follow MirrorlessRumors for that) the new Olympus camera will have a new type of viewfinder placed in the middle of the camera. The camera has a super high body quality and while I don’t have 100% reliable specs now I have been assured that it has super new kind of viewfinder. I think Olympus decision to revive the OM camera history is good news. I always liked these cameras. There are many versions of it you can still find on eBay (Click here).

Olympus will catch up with the Fuji PRO 1 regarding the body quality and viewfinder technology. Let’s see what they can do with the sensor…

P.S.: List of Olympus OM lenses on eBay (Click here).


To rumor sources: If you want to send me some rumors use the anonymous contact form on the right sidebar. Please use a sort of “fake name” so that I can recognize you in future. Thanks!

  • I guess, the new camera (which is not a PEN) is going to bring m4/3 and 4/3 together. 4/3 lenses working like with E-5 and m4/3 lenses working like with E-P3. Plus more, across. The best of both worlds in a weather sealed body, bigger than E-P3 but much smaller than E-5. What is now an adapter for 4/3 lenses for PEN, will then be better integrated. Hopefully…

  • I’m growing tired of these retro-look cameras. When will we see something looking to the future? In a digital era why are we going back to film era shapes and ergonomics?

    • John

      DSLRs are looking to the future… go buy one of them. Also, futuristic designs are always silly looking.

      • The OM looked incredibly modern when it was released. An iPad does not look silly. If you had your way it would look like something Moses would carry. Progress means going FORWARD.

        • twinkle

          what does going forward mean? nature constantly updates its designs, yet when something works it knows to keep its classics, and so does Olympus. And I agree with you John.

          • Achiinto

            Yup, and I recently started using both OM1 and 35Sp, and I love OM1 more.

    • OlyFan

      What is your idea of a design that “looks to the future”? I personally find small retro designs simplistic and easy to handle and carry.

    • AMVR

      Why are you even looking at Olympus when you KNOW they are not producing DSLR !? are you thick ? Go get a DSLR if a DSLR is what you want for Norris sake ! or if you’re in denial get a GH2!

      get a clue

      • Richard

        Hmm, so E-5 isn’t a DSLR?

        • AMVR

          Yes it is but four thirds is as dead as disco music. Olympus knows mirrorless it’s the way forward and so far the numbers back it up. Not only is mirrorless the major asset of income for the camera division but other manufacturers have jumped onboard of mirreorless, that goes to show how serious the industry takes the new segment. The way of the mirror is coming to an end, maybe not the ergonomics of DSLR but moving mirrors are on the way out (just look at sony).

        • Brian

          “A single-lens reflex (SLR) camera is a camera that typically uses a mirror & prism system (hence “reflex”, from the mirror’s reflection)”

          Technically, no, these new “mirrorless cameras” are not SLR’s because they don’t have the “reflex” part.

          They are pretty futuristic imo though. The lack of a mirror is what’s enabling them to be much smaller than traditional SLR’s, and allowing them to have these simple nice point-and-shoot form factors.

    • Bob B.

      Gato….UM…the GX1 w/LVF2 does NOT look or perform retro…?????

  • OlyFan

    This is incredible! I hope this really is true and Oly delivers on all fronts.
    I just wanted to do a quick survey about what people here think about the new camera. If this new camera has OM looks, great VF, BUT the same sensor as EP3 (perhaps tweaked to get it work reliably with the new VF), a different (better) image processing engine, would you be interested?

    • Michael

      Same 3-year-old sensor? No, not interested.

    • No – 4/3 sensors must be developed as the competition improves sensors all the time. The current Oly sensors have been tweaked too many times alraedy.

    • nicwalmsley

      For existing m43 owners, same/similar sensor = no reason to upgrade.

      For a new customer, they might still opt for a camera with the old sensor, because the rest of the system makes it worth it. But with GX1, NEX, X-Pro and (maybe) V1 that is getting to be a very difficult decision for a new customer. Sensor is the number 1 thing. Better lenses can only get you so far.

