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(FT4) Major Olympus Camera and Lens announcement in January?


Maitani: The inventor and deisgner of the OM line.

I am still collecting pieces about the next Panasonic and Olympus announcements. As I told you last week I got rumors about two Olympus semi professional cameras. Now I got an indication about the possibly next Olympus announcement. It could be in early January! And this would fit perfectly with the next big show which is the CES event in Las Vegas. There are only two info I can share with some reliability (FT4) for now:
1) There will be semi pro stuff.
2) There will be new Cameras And Lenses!

Message to sources:
As usual I ask sources and readers to have some patience. For sources: Don’t be afraid if I don’t post a rumor you sent. I usually try to double check rumors. As you can imagine I also get wrong or fake rumors too. Would be fine if you can use some kind of fake name so that I can recognize you whenever you send me new messages. You may create a fake gmail account to send me anonymous info at Or use contact form you see on the right sidebar. Thanks!

P.S.: We had many OM Film Cameras designed by Maitani. Here is the chronological ordered list of all OM film cameras ever made by Olympus. Click on the names to see them on eBay (ordered by first announced camera): M-1, OM-1, OM-1 MD, OM-1N, OM-2, OM-2N, OM-2S/SP, OM-3, OM-3Ti, OM-4, OM-4T/Ti black and chrome, OM-10, OM-20 (OM-G), OM-30(OM-F), OM-40 (OM-PC), OM-77AF (OM-707), OM-88 (OM-101), OM-2000.

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Anonymous

    A little bit presumptious to name Maitani as the designer and inventor of the OM-D line, though I will accept the OM-D was based on his original OM design.

    • admin

      I corrected the post. Indeed it is correct to say the OMD design is based on the original OM design :)

      • Anonymous

        And some of the people who worked on the OM-D were trained by him.

  • nobody

    Make that an OMD with phase detect AF and a high grade 12-50mm f2.8-4 zoom and you have my money, Oly :)

  • Admin, I still go by the prediction that there would be one model above the OM-D and one below – makes more sense.

    I dearly hope the above one is the hybrid, and the one below, an E-P5, humpless with a 2 axis IBIS instead of 5, to compete even in sleekness with the NEX 7/6, and the X-E1.

    Lenses wise I still have hopes for a 25/1.8, cheap, but good, that could be used as kit lens. The new 17mm is probably too expensive for that.

    • Tim

      I hope that you are right, a E-P5 with inbuild viewfinder and a 25mm 1.8 kit lens would be my dream camera ;-)

      • Yes, basically an EM-5 in an X-E1 kind of body.

        Maybe they will offer it with the 17mm 1.8, though I’d also prefer a 25mm, but 1.4.

        • dau

          Its already available and a fantastic pannaleica lens!

          • Anonymous

            Agree about that being a fantastic lens, but, I’m rather confident it is not going to be available in a kit (body + lens) from Olympus. The comment regarding the 25/1.4 seems to rather specifically be about a kit lens, so.. one that Olympus can include with an E-P5 kit for example.

            • The PL25 is a safe value. Of course, Olympus may bring something new to the table (cheaper with decent compromise, pancake size, close focus distance, somehow better IQ, etc.) but until its at least known, let alone available, you will have time to stomach the few hundreds you may have saved. Is it worth the wait? I don’t know about that…

              • bart

                (I was the anonymous above btw)

                For me? I agree, but I can quite afford such things since I don’t “have” to have the latest and greatest camera all of the time, and besides, photography is a partially ‘self-funding hobby’ for me :-)

                But from the point of making the system attractive, kits are an important consideration.

                To me it would make more sense to come with a 25/1.8 pancake and not directly compete with the pl25/1.4, but I gather Olympus’ attention is shifting to higher-spec’d zooms instead.

    • Anonymous

      Higher-end OM-D, lower-end OM-D and high-end PEN. I’d expect the PEN to be humpless, but not the lower-end OM-D.

