(FT4) New Micro Four Thirds lenses to be announced next week (Thanks to sources for the latest rumors)


The (Micro-) Four Thirds group listed at www.four-thirds.org.

According to one of my sources next week a Micro Four Thirds company will announce new Micro Four Thirds lenses. As I told you last week it’s not from Olympus or Panasonic. So stay tuned for more news in the coming days! There are also coming Panasonic/Olympus announcements in June/July. Hope we will soon see that new G5 ;)

One more thing: I want to thank the sources for the latest rumors they sent me in these days. I am working on to double check the info and will soon post them on 43rumors. All I can share with 43urmors readers is that Photokina will bring some great news:)

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  • Bob B.

    Bet it’s Sigma. (or maybe Tamron).

    • Bob B.

      I wish it would be Zeiss!

      • Mr. Reeee

        Yes… How about a reasonably sized M4/3 version of their NEX 24mm?
        … and more Voigtländers!

        Somebody PLEASE make a GOOD, FAST 300mm or 400mm prime telephoto!
        f3.5 or f4.0 would be acceptable. ;-)

        • A 300mm f4 would be fantastic!

          • Jens


          • Fish

            Yup. Put me down for one as well.

            • pdc

              Prime fast long telephoto!!
              There are several great fast long telephotos for 35mm SLRs and DSLRs, and when you get to this size of lens, any “compactness” has gone out the window. The objective of a 400mm f4.0 lens is 10cm (4 inches). That is a big lens, and it really doesn’t matter what is hanging off the end of it. So all the sports, wildlife and birding photographers can simply re-use their existing lenses for the small formats. Of course, unless the camera interface specifically provides it, you are not going to get AutoFocus. I think we are several years away from their being sufficient critical mass in m43 to hope for long fast AF primes built specifically for the format. In any event, large lenses like this have always been very expensive, as the market is and always will be small.

  • Dilinger

    Hopefully its Schneider! :) (But I think they will announce their lens lineup only at Photokina.)

  • My guess: two Tamron zooms designed specifically for m4/3 (no awkward focal lengths).

    • Miroslav


      Agree. I bet on Tamron.

    • JF

      that would be awesome if good focal lengths and good aperture like constant f2.8 or f2.8-f4 !

  • napalm

    maybe it’s a m4/3 and NEX version of the tamron 17-50mm f2.8?

  • Starred

    High quality fast 100-300 :-)

    • Jens

      make it fast, cheap and start with 45mm :-)

      • Jesper

        there is already a fast cheap lens starts at 45, but also ends at 45 :P

  • Miroslav


    Why nor make a poll: “Which company will announce new lenses?”

    • Gabriel


  • nicwalmsley

    Sounds like we will be getting some GH3 news soon.

  • BornBad


    your page looks broken since this post is up. Firefox 12.

    • BornBad

      nevermind, works again

  • tooning

    I hope a 150 2.8 by tamron or sigma

    • That would be really interesting.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Yes, except for the Tamron and Sigma part.

        • Bob B.

          LOL! (my thoughts exactly!)

          • tooning

            i hope that for the kind of price i can afford ;)

    • BornBad


  • Gabriel

    A cheaper f2.8-3.5 constant zoom lens would be nice…

    • io

      +1 for the no so constant but cheaper 2.8-3.5

  • Dilinger

    If it is really Tamron, then please, no f3,5-5,6 travelzoom!

  • Neon123

    I wouldn’t mind a cheaper 25mm (maybe f/1.8?), as all we have now is the PL25 or the Voigtländer.

  • compositor20

    If its constant it can´t be 2.8-3.5

    I would like to see a lens that could be compatible with canon mirrorless offer too!

    so a 13-40 f2.8 could be in the works… 26-80 f2.8 would be nice.
    If its not made with the canon offer in mind I would like a 12-50 f3.5

    If it is a schneider lens it must be a f2.8 12mm tilt shift.

    • Canon will have it’s own proprietary mount LOL

  • Woowoowoo

    I have a feeling it’s going to be a tamron 12-100 3.5-5.6 lol

  • Henrik

    It will be a Voigtländer f0,8/11mm with leather coating.

    • Duarte Bruno

      I want mine in Red, please.

  • MikeS


    • Pooh_bear


      Yep :) Kodak were early supporters of m43 and used to work quite closely with Olympus on camera tech such as the evf.

      The imaging division has been sold off as Truesense imaging and hopefully that business will continue to make contributions to the standard…

    • Miroslav

      No, Sanyo.

  • Tulio

    If fuji had an adaptor for their X1 Pro into M4/3 would be good enough.

  • CRB

    Revised oly 17mm? since all recent primes have better performance than the old one…

    • Milo Hess

      Hope so…a fast 17mm would be nice

  • Zo

    Perhaps I am the only one, but I want ZX-2 news

  • st3v4nt

    hope is not some mirror lens or recycle design of NEX lens….

  • C’mon Zeiss, Fuji and Schneider. Bring it on!

    I’d involve Cosina in this as well, but they’ve done good recently so I’ll give them a break.

    • Mr. Reeee


      I’m quite satisfied adapting Voigtländer Leica mount lenses, like the little Nokton 35mm f1.4 and older 75mm f2.5 Color Heliar. These are very nice lenses, with a size and weight that are a good match for m4/3 cameras.

      • Nick

        Except the minimum focussing distance of the rf lenses… That’s one of the nicest bits of the native CV MFT lenses :)

        • pdc

          Right on. I continue to be amazed at the versatility and image quality of the m43 Noktons.

  • Nick

    How bout a Voigtlander 6mm f4, 10mm f2, 12mm f1.4, 42.5mm f0.95, 67.5mm f1.2 and 100mm f2 Macro?

    Not too much to ask…

  • SLO

    Oly or Panny 17/1.2

    • EvilBobo

      Wow, I think there’s a camera back there somewhere.

  • Stefan

    I would really like to have a fast prime telelens. Even more though, I wish someone would hack the om-d and add fucuspeaking. I use an Om-D as a second camera to my Canon eos 5d MkII and i really enjoy using my 70-300mm f4-5,6 L lens with the adapter I bought from ebay. The canon 100 mm macro f2,8 works so well that I simply does not feel the need to buy a dedicated macrolens. But a 400 mm f4 olympuslens, that would be something!

  • Leo

    Please, new PANCAKE lenses!

  • Tim

    I’d love it if it was I the 30mm region.
    Some more hyper primes would be brilliant too!

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