      So until Olympus have a new sensor, they should forget about releasing a new m43.

    • I’m praying for an OM 2 and expecting an OM 707 :-(

  • camerageek

    “Olympus will catch up with the Fuji PRO 1 regarding the body quality and viewfinder technology. Let’s see what they can do with the sensor…”

    1) They will probably have to first catch the Canon G1X with it’s larger sensor (expect it to smoke any Micro Four Turds cam with it’s pathetic kit zoom).

    2) The Fuji X PRO 1 will smoke any Micro Four Turds camera every which way to Sunday.

    Micro Four Turds hear those bells? That is the death knell of your sad pathetic system muahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

    • Archer

      Hmmm… G1X sensor is, for all intents and purposes a 4/3’s sensor…

      • The Canon G1X is NOT a 4/3 sensor other than proportionally. It is larger than the 4/3 Pana/Oly sensors.

        • Yes, but only very slightly larger.

          • camerageek

            I wouldn’t call 16% larger “slightly”

            • 1mm larger. I don’t know how that translates to 16% using any kind of math I’ve ever used.

              Besides, the sensor in the GH2 is still larger.

            • flash

              It is Canons ruler, it may or may not be a silly mm larger. Sorry Canon has a history of being a little off, like their ISO specs. It is a 4 by 3 format which is superior to the 2 by 3 format of most DSLRs. It uses the image circle so much better.

              Also you should check your math 1 in to 16 is not 16%.

            • Rchard

              That’s around the same difference as between Nikons ASP-C and Canons APS-C, and we all know how much, much better the pictures are from a Nikon, with it’s (13%+) bigger APS-C sensor, compared to it’s Canon couterpart! :-)

            • a 16% increase in area is equal to a 16% increase in light gathering ability. Which means, all else being equal, the G1X sensor will have a low light and shallow depth of field advantage equal to one sixth of a stop.

              The difference is very, very slight..

      • BLI

        4/3 form factor, but crop factor 1.85. The interesting thing with the GX1 is how good the sensor is. If Canon has put energy into this, it might indicate how good Panasonic are at producing sensors/what is possible in the format as of today.

      • BLI

        The X Pro-1 specs from Steve Huff’s page: could it indicate something approaching D3/D700 quality?

      • Actually, the G1X sensor is a 1.5″ class sensor. The 4/3 system sensor is a 1.33″ class sensor.

    • camerageek’s mom

      I don’t know who you’re writing to, but I’m not going to tell you again; turn off the computer and get ready for school.

    • bobw

      Does your therapist know that you’re on the internet?

    • BLI

      camerageek — your laughter (“muahahaha…”) has finally exposed you: You are Newman!

      • so camerageek = bobn2, fag of internet is xposed again

      • I thought it was Pablo.

        • AMVR

          He’s also Donanino, same writing structure, speech pattern, the same posting hours…He’s one frustrated piece of trash if i’ve ever saw one.

    • confused

      Is someone forcing you to visit this website? If M4/3 is so offensive to you, why are you here? Or do you just have that much free time on your hands while waiting for your Mommy to finish your laundry?

      • camerageek

        I’ll give my reasons concisely here.

        When the pen was announced I hoped that Olympus would actually create something worthy of Mr. Maitani (creator of both the Pen F and Olympus OM). What they and Panasonic have provided was no where near that brilliant little camera.

        I own a PenFT and use it everyday over my Leica M4-2 as my daily walk around camera. If Olympus had made a camera like it – a sensor with say a 1.33 or 1.4 (what an actual half frame neg is) crop with excellent performance and lenses on par with the original Pen, I’d be as happy as a pig in shit. Frankly with the numerous iterations of the same sensor, the plethora of slow zooms etc both Oly and Panasonic have failed to deliver what most people want – a high quality top notch interchangeable lens camera that is small. It doesn’t have to fit in my pocket, just be small enough that with it and say a pair of primes, I can do quality work.