  • Ringo

    Hoping for MFT version of 12-60 and/or 50-200 :)

    • Peter

      Ditto. I really hope they will focus on bringing the HG series to m4/3 and leave the too big, too heavy, too expensive SHG for regular 4/3.

    • Lily

      We desperately need a weather-sealed telephoto zoom!!

      • Bird guy

        Weather-sealed telezooms please!!! 50-250 f2.8-3.5 or 100-300 f4?! plus a teleconverter? Come on Olympus we know you can! ;)

        • Tron


          Make them constant F2.8 and/or F4 and I’ll bite… that is the only shortcoming in the m43 lens lineup that I can see.

        • f4/100-300. Olympus or Panasonic X.

          I am very favorable to that one as next on the “premium glass roadmap”

      • pll

        >We desperately need a weather-sealed telephoto zoom!!

        I would really like the choice of a weather-sealed telephoto zoom, but I am not a “we”, I’m not “desperately” waiting, nor do I really “need” it as I seem to be pulling through everyday life without one. Would be really nice though.

        All IMHO of course.

      • I see no reason why they shouldn’t bring out SHG micro lenses, I would love to have a 7-14 or the equivalent 14-35 f2 to the current SHG. The SHG 35-100 was good but huge I think the 35-100 from Panasonic may have filled that need….. it does seem much better in terms of no CA seen yet (just got mine this morning) whereas the PL 12-35 is too prone to CA – although it is a good all rounder at the moment.
        So I would like to see some replication of both SHG and HG lenses at m43 BUT the 50-200 has to be the first …pleeeeease!

        • homer

          Completely not true, I don’t know who started the CA nonsense but its simply not true. I own the lens and have yet to see CA and there’s like a million reviews both from sites and users that prove otherwise.

    • Or a zoom to compete with the Fuji X-E1 kit zoom. The equivalent would be something like 14-42mm f/2.1-3. That wouldn’t be bad either (for about the same price as the Fuji one, please).

      • Voldenuit

        So you want a lens that’s faster and has more reach than the 12-35/2.8 but costs almost half as much? Where do I sign up? :p

        Wishful thinking aside, that Fuji kit zoom looks really promising. A m43 version of the 4/3 14-50/2.8-3.5 or 12-60/2.8-4 would be nice, though.

  • 1) A bridge camera between m4/3 and 4/3 for $1300?
    2) The E-P3 successor? and the introduction of 17/1.8.

  • Wouldn’t mind that M-1…

  • ArKersaint

    Would be quite clever for Oly to make this camera choice since it’s what everybody seems to expect…
    Regarding the lens, Oly truly seems addicted to 1.8 but Maybe 27,5/1.8 would fit more nicely above 17.5 and remain possible kit lens option ?

  • Yun

    Semi Pro stuff , yes . This is what I’m waiting for .
    What about Pana ? Hopefully Pana can back to the game with a true breakthrough technology .
    This might be my turn to buy camera again .

  • Timccr

    A weather proof EP5 and a weather proof, rectilinear, fast, ultra wide angle would be nice.

  • Sulis

    Why is everyone assuming these will be Micro Four Thirds? Olympus said in the summer that they would be working on a new body for the Four Thirds system…

    • Anonymous

      I think they corrected that & said they intend a camera (at some point in the future) that would work well with SG & SHG lenses without any mention that it would be a 4/3’s camera, just something that would work those lenses.

    • It was indirectly said that they are working on the solution. Im quite sceptical they will come out with truly 4/3 body. Future is m4/3.

  • Anonymous

    Advertisment, but real will not be so nice.
    Probably new leneses will be:
    – 17/1.8
    – black version of 75/1.8
    – silver version 60/2.8

    and Olympus will say – “3 new lenses”

  • 25mm f/1 would be better. Get rid of those damn equivalent complainers and let in more light for low-light photos. With fast auto-focus and good optics (thinking old OM 50mm), we would have ourselves a real legend.

