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(FT4) More current Panasonic zooms will be updated within 2013.


I am really very excited about the upcoming Panasonic GX7 announcement. In two months we will be able to see the real camera (or maybe before if I manage to get some pics from sources). But will there be some new lenses too? The two 42,5mm f/1.2 and the 150mm f/2.8 lenses will hit the stores in early 2014 only. But there price and first preorders may be announced along the GX7.

Today a trusted source told me that also a couple of current zooms will be updated like it just happened with the 14-140mm lens. No other “completely new” lens will be announced this year. By the way, US readers should grab the 45-20mm lens deal for $174 at Amazon US. This lens is likely going to be replaced but at that price level it’s still on top of any buying list!

Reminder: A while ago Panasonic stated at DSLRmagazine (translation here) that they “want to expand the “affordable” lens range.

  • Uberzone

    7-14mm with filter threads. Pleasssssse.

    • jf

      That would be tempting, I’d like weathersealing too and same IQ !

    • Vlad

      Simple curiosity, what filters do you use?

      • MJr

        Variable ND, grad and maybe pol, like every landscape ‘o grapher. Probably …

        • Uberzone

          Exactly right

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Some thread ago I wrote a “how to..” to do a filter holder (for Cokin square filters) to mount on 7-14mm. I haven’t tried it yet, but pics af all steps were clear, the process was simple and the results 100% sure.

      • Uberzone

        I also saw a thread on DPR where a guy was attaching filters to the back side of the lense. Filter threads would be so much easier though.

    • Sqweezy

      I’d prefer a 6-12mm f/4 with Power OIS. Add that to an updated 100-300 f/4, also with Power OIS and have both lenses in the same design style as their f/2.8 zooms. If Panny made these, we’d have an amazing equivalent focal length range of 12mm to 600mm, an amazing 50x zoom, that is all optically stabilized and with constant aperture within its respective range. This quad-lens kit would be the ultimate prosumer’s arsenal!

  • I smell

    faster (AF), smaller, cheaper 100-300, maybe 7-14 with less pf?
    Anyway waiting for 43/1.2 OIS.

  • Yun

    I’ll only get excited if the GX7 featuring a new sensor that is up to competition standard . Of course IBIS & build in view finder are major breakthrough but I still prefer Pana can throw everything they got in it’s sensor dept to make the GX , a truely desire object .
    No doubt I’ll get the 42.5 F1.2 lens too , another a must have lens in m4/3 world if can afford .

  • The two zooms they updated so far (the 14-140mm and the 14-42mm) have been made smaller and better optically (with other smaller improvements), while keeping the price or being cheaper. I hope the trend will continue, especially with the 100-300mm and the 45-200mm.

    Updating the 20mm 1.7 prime wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

    • MJr

      I think the 20mm would be on top of my list.

      Time for a poll admin ? ;)

  • Narretz

    Which lenses might that be?

    14-42 pz

    are the only ones that are left. Not very exciting to be honest.

    The only prime that needs an update is the 20mm, which would also make for a good kit lens for the GX7.

  • Fish

    Not sure why everyone is talking about a gx7. Don’t you mean the gx2?
    Or are you referring to the gf series?

    • admin

      It will be named GX7.

    • Anonymous

      Fish, it’s the coooolest rumors going on these days, and it seems you missed it :=) go read some old posts on this site ;)

      • Pedro del Río

        If you are busy shooting pictures you do not have the time to read all the posts.

  • HMR

    Would buy the updated 100-300 tomorrow but REALLY want an X version of it. Constant f4. Please?!?!

  • PLI

    I hope for updated 100-300 and 7-14 lenses. And better don’t want to see prices of the new lenses. My budget tightens this year :)

  • adaptor-or-die

    the price just went up to 268 while I was looking at it!

    • adaptor-or-die

      and now the 174 price is back … that was interesting

  • Panasonic should really look at a budget wide-angle zoom, since the 7-14, excellent optic though it is, is expensive, and Olympus’ 9-18mm is not exactly “cutting edge”. Otherwise, good that the m4/3 lens base gets ever broader: the broader the system, the more people come onboard and the more development we get.

  • Hard2Xplain

    100-300mm f4 with usable 300mm please! Maybe with a collar.

  • Admin, there is a typpo, thats 45-200.

  • The 45-200mm is pretty bulky. It could do with an upgrade!

    • If the IQ can be upgraded, specially at the tele end, that alone would go a long way.

  • Fernando

    A new version of the 100-300 taking advantage of the faster 240fps readout would be more than welcome. And with a bit better IQ too.

    • PLI


  • Anonymous

    20, 7-14 and 100-300 Please. 7-14 is in dire need of a nano surface coat. It’s flaring is pretty bad.

    • Hard-s

      “7-14 is in dire need of a nano surface coat. It’s flaring is pretty bad.”
      Me too, I hate the collapsing design of the olympus 9-18mm.

      • Anonymous

        You don’t have to collapse the 9-18. You can just leave it extended and use it as a regular lens!

  • 7-14 with better flare handling would be nice indeed. Add weather sealing, and I might consider replacing the ‘old’ one I currently have :-)

  • Anonymous

    Why couldn’t the improved 14 140 have an “on the barrel” zoom?
    Why not have all zooms with “on barrel” zooms?
    (would be nice to have smart phone contolability)

    For a camera system that generally is touted to having excelent video performance, not having a easy controlable zoom control makes little sense.

    Every try to use the 100-300 lens in video and use the zoom? Very sticky lens.

  • CaverDave

    I am waiting for the 42.5/1.2. I will most lilely get on a pre-order list for this lens. I do have the Oly 45/1.8 but the extra speed and more limited dof plus a little bigger in size would all be nice.

    I would love to see an updated version of the 7-14/f4.0 with the new nano-coatings to reduce flair. I have the Oly 9-18 but will love to update it with something better.

    I would love to see a 100-300/f4.0. Yes, it will be bigger and more expensive than the current one but could pair up with the f2.8 zooms really well and be really nice for wildlife. IQ quality must be high.

    Most likely we will see the following:
    1. Updated 20/1.7 with faster AF,
    2. Updated PZ14-42 with the problems from the original version solved
    3. Updated PZ 45-175

    The first two should be possible kit lenses with the upcoming GX-7 if it is what rumors are leading us to expect.


  • c.d.embrey

    A rectelinier 8mm (non-fisheye) would be great. A wait of another 8-9 months for the f/2.8 150mm isn’t great.

    • zuzullo

      YES, please!!!
      Architecture Panasonic?!?

  • zuzullo

    Ultra Wide Primes – WHEN?

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