        Granted now we are finally seeing these lenses, but it’s a situation of too little too late. The new Fuji X Pro 1 is what nearly everyone wanted. Some settled for what Oly and Panasonic developed, but this is a market segment dominated by enthusiast willing to adapt the system as best they can with legacy glass or emerging amateurs who are just starting to develop as photographers. Oly and Panasonic have done them a disservice pure and simple. Just look at the GF1 debacle, the GX1 should have been the GF2.

        Oly still hasn’t given us a great camera worthy of the Pen name (c’mon Eugene Smith won a damn PULITZER on a Pen F!!!!). I feel these two created a market sector which they should OWN and let is slip through there fingers to the likes of Sony and soon Fuji, and Canon when they wade in later this year with a system either based on the G1X or something more akin to an APS-C unit.

        That’s why I ridicule it.

        • AndersN

          Yeah yeah, you’ve made your point – can’t you just stick to being reasonable and concise from now on?

          • camerageek

            I like to provide entertainment peasant boy! Now Dance!!!!

            • mooboy

              I think you’re only entertaining yourself. If you were witty in your criticisms, that could be entertaining.

              Mindlessly repeating ‘micro four turds, muhahahaha’ is just sad and pathetic. Or are you trying to play the sympathy card?

              I’d say you were a troll, but trolls are smarter than this. You’re just a douche.

              @BLI – well said.

        • You need to go outside more if that’s your reason.

        • “n par with the original Pen, I’d be as happy as a pig in shit.”

          bobn2 you are pig in shit, now phuk off

        • BLI

          Camerageek: OK — you are disappointed by the m43 systems; there could be some rational behind that — they are not perfect. But your leap of argument that “everyone here” wants a 1.33/1.4 crop factor and that the NEX-7 or X-Pro 1 is it, is totally flawed: if image quality was all there is to it, I’d get a D4 or something. But I have “tons” of DX and FX lenses, and I simply don’t use it that much because it is too bulky and too heavy; it’s out of the question to invest in another APS-C size system with few or bulky lenses. So my rational is: try with an imperfect system which still gives good quality in the hope that I’ll use it more. I tried with the XZ-1 and was moderately happy with it, but the results were too noisy from ISO 400 on. My own leap of argument is that I think many m43rumors reader have similar background to myself. That is why most readers find your mocking writings totally immature an uninteresting. Your – at times – insightful writings, however, are usually interesting.

  • retomb

    i don’t know why, but i smell a big disappointment… again…

    • Jim

      yeh me too and it just won’t flush….

  • not bad either
  • Mikey

    Admin, based on Olympus’s statement that the camera would be “micro four thirds compatible”, I believe this new OM style body is going to have phase detection.

    Olympus will then launch a new line of lenses that will work with PDAF. These lenses will be smaller and of lower quality than the four thirds lenses. Four thirds lenses will also work on this body and Olympus will have successfully united both formats.

    How big will the OM body be though? If it’s to take four thirds lenses it needs a very good grip and the camera has to be significantly bigger than the Pens.

    Maybe the plan will be

    Pens: For consumers and enthusiasts looking for the smallest form factor (in the Olympus line).

    OM: For enthusiast looking for the highest quality body with built in EVF.

    Admin, please check with your sources to see if this new camera will have PDAF. That’s much more important than a new sensor. :)

    • +100 besides the discussions on how pretty the new shell is, what is fundamental for Oly and m4/3 is PDAF compatibility of the new camera.

      This is NOT a Pen, it is ‘Pen COMPATIBLE’. PDAF is 100% more important of the hybrid VF. Admin don’t be lured by Oly’s viral marketing.

      SENSOR is also overly important. One can’t buy a 1200-1500 camera with a 12 Mpx sensor today, unless by some miracle it has yet another stop in resolution and DR.