    • Tim

      I dont think so-because of the size&price of a potential 25mm f/1.
      thats the main reason why i didnt bought the 25mm f/1.4, i m hoping for a smaller version with f/1.8 or f/2

      The spot for a bright&expensiv 25mm lens is already taken, but there is more then enought room for a cheap and smaller lens-maybe like the 45mm or even a pancake.
      And for those who really need the light-there is still the Voigländer manuelfocus lens.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, more lenses in the quality of the 45/1.8 at a similar price-point would be quite desirable.

  • Mike

    I read that interesting discussion, and for me it isn´t clear if there will be a lower end OM-D AND a higher end PEN or only one of them.
    How do you read that?

    (from Pekka Potka

    “Thinking about expansion of OM-D series, there are two directions. One is filling the obvious gap between latest PENs and EM-5. And the other is the need for a (more) professional OM-D body. Which one of these will be coming first was not answered. Also filling the gap between these two series may come from either direction, as a more advanced camera belonging to PEN series or as a less advanced camera belonging to OM-D series. I would go for the first option, but that’s just my hunch.”

    • How do I read that? Simple: “Maybe, maybe not.”

  • UWA

    There is a serious gap in the m4/3 lens lineup. Please fill it up with a 9 or 10 mm prime. F2.8 would be nice.

    • I agree, but don’t hold your breath, for some reason I think you and I might be the only ones on the planet interested in a wide prime with a decent F.

      I’m waiting to be dissapointed upon hearing it’s a 25mm lens cap…

      or maybe this time it’ll be a lens cap with a sensor you put on the back of your lens. 4mp with a 64k dot resolution lcd. Instead of pulling out your camera with no lens, you pull out your lens with no camera and still be ready… (funny enough I’d probably buy that…)

      • Timccr

        Actually there are 3 of us so I would hold my breath but not when diving.

        • Anonymous

          Make that 4 who want a 10mm f2.8!!!

          I miss my Nikon 20mm f2.8, M4/3 needs a lens on par with that! For the time being I “settled” for an SLR Magic Hyperprime 12mm. It’s a very nice lens and lots of fun to shoot with, but still not a 10mm!

      • I have been waiting for a 9 or 10 mm prime for years.

        • martin

          I finally gave up waiting and just bought the M Zuiko 9-18mm. I would have preferred a 9mm or 10mm prime, but as neither Oly nor Panny seem to be willing to give us such, I got the cheaper and more compact of the two wide-angle zoom options. Yet, I’d still prefer an extreme wide-angle prime with rectilinear projection over both the zooms and the fisheye.

          • Martin, I think you did well. There is a reason why I won’t let go of my 9-18 and it is Architecture. Changing the frame can be extremely useful, and you don’t usually have the room to back off.

            So ideally a faster prime, but less useful than usually believed. Handshake wt. UWA hardly a problem.

            • Esa Tuunanen

              > Changing the frame can be extremely useful, and you don’t usually have the room to back off.
              Or moving into that space behind you might lead to being overrun by car or something equally nice.
              Again in case of nature/landscapes there’s often literally that hard rock, trees, or maybe drop behind you preventing use of foot zoom.
              Vegetation blocking view, ending to stumbling downhill/straight free fall easily prevents use of foot zoom also for tighter framing.

              I doubt any of photography’s old idols would have insisted using primes if they hadn’t been limited by lens technology of the time being unable to do decent quality zooms.

              Only reason for me to buy UWA prime would be for fast aperture for night sky photography. But unless priced affordably just f/2.8 wouldn’t be that lens, especially if it were optically only at level of 12mm m.Zuiko… Whose sharpness towards edges is worser than that of Lumix G 7-14mm.

              • Anonymous

                My 7-14mm has served me well for night sky shooting with a tripod. f4 at ISO200 works pretty well.

                • It all depends on light, speed of clouds, the richness of details you want to freeze, how much you are willing to underexpose, etc. On a bright sunny day, base ISO can go a long way. But its not always the case.

              • I barely ever use focal lengths between 12 and 40 mm. With my 12-60, I usually shoot at 12 or upward of 40 mm. Often, the wide end at 12 mm isn’t wide enough to my liking, and that’s why I want a 9 or 10 mm prime. My 20 mm has been my primary streey shooting lens for 35 mm. That’s right, I get close to my subject and don’t snipe from afar.

