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(FT4) More reports about delay on Olympus and Panasonic camera launch


I keep receiving multiple feedback from different sources saying that the Kumamoto earthquake disaster had a much greater negative impact than officially stated by the companies. As you know I recently leaked images and info about the E-PL8 and 30mm macro lens. Both should have been already announced by Olympus. But the current situation is constantly changing as Olympus and Panasonic are still trying to assess the situation.

Two sources told me that it’s highly likely that there will be some major delays and some of the camera expected to ship in 2016 will ship in early 2017 only. The situation affects almost all companies, it’s not only Panasonic-Olympus issue.

So whatever you are hoping to get at Phootkina this year, GH5, E-PL8 or E-M1II. The chances are high the camera will not be available immediately after the announcement!


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