      I have done my homework, and although my PL3 is sharper than my P2 at 3200 ISO both are unmanageable – files break apart. Panny 16 Mpx therefore would be a MINIMUM, for such an expensive camera. OM looks and WS are totally secondary to these two factors.

      Think that a humpless GH3 might be looming for Spring, and then the new Oly camera will stand no chance to sell in just 3 months. And for the expected price, the X1 Pro might even be a contender for brand new upper tier mirroless customers.

  • Michael Devitt

    The OM system is mostly famous for compactness, huge and clear viewfinder, solid build quality and silent shutter and mirror operation. A pure masterpiece. Maybe Olympus is trying to look back for Maitani’s spirit they left behind. They just need better sensor technology and not be afraid of going with f-stop below f1.8. With modern digital corrections they could make for a instance 25mm f1.2 and 50mm f1.2 glass compact and reasonably priced.

    • P


      Thats what I wish for too.

      ADMIN, any word about Olympus bringing a fast standard prime? Say 25mm f1.2 as Michael here said? Or are they going to avoid internal competition with Panasonic? I really wish they come with a Weather sealed 25mm f1.2 or 1.4. Couple it with the new camera and it will be my new generation OM-2. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • as long as fake OM is like real OM for viewfinder make many peoples very happy. 1.2 lenses always very expensive though.

      • P

        I don’t mind paying something along the lines of Voigtlaender Nokton 25mm for an auto focus Zuiko 25mm f1.2.

        • hmm com to think of it maybe I do nott mind that either :)

  • Alfons


    Too bad it's 4/3 and not full frame :/

  • OMG! This will be a killer camera! The OM legacy continues, it´s a real shame Yoshihisa Maitani isn´t alive to see his OM digital cameras. I miss so much my OM4-Ti camera. This is the perfect body for me. The real photographic tool. Many years ago, when I used to work with this camera I made a small website. I would like to share it with all you guys.
    I miss multispot metering and the unique OM4 viewfinder, you were able to see the difference in stops among the selected metered spots! I still remember when we were waiting for the OM-5 with digital back but never was released! I can´t helppppppppppppp!!!

    • TheEye

      May I borrow your crystal ball? Mine is in the shop for a tune-up at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, if this is true, I can finally own an OM camera. Please make it like an OM1 or 2. The OM2n was the most beautiful and advanced camera when it was released. I will definitely buy one if the sensor is also better than EP3’s.

  • cosinaphile

    im an owner of om equipment,and alot of m43 bodies and lenses and adapted glass,…. if they get this Right and learn how to make real lenses again with lens distance scales and dof info, and leave focus by wire in the dustbin of history , then they may have something ….. a sensor change is mandatory or this is dead out of the gate…… it needs a strong battery and a big, fast buffer… it needs a vision by visionary designers who are not saddled with the idiot concerns of management but focus on the perfect design and controls

    also , a2009 sensor in this would be criminal and indicative of
    a company poisoned by internal strife ,confusion and mayhem without direction or common sense …………

    and we all know Olympus is better than that!

  • A dream will come true!
    Let’s celebrate the new “EM-1” (Electronic Masterpiece)!
    Yoshihisa Maitani – let us know about the festivity in “seventh heaven” (OM-1 to EM-1: 1972 – 2012 – 40th anniversary).
    Special thanks go to the Olympus Imaging Division!
    Best regards

    • P

      OEM-1 may be? ;)

  • mahler

    Great! Finally not another soap box, rangefinder-styled camera, and a GH2 alike instead. Good news that the GH2 will get a true competitor.

  • Dana

    Have we not heard this OM rumor before? I believe it was said this is what the E5 was to look like…

  • om-fan

    if it is a fullframe digital OM with kind of optical viewfinder with additional information, which can use the inner smaller part for 43 lenses and a new line of FULLFRAME manual lenses (and adaptable old OM lenses with reservations…) I m buying 2 bodys at launch; and will sell most of my other gear i have.

    if it s just a PEN in a OM-dress with electronic television in front of the nose to get eye-cancer, and (old) panasonic sensor regardless which one… forget it***

    • flash

      With non reflective sensors it is possible to do that. They have almost arrived to market.