          • Every night before I go to sleep, I think about a 10mm F2.8 prime.

    • ph

      Yes, please. The m4/3 system needs a fine 9 or 10mm. As pancake as possible. I would even settle for a F3.5.

  • st3v4nt

    Isn’t it obvious that Oly will announce new camera and lens soon enough….
    1. The OM-D reception is great if not a success.
    2. The financial problem already resolved.
    3. Oly have new sensor manufacturer and partner.
    4. And people still expecting range finder like and more pro m4/3 camera
    5. They still have extra black and silver paint for SE lenses :-)

    • Agent00soul

      Not a success? Hasn’t demand so far exceeded supply?

    • Also they have to put to good use the new Epson EVF with higher resolution.

  • Admin, is the reference to the late Mr. Maitani a hint to something? You certainly got my attention.

  • I’ll keep saying it: Bring on a high-grade 7mm rectilinear prime!

  • There will probably only be an E-P4. I don’t expect any other pro or semi-professional camera. Most likely there will be more high end compacts as well, maybe even a surprise. I guess everybody is thinking hard how to counter Sony’s little camera now…

  • Ren Kockwell

    I wanna 50-150 F2.8 lens and I’m willing to pay 2K for it!

    But I’ll take a 35-100 F2.5 too for less money.

  • Christian

    Hopefully there will be a new FT-body or a mFT-body that is able to utilize FT-lenses…

  • CES? I don’t know it, but is there anyone who know if Olympus had been in CES before?
    I don’t think CES is the right place where Olympus shows its products.

    31. Jan – 3 Feb. will be CP+, Japanese camera show. Olympus (and many other camera firms) is the Japanese major camera company and the leader of the mirror less camera. Why does Olympus weigh on CP+?
    Remember, at ’12’s CP+, Olympus showed E-M5, that people was in line for 2 hours to try. And 31 Mar. was the release date of E-M5.

    I don’t support early Jan date, because, Japanese social tradition doesn’t do anything at early Jan. This week is holly.
    I guess the source doesn’t understand Japanese culture well and so, the information from Japan is graetly misunderstood by him/her. Very low liability.
    If Olympus announce something, that must be middle/last of Jan, that means before CP+, like end of Sep for Photokina.

    • Another Guy Named Bob

      Jan 5, 2011.. Olympus announces the EPL2…

  • small advice

    Fuji have zoom f/2.8-4 for its mirrorless, in micro43 is only expensive 12-35/2.8 (good, but not a stellar optically). In old 4/3 there was 2 nice and very usefull lenses 14-54 f/2.8-3.5 and 12-60 f/2.8-4. Something similar is necessary in micro43, but small enough for small micro-bodies. Maybe 14-54 is better target – optically good, fast (for zooms of course) and not expensive.

    Teleconventer x2, as a partner for 75/1.8 is necessary. Optically superb 150/3.5 from this combination will be very nice. Set will be smaller than Panasonic 150/2.8 and only 0,5EV slower.

    • homer

      The 12-35mm outresolves the 24-70L mounted on a Canon 5D mk3, you want sharper than that?

  • Steve

    Yes, definitely not coming at CES.

  • I’m correct when I say this

    40-150mm constant F2.8……..

  • CG

    By “semi-pro” are you meaning OM-D E-M5 build or even more robust? Any guesses?

  • Leo C

    It would be great if a om-2000 like full frame digital camera is announced

    • LucioF

      yes im waiting for FF oly body too.. but i guess it’ll never happen.. i guess Sony will be the first :(

  • I realy hope for a good 300mm prime f/4 or f/2.8

    • Anonymous

      This is the +1 lens missing now that Panasonic announced the 150mm f2.8. I hope Olympus announces their new lens roadmap soon with this lens.

  • This thread is full of unreasonable floatsam. Some here believe in magic. Just to name a wish and the deity will listen and bring it about :)

    Well the lenses must have a breakeven, and not all customers have a blind trust to buy SHG glass.