  • Satan

    For christ sake.. launch a rangefinder already! Even Fuji now have a rangefinder-style camera, and Olympus and Panasonic have been making mirrorless for 4 years!

    • flash

      Fuji filled the nitch, there may not be even enough room for Fuji. If the price on the mirorrless rumors site is right they will own that place lock stock and barrel.

      The Fuji looks real good so far. You should consider getting one if that is what you want

  • Anonymous

    As many others have pointed out, E-P3 is about the same size as an OM1. An OM digital camera is basically an E-P3 + built-in viewfinder. Most likely it won’t be an optical viewfinder as some wish.

    Olympus has been incrementally improving its M4/3 cameras. it is a logical step to introduce a high end M4/3 body (weather sealed, hybrid viewfinder similar to Fuji or Sony)

    4/3 sensor never bothers me, a sensor like D7000 would be good enough for me, and I doubt that this OM body will have a new sensor.

  • Ab

    I would love to see this as a full frame body, woth olympus getting sony’s FF sensor (even from the a850) and doing their colour magic.


    However, I also wouldnt mind if olympus made a deal with fuji for their new sensor tech. Think about it like this, fuji needs a sensor partner for quantities of scale.

    No AA filter… The only problem they have to overcome is the autofocus. BUT if they release this with a new sensor along with say an E-7 or E-50 that should appease the 43rds crowd.

    I think it is important to overcome the AF issue, the 43rds lenses are superb, whatever body they produce should come with an optional grip for the 43rds users with the extra battery power (and maybe an SLT over the new Fuji sensor)…

    Exciting times :)

    • flash

      You might be right there I was told there seems to be some Olympus tech in the new Fuji.

  • MichaelRpdx

    The OM1 was my love among cameras. This pulls at the heartstrings.

  • ibbz

    well if Olympus make a quality OM lookalike with super fast AF, a HUGE finder, and better latitude sensor (I never shoot above 400asa so don’t give a shit about high iso) I’m getting one. and if they includee a 50mm equiv fast prime….game on, as I think olympus colour is far better nicer than any other brands inc fujifilm and all that’s required is greater latitude and highlight control.

  • flash

    I was just notified that Olympus Shares just went up 20%, the most since the original M-1 (OM1) was launched. Coincidents? :)

    • achiinto

      I heard it was due to Olympis sueing all the up level executives that the market is hoping this action would safe Olympus from being delisted.

      But I do hope that the OM digital is the true factor here…

      • flash

        You are right, I was trying to joke. Did not work to well I guess. But it is kind of funny

    • I hef look, it look like more of a company management thing that trip share market. Oly is suing (?) some members of the board including head guy

  • I do like this move. Loved the OM-1’s shape and feel. If the price is good and hopefully a om adapter is included, and I’m in.

    • Great Dane

      An OM adapter included… really? They are $15 on ebay, I have bought one for each of my OM lenses so I don’t have to fiddle with changing them from on the go…

      • flash

        Not an automatic adapter.

  • Narretz

    Prepare for a “new 12 MP sensor designed by Olympus” in this camera guys. Really, what reading this site for 1 1/2 years has told me is that features that don’t pop up in rumors are never (vastly) improved over already existing stuff.

  • Great Dane

    Nice, I learned to shoot with an OM-1, and it was my camera of choice until I changed to digital in 2004. So I am looking very much forward to this. Hopefully a really worthwhile upgrade for my E-P1 (Which I still love, sold my DSLR gear since it ended up not being used any more)

  • Oitzsek

    If i have a hard time having a shit i look at a iso 400 file of a 43sensored camera and i ll get immediate diarrhea

    • achiinto

      You might need to see a psychologist.

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