    So you millionaires give us a break. You are not the Rest of the World. You never made the return on investment 4/3 was hoping for.

    • homer

      You don’t know how much I agree…
      People seem to want an ep4 with all the amenities from the omd, including the vf, with better image quality, but of course for less money. Go read a business book, it ain’t gonna happen.
      Then they want a 25mm f1.4 that’s sharper than the current one for, you guessed it, less money. As a Kit lens even…
      40-150 f2.8, 25 f1, 35-100 f2.5, every lens a pancake super Sharp lens, and shg lenses for half price = all unreasonable, and quite frankly very silly requests.

      Olympus could start introducing maybe some HG lenses first, and one at a time mind you, and don’t expect them to be 500$. The bulk of the announcements will he consumer, that’s their real customers, bottom line 85% of the people asking for stuff here won’t actually buy it.

      • Yes, what is surprising is that Oly but even Sony, are still losing money, even if it might be less than in the past.

        Therefore they must calibrate their investment in lenses very accurately, on what will really be bought. Does marketing research have a way to make out those who will walk the talk?

        OTH Fuji doesn’t seem to have money concerns, so it is a dangerous competitor that must be reckoned with.

        Introducing a system requires some brinkmanship, some people here don’t seem to have the faintest idea.

        Falling profit margins and growing technological investment is a hard act , especially when you have the banks holding you accountable, as in the case of Oly.

        Push the wrong lenses and 3 months later you see their prices falling.

    • Well said, amalric!

  • Tim Tas

    I held off on the OM-D because it did not do 60p. So I am still using my GH2. Hopefully the next generation of Olympus cameras will get 60p then I can give them my money!

    • Esa Tuunanen

      It’s also GH3’s ergonomics what Olympus has to match in above E-M5 bodies.

      • Anonymous

        you sound as much like a broken record as all those “the GH3 is too big!” people.

  • sweln

    What are the m4/3 missing lenses?

    – Cheap and quality fast lenses, like from Tamron or Sigma,
    – Almost fast zooms, like f/2.8-4.0 zooms and f/4.0 telezooms.
    – An equivalent of the new Nikon 18-300mm (eq.24×36 : 27 to 450 mm!!!)
    – A 12-35mm f/2.0 + 35-100mm f/2.0, slightly more expensive than what Panasonic has just released. Would be awesome. Or something in the like (12-120?).
    – A fast wide angle zoom : 6-12mm f2.8 for example.
    – A 67mm f/1.4 or 1.2

    What would a OMD-EM6 be that EM5 doesen’t have (or better : can’t have via firmware upgrade)?
    – Fully articulable screen
    – 50 iso
    – A bit better DR and high isos, considering Sony’s incredible improvements going on.
    – Built in ND filter
    – Higher resolution EVF
    – Just a bit bigger buttons.
    – built in flash that CAN move in different directions (up, left, right, rear).

    That’s it! :D

  • Dammit! I’m investing in an OMD, 12mm F2, 20 1.7 and 45 1.8 in mid December (need to then as my friend will be coming over from the US and I hate paying the ridiculous shipping, duties and tax for importing into NZ).

    Murphy’s law says a few weeks later Oly release a model above and below the OMD and some great new primes and the OMD price drops – right after I buy one :)

    • Anonymous

      There will always be a newer, better camera just over the horizon.

  • Oooooo.
    Here is hoping for a new E-30 with weather proofing (ala pentax models) all the bells and whistles of the OMD plus furthur improvements.


    A new E-X with KILLER everything, new AF, a leapfrog for video quality, gentle improvement in IQ, lots of connectivity… and all still for the low low price of $1700


    A pro m43rds camera with the same specs as the new E-X which can focus 43rds lenses flawlessly :)

    As for lenses… a compact 100mm macro at f2.8 (same IQ as the 60mm macro) and a 10mm f2.8 with great IQ…

    That is all :)… hey, as long as we are wishing, I hope for them all!

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